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  1. So I wanted to wait for my so called review (more like overall impressions) of this game after I finish all 4 endings. I did, so here goes.

    Honestly, I have some mixed feelings about it.
    First of all, I know it's a bit unfair but I will be comparing it to FromSoft's previous games, Soulsborne.

    Before game was even released I think I took news about it pretty well, at least better than biggest fans out there. Yes, lack of RPG, character builds, multiplayer (this one I don't care about), character customization, different weapon types etc. was pretty heavy for those who are used to Miyazaki's previous games. But I understand how he wanted to expand his horizon and try different type of game.

    Different doesn't mean better though.

    Let's get heavy guns out of the way first...difficulty. Immediately after its premiere, journalists complained about high-level of difficulty, pointing at problem of accessibility for more casual gamers.
    I'm casual gamer and all I can say, it shouldn't be our fucking business. I've learned to respect artistic view of various creators and if Miyazaki decided he wants his game to be hard then it's his choice.
    With that being said..,I can't say I don't see problems with difficulty. Your health bar is so small it might as well not exist since most mini-bosses can kill you in 1-2 hits. Someone compared Sekiro to Rhythm game and I can see why. You have to learn opponent's moves, then pretty much press 4 different buttons in combat, if you make mistake you're pretty much fucked. Especially at the beginning of the game.
    And I'm sorry, this's not fun for me at all. Whereas my reaction in Soulsborne after defeating Gwyn, Orphan or Orstein and Smough was "man, this was such an awesome fight", here it's more like "thank god it's over". Especially since mini-bosses like Chained Ogre can apparently bend space and time to reach you with his grabs.
    Now tbh, Sekiro is difficult to learn but very easy to master. After I did subsequent playthroughs on NG+ (I think I did like 5/6 cycles) I think I died like two times (both against Headless), not even final boss was a problem anymore.
    But is it good? Because of Soulsborne levelling system, bosses were scaled for your NG+ and you could even say that's where true game really takes place (I remember how I was locked on NG+ in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters with my 57lvl Hunter and it was nightmare...no pun intended). Meanwhile here you just drill through every encounter just to reach that few second ending you might as well watch on youtube (I'm not a completionist so I don't care about trophies and such). And because you can't play with different builds that's the only reason for replayability.

    Next is story and I just couldn't give a fuck about this. This's definitely not a style Miyazaki is used to deliver. Soulsborne was extremely subtle in its storytelling, so much that without reading items description there was pretty much no story. But it was also very mysterious, forcing player to find the answers on their own, history was shown in such a non-linear way it would make Tarantino double flip with excitement.
    Here we have typical kid with hidden potential that other characters wants to use for their own uninspired goals and main hero trying to protect him. Yawn. I heard jokes about "Anime Dark Souls", but this's quite correct.

    Enemies and bosses. If there's one thing that Miyazaki always managed to deliver then it's designs of enemies and bosses. Sure, recycling was always in the veins of FromSoft (even today I can't forget how bad they did Lawrence, seriously, such an important figure reduced to flaming Cleric Beast?), but it takes new level here. Honestly, how much do I have to fight against Headless, Shichimen Warrior, Chained Ogre or even the fucking Genichiro Ashina?
    Even regular enemies suffer from this. After huge black cocks at the beginning I thought "hell yeah, this's FromSoft I love", but for the most game you just have guys with swords and spears in all different flavors.
    There's also far more flunky (mini)bosses, Juuzou and his clones are particularly irritating, because it's such a chore to kill them every time you die.

    Now, one thing I absolutely can't forgive are linear locations. I know, Wolf is far more agile than Hunter, Ashen One and so on, but it pretty much removes need for exploration. If you will find some hidden path then you can be sure it won't connect with another location like in Soulsborne but will just lead to dead end with boss or mini-boss and I'm sorry, fights with them aren't very exciting. But then again, in a game with no RPG this's the only reward you can count on.

