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Vhostym creates an eclipse [Forgotten Realms/D&D calc] [Reuploaded]

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 170

~didn't have this on my blog for some reason so re-uploading~
Man, this calc was practically begging to be made, just read this

Basically Vhosy wanted to create an Eclipse by pulling a shard of the Moon closer to Toril (Earth).
And the book gives us almost all the details we need.

So lets start with distance, its stated he needs to position it within a 1/20 of the Lunar distance, In forgotten realms the parameters of the moon is stated in the 3rd edition Campaign Setting:

>2000 miles in diameter is >3200 km across which is nearly identical with irl moon (3,474 km diameter) so I'll just assume they're the same.

The lunar distance is stated as 20,000 miles = 32,000 km

Moving that 19/20 of the way is 30400000m.

Now for time-frame, he says it will be in position before Dawn and its already night time for quite a while when the spell is cast
so I think a fair assumption would be that he starts at Midnight.
The spell takes place in the Sea of Fallen Stars which is comparable to the Mediterranean, where Dawn can come anywhere between 6:00~7:00 am
So I'll use 6 hours as the time-frame.

v=d/t=30400000/21600= 1407.4 m/s or mach 4.135

Now as for mass, we a given a diameter of 50 leagues, but as I've found out, a league can mean a shit ton of things, so I'll use the also stated diameter of 1/20 of the moon, which is 173.7 km.
This gives us a volume of 2.74409E+15 m^3 for the Tear of Selune
Density of the Moon= 3.344 gr/cc or 3344 kg/m^3

Mass of the Tear= 2.74409E+15*3344= 9176236960000000000 kg

Ke= 0.5*m*v^2= 0.5*(9176236960000000000)*(1407.4)^2 = 9.0880292810735648e24 J or 2.172 Petatons of TNT

Continent level

Keep in mind that this is what an epic mage can do with sufficient prep, not even a God or somethin
  • Endless Mike
  • Deer Lord
  • Endless Mike
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