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  1. In the last naruto the movie Toneri uses the power of his tenseigan to move the moon closer to the earth in order to destroy naruto's planet.

    There was a lazy calc done for this already I believe but I think this was based on the assumption the moon began moving at the start of the movie but it was actually moving before it began. I wanted to do a more precise and detailed calc.

    There comes a point where a 60 minute timeframe is given by the kages before Raikage can fire his moon busting weapon. I'm going to get the distance from the moon to the earth at around the time the statement is made and thus the timeframe begins and then again after the moon has stopped and the timeframe is made clear to have ended.

    Waka got the narutoverse's planet diameter at 23,789.97 kilometers. The screenshot seen below was taken around the time the timeframe began.

    Red line = Earth diameter = 74 pixels = 23,789.97 kilometers

    Blue line = panel height = 180 pixels

    I'll use angle size formula to get the distance.

    2*atan(earth diameter in px/(panel height/ tan(70 / 2)))

    2*atan(74/(180/ tan(70 / 2))) = 22.04528913735 degrees


    Solve for distance and input values and this makes the distance from the moon to earth 61,066 kilometers at the start of the timeframe.

    The screenshot below shows the distance between toneri and the earth but it also tells us the distance between the earth and moon at the end of the timeframe since the moon is right below toneri. I also could have used a screenshot of the moon seen from earth but I've heard arguments against using moon size from earth view due to size inconsistency.

    Green line = Earth radius = 194 pixels = 11894.985 kilometers

    Purple line = panel height = 232 pixels

    2*atan(194/(232/ tan(70 / 2))) = 43.227648487514 degrees

    This makes the distance at the end of the timeframe from moon to earth 15,011 kilometers. Subtract the distances to get the total distance the moon moved in the 60 minute timeframe. It should also be noted that using the other screenshot I mentioned results in a similar distance the moon traveled.

    61,066 kilometers - 15,011 kilometers = 46055 kilometers crossed in 3600 seconds or 60 minutes results in a speed of mach 37 for the moon's speed. Next is just a matter of getting the moon's kinetic energy. The speed is mach 37 and the moon's mass is 7.34767309 ? 1022 kilograms.


    The kinetic energy is 5.917135548896231e+30 joules or 1.4 zettatons which is small planet+ level. This would scale to toneri's attacks considering how casually he did it including his golden sword which naruto tanked and easily overpowered.

    So final result is 1.9 zettatons. Waka mentioned taking out 15% of mass to account for hollowness which brings the energy yield to 1.6 zettatons.

    Final Tally

    Toneri Moves the Moon - 1.6 zettatons
  2. So I just finished rewatching Kim Possible(Great show, better than what I remembered) and I'm going to calculate the speed of some of the transportation gadgets made in verse.

    Feat #1-Kim's Red Shoes

    The first is Kim's red shoes which wade made for her in order to have a fighting chance against the bebe robots in the episode "Queen Bebe."


    The feat I'm calcing in particular begins at 21:43 in the video when Kim runs from her school dance location to an unknown location at 21:47. She states afterwards that she ran at least 1,000 miles in that time frame(4 seconds).

    1,000 miles = 1609344 meters

    1609344/4 = 402336 meters per second or Mach 1182.33

    This applies to Kim and Rufus speed only while wearing the red shoes and the Bebe's speed in general since they could keep up with her in the red shoes.

    Feat #2- The Tweebs New Car


    In the episode "Car Alarm" Kim's younger brothers who she commonly refers to as the "tweebs" trick out her car with new enhancements in order for her car to be able to Keep up with Motor Ed's new vehicle. From 18:01 to 18:06 her car flies from the surface of the earth into outer space.

    Just before Kim flies back to earth we see she is well into outer space and a good distance away from the earth. Based on this I don't find it unreasonable to believe that her car flew to at least the exosphere which is 10,000 kilometers above earth in the 5 second time frame mentioned above.

