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  1. Because I can't bother organizing this shit like a real respect thread

    Spoiler: Dark Cloud
    - Dark Genie begins assault on world with Norune Village
    - Fairy King explains the Dark Genie can destroy the world, had already razed the world in 1 night, and explains Atla
    - Fairy King explains his teleportation and telepathy powers
    - Fairy King explains Atla and the Atlamillia
    - Toan vs Master Jacket
    https://youtu.be/KzKKlMSmQ88?t=1m44s - The Dark Genie can destroy the world in an instant, not just fuck around and raze it over time, according to Seda, the man that birthed it
    https://youtu.be/KzKKlMSmQ88?t=2m20s - Toan vs Dark Genie possessed Seda
    https://youtu.be/KzKKlMSmQ88?t=3m16s - Toan blocks and survives a casual magic attack from Dark Genie possessed Seda
    https://youtu.be/zWXG2VSLNfI?t=9m19s - Toan and Xiao vs Dark Genie Possessed Dran
    https://youtu.be/zWXG2VSLNfI?t=24m46s - Dark Genie exposition
    https://youtu.be/1HNMUo2qCdM?t=4m3s - Toan vs Goro
    https://youtu.be/1HNMUo2qCdM?t=8m8s - Fairy King confirms he saved Matataki from Dark Genie vs Atla
    https://youtu.be/UdpNvF7Ylk4?t=4m9s - Toan vs Pair of Wolves
    https://youtu.be/UdpNvF7Ylk4?t=6m23s - Toan vs Killer Snake
    https://youtu.be/_tpgove9FRE?t=2m46s - Master Utan chucks large boulder + Party vs Dark Genie Possessed Master Utan
    https://youtu.be/_tpgove9FRE?t=15m14s - Master Utan throws another large boulder
    https://youtu.be/_tpgove9FRE?t=17m44s - Toan gets KOed by a rock in freefall, because reasons
    https://youtu.be/Qy-nhLiBtVo?t=9m12s - Party vs Shipwreck Mini Boss
    https://youtu.be/qlvYA7ThJ-M?t=4m6s - Party vs La Saia
    https://youtu.be/qlvYA7ThJ-M?t=22m49s - Party vs La Saia
    https://youtu.be/qlvYA7ThJ-M?t=42m38s - Party vs La Saia
    https://youtu.be/jFJuTXdHT4M?t=1m12s - Moon Orb's magic moves across continent in seconds to Moon Ship in Muska Racka (this magic is magnitudes weaker than even the Fake Genie's, it only being akin to a beacon for the Moon Ship)
    https://youtu.be/jFJuTXdHT4M?t=5m29s - Dark Genie filled Sun and Moon Temple with monsters + destroyed Muska Racka, only Ungaga came out unscathed (though Ungaga doesn't know everyone else was just turned into Atla)
    https://youtu.be/yKmojj6M3dI?t=47s - Party vs Gold and Silver Golems
    https://youtu.be/7O79voxlmvs?t=3m18s - The Party vs King's Curse
    https://youtu.be/7O79voxlmvs?t=8m11s - King's Curses' defeat causes some of temple interior to fall apart
    https://youtu.be/7O79voxlmvs?t=10m44s - Toan takes moon people ship to Moon
    https://youtu.be/0a4r9K_nzzY?t=16m42s - The party tanks being fired out of a cannon, seemingly moving fast enough to cause ablation (most evident towards the landing when they're still on fire)
    https://youtu.be/8jU2_d1LVhQ?t=1m8s - Osmond survived the destruction of the original Sun Giant, who's pieces were scattered around the Moon Sea that houses at least 15 different craters that appear to span several kilometers in diameter, and was little more than knocked out
    https://youtu.be/8jU2_d1LVhQ?t=2m35s - Osmond isn't impressed by what he's observed of the Fake Genie, denying it's actually strong
    https://youtu.be/jW34UyjsAzs?t=8m17s - Toan vs Minotaur Joe
    https://youtu.be/jW34UyjsAzs?t=15m37s - Dark Heaven Castle, formerly Seda's castle (castle of the East), is held aloft in the air and was ripped from the earth by the Fake Genie
    https://youtu.be/jW34UyjsAzs?t=16m12s - The Dark Cloud surrounding Dark Heaven Castle is also created by the Fake Genie's energy
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=3m21s - Sun Giant starts to fly to Blue Terra (Earth)
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=3m32s - Seda and Simba exposition
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=5m35s - Sun Giant has long since reached Blue Terra and is within the eponeous Dark Cloud (considered thick by Osmond)
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=8m3s - Sun Giant vs Fake Genie
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=10m41s - Dark Genie possessed Flag espouses on nature of Fake Genie (it was a fucking mouse), destroys Sun Giant, and demonstrates his full power isn't something Flag can handle
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=13m35s - The Dark Cloud is dense enough to catch falling bodies and hold them in the sky
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=16m41s - Seda past exposition
    https://youtu.be/XQphBv89fvg?t=21m47s - Seda kills himself to prevent his possession by the Dark Genie and opens up a portal back in time for Toan and company to travel through
    https://youtu.be/-Q6EFTKSyds?t=16m3s - Seda's Memories
    https://youtu.be/-Q6EFTKSyds?t=24m22s - Random assassin can inflict paralysis/time stop on Toan, the fucker tasked with killing a world killing Genie, and Seda, the man who gave birth to the world killing Genie... still not as bad as a fucking rock in free fall knocking Toan out
    https://youtu.be/-Q6EFTKSyds?t=26m44s - Dark Genie's explains itself and its power and what it plans to do (something about infinite power, drinking up the flow of time, and essentially suggesting its an abstract of hatred)
    https://youtu.be/4okKoXoVTVM?t=38s - Party vs Dark Genie Part 1
    https://youtu.be/4okKoXoVTVM?t=16m21s - Party vs Dark Genie Part 2
    https://youtu.be/4okKoXoVTVM?t=18m21s - Dark Genie Explodes, Toan seems to tank it, Dark Genie acknowledges Toan is powerful, but asserts its immortal and will revive every time it falls eventually
    https://youtu.be/4okKoXoVTVM?t=19m24s - Simba the Fairy King says the Dark Genie will return if Toan doesn't get rid of Seda's hate energy
    https://youtu.be/4okKoXoVTVM?t=19m42s - Atlamillia exposition + Atlamillia can seal a soul inside of itself and resurrect the being the soul belongs to. Resurrection destroys the Atlamillia.
    https://youtu.be/n-_UF-nGfws?t=6m9s - Party vs Black Knight Pendragon
    https://youtu.be/n-_UF-nGfws?t=17m30s - Black Knight Pendragon Killed by Chronicle 2 descending from Moon

    Organized assortment of feats for the Dark Genie, Toan, and Black Knight Pendragon

