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Vecna covers the world in clouds [Critical Role calc]

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 110

Who would have though I'd be doing calc about nerdy ass voice actirs playing D&D, but here we are

So in ep.109, Vecna, after ascending to godhood gradually covered the whole of Exandria in dark clouds as a minor miracle.

DM states that it was 12 hours in by the time VM noticed it and it would take roughly 12 more hours until it covered the whole world.

statement can be found here

on 1:31:44

So to figure this out I'll find out just how big is exandria
According to this map of the continent of Tal'Dorei it's lenght from bottom to top is 861.3 miles, or 1386.15 km

Now using the only available (albeit unofficial) map of the planet I can get some measurements

So 52px= lenght of Tal'Dorei = 1386.15 km
therefore the blue line which is half of Exandria's circumference = 130.5 * (1386.15/52)= 3478.7 km
The entire circumference being 6957.4 km
plugging said value into the sphere calculator we get:
r = 1107310 m
V = 5.68717E+18 m3
A = 15408100000000 m2

For the calc itself I'll be using the same bethod used by iwan for a similar feat;
With cloud layer thickness being about 2000 meters, and Exandria's surface are being 15408100000000 m2 then
Cloud volume= 15408100000000*2000= 30816200000000000 m^3
density of air is 1.225 kg/m^3
Mass= 30816200000000000*1.225 = 37749845000000000 kg

Timeframe is roughly 24 hours = 86400 sec
Velocity of cloud expansion = 6957430/86400 = 80.52 m/s

Ke= 0.5*37749845000000000*(80.52)^2 = 122392662708908235308.6955 J, or 29.25 Gigatons of TNT
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