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Blog entries by Cardboard Tube Knight

  1. [spoiler] [IMG] gif by Laex
  2. [IMG] credit goes to Laex [spoiler] If by drugs you mean molesting children, then yes Lewis Carroll used drugs.
  3. HPV

    I'm not bad with needles as long as I don't look at them. If I look at them they hurt. The only injection I've had that didn't follow that rule was the HPV one, oh how lucky you are to never have to have it. And I can only imagine that the HPV one is very bad...I already don't want to know where...
  4. [IMG] Sign Up Open ??? Writer's FC ? Red Heads WF OOC/Sign up ? WF Thread ? Whitefall Wiki Star Wars: Sign Up ? Rebels ? Imperials
  5. It's been a good day to say the least: 1. Auraya+ - The best of the best, glad she came back to us :ohpek 2. Chiyo+ - she's awesome, I'm teaching her to play D&D and she's picking it up so quickly. She's also a good writer. 3. choco bao bao - I don't know her much, but she always...
  6. "...they'll talk about the odd, but they won't talk about the impossible, which is where I feel sorry for them, for soon as something becomes impossible it slipslides out of belief entirely, whether its true or not." *** OOC/Sign up ? WF Thread ? Whitefall Wiki ? Ignore List Writer's FC ?...
  7. And as gross as it sounds, I read somewhere that more women find the sight of an uncircumsized penis' skin being "retracted" more "exciting" then woman who find it gross. Where'd you read that? Imaginary Bullshit Monthly? Keeping this.
  8. I haven't really spoken about it to many people, those of you who don't know its probably because I just hate the look people give me when they respond. I hate the fact that this had to happen of all times, on Christmas day. I guess I should go back and explain myself. My brother, John Caynon...