    Weapon Information

    http://i.imgur.com/HvBWqi0.jpg - Star Breaker and Supernova are legendary weapons
    http://i.imgur.com/WAifOjW.jpg - The Sun Sword was the most powerful Sword on Blue Terra
    http://i.imgur.com/bbr8cu6.jpg - There's implications that their are stronger Swords out their nowadays (pertains to the Sun Sword's evolutions Bing Bang and Sword of Zeus [obviously], 7th Heaven, Chronicle Sword, and Chronicle 2)
    http://i.imgur.com/JtQW3YD.jpg - The Sun Sword is a weapon of legend with the power to "Smash Stars"
    http://i.imgur.com/2DzzYYG.jpg - Worlds crumble before the might of the Chronicle Sword
    http://i.imgur.com/3BmGU05.jpg - 7th Heaven "tears the Heavens"
    http://i.imgur.com/Teq4bE8.jpg - Big Bang's energy is generated from condensed Star energy
    http://i.imgur.com/eVnmtXP.jpg - Atlamillia Sword is a sword powered by Atlamillia
    http://i.imgur.com/PvyK2Dk.jpg - Maneater eats human souls
    http://i.imgur.com/OZpIkHF.jpg - Star Breaker "breaks Stars"
    http://i.imgur.com/KT5KTXr.jpg - Secret Armlet is "sealed with origin of everything"
    http://i.imgur.com/njbNDjs.jpg - Mobius Ring "absorbs power from infinite space and time"
    http://i.imgur.com/FdJV5ke.jpg - Goro's Satan Axe is an axe wielded by Dark Cloud's Satan of Hell analog (for the little that is worth, just thought it looks cool)
    http://i.imgur.com/HEAq7P7.jpg - Babel's Spear slashes time

    Spoiler: Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2

    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=3m49s - Monica vs Dancers
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=5m14s - Monica pushes thick pair of doors open with extreme force + Gaspard defeated King Raybrandt 1v1 + Gaspard uses the Forbidden Spell/Time Magic to leave the Palace
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=18m46s - Monica, transformed into a little red haired kid, transports Max into some kind of pocket dimension and proceeds to teleport away
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=21m23s - Elephants (Linda) can apparently do backflips
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=25m12s - Clowns have superhuman leg strength
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=25m30s - Even better display
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=25m48s - Max displays comparable/greater dexterity to the Clowns
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=26m6s - Max physically overpowers a Clown + proceeds to walk a tightrope with no prior training
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=27m - More displays of balance with no prior training
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=27m16s - Max endures some form of decently high free fall
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=27m41s - Max vs Clowns
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=28m48s - Max jumps over the audience
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=29m10s - Halloween can jump several stories into the sky and endure the impact of landing
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=30m17s - Max jumps over Clown, flips, and sends the fucker flying
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=30m43s - More Halloween jumping
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=31m1s - Monica briefly appears and disappears to tell Max not to give over the Atlamillia
    https://youtu.be/xyD3-kfebd0?t=31m25s - More Halloween stuff
    https://youtu.be/7rUQLK8gHn0?t=10m45s - Linda can tank high speed free fall
    https://youtu.be/7rUQLK8gHn0?t=12m20s - Max vs Linda
    https://youtu.be/7rUQLK8gHn0?t=13m25s - Ridepod vs Linda
    https://youtu.be/KDHKEmqKGUU?t=18m27s - Linda free fall again + Ridepod vs Linda
    https://youtu.be/qp7XPiCtmMM?t=1m15s - Max vs Halloween
    https://youtu.be/qp7XPiCtmMM?t=4m28s - Max can lift large RoBombs + Halloween possesses Missiles (which Max can survive)
    https://youtu.be/qp7XPiCtmMM?t=7m10s - Flotsam survives the self destruction of Halloween
    https://youtu.be/qp7XPiCtmMM?t=17m37s - State of the World exposition due to Emperor Griffon's razing the world 15 years ago
    https://youtu.be/mOg70i9BZ2s?t=37s - Bombs vs Armorer ATV P-3000
    https://youtu.be/mOg70i9BZ2s?t=2m52s - Flotsam tanks the Armorer ATV P-3000's destruction
    https://youtu.be/mOg70i9BZ2s?t=3m7s - Cedric, the Engineer Genius, claims the dynamite Flotsam has is sufficient to destroy the entire train they're on
    https://youtu.be/mOg70i9BZ2s?t=3m28s - Monica Teleports onto the Train as the Red Headed Child, Transforms into her normal form, then proceeds to defeat Flotsam with her Sword and Magic, Flotsam survives this encounter mortally wounded
    https://youtu.be/mOg70i9BZ2s?t=6m43s - Exposition on Griffon fucking with Origin Points
    https://youtu.be/mOg70i9BZ2s?t=19m40s - Conda destroys large plant
    https://youtu.be/23rRrdcWudw?t=3m53s - Monica can lift/toss/shatter large rocks
    https://youtu.be/laf6zNGu5fs?t=15m - Carpenterion does stuff
    https://youtu.be/laf6zNGu5fs?t=16m5s - Carpenterion + Geostone exposition
    https://youtu.be/laf6zNGu5fs?t=18m6s - Atlamillia and Time Gate exposition
    https://youtu.be/qqPAA76DYw0?t=2m13s - Out of shape Master Utan lifts boulder
    https://youtu.be/7Uz2205zmLE?t=7m49s - Max can lift/toss/shatter large rocks
    https://youtu.be/jjQ1d_1Hwjk?t=16m51s - Jurak and Griffon exposition
    https://youtu.be/LF1mZsIafYE?t=9m56s - Monster Transformation Badge
    https://youtu.be/6p6Yg-Px8DA?t=2m36s - Max and Monica vs Rainbow Butterfly
    https://youtu.be/6p6Yg-Px8DA?t=12m19s - Emperor Griffon is able to mentally compel and bend monsters to his whims 10000 years into the past
    https://youtu.be/6p6Yg-Px8DA?t=16m36s - More confirmation that Griffon is controlling the monsters of the present era from 10000 years into the past
    https://youtu.be/6p6Yg-Px8DA?t=17m34s - Crest and Moon Crystal exposition
    https://youtu.be/iaTzZjUbglo?t=22m40s - Gold paint can bring painted people to life
    https://youtu.be/zmIJ9igsmQk?t=23m33s - Griffon's time distortions exposition
    https://youtu.be/ugpCZYmW6Yw?t=5m9s - Exposition on Crest's original death
    https://youtu.be/ugpCZYmW6Yw?t=11m53s - Max and Monica vs Memo-Eater
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=13m45s - Starglass Exposition
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=20m47s - Moon Crystal will one day be bright enough to illuminate the entire planet
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=21m12s - Death Ark can time travel
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=22m30s -Death Ark fires on Light House + Moon Crystal
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=24m49s - Crest starts using the Moon Crystal to protect the Light House and displays superhuman strength with his jump
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=25m35s - Monica jumps to the Death Ark
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=26m4s - Dr Jamming can teleport
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=26m30s - Gaspard reasserts he defeated King Raybrandt 1v1 fair and square
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=27m25s - Monica vs Gaspard part 1
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=28m40s - Max vs Evil Flame part 1
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=29m33s - Monica vs Gaspard part 2
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=30m14s - Max vs Evil Flame part 2
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=31m12s - Monica vs Gaspard part 3
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=31m58s - Monica Raybrandt > King Raybrandt
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=32m32s - Moon Crystal vs Death Ark
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=33m10s - Crest uses a magic barrier (he does so twice, but the second time he over extended himself and is fatally wounded by cannon fire)
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=34m15s - Monica jumps from Death Ark to Lighthouse
    https://youtu.be/leW0AB_lUoU?t=41m4s - More Griffon Exposition and on how he controls his minions (they act of their own free will, he just influences and tweaks their inner darkness a la babidi)
    https://youtu.be/BnVJUGMN3Bw?t=9m18s - Shingala overpowers Max
    https://youtu.be/FgfD52S3mjM?t=13m37s - Star of Oblivion exposition
    https://youtu.be/qYl2-0JoVi0?t=22m32s - Max and Monica vs Shingala
    https://youtu.be/9fv61xsanKs?t=18m48s - Monica learns Magic Absorb Blade
    https://youtu.be/SUIP4TckZsQ?t=10m9s - Max and Monica vs Jaming + Shigura Tribe
    https://youtu.be/-1mFsT1fDeQ?t=11m9s - Griffon + Atlamillia exposition (Atlamillia has power to move earth and control time)
  2. Spoiler:

    I did a really shitty one of this years ago now


    The Dark Element absorbs the 3 Atlamillia, thus in reaction to this, the Star of Oblivion (the blue moon behind the normal one) starts to fall to Dark Cloud/Chronicle's planet to destroy it

    Sirus later shoots his magic at the moon and destroys it by calling upon whatever his ancestors were taught to later destroy it if they needed to.

    Anyway, have some exposition on the Star of Oblivion and Atlamillia

    1 (first mention of the moon falling)
    2 (some Atlamillia exposition)
    3 (second moon didn't exist in the sky 10000 years in the past, was created by the ancients)
    4 (Sirus [Emperor Griffon] is empowered by all 3 Atlamillia an explains his plan and the Star of Oblivion)
    5 (the only explanation we get on how Sirus destroys the moon)

    What you can take from this?

    The power of the 3 Atlamillia combined was such a terrifying power that the Ancient's preferred the solution of kill everyone over leaving that kind of power in someone's hands to abuse.

    Doesn't stop a pair of teenagers from becoming powerful enough in less than a year to defeat a pair of beings that wielded said power in their respective fights (the last of which, the Dark Element, directly recognizes their power even), but isn't that just your typical RPG plot anyway?

    As for Sirus destroying the moon? Given its a hunk of rock (as Sirus says, it was created by the Ancients from "dust"), I'm not sure what exactly there is to disarm, nor is anything present in the narrative to suggest its some sort of tech. They specifically told his ancestors how to stop it, but that's just as likely to be due to his genetics being inclined for high powered magic than just about anything else we can speculatively think up. Top it off with the fact he just causes it to explode? I'd figure he did it via raw power.

    Regardless, a pair a brats defeated two fuckers with power comparable to the Star of Oblivion, so another fucker that was granted a stone being able to destroy a moon without one isn't really all that out their for the setting anyway *shrugs*. Certainly not an illusion like Cedric's bogus explanation posits at any rate (can't be, the game over where it falls is very real... was not worth going through the entire ending sequence to learn this on my own)

    Enough of this overly lengthy prologue though, on with the calc so I can be done with this shit

    is how the sky looks normally in Dark Chronicle.

    For sake of simplicity? I'm assuming both moon's are the same size and the normal moon is the same distance away in the sky ours is. See no reason to scale the thing when it's so far into the background compared to the normal one.

    First to find where the blue moon is normally situated in the sky


    Normal Moon = 262 pixels

    Red Moon (I know its blue currently, but...) = 107 pixels

    Red Moon/Normal Moon = 0.408

    Now, the moon varies in our sky in terms of how far away it normally is, this translates into looking like such and such number of degrees across in size such as...

    You can find that info here

    Normal Moon (High End) = 0.489 degrees
    Normal Moon (Low End) = 0.563 degrees

    Which makes the other moon...

    Red Moon (High End) = 0.2 degrees
    Red Moon (Low End) = 0.23 degrees


    r = g/(2*tan(α/2))

    g = real size, r = distance, α = angular diameter or apparent size, parallax

    g and r have the same unit, regardless if centimeters or light-years

    Where g is 3,474 kilometers

    Red Moon Distance (High End) = 995,226.68 kilometers
    Red Moon Distance (Low End) = 663,483.611 kilometers

    Now for the moon post descent starting


    Normal Moon = 180 pixels
    Red Moon = 861 pixels

    Red Moon/Normal Moon = 4.783

    Thus you multiply the moon's normal degree in the sky by this ratio to get this moon's new degree (they're the same size, so this is ok to do)

    Normal Moon (High End) = 0.489 degrees
    Normal Moon (Low End) = 0.563 degrees

    Red Moon (High End) = 2.339 degrees
    Red Moon (Low End) = 2.693 degrees

    Thus it now rests how many kilometers above the ground?

    Red Moon Distance (High End) = 85,086.744 kilometers

    Giving it a travel of...

    Total Travel (High End) = 910,139.936 kilometers

    Now the low end

    Red Moon Distance (Low End) = 73,898.586 kilometers
    Total Travel (Low End) = 589,585.025 kilometers

    Time Frame = 8.32 seconds (starts and ends)

    Moon Mass = 7.34767309 * 10^22 kilograms

    Moon Speed (High End) = 109,391,819.2 m/s
    Moon Speed (Low End) = 70,863,584.74 m/s


    Star of Oblivion Yield (High End) = 4.890 * 10^38 joules or 116.874 ninatons
    Star of Oblivion Yield (Low End) = 1.926 * 10^38 joules or 46.033 ninatons


    Now the speed feat


    This'll make sense in a minute

    Building Piece = 554 pixels
    Moon = 566 pixels
    Moon/Buildin Piece = 1.022

    As this is the moon's position in the sky as calculated before, the degree it appears to be taking up in the sky is...