    10,000 km = 10,000,000 meters

    10,000,000/5 = 2000000 meters per second or Mach 5877.34

    This may also apply to the speed of Ed's car as well.

    So yeah, some pretty fast gadgets indeed.

    Final Tally

    Kim's Red Shoes - Mach 1,182+
    The Tweeb's Car - Mach 5,877+
  3. Kitsuchi summons a huge earth jutsu to stop the mazo which the mazo stops with it's bare hands.


    The volume of the rock formation was already found and determined to be 38393246.69638m^3. This blog is to find the energy. I'll use the potential energy formula PE = mgh.

    PE = Potential energy
    m = mass
    g = acceleration of gravity on earth (9.81)
    h = height (221.568 meters seen in other blog.)

    2700 kg is what we use to find the mass of rock volumes last I checked.

    38393246.69638 x 2700 kg = 103661766080 kg which is the mass.

    PE = 103661766080 x 9.81 x 221.568 = 2.2531736e+14 joules

    2.2531736e+14 joules = 53.85 kilotons (Town+)

    This should apply to the mazo's physical strength too. Kitsuchi performed the same feat agianst the juubi too. But I'm not sure how to scale that one.

    Final Tally

    Kitsuchi vs Gedo Mazo - 53.85 kilotons

    EDIT: To better account for center of mass. All thanks goes to feebas factor...
    Which makes the final result 43.02 kilotons.
  4. Hiwatari uses his ultimate attack, Blaze of Glory to try and take out Captain Bravo along with Kazuki's group.

    He states here that said attack has a radius of 500 yards. Which is the equivalent to a 457.2 meter radius according to google.

    To find the energy yield here, I figure I can use the nuclear effects calculator.


    Looking next to Air blast radius (near-total fatalities) the energy yield behind an attack with a 457 meter radius would be 0.0044 megatons or 4.4 kilotons which is multi city block+ level. Nice.

    Captain Bravo's Busou Renkin Silver Skin tanked this as well as victor and with powerscaling Buster Baron and kazuki in his Victor III form should be on a comparable durability level at the least. Though victor and kazuki in that form are generally considered to have durability on the same level as thier firepower(3.8 gigatons.) so they woulden't need this scaling.

    Final Tally

    Blaze of Glory - 4.4 kilotons

    With the calculation mentioned in the comments by VioletHood the new energy yield becomes 596 kilotons which is town+.
  5. Jio triples the effect of his O part and attacks zenom member elga in a fit of anger. The result of the attack leaves a crater in the ground.

    Kujaku = green line = 42 pixels = 1.7 meters(Standard adult male height.)

    Crater diameter = red line = 262 pixels = 10.6047619048 meters

    Kujaku and kirin are around about as tall as the crater depth so for the depth I'll use 1.7 meters.


    Plug in values here and you get a volume of 77.65m^3. I find the energy through pulverization(214.35j/cc).

    77.65 x 1,000,000 x 214.35 = 16644277500 joules = 3.97808 tons of tnt

    Large Building(+) destructive power for early pre skip jio without using satan's power. Nice.

    Final Tally

    Jio vs Elga - 3.97808 tons of tnt
  6. Feat #1 Gaara Raises Some Sand

    Pretty much self explanatory.

    Agian pretty much self explanatory. And I know that the perspective makes gaara's feat seem less impressive because the sand eruption is further back than gaara but this is the only scan where this is seen plus it just serves as a better low end.


    Plug in the values for cylinder volume and the volume is 1119.1425467126635 meters cubed.


    According to this the mass/density of rammed sand is 1682 kg/m^3.

    1119.1425467126635m^3 x 1682 kg/m^3 = 1882397.76357kg

    For the speed I'll treat the speed of the sand to be as fast as pre skip gaara's sand shuriken at a minimum which was calced at mach 14.1 which is 4798.089m/s . I've been told you can use speed to find energy yields but you can't do vice versa so this should be okay I think. We did this to calculate bijuu mode naruto's feats agianst the bijuu as well. Treating the bijuu as if they were running as fast as the FRS.

