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Whitesnake: Flesh and Blood Tour

Published by DemonDragonJ in the blog The Halls of Liberated Enlightenment. Views: 49

Whitesnake shall be playing in concert on Saturday, May 11, and I shall be there! This shall be my first time seeing Whitesnake in concert, so I am very excited about that. They may be as major a band as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and so forth, but they are still a band whom the world of music holds in high regard and who have produced some amazing music.

With this concert, I now am attending eight concerts this year, and this shall be the first time that I shall attend three concerts in the same month (although I have previously attended two concerts in the same month, before).

It is safe to predict that Whitesnake shall play their most famous song, Here I Go Again, but I also hope to hear Still of the Night, Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City, Crying in the Rain, and Fool For Your Loving, and it also is safe to presume that they shall play music from their newest album, Flesh and Blood, since they are touring in support of that album, and I personally would like to hear at least several songs from David Coverdale's time in Deep Purple, such as Burn, Mistreated, Might Just Take Your Life, Stormbringer, You Can't Do It Right, Love Don't Mean a Thing, Soldier of Fortune, Lady Luck, and so forth.

The concert is still nearly two months away, so I do not need to say anything else about it, yet, but I definitely am very excited for it.
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