    Red Moon (High End) = 2.339 degrees
    Red Moon (Low End) = 2.693 degrees


    First Image

    Portion = 954 pixels
    Height = 218 pixels

    Second Image

    Total Moon Diameter = 393 pixels
    Portion = 293 pixels
    Height = 67 pixels
    Moon/Portion = 1.341

    First Image

    Total Moon Diameter = 1.341 * 954 = 1279 pixels
    Building Piece = 285 pixels

    Total Moon Diameter/Building Piece = 4.488

    Moon Growth in Degrees = 4.488/1.022 = 4.391

    Red Moon (High End) = 10.271 degrees
    Red Moon (Low End) = 11.825 degrees

    Magic Travel (High End) = 19,327.448 kilometers
    Magic Trvael (Low End) = 16,772.813 kilometers

    Time Frame = 6.86 seconds (starts and ends)

    Sirus' Magic Speed (High End) = 2,817,412.245 m/s or mach 8,279.445
    Sirus' Magic Speed (Low End) = 2,445,016.472 m/s or mach 7,185.096

    And his magic is something Max and Monica and react to and dodge in their fight with Griffon when he's empowered by the Atlamillia.

    Don't feel like doing the destruction of the moon right now, just know it starts here and ends here.

    Star of Oblivion Yield (Low End) = 46.033 ninatons

    Star of Oblivion Yield (High End) = 116.874 ninatons

    Sirus' Magic Speed (Low End) = 2,445,016.472 m/s

    Sirus' Magic Speed (High End) = 2,817,412.245 m/s

  3. Spoiler:
    The Feat

    Majora Drops the moon onto Termina fast enough where its ablating prior to impact

    Another feat

    The Four Giants also halt its descent


    Wouldn't have considered ever touching this feat again

    Serendipity happened though and apparently Nintendo saw fit to place concept art of the Moon compared to the planet Termina is located on inside that astronomer asshole's building near the scarecrow


    Notice how the ratio between planet diameter and moon diameter are comparable enough to that of our own *shrugs*

    Why do I know this is such concept art?

    They leave concept art of how the moon's going to descend above Clock Town right next to it on the same wall


    More tangentially related to that is concept art acknowledging how the moon is supposed to effect things like tidal tendency in that Great bay Area research lab above the big fish tank


    There's also this in the astronomy building where the other 2 former concept artwork pieces are, but the image quality is too degraded for me to even guess at what it is, but I include it for sake of being thorough and on the off chance other fuckers can determine what it is *shrugs*

    The first image is the most significant regardless and serves as means to dispel incredulity of a Moon with a face being treated the same as any other moon of an Earth like planet in fiction around here

    Because that's literally the only reason we've ever treated it as not the same as our own despite standard assumptions in other franchises

    Scale of presentation in game certainly isn't a valid rebuttal, at least around here

    Most famously and egregious being the Floating Continent of Final Fantasy VI

    And that's a world that's able to be scaled as larger than our Earth

    For a more recent example take Final Fantasy XV's world map being scaled from the in game passage of time and the speed of their car... which is similar in concept to how Termina's been scaled for years, just substitute car with walking/running speed.

    I'm happy to keep piling on examples if someone is in requirement of them, but I feel this is sufficient enough as to not be a waste of my time *shrugs*

    Right, and for those that want to claim the moon is somehow hollow for the whole moon interior final dungeon thing?

    I suppose a hollow Moon's going to have its own Sun and various dungeon like portions you enter via teleportation and not some form of connecting tunnels readily visible from the surreal grass landscape. Clearly not just a collection of pocket dimensions housed within the moon.


    On with the calc

    Moon Mass = 7.34767309 * 10^22 kilograms

    As I noted much earlier, prior to impact the Moon is ablating, thus act as functional placeholder speeds.

    Speed (Low End) = 2,000 m/s
    Speed (High End) = 4,000 m/s

    KE = 0.5mv^2

    Moon Impact Yield (Low End) = 1.469534618 * 10^29 joules or 35.123 exatons
    Moon Impact Yield (High End) = 5.878138472 * 10^29 joules or 140.491 exatons

    Would mean each giant respectively amounts to 1/4th these totals given they halt the moon (at least when all 4 are present)

    Individual Giant Physical Might (Low End) = 8.781 exatons
    Individual Giant Physical Might (High End) = 35.123 exatons

    Not only does Majora destroy the world (raze it) even without you confronting him in the Clock Tower?

    Majora can also significantly speed up the Moon's descent with instant application of its TK, but this application of TK is too powerful for even 3 of the 4 Giants to halt the momentum of.

    When Majora's at full power? The mask demonstrates the power to instantly impart enough force onto the moon that the four giants that had already halted the initial descent are being overpowered

    Because some people need it spelled out why their continued focus on the 3 days before the final night mean Majora can't conjure this sort of power in combat


    Are these people advocates of the Warring Triad moving the Floating Continent? Orphan keeping Cocoon in the sky? The Lunarians moving the Moon? And yet they still decry application of Majora's Moon drop to its general power? Anything pertaining to the Crystals in FFV and Galuf's ability to overpower 1? Many more examples I'm too lazy to list because I lost steam here?

    Guess you can't do that anymore because there's little to no difference in the scenario *shrugs*

    If not? Well tough shit you're in the OBD and past precedent and years of debate hold that they function as feats. You're free to challenge precedent, but odds are the arguments are just a regurgitation of things we've heard before and still found the feats acceptable to use.

    Yay subjective game hobby bullshit~

    If you're not in the OBD? Determine for yourself what flies or doesn't fly. No one's forcing you to take our posts as dogma. :lmao

    Final Tally

    Majora's Mask Magical Power (Low End) = 35.123 exatons

    Majora's Mask Magical Power (High End) = 140.491 exatons

    Individual Giant Physical Might (Low End) = 8.781 exatons

    Individual Giant Physical Might (High End) = 35.123 exatons
  4. Spoiler:
    All the feats

    Might as well make these an actual blog as opposed to just referencing a wayback machine link *shrugs*



    First is Typhon



    Time Frame = 0.53 seconds
    Earth Radius = 6,371,000 meters

    Half Circumference = PIr

    Total Travel Distance = 20,015,086.8 meters
    Travel Speed = 37,764,314.71 m/s
    Earth Mass = 5.972 * 10^24 kilograms

    KE = 0.5mv^2
    m = Earth Mass
    v = Travel Speed

    Disintegration Yield = 4.258464388 * 10^39 joules or 1.018 tenatons


    Now Bahamut Fury


    As the planet Bahamut Fury starts near looks nothing like one of the planets of our Star System? It seems most likely that it traveled between star systems.

    Could also make note of how the light of the star of the respective planets it flies to and from don't corroborate the star being the same, but that's more screen shots and a diagram than I can bother with at the moment.