    With my values found I can get the energy behind his sand attack using the kinetic energy formula KE = 0.5MV^2.

    KE = 0.5 x 1882397.76357 x 4798.089^2
    KE = 2.1667959e+13 joules
    KE = 5.17877 kilotons

    Feat #2 Gaara Protects the Sand Village

    Gaara summons forth a massive amount of sand to intercept deidara's C3 explosion and save his village.


    If you read through the blog comments you'll see that deidara's C3 was calced to have a 2.6 km diameter(Credit goes to Hachibiwaka.). I'll use that for the minimum diameter of gaara's huge shield/the distance it covered. The shield is likely bigger than the explosion but I have no way to scale it due to the fact that we don't see a good comparison between the shield and explosion.

    The shield looks like half a sphere so I'll treat it as such to find volume.

    Volume is 4601386039.96 meters cubed after being halved.

    4601386039.96 x 1682 = 7.7395313e+12 kg

    KE = 0.5 x 7.7395313e+12 x 4798.089^2
    KE = 8.9088422e+19 joules
    KE = 21.2926 gigatons

    Some people might argue this to be within outlier territory though so just in case I will use potential energy as a further low end.

    PE = mgh
    Potential energy = mass*gravity*height

    Where g is acceleration on earth's gravity which is 9.81.

    PE = 7.7395313e+12 x 9.81 x 2600
    PE = 1.9740449e+17 joules
    PE = 47.1808 megatons

    Much more reasonable I'd say. Assuming any of this gets accepted it could easily be scaled to shukaku's sand capability. It may also be able to be scaled to the 3rd and 4th kazekages while in the desert at least. The 4th defeated shukaku off panel. I also believe chiyo mentioned something about the 3rd being an even bigger threat than shukaku. He could produce an iron sand attack that covered an entire cave that was around 400 meters in size when sasori used him. And he wasn't even in a desert.

    Final Tally
    Gaara raises some sand - 5.17877 kilotons
    Gaara's village sized sand defense(Using kinetic energy) - 21.2926 gigatons
    Gaara's village sized sand defense(Using potential energy) - 47.1808 megatons

    EDIT: Many thanks go to treerone, hardcore, unknown, and endless for helping me with this.

    Unfortunately I can't do anything for gaara's 2nd feat since I have no way to get the volume and I apparently can't figure out how much distance the sand moved.

    Final Tally

    Gaara Raises Some Sand - 135.875599904 kilotons.
  7. Jio uses a technique he mastered before the timeskip called Jio Spike to oppose pre skip cross's thunder dragon. Ruby gets in the middle and ends up absorbing the energy from both attacks combined before they can do collateral damage to the landscape.

    The good news is that we get to see just what jio's jio spike can actually do in a flashback and thus get a energy yield for the attack.

    The crater is an irregular shape. Because of this I will treat the middle section as half a cylinder and the left and right ends as half a cone to get the volume.

    Jio is 1.45 meters tall.

    Jio = red line = 3 pixels = 1.45 meters

    Cylinder Crater Height = green line = 764 pixels = 369.266666667 meters

    Cylinder Crater Diameter = orange line = 150 pixels = 72.5 meters

    Right Cone Crater Diameter = purple line = 122 pixels = 58.9666666667 meters

    Right Cone Crater Height = blue line = 233
    pixels = 112.616666667 meters

    Left Cone Crater Diameter = yellow line = 110 pixels = 53.1666666667 meters

    Left Cone Crater Height = black line = 167 pixels = 80.7166666667 meters


    Next we plug in our values for the two cones and the cylinder making sure to halve the diameter of each before plugging them in.

    The volume of the cylinder is 1524424.9124276298. The volume of the right cone is 102514.30894776531. The volume of the left cone is 59732.50767028219.

    Finally, we halve each volume since we are only dealing with half of each shape then use the j/cc for pulverization (214.35 j/cc) to find the energy yield.

