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The Simbul flings a mountain (Forgotten Realms/D&D calc)

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 230

Some more of the shit epic mages can do in D&D

-Elminster in Hell

To put this simply, the Simbul, an epic level wizard could fight off a company of high level devils, open a portal to the prime material all the while using a spell to fling a mountain halfway across Hell to use as a tactical nuke that shakes the entire layer.

To calc this feat I'll need three things: Size of that rock, distance and timeframe

Distance is easy, its stated she boosted the thing from halfway across Avernus, the first Hell

From this we can infer that the radius of Avernus is 6607 miles, or 10633.17 km
So planetary proportions.

Next, for timeframe, the Devils note sensing a strange magic right before Simbul showed up.
They then chase her for a while until the mountain drops, noting that this must be what they sensed . So a matter of minutes, not hours from the rock to travel there.

I'll be using 10 minutes as a conservative estimate.

Now for size.
Narration states that a mere fragment of the rock is the size of a castle.
How large is a castle? well, D&D is based on high-medieval period Europe, England specifically.
So lets see, how large were castles back then by using Warwick castle in England as a model

From pixel scaling I did (couldn't find an exact figure on google), the area of the castle seems to be roughly 1 Km^2.
Also the towers of the castle range in 40-44 m for height.

So what I'll do is model the mountain as a pyramid that is x10 times the castle.

So we have a pyramid that is 10 km^2 in base and 400m tall.

Said pyramid would have a volume of 1333340000 m^3
Density of granite rock is 2700 kg/m^3
So, m=2700*1333340000= 3600018000000 kg

Now for speed
v=d/s= 10633.17 km/ 10 mins = 17721.95 m/s

Using a Ballistic Trajectory calculator, I can find the initial speed that fling this thing that far

Giving us a speed of 10,213 m/s, or Mach 30.01

Ke= 1/2*m*v^2= 0.5*3600018000000*(10213)^2= 187750602948321000000 J
or, 44.87 gigatons of TNT
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  • Deer Lord
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