    Time Frame = 7.5 seconds
    1 lightyear = 9.461 * 10^15 meters
    Closest Star to Earth = 4.24 lightyears (apparently)
    Total Distance = 4.011464 * 10^16 meters
    Bahamut Fury Speed = 5.348618667 * 10^15 m/s or 17,828,728.89C

    Next the Exaflare


    This one's kind of odd

    There's a molten moon dispersal of mass and a regular moon dispersal mass

    So to get a rough idea of the mass I need to use for each, I need to solve for the molten mass first

    Moon Diameter = 308 pixels
    Molten Moon Diameter = 286 pixels
    Regular Moon Remains = 177 pixels
    Moon Diameter - Regular Moon Remains = Molten Moon Depth
    Molten Moon Depth = 131 pixels
    Molten Mass Travel = 385 pixels
    Moon Expansion = 469 pixels
    Molten Moon Diameter/Moon Diameter = 0.929
    Molten Moon Depth/Moon Diameter = 0.425
    Molten Mass Travel/Moon Diameter = 1.25
    Moon Expansion/Moon Diameter = 1.523

    Moon Diameter = 3,474 kilometers or 3,474,000 meters

    Molten Moon Diameter = 3,227.346 kilometers
    Molten Moon Depth = 1,476.45 kilometers

    Moon Total Volume = 21,958,000,000 km^3

    Volume = (2/3)PIr1^2r2
    r1 = Molten Moon Diameter/2
    r2 = Molten Moon Depth

    Molten Moon Volume = 8,052,086,333 km^3

    Molten Moon Volume/Moon Total Volume = 0.367

    Moon Total Mass = 7.342 * 10^22 kilograms
    Molten Moon Mass = 2.694514 * 10^22 kilograms
    Remaining Moon Mass = 4.647486 * 10^22 kilograms

    Time Frame = 1.44 seconds

    Molten Mass Travel = 4,342,500 meters
    Moon Expansion = 5,290,902 meters

    (Moon Expansion - Moon Diameter)/2 = Remaining Moon Mass Travel

    Remaining Moon Mass Travel = 908,451 meters

    Molten Mass Speed = 3,015,625 m/s
    Remaining Mass Speed = 630,868.75 m/s

    KE = 0.5mv^2

    m = Molten/Remaining Moon Mass
    v = Molten/Remaining Mass Speed

    Molten Mass Energy = 1.225194726 * 10^35 joules
    Remaining Mass Energy = 9.249134029 * 10^33 joules

    Exaflare Yield = 1.317686066 * 10^35 joules or 31.493 yottatons

    Now Supernova, though since I've done an energy already? I'm just looking for a speed

    Some references


    Time Frame = 0.94 seconds
    1 lightyear = 9.461 * 10^15 meters
    Milky Way = 100,000 lightyears

    Angular size basically

    Panel Height = 688 pixels
    Object Size 1 = 114 pixels
    Object Size 2 = 237 pixels

    object degree size = 2*atan(Object_Size/(Panel_Height/tan(70/2)))

    Object Degree Size 1 = 13.236 degrees

    object degree size = 2*atan(Object_Size/(Panel_Height/tan(70/2)))

    Object Degree Size 2 = 27.122 degrees


    Number of Lightyears Away (Image 1) = 430,950 lightyears
    Number of Lightyears Away (Image 2) = 207,290 lightyears

    Image 1 - Image 2 = Total Distance

    Total Distance = 223,660 lightyears
    Total Distance = 2.11604726 * 10^21 meters

    Comet Speed = 2,251,114,106,000,000,000,000 m/s or 7,503,713,688,000C


    Final Tally

    Disintegration Yield = 1.018 tenatons

    Bahamut Fury's Speed = 17,828,728.89C

    Exaflare Yield = 31.493 yottatons

    Supernova Comet Telekinesis Speed = 7,503,713,688,000C
  5. Spoiler:
    Remember this blog?

    The feats

    Rowvid of second feat

    First up?

    The mountain


    While arguably an Ocean itself, as a low end I'm going to use the dimensions of the smallest body of water designated a Sea based on how the parts of said ocean are designated Seas themselves

    So I'll be using the Gulf of California's width of 241 kilometers for the entire World of the Ocean King

    Could use bigger in theory, but I'm not comfortable using the inference that the fact Nintendo felt it necessary to suggest no land mass is the size of a continent in this ocean would imply the ocean itself could actually fit a continent *shrugs*

    Half Sea Length = 727 pixels
    Mountain = 22 pixels
    Mountain/Half Sea Length = 0.029
    Half Sea Length = 120,500 meters (this is after all only a section of the ocean that covers the bottom half of the map)
    Mountain = 3,494.5 meters


    Mountain = 138 pixels
    Mountain Diameter = 184 pixels
    Mountain Height = 175 pixels
    Mountain Diameter/Mountain = 1.333
    Mountain Height/Mountain = 1.268

    Mountain Diameter = 4,658.169 meters
    Mountain Height = 4,431.026 meters

    Volume = (2/3)PIr1^2r2
    r1 = Mountain Diameter/2
    r2 = Mountain Height

    Mountain Volume = 50,342,340,450 m^3

    8 j/cc

    Bomb Yield = 402,738,723,600,000,000 joules or 96.257 megatons

    Heh, of course one of the more obscure games in the franchise has some of the best bomb feats

    And there's still the next one that's arguably better... I just need to finish it first~

    Here's what I have sans the speed the bombs caused the ice to sink into the ocean anyway


    Half Sea Length = 874 pixels
    Ice Diameter = 114 pixels
    Ice Length = 30 pixels
    Ice Width = 15 pixels
    Ice Diameter/Half Sea Length = 0.13
    Ice Length/Half Sea Length = 0.034
    Ice Width/Half Sea Length = 0.017

    Half Sea Length = 120,500 meters

    Ice Diameter = 15,665 meters
    Ice Length = 4,097 meters
    Ice Width = 2,048.5 meters


    Ice Diameter = 616 pixels
    Ice Height = 304 pixels
    Ice Height/Ice Diameter = 0.494

    Ice Height = 7,738.51 meters

    Volume = (PIr1r2*H)/2
    r1 = Ice Length/2
    r2 = Ice Width/2
    H = Ice Height

    Ice Section Volume = 25,504,638,140 m^3
    Ice Density = 916.7 kg/m^3
    Ice Mass = 23,380,101,780,000 kilograms

    Time Frame = 6.75 seconds (as shown on here)
    Distance = 7,738.51 meters

    Bomb Forced Sinking Speed = 1,146.446 m/s

    KE = 0.5mv^2
    m = Ice Mass
    v = Bomb Forced Sinking Speed

    Bomb Yield = 15,364,683,140,000,000,000 joules or 3.672 gigatons


    Final Tally

    Bomb vs Mountain = 96.257 megatons

    Bomb vs Ice Island = 3.672 gigatons
  6. Spoiler:
    The Feat

    The Rowvid

    You're probably asking "why is he using an E3 Trailer?"

    The fuck do you want me to do with this exactly? The game demonstrates a fucking year in seconds and this all supposedly being viewed through a telescope

    Being fair, it's probably done this way originally because SNES era tech limitations... or even possibly a demonstration of the kind of cool looking shit the archaic graphics could pull off

    Why they've kept it looking like this in every remake thereafter?