    1524424.9124276298/2 = 762212.456214 x 1,000,000 x 214.35j/cc = 1.6338024e+14 joules

    102514.30894776531/2 = 51257.1544739 x 1,000,000 x 214.35j/cc = 1.0986971e+13 joules

    59732.50767028219/2 = 29866.2538351 x 1,000,000 x 214.35j/cc = 6.4018315e+12 joules

    Add the three different joules values together and the total energy yield is 1.8076904e+14 joules which is 43.2 kilotons or town level power behind jio's jio spike.

    Cross's thunder dragon seemed to be on a comparable level of power so it can likely be powerscaled to this level. Ruby was able to absorb the energy from both attacks combined. And if she can absorb this much energy satan/jio logically could too. And before ruby absorbed the energy it looked as if both cross and jio took each others attacks head on and were able to tank/survive them so this is likely pre timeskip cross and jio's durability as well.

    Final Tally

    Jio's Jio Spike - 43.2 kilotons
  8. Cross points his finger at stea's OPT attack force sent to take take out his crew, somehow a meteor appears and makes a big explosion that takes out the entire force. This is very casual, it didn't even look like cross was using any of his angel's power.

    First to scale the ship. Kirin is the tallest member of Jio's crew so I'll assume the giggest dot that my green line is next to is him. He's taller than post skip cross who is 1.6 meters so I'll treat him as 1.7 meters.

    Kirin = green line = 4 pixels = 1.7 meters

    Ship = red line = 523 pixels = 222.275 meters(Divide 523 by 4 then multiply by 1.7.)

    Ship = yellow line = 62 pixels = 222.275 meters

    Meteor/Explosion diameter = blue line = 706 pixels = 2531.06693549 meters

    Which means the radius is 1265.53346775 meters. To find the energy yield I'll use the nuclear weapon effects calculator.


    Looking at Air blast radius (near-total fatalities), an attack with a 1.2 kilometer radius has a energy yield of 0.093 megatons or 93 kilotons. Town level+ for a casual cross. Not bad.

    Final Tally

    Cross's casual attack - 93 kilotons
  9. Pretty much what the title says.


    The height of your average japanese female is 1.59 meters tall which I will use for the female scientist.

    Female scientist = Blue line = 36 pixels = 1.59 meters

    Destroyed Building Section = Green line = 32 pixels

    Destroyed Building Section = 1.431 meters tall

    Destroyed Building Section = Green line = 6 pixels = 1.431 meters

    Diameter/Width of Hole = Blue line = 128 pixels

    Height of Destroyed Building = Red line = 114 pixels

    Diameter/Width of Hole = 30.48 meters

    Height of Destroyed Destroyed Building = 27.2 meters

    This feat looks like pulverization to me for both destroying the building as well as smashing through all that bedrock so that's what I will use to get an energy yield. I will also use the volume of a cylinder formula to get the volume of rock and the building section lucy destroyed since it looks cylindrical. To pulverize bedrock from what I've been told is 214.35j/cc and concrete is 16.08j/cc.


    For the building, plug in 27.2 meters for the height, and 15.24 meters for the radius. The volume is 19854.706834285694 cubic meters.

    19854.706834285694 x 1,000,000 x 16.08j/cc = 319263685895 joules = 76.3 tons of tnt.

    From what I've been told your average building is like, 80% hollow. So 20% of that energy would apply to lucy's actual destructive power or 15.26 tons of tnt.

    It's stated that the location lucy is in at the time she performed this feat is 2 km underground. That gives us the height of the bedrock crater she made and we already have the width/diameter. Plug the values into the same online volume calculator and the volume comes out to 1459904.9142857128 cubic meters.

    1459904.9142857128 x 1,000,000 x 214.35j/cc = 3.1293062e+14 joules = 74.8 kilotons

    Add up both energy yields for the total energy yield. 74.8 + 0.01526 = 74.81526 kilotons.
    Town level+.