    Sound is brilliant and without a doubt my favorite part of the game. Clashing swords, emerging sparks and almost cinematic feel of some fights is almost breathtaking. Same goes for music. Finally smth different from choirs and sometimes pretentious tone. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Soulsborne music, but you have to admit how many pieces sounded alike.

    I guess I will stop here. There's more I wanted to say (such as asinine skil progression) but I don't want to complain that much, because despite everything I said I think Sekiro was pretty good. Did I liked it more than Soulsborne? Definitely not. But did I had fun and do I think there's potential for series? Absolutely.
    Now I'm waiting for Elden Ring.
  2. So somewhere in the middle of this year I finally got my hands on ps4 (for excellent price + Witcher 3, God of War and Bloodborne) and since then used it pretty much everyday.

    I will be honest, when I first started Bloodborne I was legitimately nervous. It was my first contact with FromSoft's game and what I heard about them didn't really lighten up my mood. I heard their games are hard and unforgiving, downright frustrating. I'm not really a type of person to seek challenge (b4 I got ps4 I've played like 4 games in the past few years) and I never find fun there (not that I think game should be too easy, but you get my point). I'm just a noob who wants to have a good time.
    If it wasn't in the package I probably wouldn't even consider buying it.

    But I finally decided to play it and...damn, it was far better than I expected.

    Let's start with good things.

    First of all, the environment. Good lord is it beautiful. This Victorian-like-era plagued by horrific and nightmarish monsters and lit up by a moonlight where occasional sound of the bell reverberates through the everlasting night is just so climatic that at the end I was just teleporting from one place to another to suck the world through my senses. Yharnam, Hunter's Dream, Castle Cainhurst, Research Hall and and Fishing Hamlet are my favorite.
    On the other hand, there are some that I don't really like and just clearing them was like "thank God, it's over" for me. Nightmare Frontier (I mean, this location itself wants to kill you), Nightmare of Mensis, Unseen Village and Forbidden Woods are some of them. Mostly because there's just abudance of really annoying monsters, no good items and no interesting lore elements.
    You can add here world design. Whoever was responsible for the locations in this game should be given some kind of reward. This's without a doubt my favorite part about Bloodborne. Seeing how these locations connect with each other, looking for alternate routes and opening doors was never so fun in any other game I have played and a true feast for someone who loves exploration.

    Second is combat. This one is just so fluid that it felt like tracing your hand on a smarthphone rather than pushing buttons. At first I was like a coward who was running away from monsters and shooting them up with silver bullets. But after a few fights you know when to roll, when to parry, when to attack and when to heal. I like that the game is basically teaching you through combat/practice and not some kind of tutorial.
    Not that I was doing everything flawlessly (I died A LOT), but I was clearly getting better and better just by playing.

    Speaking of which, we can't forget about the sound. Not just a music, which is great ofc, but sound in general. Footsteps of your characters, roars of your enemies, even destruction of the location elements, such as boxes. All of this makes everything seem alive and almost like environment is another character.
    Under that you can also add voice acting. At first I was going to play with Japanese voice acting, which isn't really bad per se, but I feel like English fits more here and each actor was clearly giving it all.

    Another thing worth mentioning is variety of enemies/bosses. I'm not really alone on that, as there are tons of youtubers talking about their favorite encounters. I have those as well.
    I quickly noticed that I have more fun with smaller and faster bosses such as Father Gascoigne, Lady Maria or Gehrman than giants like Lawrence, Amelia or Undead Reborn. Mostly because strategy for the giants boils down to "wait for an attack-->dodge-->attack-->repeat", meanwhile human-sized characters attack almost relentlessly so they always force you to keep moving. I still remember my heartbeat during my fight with Gascogine, especially in his 3rd phase, that was intense, but also exciting.
    Not that giants monsters can't be a challenge. In fact, my hardest encounters were against them.
    Let's see...Rom is probably the boss I hate the most. Not that it was the hardest fight, but definitely most frustrating and boring. The fact it had TON of HP didn't help. When I finally beat this thing I was just glad it was over and didn't had great time at all.
    If we're talking about bosses alone. Orphan of Kos or Ebrietas were the ones who destroyed me the most. It took me about 7 to 8 attempts (possibly more, I wasn't counting) to kill them and it wasn't easy.
    Ironically though, the 2 hardest fights for me in the game weren't against bosses at all. It was against those two shark giants in the well guarding Rakuyo. I actually had to check up how to defeat them and Shaman Bone Blade's strategy came up. When I decided to do that I just accidentally defeated them without it.
    The second was against this Hunter at the end of Eileen's quest. That gun was just unfair.