    Probably can't be bothered to recreate it... yet they made a fucking trailer on it

    The hell?

    So that leaves us with a trailer being the most accurate portrayal of the actual feat

    Go figure

    Doesn't particularly matter if it's the Lunarians (specifically Fusoya and Golbez specifically being the only 2 awake to do so) or the Lunar Crystals moving the Moon FYI

    The Crystals as it stands have a bitch of a time handling the power of Zemus (as shown here, here, and here), and both Fusoya and Golbez kicked his ass hard (Fusoya even being the one to originally seal the guy away in the first place [full dialogue here and screen cap])

    Also, other fun anecdotes being the Lunarians created the moon and the moon works in conjunction with the Blue Planet Crystals to help sustain the moon's balance (here and here)

    I leave it vague because the game doesn't particularly shed light on why the moon leaves, sort of making it vague *shrugs*

    Calc time though


    Moon (Image 1) = 533 pixels
    Distance (Image 1) = 10 pixels
    Distance/Moon = 0.019

    Moon = 3,474,000 meters
    Distance (Image 1) = 66,006 meters

    Moon (Image 2) = 525 pixels
    Distance (Image 2) = 36 pixels
    Distance/Moon = 0.069

    Distance (Image 2) = 239,706 meters

    Now substract the distance gotten from image 2 by the distance in image 1 for the total travel distance

    Total Travel = Distance (Image 2) - Distance (Image 1) = 173,700 meters

    Time Frame = 0.04 seconds (its pretty obvious from the screen caps)
    Moon Travel Speed = 4,342,500 m/s

    Moon Mass = 7.34767309 × 1022 kilograms

    KE = 0.5mv^2

    KE of Moon = 6.927866084 * 10^35 joules or 165.58 yottatons

    So, ignoring whatever the fuck they get out of After Years for now?

    Still a large planet level feat all the way back in the original story *shrugs*

    Final Tally

    Power of the Lunarians/Lunar Crystals = 165.58 yottatons
  7. Spoiler:
    The quote

    Again, not really a calc

    Because its more me citing a low end value and high end value for what the quote is describing

    Because these values are essentially things you can just google

    The quote states Ifrit can turn the whole world to ashes

    That can mean destroying the planet, but the low end is world razing and probably where the quote is leaning *shrugs*

    Still, the high end will be the GBE of Earth

    Which is about 2.24 * 10^32 joules or 57.3 zettatons

    The low end?

    A thought recently occurred

    The implication of reducing the surface to ashes suggests the surface no longer has water


    I can use the value for vaporizing the world's oceans as a low end

    Which we can see from here sits around an exaton


    Ifrit across the franchise?

    Ifrit's Power (Low End) = ~1 exaton

    Ifrit's Power (High End) = 57.3 zettatons

    Final Tally

    Ifrit's Power (Low End) = ~1 exaton

    Ifrit's Power (High End) = 57.3 zettatons
  8. Spoiler:
    Feat 1 and Feat 2

    Watch feat 2 frame by frame here


    Titan caught the meteor its carrying in the backstory and Lunafreya temporarily calls upon all the Royal Arms Noctis has yet to gather to empower him to fight Leviathan.

    This includes a Royal Arm that's stuck in Niflheim across an ocean

    So, scaling


    Let's establish the in game scale is garbage (namely the distance counter informing us the map is no more than maybe 10-15 miles across) by noting Kingsglaive informs us a strip of land south of Insomnia is at least 20 miles long (have some images). This location is demonstrated to be within an area that can still see the walls of Insomnia (compare them) and demonstrates that distance is covered in an area that has yet to cross the bridge to the greater continent under Lucis' control.

    Top that off with more implicit indicators like the stupidity of developing cars that by in-game scale eat something like a tank of gas to cross 5-10 miles (I honestly forget... and no longer can test this given I have the Regalia Type-F that doesn't run out of fuel now)? And other useful indicators like an odometer that reads in both km/h and mph (will take a larger screen shot later, forgot to do that before uploading this)? And the notable fact 24 hours in game equals about 45 minutes in real life?

    Pretty easy to demonstrate the distance indicator in game is purely for in-game scale and not representative of the map and landmarks.

    So calc time

    At a speed of ~100 km/h (in the images linked in this sentence, the odometer is circled in green), the Regalia travels from here to here in 21 seconds

    Now the map


    Distance = 53 pixels
    Meteor = 17 pixels
    Lucis = 1560 pixels
    Meteor/Distance = 0.321
    Lucis/Distance = 29.434

    Travel Time = 21 Seconds
    Minute IRL = 60 seconds

    Travel Time/Minute IRL = 0.35

    Day In-Game = 45 minutes
    Day IRL = 1,440 minutes

    Day In-Game/Day IRL = 0.03125

    0.03125 is what an in-game minute is equal to in actual minutes.

    (Day In-Game/Day IRL)/(Travel Time/Minute IRL) = 11.2

    So that stretch of road is covered over the course of 11.2 in-game minutes.

    Car Speed = 100 km/h or 100,000 m/h

    Minutes in Hour = 60
    11.2/60 = 0.187

    Distance = 18,700 meters

    Meteor = 6002.7 meters

    Volume = (4/3)PIr^3
    r = Meteor/2

    Meteor Volume = 113,250,085,600 m^3
    Rock Density = 3,000 kg/m^3
    Meteor Mass = 339,750,256,900,000 kilograms

    Given the size of the meteor, even if I had scaled it using the in-game models and not using it's function as a natural landmark on the map?

    I feel pretty confident using reentry meteor velocities typical of meteors for this backstory feat

    Meteor Speed (Low End) = 11,000 m/s
    Meteor Speed (High End) = 17,000 m/s

    KE = 0.5mv^2

    Titan's Physical Power/Durability (Low End) = 20,554,890,550,000,000,000,000 joules or 4.913 teratons
    Titan's Physical Power/Durability (High End) = 49,093,912,120,000,000,000,000 joules or 11.734 teratons

    And Noctis can block and parry the thing's strikes (here, here, and here). Gladio himself can temporarily block a strike before getting overpowered here. Also, the Blizzara spell is powerful enough to harm Titan to the extent Noctis' final strike destroys one of the arms that previously caught that meteor.

    Lucis = 550,415.8 meters

    And the speed feat?


    Lucis = 815 pixels
    Distance = 1355 pixels
    Distance/Lucis = 1.663

    Distance = 915,341.475 meters

    Time Frame (High End) = 5 seconds (here to here)
    Time Frame (Low End) = 10.33 seconds (here to here)

    Speed of Royal Arms (High End) = 183,068.295 m/s or mach 537.977
    Speed of Royal Arms (Low End) = 88,610.017 m/s or mach 260.396

    And Noctis fires these same Royal Arms at Leviathan the entire fight and both Leviathan and Noctis demonstrate parity to their speed with their own movements (roughly demonstrated here).

