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Tsuna Choice Arc X-Burner Calculation

Published by God Movement in the blog God Movement's blog. Views: 634

So I finally decided to take a crack at this one.

Tsuna Choice Arc X-Burner Calculation

Skyscraper Width

I used Tsuna's official height (157cm or 1.57m) to get the width of one of the windows on the skyscraper. I then used it in the panel below to get a complete width of the skyscraper and that came to:

- 46.01m for the width of an average skyscraper

Skyscraper Height

I used the width I got on a totally different skyscraper to get a height. The skyscrapers should be around the same general size so there should be no real queries. If not we're not looking at too big a decrease in size either way. So with that said, I got:

- 269.83m for the height of an average skyscraper

The X-Burner

So yeah, I used the height I got (269.83m) on a skyscraper on the left of the page and used this to work out the height and width of Tsuna's X-Burner. I also managed to get a rough depth by using my value for the width of a skyscraper (46.01m) and counting down on how many skyscrapers he grazed (at least 9 from what I can see and that's where the numbers from 1 to 9 come from). So all in all I got:

- 189.96m for the height of the X-Burner
- 274.15m for the width of the X-Burner
- >414.09m for the depth of the X-Burner (how far it goes)

The Volume of the Blast

After second thought I changed my mind about this one. The X-Burner is more oval shaped and less sharp than a cone. But it's not quite circular, it's more oval shaped. And for that reason I'm going to model it as an ellipsoid (a 3D oval) and just divide it by 2 to get it in the coned circular shape that it is.

So for this we'll use a calculator.


Typing in the above values I got:

>90,104,538.69 m^3

For the volume of an ellipsoid. Diving this by two I got:

>45,052,269.35 m^3

The Energy

Previously I went by the sheer volume to work out the destructive power of the X-Burner, but it would appear that, that isn't the best way to work out the energy involved. As such I've thought of another method.

If we assume he burnt through 20 skyscrapers (we can't exactly tell - for the record I counted like 11 on panel, but it stretches further downwards, if anyone can work out a more precise number of scrapers feel free to inform me), at the height I worked out here we can get a rough ballpark value.

The Taipei 101 has a gross floor space of 1,000,000m^3. We can use a ratio to find the floor space of one of these skyscrapers and use that in further calculations to get more accurate numbers. The only such problem with this method being we have to assume these skyscrapers have the same width of the Taipei 101, the height can be worked with.

1000000 (volume) : 449.2 (height of Taipei 101)
422885.13 (volume) : 189.96 (height of X-Burner)

I'm aware that there is steel, glass and concrete. But it's impossible to take every single material into account so we'll just go for the "middle material" which is concrete since it lies between both glass and concrete when it comes to toughness. The 20x harder thing shouldn't matter, that is, if she meant it in terms of the actual meaning of hardness which is resistance to cutting and scratching. And even then, it's just the exterior so not that important all in all.

Total volume of skyscrapers destroyed: 422885.13*20 = 8,457,702.6m^3
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