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  1. Spoiler:

    Okay so, my sock wanted a manga version of this feat, since this used the anime where the explosion isn't portrayed to be nearly as big. Also I'm told that the meteor might be 200 meters in height as opposed to diameter like the calc used, so overall, something should be done here.

    In case of it being height instead of diameter, the meteor in this shot where it doesn't seem all that destroyed enough to inflate results is 642 pixels wide and 938 pixels tall, making for a discrepancy of 0.68443496801, making the meteor 136.886993603 meters in diameter

    The meteor is 20 pixels wide, while the blast is 650 pixels, a discrepancy of 32.5, making the blast 4448.8272921 and 6500 meters for low and high end

    Using near total fatalities considering the blast is off the ground, ((4.4488272921/.28)^3)/2 and ((6.5/.28)^3)/2 makes for...

    Low End: 2005.54563851 Kilotons, 2.00554563851 Megatons
    High End: 6255.12481778 Kilotons, 6.25512481778 Megatons

    Final Tally

    Metal knight Attack
    Low End: 2005.54563851 Kilotons, 2.00554563851 Megatons
    High End: 6255.12481778 Kilotons, 6.25512481778 Megatons
  2. Feat can be seen here

    The proof this is a lightspeed attack is the Reference Databook's entry on Sunflowmon:


    Using this official height chart as a reference.

    82px = 1.8m (A good height)
    Sunflowmon's head = 49px = 1.075m
    Peckmon's head = 35px = 0.76829m

    Panel height = 480px
    Sunflowmon's head = 102px = 1.075m
    2atan(tan(70/2)*(102/480))= 0.21402807259 radians
    0.21402807259 *180/pi= 12.2629052567266178 degrees
    using the angular calculator
    Distance from the screen= 5 meters

    Peckmon's head = 63px = 0.76829m
    2atan(tan(70/2)*(63/480))= 0.124536949
    0.124536949*180/pi= 7.1354415711359778
    Distance from the screen= 6.1612 meters
    Peckmon should be closer to the screen than Sunflowmon, but I guess lolauthorintent messed this one up. Anyway, let's proceed.

    Distance between Sunflowmon and Peckmon = 1.1612 meters
    Timeframe = (1.1612)/(299792458m/s)=0.0000000038733463 seconds

    Peckmon's head = 75px = 0.76829m
    Distance he moved (overlay) = 340px = 3.48291466666m
    speed= (3.48291466666m)/(0.0000000038733463)= 899200432.10 m/s or 2.99c
    If this is used. scale to the digimon of ultimate level (shingreymon, mirageogaogamon, rosemon, ravemon and burts mode)

    Final Tally
    Peckmon speed= 899200432.10 m/s or 2.99c
  3. shoutmon x 3 destroys Machleomon, using Three Victorize (feat)

    Taiki is a 12 years old Japanese boy.12-year-old Japanese children are on average 1.52 meters height.
    Mushmon is same to taiki height

    image 1
    Mushmon=246px= 1.52 meters
    door height=386px=2.38px

    image 2
    door height=18px=2.38px
    town width=683px= 90 meters

    image 3
    town width=95px= 90meters
    explosion diameter= 96px= 91 meters
    Using near total fatalities considering the blast is off the ground, ((0.091 / .28) ^ 3) / 2= 0.017 kilotons or 17 tons tnt

    Final Tally
    Shoutmon x3 (Three Victorize)= 17 tons tnt
  4. terras threw a mountain at iron man like a missile

    Credid to Asyulus for providing the pictures, doing the scaling and bringing this to my attention.
    mountain diameter=21.6 km or 21600 meters
    mountain hight= 10.2 km or 10200 meters.

    Volume of cone = (pi × r 2 × h) / 3
    V=(pi*(21600/2)^2*10200/3= 1245880248190 m^3 or 1.24588024819e+18 cm^3
    It seems that rock was fragmentized (8 j/cc)

    1.24588024819e+18*8=9967041985520000000 Joules or 2.38 Gigatons

    Final Tally
    iron man destroys a mountain=9967041985520000000 Joules or 2.38 Gigatons
  5. Hulk jumps from Earth to space, at a surprising speed.[Image1].

    earth Diameter = 759 px = 12742 km
    earth Fragment = 103 px = 1729.15 km
    Panel height = 285 px
    Distance from the planet = 2atan (tan (70/2) * (103/285) = 28.40199885102 degrees.
    using angle calculator: 3416.5 km or 3416500
    No given timeframe so i'll use a standard assumption of 30 seconds,
    30 seconds is probably a reasonable assumption.
    V=3416500/30= 113883.33m/s or Mach 332.

    Final Tally
    Hulk Jumps speed = 113883.33m/s or Mach 332.
  6. Feat happens in "Marvel Comics Presents #52". I think the Calc was done over on OBD but I can't find it. I know theirs a YouTube calc of it but they don't explain their steps so I figured I'd re-do it for here. [Image1][Image2]

    According to the YouTube calc, it traveled a distance of 2.2 AU, and by narration, it'll reach the Earth in 3 hours.
    2.2 AU / 3 hours = 30,473,640.3 m/s (0.10c)

    The Asteroid was said to be twice the size of the Earth by the professor. That would mean the 392 Pixels Equal roughly 25,484 km. But lets cut that in half because Radius.