    The "fun" part about this?

    I probably just wasted my time given Gilgamesh in Episode Gladio may very well be the same Gilgamesh from FFV per the norm and thus offer even better scaling than these feats afford. *shrugs*

    Final Tally

    Titan's Physical Power/Durability (Low End) = 4.913 teratons

    Titan's Physical Power/Durability (High End) = 11.734 teratons

    Speed of Royal Arms (Low End) = 88,610.017 m/s

    Speed of Royal Arms (High End) = 183,068.295 m/s
  9. Spoiler:
    Well, revision of this in the sense I'm just gathering puzzle pieces all in the same place

    So I was off

    Apparently it wasn't the planet but the dimension/universe they originally inhabited that was split by the crystals

    Which in hindsight makes sense given Ghido's explanation here alludes to this

    Basically, the crystals and world were split in two and the space between the new pair of worlds became the interdimensional rift. It's in the name of the place, but it didn't occur to me that for this interdimensional rift to exist between the space between the two worlds... you kind of require a rift between entirely separate dimensions.

    So I guess the crystals were more powerful than I gave them credit for *shrugs*

    Which being fair, is probably true enough even without this given after Bartz notes the Void hadn't disappeared here the rebirth of 4 crystals is enough to subdue the Void and the damage Exdeath had caused harnessing it as shown by the ending.

    And as for why the Crystals matter?

    Exdeath harnesses there power to torture and kill the Warriors of Light. Galuf proceeds to overpower the crystal that's fucking with him. Exdeath survives a beating from this Galuf and gives Galuf a similar beating in return here.
  10. Spoiler:
    So here's the feat

    Shit, it's been years since I've posted anything YYH


    Yusuke, in a fit of pent up teenage angst over Genkai's death, shoots a Reigan into the sky in hopes it will reach her in Reikai

    Been sitting on this one for years to be honest

    Seems simple enough to argue though and doesn't require a calc

    What's the argument exactly?

    The Reigan hit escape velocity of 11 km/sec by virtue of the fact it was never noted to have come back down and hit the earth by any psychic worth a shit that can sense Reiki. Hell, the context of the scene is more than enough to make that inference really *shrugs*

    Which, given we know the Reigan is effected by gravity anyway?

    No, I don't get why the much faster and more powerful Reigan wasn't able to escape gravity outside the fact Makai's not exactly a planet as much as it is a layered dimension *shrugs*

    Doesn't seem like a far off inference to make

    So, not a calc, just more comparison shit

    Final Tally

    Cuffed Dark Tournament Yusuke's Reigan Speed = 11,000 m/s or mach 32.325
  11. Spoiler:
    Because younger me wasn't paying attention apparently *shrugs*

    The comic in it's entirety here

    So... why this now?

    Before Darth Nihilus

    After Nihilus

    Notice the difference?

    Before Nihilus, Katarr had defined continents, mountains, and oceans

    After Nihilus, Katarr is one uniform ball of dust.

    There are no more continents and mountains.

    Hell, the lack of defined landmasses tends to suggest the oceans are gone too.


    Nihilus razed Katarr to the point the oceans were Vaporized

    Makes sense when you know Katarr's surface is described as "ashes" by Visas Marr, but the visual for how far that extends is nice.

    Just begs the question why I didn't notice years ago *shrugs*


    Volume of All Earth's (which will be Katarr's stand in per normal general assumptions) Water = 1.347 *10^9 km^3 or 1.347 * 10^18 m^3 (taking the middle value from the first table here)

    Vaporization of Water = 2,260 j/cc (don't feel like finding it for salt water *shrugs*)

    Darth Nihilus' Force Drain = 3.04422 * 10^27 joules or 727.586 petatons

    So I suppose Nihilus no longer needs to be compared to these feats for powerscaling off generic planet razing *shrugs*

    Still little more than powerful powerscaling fodder in the end however

    Final Tally

    Darth Nihilus' Force Drain = 727.586 petatons
  12. Spoiler:
    The feat

    Basically, Kanan and Ezra chuck a pair of asteroids at some asshole named Vez because he's cheating in some "Fool's Race" (a race of unknown distance located inside the orbital ring of some unknown planet) of his own designs

    You can basically find the entire story on tumblr here and here

    So full context is available for those that want it *shrugs*


    So calc time


    Ship Half Width = 173 pixels
    Asteroid Diameter 1 = 241 pixels
    Asteroid Diameter 2 = 169 pixels

    Asteroid Diameter 1/Ship Half Width = 1.393
    Asteroid Diameter 2/Ship Half Width = 0.977

    Ship Width = 52.4 meters (it's a gauntlet fighter)
    Ship Half Width = 26.2 meters

    Asteroid Diameter 1 = 36.497 meters
    Asteroid Diameter 2 = 25.597 meters

    Ovular Sphere Volume = (4/3)PIr1^2r2
    r1 = Asteroid Diameter 2/2
    r2 = Asteroid Diameter 1/2

    Asteroid Volume = 12,520.853 m^3
    Asteroid Density = 3,000 kg/m^3
    Asteroid Mass = 37,562,559 kilograms

    Not really sure on what to do with the speed component.

    Though I have something of a rough idea

    We can tell from the panel the ship and asteroids are traveling at about the same speed, but in exactly opposite directions.

    We can also infer, at least from the fact the race is taking place inside the orbiting asteroid field, on top of Hera's ability to maneuver around the asteroids so smoothly that the ships are traveling at some comparable speed to the asteroid's orbit regardless of which direction the asteroids are traveling relative to Hera (same direction, she passes it by. opposite direction, she avoids it without harm. tangential direction, she still avoids it without harm)

    I don't really feel like calculating an orbital velocity, especially since I don't even know how far into the orbital ring the race takes place, but I'll do a range of 3,887.4 m/s (about the orbital speed of GPS and absurdly low end given the orbital ring doesn't appear to extend that far above the planet) to 7,777 m/s (ISS orbital speed) for fairly conservative placeholders for now.

    KE = 0.5mv^2

    Energy to Move Asteroid (Low End) = 283,820,418,800,000 joules or 67.835 kilotons

    Energy to Move Asteroid (High End) = 1,135,924,257,000,000 joules or 271.492 kilotons

    Right, there were 2 asteroids though, so 135.67 kilotons and 542.984 kilotons respectively combined

    Seeing as this is season 1 Ezra though? Who's displayed only tenuous control of his potential power with his minimal training?

