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Ultraman Tiga Stat

Published by saint rider 890 in the blog saint rider 890's blog. Views: 129

Ultraman Tiga

Name : Ultraman Tiga
Origin : Ultraman series
Gender : Male
Classification: Ancient Giant , Giant of Light
Age: Over 30 millions years old
Powers and Abilities: Can change mode , Low regeneration , Resistance turning into stone , Ice manipulation , paralyzed , Size manipulation ,Make himself Non-Corporeal through dream , destroy Non-Corporeal entities , dispel illusions , resist spatial manipulation ,resistance to mind manipulation , Resistance to time manipulation , Flight , Super strength , speed , agility and endurance , Teleport , Can calm enemy and make his enemy become small and normal , Telepathy.
Weakness : Only can stay for 3 minute , Tiga form like Sky Mode is increased speed and agile but less strength and endurance and Power Mode is increased his strength and endurance but less fast and agile .
Destructive Capacity : Large star level ( Scaled to Original Ultraman , who can make constellation ), Multi Solar System Level ( Defeat Kamila , who can contain R'lyeh island and this island have two pocked dimension : Sea and Space ) , Galaxy Level ( Defeat Faivas , a monster can make Galaxy in virtual world ) , Solar System Level ( Scaled to Dyna ) .
Durability : Large star level , Galaxy Level ( Tank Faivas attack ) , Multi Solar System Level ( Tank Kamila attack )
Lifting Strength: At least Class G
Striking strength : Class XGJ , Class XTJ , Class XPJ , Class XEJ .
Range : Hundreds of kilometers
Stamina : High
Intelligence: Average, skilled combatant.
Speed : Massive Hypersonic ( Can go to space on 2 second ) , Relativistic ( Scaled to Dyna ) , Massively FTL ( Scaled to other Ultraman ) .

Notable Attacks/Techniques:
Multi Mode
Zepellion Ray :
Ultraman Tiga's signature move in Multi type, used as a finishing skill against most monsters. It is performed when Tiga makes V-shaped arm cross arm formation, charged using the arms by spreading them open and drawing them backwards, creating a line of light to consolidate energy before he performs an L-style beam. It is twice as powerful as Dyna's Solgent Ray. It can destroy monsters in one shot. It is also called the Zeperion Ray by some sources. In newer media, the Zepellion Ray has a blue light to it. Tiga had used an orange variant of the Zepellion Ray against Demonothor.

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