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WoW Toons

Published by Velvet in the blog Velvet's blog. Views: 67

Wyrmrest Accord :

Zellin - 85 orc death knight
Kelthanis - 85 blood elf rogue
Nanori - 85 blood elf paladin
Vasillisa - 61 undead warlock
Terros - 38 blood elf priest
Enim - 20 orc hunter
Ziaen - 40 night elf hunter
Aldean - 7 blood elf mage
Arthas :
Amiritte - 85 troll druid

Farstriders :

Dijy-night elf-hunter- lvl 38
Daash - night elf rogue - lvl 60
Zully - worgen warrior - lvl 21
Minii - human mage - lvl 17 [bank alt ]
Cicel - human warlock - lvl 19

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