    Final Tally

    Lucy's Vector Power - 74.81526 kilotons
  10. Beginning at 18:43 through to 19:40. Danny phantom is able to fly from the surface of the earth up into outer space via his rocket.

    From 3:16 to 3:24 Tucket says that the rocket danny is later shown flying with can travel from the surface of the earth to outer space in less than two minutes. I'll use two minutes or 120 seconds as the timeframe here however since I can't say exactly how fast less than two minutes is.

    For the distance covered I'm going to assume Danny went up to at least the thermosphere of the earth's atmosphere seeing how far he is in space.


    Which is apparently 690 km above the earth's surface. Or 690,000 meters.

    Speed = Distance/Time

    Speed = 690,000m/120s = 5,750 meters per second or Mach 17 for the speed of the rocket.

    Assuming I did this right it can also be applied to the speed of valerie's ghost gear since she was able to catch up to danny's rocket while on her jet even after Danny got a head start. And in episode 51 (D-Stabilized) Vlad was able to react to and keep up with Valerie's Jet too.

    Final Tally
    Danny's Rocket Speed - 5,750 m/s
  11. http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=15233

    Brohan already calced the volume of the boulder. We just need the energy. I'm assuming fragmentation here and using 8j/cc.

    7623.312 x 1,000,000 x 8 = 60986496000 joules or 14.6 tons of tnt energy which is city block+ for part 1 genin chouji's destructive power.

    This can likely also be powerscaled to jirobo's durability and destructive power since he caught and stopped chouji's human boulder. And that was before he even went curse mark level 2.
  12. Kakuzu's giant katon covers a large area and makes a big explosion which burns/engulf's everything it comes in contact with.

    Blue line is kakuzu who is 1.85 meters tall according to the databook and 36 pixels tall. The yellow line is the height of the tree which is 656 pixels tall. 18.2222 is the ratio so the tree is 33.7111 meters tall.

    The purple circle is some of the explosion that you may have a harder time seeeing if not identified. Because the explosion goes that far off I'll use the diameter of the page for the explosion diameter. Blue line is the tree which is 204 pixels tall and 33.7111 meters while the yellow line is the explosion diameter at 715 pixels. Ratio is 3.5049. So the diameter of kakuzu's attack is 118.154 meters. That means it's radius is 59.077 meters.


    Because this is basically a large fireball explosion I think I can find the energy yield behind this attack using the nuclear weapon effects calculator. Putting my radius in the Fireball radius (minimum) section the energy yield is a little below 0.006 megatons or close to 6 kilotons which makes this a lower end town level attack. I also feel this level of destruction can be powerscaled to his fuuton heart at least since it also made a large scale AOE attack on a similar scale to the katon one.

    That would also give hidan and kakashi town level durability since they both tanked his fuuton blast.

    EDIT- Refer to comments section as I had to do some edits to the calc.
  13. My first blog :zaru

    Figure I'd give this a go since no one else as far as I know ever calced this.

    Sasori's and Sakura's clash destroyed a big cave. How big?

    Guy(Red Line) is 1.84 meters tall according to the databook and 54 pixels tall.

    The Gate Entrance(Green Line) is 367 pixels tall.

    Divide 367 pixels by 54 pixels to get a ratio of 6.7963. Multiply that by Guy's height and you get the gate entrance to be 12.5052 meters tall.

    The gate entrance(Green Line) is 12.5052 meters tall and 15 pixels tall.

    The diameter of the cave(Red Line) is 473 pixels across.

    Divide the size of the cave by the size of the gate entrance then multiply by 12.5052 and you get the diameter of the cave at 394.33 meters.

    Sasori's Iron Sand World Model more or less covered the entire length of the length of the cave and skewered through bedrock and earth. His weaker iron sand attacks were punching holes through the cave as well. So a solid city block+/low multi block destructive feat from sasori/3rd Kazekage I'd say.

    I didn't attempt to look for a volume since this being a cave would make it mostly hollow on the inside. I don't think you can get a energy yield either(But if someone knows how feel free to tell me.).