    This was probably mostly Kanan

    I suppose it would make more sense how Kanan isn't outright wrecked by the Grand Inquisitor, someone just shy of Ventress' level of power per word of god, going off a feat like this at any rate

    Suppose it further corroborates the general durability of ships this size too *shrugs*

    Final Tally

    Energy to Move Single Asteroid (Low End) = 67.835 kilotons

    Energy to Move Single Asteroid (High End) = 271.492 kilotons

    Combined Telekinetic Power (Low End) = 135.67 kilotons

    Combined Telekinetic Power (High End) = 542.984 kilotons
  13. Spoiler:
    The Feat


    Ceaseless Discharge, son of the Witch of Izalith, dies and the magma it produces/keeps molten cools off instantly

    So calc time


    Doing what I did here, I can find the actual height of the Chosen Undead because fuckers like making their own animations and scenes with Source Filmmaker

    Yay convenience

    Hollow = 126 pixels
    Tiles = 378 pixels
    Tiles/Hollow = 3

    Hollow = 1.7 meters (the generic, average, Undead citizen of Lordran)
    Tiles = 5.1 meters

    Tiles = 376 pixels
    Chosen Undead = 141 pixels
    Chosen Undead/Tiles = 0.375

    Chosen Undead = 1.913 meters

    So, while not 2 meters tall like I made a rough estimate of the Chosen Undead being, I wasn't too far off *shrugs*


    Chosen Undead = 603 pixels
    Circle = 1840 pixels
    Circle/Chosen Undead = 3.051

    Circle = 5.837 meters

    Circle = 255 pixels
    Platform = 821 pixels
    Platform/Circle = 3.22

    Platform = 18.795 meters

    Now the fun part

    Playing a game of "the fuck is that shape"

    So this is going to be rough as hell, but will serve as a fair rough approximate in terms of surface area and volume in the end

    Platform (Red Line) = 15 pixels
    Length (Yellow Line) = 29 pixels
    "Trapezoid" Base 1 (Orange Line) = 56 pixels
    "Trapezoid" Base 2 (Green Line) = 92 pixels
    "Trapezoid" Height 1 (Light Blue Line) = 108 pixels
    "Half Oval" Diameter (Light Purple Line) = 99 pixels
    "Half Oval" Radius (Purple Line) = 92 pixels
    "Oval" Diameter 1 (Pink Line) = 158 pixels
    "Oval" Diameter 2 (Blue Line) = 123 pixels

    Length (Yellow Line)/Platform = 1.933
    "Trapezoid" Base 1 (Orange Line)/Platform = 3.733
    "Trapezoid" Base 2 (Green Line)/Platform = 6.133
    "Trapezoid" Height (Light Blue Line)/Platform = 7.2
    "Half Oval" Diameter (Light Purple Line)/Platform = 6.6
    "Half Oval" Radius (Purple Line)/Platform = 6.133
    "Oval" Diameter 1 (Pink Line)/Platform = 10.533
    "Oval" Diameter 2 (Blue Line)/Platform = 8.2

    Length (Yellow Line) = 36.331 meters
    "Trapezoid" Base 1 (Orange Line) = 70.162 meters
    "Trapezoid" Base 2 (Green Line) = 115.27 meters
    "Trapezoid" Height 1 (Light Blue Line) = 135.324 meters


    "Trapezoid" of Lava Surface Area = 12,546.7 m^2

    "Half Oval" Diameter (Light Purple Line) = 124.047 meters
    "Half Oval" Radius (Purple Line) = 115.27 meters

    Half Oval Surface Area = (PIr1r1)/2
    r1 = "Half Oval" Diameter (Light Purple Line)/2
    r2 = "Half Oval" Radius (Purple Line)

    "Half Oval" of Lava Surface Area = 11,230.328 m^2

    "Oval" Diameter 1 (Pink Line) = 197.968 meters
    "Oval" Diameter 2 (Blue Line) = 154.119 meters

    Oval Surface Area = PIr1r2
    r1 = "Oval" Diameter 1 (Pink Line)/2
    r2 = "Oval" Diameter 2 (Blue Line)/2

    "Oval" of Lava Volume = 23,962.993 m^2

    Total Lava Surface Area = 47,740.021 m^2


    Thank you Dark Souls Remastered for making it much easier to see a depth exists~

    Length = 483 pixels

    Depth = 14 pixels

    Depth/Length = 0.029

    Depth = 1.054 meters

    Volume = Total Lava Surface Area * Depth

    Total Lava Volume = 50,317.982 m^3

    We're not done though, more rough approximates incoming~

    Not all the magma was being kept magma by Ceaseless Discharge. A small fraction of the surface area we can go across is still covered in the shit. Looking at it, I'd figure about 80% of the surface area actually cooled

    Again, purely a rough approximate

    Not that the result is going to waver much regardless


    Total Cooled Lava Volume = 50,317.982 * 0.8 = 40,254.386 m^3

    6,147 j/cc (used here)

    Ceaseless Discharge's Power = 247,443,710,742,000 joules or 59.14 kilotons

    Well that was a pain in the ass

    At any rate, Ceaseless Discharge was the weakest of his siblings, needing to rely on his sisters' magic to keep his birth defect (the source of his power) in check with a ring they created for him to counter it.

    Thus Quelaag, Quelana, etc all powerscale to Ceaseless Discharge at the very least. As does the Centipede Demon (born of the ring that used to control his birth defect) and Demon Firesage.

    Well, you can probably argue his sisters scale to better seeing as Quelana is Pyromancy's answer to Big Hat Logan (a guy capable of wielding Sorcery comparable to the armaments of the Lords) and Quelaag is defeated just after the Chosen Undead has to have killed a descendant of the Everlasting Dragons that's described as some kind of Dragon King.

    Whatever though

    Final Tally

    Ceaseless Discharge's Power = 59.14 kilotons
  14. Spoiler: King Vendrick

    Spoiler: Nashandra

    Spoiler: Ivory King + Alsanna

    Spoiler: Dragonrider

    Spoiler: Raime + Nadalia

    Spoiler: Smelter Demon + Old Iron King

    Spoiler: Lost Sinner

    Spoiler: Velstadt, the Royal Aegis

    Spoiler: Pursuer

    Spoiler: Elana + Sir Yorgh + Sinh the Slumbering Dragon

    Spoiler: Sir Alonne

    Spoiler: Throne Watcher + Throne Defender

  15. Because I probably should have collected all this in one place ages ago

    So, anyway, purpose?

    To flesh out where each character stands in the verse, so... not a calc

    Spoiler: General

    Spoiler: Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight and Cinder

    Spoiler: Witch of Izalith

    Spoiler: Gravelord Nito

    Spoiler: Big Hat Logan

    Spoiler: Gaping Dragon

    Spoiler: Iron Golem

    Spoiler: Crossbreed Priscilla

    Spoiler: Havel the Rock

    Spoiler: Black Dragon Kalameet

    Spoiler: Dragonslayer Ornstein

    Spoiler: Executioner Smough

    Spoiler: Knight Artorias

    Spoiler: Hawkeye Gough

    Spoiler: Solaire of Astora

    Spoiler: Manus, Father of the Abyss