    You can't battle these horrors with empty hands, fortunately Bloodborne delivers when it comes to weapons. It's always easy to pick Ludwig's Holy Blade, because it's just great for most situations and while I too used it the most, I also took time to level some other weapons and play with them. Tonitrus was extremely helpful against Rom, while Hunter Axe against Paarl.
    However, there are some weapons that are directly connected to your abuse of specific stats. Weapons such as Chikage, Bloodletter and most firearms which use Bloodtinge I didn't use so much. Ofc firearms are a bit different because I needed them for parrying, but I saw some people with Bloodtinge build and they were defeating bosses with 2-3 shots. That's pretty awesome.

    That's enough sugar, now for things that I didn't liked.

    Chalice Dungeons. In fact this's the only reason which keeps me from completing Bloodborne at 100%. There's just so many of them and they're so repetitive that not only I'm bored, but also get lost because I forget whether I finished them or not. THEY JUST LOOK THE SAME! I think I did around half of them, but then stopped playing. Who knows, maybe I will return to Bloodborne and finish them...some day.

    Story. In the first place, without reading item descriptions there's no story. Fortunately I do and...have to say it isn't for me. Bloodborne (and from what I know, Dark Souls too) play like mythology, story is always in the background, in hundreds or even thousands of years ago. I prefer when story is personal and you can relate to characters, such as in The Last of Us or The Witcher 3. Not that I think Bloodborne's story is bad or anything, it's just not my cup of tea.
    Most of the characters are already dead or insane. It's like the world is decadent and already reaching its end so there's no influence on the story.

    Excessive difficulty. Like I said, I don't mind gameplay per se as even though I died a lot it never felt impossible to beat and you just feel great after winning. However, there are some decisions from developers that feel really pointless.
    For example, losing your Blood Echoes after death. Is that really necessary? I know you can regain them, but you only have 1 chance to do that and if you don't all spoils of your countless battles will be reduced to 0. I know what they were trying to do here: give us more reasons to try harder. However, what about situations where your skill doesn't matter? Like in bad TV connection and lags? And yeah, I actually had those and lost a ton of Blood Echoes. At the very least they should separate Exp and currency and make that character loses only 1 after death. But since Blood Echoes are both it can be very frustrating.
    Another example is how you start DLC. I haven't read about it before finishing base game and I really regret it. Nevermind that process to start DLC is already complex enough (how the hell would someone guess to try that?), but if you start DLC AFTER finishing base game then you will be locked on NG+. I had like 60lvl back then, so pretty much any encounter with insane Hunter was like a mini-boss fight to me. And don't let me even start talking about my fight with Ludwig...
    I had to start game anew and complete DLC before Mergo's Wet Nurse. It was definitely easier (although I won't dare to say easy).

    Hunter Tools. I think aside from Fire/Bolt Papers, Bone Marrow Ash and some others I found them to be pretty much useless. And it's not like I had a bad rank in Arcane, it was pretty high iirc. I just think good old "roll and sword smack" is far more effective than any of these mysteries.
    Nevermind they consume a lot of Silver Bullets and no Silver Bullets-->no parrying, so I wasn't using them too much.

    Levelling up. On one had I really like it, because even if you have high level it doesn't guarantee your victory. You can have level 15 and lose against Paarl and you can have level 60 and lose against Paarl (although there's no doubt it's easier).
    But the game practically begs to choose your specialization. What will it be? Strength? Arcane? Bloodtinge. During my first play I was trying to be this "all-rounder" and investing my Blood Echoes almost equally (with a slight leaning toward HP and strength) and it was bad idea. I had no clear advantage in anything so I couldn't focus on anything in particular.
    It was better in my second play where I was investing points for my health and strength. Yeah, pretty boring, but also far more effective.
    Same goes for my third play where I was doing my Arcane build. Not only it felt great with using various items now far more effective, but it also changed they way I've played. Being more careful and keeping more distance.
    So yeah, I think you need a pretty good idea at the start to level up your character.

