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  1. https://www.narutoforums.org/posts/57776255/
    23 Nov 2017

    Alright listen up. There seems to be some confusion about how this whole wedding assassination plot is gonna go down. Luckily, I have the entire transcript.

    Momo: I do.

    Slade: I do... believe you are manufacturing Lambda Drive parts for Mithril!

    [stabs Momo with a hidden dagger]
    [a glowing light surrounds the dagger and it crumples]
    [Arbalest fades into view, towering above the altar]

    AL: Lambda Drive success. ECS deactivated.

    Slade: That's some priest, my dear.

    Momo: Oh too bad you had to act now. I was hoping to go through with the whole wedding and gather some intel on Amalgam during our wedded life. Now you've lost your chance to kiss the bride, and all that comes after. Always wanted to know what a DC villain can do to a girl.

    [Arbalest's external speakers sound]
    Sousuke: Momo, get out the west doors and rendezvous with Mao and Kurz. The spy operation is compromised. We'll hold Deathstroke off as long as we can while guests are evacuated.

    Slade: An AS cannot hold me back for two seconds.
    [pulls his sword out from its sheath at the back of his tuxedo]
    [slices Arbalest's leg clean off at the ankle]
    [grabs Arbalest's remaining ankle and does a judo take-down on the giant robot]
    [makes to stab at Arbalest's cockpit]

    Momo: Sagara-kun!!

    To be continued...

    23 Nov 2017

    Momo: Sagara-kun!!

    [suddenly, a green streak flashes down onto Deathstroke]
    [Deathsroke goes flying and crashes through the brick wall of the chapel and lands on the floor outside]
    [a young man in green, crouched over the cockpit, straightens up]

    Slade: Heh. They swarm like cockroaches.

    Izuku: Mithril will never fall to the likes of you, Amalgam mercenary. Why? Because they are true heroes!

    Momo: Oh Midoriya! *swoon*! Boku no hero!!

    Slade: You can't buy your dinner with heroism, boy. But with enough money, even a mercenary can buy an additional mercenary.

    [a man in black and red body suit stands up from the pews in the rear]

    Wade: I'm obviously the better mercenary because I have TWO swords.

    Momo: Deadpool?! What are you doing on the villains' side?

    Wade: Well I was thinking about it and I decided I can't let you Anime suckers win. Western comic characters gotta stick together y'know? Anyway, why do YOU have meta-awareness, gal?

    Momo: I'm a whispered. Mithril helped me unlock the fourth wall.

    [Momo moves cautiously to Arbalest's severed ankle and begins to manufacture molten slabs of steel]

    Sousuke: We don't understand it either. Her knowledge set seems to be different from the other Whispered, but she's got some useful intel so Kalinin accepted her. Are we gonna fight or what?

    Wade: Nah I think I'll sit this one out. Weather's too nice. And the audience is tiny. Usually I entertain millions, but what's this place? NF HoU? Please give me a break. [he lays down with hands folded behind his head] Guys wouldn't mind packing up and leaving now would you? Trust me, only six or seven people would notice, max. Deathstroke you also just chill on the grass there.

    Izuku: This guy is clearly deranged, just like my notes tell me. Momo, we're ill-equipped to deal with both Deathstroke and Deadpool at the same time. We're pulling out.

    [Arbalest barrels through the doors and Izuku and Momo dash after]
    [Wade looks to see Slade hasn't followed and gives a lazy thumbs-up]

  2. https://www.narutoforums.org/posts/57725520/
    13 Nov 2017

    Hit it, Ritsu!

    Yo. Yo. Listen up y'all
    His name is Alaude
    He's not rude but he pleases the crowd
    He's so super smooth like a gentleman
    Respectful even when he slams

    He ain't weak though
    You can dis his faves but before you know
    Your cred's gone into the red
    He pulls up facts three times as fast
    As you can ever dig up to defend your ass

    He's repping Athrun that crazy ZAFTer
    Now he's pimping Penny what's he after?
    No one understands his robots and mechs
    But he's out there every night displaying his techs

    There goes those flying swords it's telekinesis
    Believe it it enough then it can exist
    Illusions made true like a spell from Aizen
    Perfect knowledge don't be despising

    Uhuh. That's my boy Alaude.