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  1. mostly from anime, manga and video games

    - Darsh

    - SSJ4 Goku

    - Sol Badguy

    - Kenshiro

    - Big Boss/Solid Snake (both are main heroes)

    - Akira Kongou

    - Guts

    - Jotaro Kujo/Part 2 Joseph/Josuke

    - Duke Nukem

    - Ryu (Street Fighter)

    - Dante

    - Ryoma Nagare

    - Gai Shishioh

    - Asura

    - Geralt of Rivia
    - GALUF (he is the main hero of FFV, for me :wow)

    - Kratos

    - Kazuya Mishima/Jin Kazama (both are main heroes)

    - Harlock

    - Domon (G Gundam)

    - Adult Simon (TTGL)

    - Kouji Kabuto

    - Ryu Hayabusa

    - Joe Yabuki

    - Ohma (Kengan Ashura)