    That's from what I remember.

    In conclusion, I think Bloodborne is a very good game that certainly delivers in some ways, but is kind of hit and miss in another.
    But playing this there's no surprise for me as to why it's so popular. I definitely had a lot fun most of the time (*cough*chalicedungeons*cough*). I love the fact it isn't such a linear game despite not being a true open world, that you actually have to think about which gear do you need as they all have their pros and cons and that fight after fight you don't feel boredom, but only rush of blood.

    I'm definitely going to check upcoming Sekiro, but b4 that I hope to finish Dark Souls 3 which I'm playing right now.

    PS: No mention about multiplayer, because I don't really like online gaming (looking at you EA), but I have to admit it looks pretty fun so I will probably check it soon.
  3. So few years ago I created blog where I was posting news about Nasuverse, but due to my longer absence and generally lack of contact with Nasu-related works I decided to abandon it. It would be great if someone decided to continue that.

    But since we lately have a lot of news about Masadaverse (which I adore), I decided to do the same thing with it.

    Especially because I created this giant page on the wiki
    *still incomplete*

    So let's begin.


    • Anime

    First of all, you've probably heard about it already, but there will be an anime. Kicking off in October of the current year.
    It's going to be animated by A.C.G.T. I don't know much about this studio, but looking at their past records, it's pretty meh.
    http://diesirae-anime.com/ - official site (together with teaser)
    https://i.imgur.com/UXEGmpq.png - promo art

    Some promo for anime. Nothing special, Kasumi has new VA, but it's not like anyone gives a fuck about her.

    It's hard for me to judge it by now. Character design will be done by G Yuusuke, so that's good. Masada is also responsible for screenplay. But I think Dies Irae is the kind of fiction you must read, not watch. So...I hope it will be okay.

    • World Box


    Basically, Masada decided to re-release his works (Shinza and Senshinkan) in a one, giant package. And that's some sweet promotion art. I believe it's the first time we see Ril by G.

    You can pre-order it here. It's limited to 5k copies.

    This VFB sounds pretty interesting. Because the way it's described it seems like all games get one. I don't think Paradise Lost had one before. And Masada generally covers some sweet information in his VFBs.

    It's pretty expensive, but I think it's worth if, especially if you're new to Masadaverse. Since I've already played them I won't probably buy it though. I will probably wait for a bit to see if it's possible to buy VFB separately.

    • Dies Irae PANTHEON

    Main dish. So basically Masada decided to continue story. FINALLY. Its been 4 years already since Akebono no Hikari.

    What surprised everyone though is that it will be mobage, not VN. And as you can guess, people went crazy. All of them (me including) fear his writing will suffer from it. But I believe it's pointless to worry for now, when we don't even know if it's going to change much. At the moment I just savor new content.

    Not much is known about story yet, but it will involve ALL Gods...so I hope Masada will have good explanation for that, because most of them are dead. Naraka is also going to appear, again, FINALLY.
    Oh, and Marie is now the strongest God...for some fucking reason.
    He jokingly calls it Super Throne Wars. Naturally, wink toward Super Robot Wars.

    http://dies-p.net/ - official site

    Few days ago we also had first look at all Hadou Gods designs. Silhouettes for now.
    So some of my comments about them:

    - Nothing much to say about her now. I'm glad we will finally be able to see major Queen Bitch of the Masadaverse. Also, it's funny how her Divinity is called 真我 (true me), when Hajun's Divinity is 唯我 (sole me). Inb4 love will bloom.

    - Badass as fuck. From what we knew about him I expected some yakuza boss, but here he looks like the dandiest motherfucker under Sun.

    - lolsatanel, trying to look all majestic. Joking aside, he looks pretty nice. Is it me or is he wearing glasses? If yes, then fitting for a genius I guess.

    - Nothing much to say about them. Tbh I'm pretty disappointed they didn't had re-design. Maybe they will change in the course of game?
    Also, am I the only one who prefers Snake in his rags?

    - We can see them on the main page, and in color.
    I think they look fine. Marie looks like she's preparing for wedding. Snake is so gonna rejoice/cry.
    Ren has this Egyptian feel to him (Masada generally mentions Ancient Egypt a few times in his series, maybe he's planning to do something in this direction). And I'm curious about his bracelet with lotus flower.
    Ren generally is someone who probably had the most appearance re-designs. Few costumes in Dies irae, his Finale look, his "Pure Divinity" look in Mitsudomoe, two of his Yatou forms and his "afterimage".

    - Definitely the one who produced the most hype.
    First of all, it's interesting he has six arms. They don't look organic either, but more mechanical. It's hard to tell from silhouette, but it seems he doesn't have his third eye.
    The most important question is - does he have Tumor? He shouldn't have. But maybe Masada changed some shit.
    Hajun's third eye was the result of his Tumor wishing to see outside world. So maybe he has Tumor, but now it's wishing for something that requires use of arms? Like "I want to hold someone hand" or "I want to touch something".
    Another speculation is that it is Hajun in his prime and arms just symbolize his full Divinity. But then again, we can't talk about Hajun in his prime without Tumor, because Tumor is the reason why Hajun is the strongest God in the first place.

    In the first place, I'm curious from where Masada is continuing. He said he won't dare to start story from Rea's route (besides, at that point Snake made sure to destroy any factor that would lead to birth of Hajun).
    And after KKK he's dead too. But it's still more logical start.
    IIRC Masada said something (long time ago) about elaborating what happens to Gods who were defeated. Maybe it has something to do with this.

    - Some concluding remarks.
    I find it weird there's no Amaterasu/Shokou. Is it really just a construct with no personality? I mean, Tumor was its core, so he should have.
    We see two unknown girls. Since they stand with Hadou Gods would that make them too? I'm pretty sure they are. Now I wonder if they're Dai Hachi/Kyuu Ten.

    That would be it for now. If something new pops out, I will update it.
  4. So Dies irae (in english ofc) is available on steam already. Common route is for free, but for the rest you have to pay.


    Have fun.
  5. Because I'm a good guy and want to prevent off topic shit in threads :vegeta

    We can talk about any Nasu stuff here, though girls takes the first place.

  6. So apparently in 21 December will be our end...

    Believe it or not? What are you gonna do? etc. We can discuss about it.

    Someone wants to calc damage, btw? The results should be promising. Easily tripe digit niggatons.

    The worst thing is that I got sandwiches with cucumber, not with lettuce :giogio
  7. So I thought I will make this blog so everybody will be on track with TM.

    As you know(or maybe not) around 7-8 July was Type Moon ten year anniversary so many goodies for TM was introduced. It was called TYPE-MOON Fes. Here
    There's a grup who is translating this so fear not.

    So what are those "goodies"? Here you go:
    - there will be Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin movie, made by Ufotable
    - Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua is like Fate/Stay Night made on PS2 and PS Vita, it'll be slightly different than the original but not by much(I posted opening already). Here you have a trailer:
    - there's Fate/Apocrypha novel but that's known already(so far only the part with Jack the Ripper was translated)
    - there will be remake(I see you Huntring :maybe) of Tsukihime, by Ufotable(the same studio that made Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners and Fate/Zero) - so we don't have to fear about it being shitty. Trailer was showed but we have to wait for it a little longer.
    - there will be manga of this series. The author is the same one who did Tsukihime manga(so not bad, I liked it actually)
    - in the TYPE-MOON Anniversary Phantasm will be released this. Whatever that is...
    - there's Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya anime announced :lmao Unfortunately it won't be made by Ufotable, the studio is Silver Link - not bad but I'm not waiting for this. It will be released in 2013.
    - some chara designs in the remake of Tsukihime:

    Keep in mind that Ciel-sempai is mine.
    - Trailer of Fate/Extra CCC

    The most recent news:
    - in the 16 January will be released Blu-Ray from Type-Moon fes. There will be 3 CD's of Blu Ray and drama cd. The first two will be about "festival" itself. But the best thing is the third CD, there will be new episode of Carnival Phantasm on it(showing alternative ending) but what's more there will be trailer of Kara no Kyoukai movie, Tsukihime remake and few others! Can't wait!
    Here you have opening from festival:
    - there will be drama CD of Fate/Prototype(don't get your hopes to high though, it will be probably something short and not important)
    - the previews of F/A and Fire Girl will be showed in the 8th T-M Ace(in December)

    I gave up on popularity polls since the majority don't care.

    So far it's all. It's good but I wanted something from Notes, DDD and Fate/Extra - since those are awesome series. Especially Notes.

    I will be updating blog if something new is released(you can help too).

    Good sites with TM info given by Fluttershy:
    http://type-moon-cafe.deviantart.co...-Round-up-Big-News-Inside-313860280?offset=20 - my Shiki :drool

    - good news for Mahoyo, Commie officialy stated that they want to translate the game. They even show progess with translations, since the game isn't too long we don't have to wait long, yay. Here.

    Four Mahoyo chapters fully translated.

    UPDATE ! ! !

    - Fate/Extra CCC - Karna confirmed as a Servant. And two movies about Gilgamesh and New Lancer. Honest speaking I'm not so interested in Fate/Extra.
    - Fate/Apocrypha - one of the novel will be released in this year! 29-31 December. Promo art:

    Siegfried is a fucking badass!
    - Fire Girl - two novels will be released in the same time as F/A. Promo art:

    Doesn't look like something from TM, meh.
  8. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83vlv4c3Edg&feature=related[/youtube]

    It's amazing! Really, they should make a remake of F/SN since the older anime is a garbage. I would love to see Heaven's Feel route animated :(

    Conclusion? Every anime should be made by Ufotable, they're the best.
  9. Has a nice ass :hurr

    You guys have some nice artworks? :hmm If yes then post it here :maybe
  10. Why not? It became popular last times :maybe

    In no specific order:

    Akame ga Kiru!
    Area D - Inou Ryouiki
    Assassination Classroom
    Battle Angel Alita: Last Order
    Big Order
    Blade of the Immortal
    Bleach - for certain characters
    Breaker: New Waves, The
    Buster Keel
    Cavalier of the Abyss
    Claymore - honestly, if not the fact that I don't drop the series I began then I wouldn't read it
    Code Breaker
    D-Gray Man - used to be one of my favourite manga, not now
    Deadman Wonderland
    Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
    Dragon Who
    Gintama - moar people should read it, funny as hell, though anime is better
    God of High School, The
    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
    Hunter x Hunter - wonder when it will be back :zaru
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - for the same reason as Bleach
    King of Hell
    Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force
    Medaka Box - really hard for me...
    Naruto - once again, certain characters
    One Piece
    Pandora Hearts
    Peace Maker Kurogane
    Rosario+Vampire - :hurr
    Saint Seiya Next Dimension
    Shadow Skill
    Soul Eater
    Tower of God
    Ubel Blatt
    Vinland Saga
    Wake Up Deadman
    Watashi ni xx Shinasai! - complete shit, watching it is a torture, wonder if I should REALLY drop it
    Witch Hunter - gimme those goddamn chapters :pek
    World Embryo
    Yozakura Quartet
    Zetsuen no Tempest

    Those are series I currently read(probably still forgot something after all I have new MAL account). I'll someday make a list with series I already read. Then anime series, then games, movies/books/comics etc.

    Recommendations are welcomed.

    edit: oh wait there's alphabetic order :zaru
  11. Somebody knows wtf is going on with it? It's been so long already, almost HxH level :notrust
  12. I quote this from Yamamoto bankai thread.

    Since it needs more attention :pek
  13. There isn't any :distracted

    Does that make sense?