    392 / 98 = 4

    25,484 / 4 = 6,371 km

    6,371 / 2 = 3185.5 km

    398 / 44 = 9

    25,484 / 9 = 2831.5 km

    2831.5 / 2 = 1415.75 km

    Going to use an Ellipsoid.

    Volume = 4/3 * π * ra * rb * rc
    4/3*pi*(12742) * (3185.5) * (1415.75)= 240707925368.76 km^3 or 2.4070792536876e+20 m^3
    Low end density of Asteroids tend to be about 3.0 g/cm^3 or 3,000 kg/m^3
    M= 2.4070792536876e+20*3000= 722123776106280000000000 kg

    using the KE relativistac formula.
    KE = (0.5*m*v2)/(1-(v2/c2))^0.5
    m: the mass of the object
    v: velocity (speed)
    c: speed of light

    KE= (0.5*722123776106280000000000 *30473640.3^2)/(1-(30473640.3^2/299792458^2))^0.5 = 3.37043284368286848371504e38 Joules or 80.5 ninatons

    Finall Tally
    Grey Hulk Destroys an Asteroid= KE: 3.37043284368286848371504e38 Joules or 80.5 ninatons
  7. Calculating the infamous "150 billion tonne" feat from SW#4 just because 150 B Tonnes for a mountain range this huge seems just too less. [Image1][Image2][Image3][Image4][Image5].

    I don't know how long this range is so let's just use 7500 km for the Andes, since it is directly stated to dwarf them.
    Mountain range length = 887px= 7500000 meters
    mountain range height=128px= 1082299.88 meters

    Since it fell instantly, let's use 5s timeframe
    V=1082299.88/5= 216459.976 m/s

    KE= 0.5*150000000000000*216459.976^2=

    Final Tally
    Hulk stops a mountain range= 3514119090744043200000000 Joules or 839.8 Teratons
  8. in episode 3 of digimon adventure, seadramon drags a big rock.

    Matt is a 12 years old Japanese boy. 12-year-old Japanese children are on average 1.52 meter height .

    image 1
    Matt height=219px= 1.52 meters
    train car height= 365px= 2.5 meters

    image 2
    train car height= 27px=2.5 meters
    train car length= 75px= 7 meters
    stone diameter= 849px= 79 meters

    image 3
    train car length=63px=7 meters
    stone length=897px= 99 meters
    stone height= 269px=29 meters

    Going to use an Ellipsoid.
    Volume = 4/3 * π * ra * rb * rc

    granite density=2700kg/m^3

    M= 118756.9146946745691037*2700= 320643669 kg or 320643 tons

    Final Tally
    seadramon Lifting strenght= 320643669 kg or 320643 tons
  9. wiki digimon

    Dark SuperStarmon is a Digimon surrounded by star level assignments. First of all he was born from a Black Hole, he can live in a Black Hole and of course he is able to recreate some of the power of Super Nova and still create a Black Hole.

    Considering only the quote from Super Nova we are able to get 3 speculations from what he may be referring to: The kinetic energy, Neutrino Energy and Electromagnetic Radiation.

    0.1 Foe from Neutrino energy, 1e+43 Joules or 2.39 octillion of megatons (large star level)

    0.01 Foe from Electromagnetic radiation, 1e+42 Joules or 239 tenatons or 239 septillion of megatons (star level +)

    1.3~1.4 Foe from Kinetic energy, 1.3e+44 Joules or 1.4e+44 Joules or 33.46 octillion of megatons (large star level) Virtually all energies released by a Super Nova come to Nova level (Less is only slightly, a difference of 0.46e + 42 Joules or 109.94 septillion of megaton). As the text of the DRB refers to fragments released by the Super Nova I believe he is referring to the mass released by Super Nova, which by kinetic Energy proves to be Nova level. Consistent with the other top-level feats of the Digimon Adventure Perfects.
  10. in episode 21 of digimon data squad, gotsumon led an attack against DATS, it looks like the pteramon generate fireballs with their missiles.(Feat)

    It is a short calculation.

    based on this,the window widthis 88 inch---223cm--- 2.23 meters

    window height=19px=2.23 meters
    building height= 251px= 30 meters
    fireball height= 387px= 46 meters
    fireball diameter= 589px= 107 meters.

    using the Nuke calculator looking at the Fireball radius (minimum).
    gives a total of 5 kilotons, as it is not nuclear we divide between 2
    the firing 6 missiles. each missile generates 416 tons tnt.
    pteramon has 12 missiles, what would be 5 kilotons.

    rizegreymon resisted the bombing of 10 pteramon, no damage

    Final Tally.
    Saido Waindā= (12 missiles)5 kilotons
    (1 missiles)= 416 tons tnt

  11. in episode 39 of digimon adventure, Wargreymon pushes venonnyotysmon across a street. (feat). and VenomMyotismon could no sell a giga blaster and wolf claw from MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon.

    the height of weregarurumon is similar to leomon, that previously calculated in 2.7 meters.

    Image 1

    weregarurumon height= 361px= 2.7 meters
    distance between eyes= 284px= 2.12 meters

    Image 2

    face 1
    distance between eyes=31px=2.12 meters
    nose length= 24px=1.64 meters

    face 2
    nose length= 30px= 1.64 meters
    horn length= 215px= 11.75 meters

    full body
    horn length= 35px= 11.75 meters
    venonmyotismon hight=425px=142.6 meters.

    The square-cube law is in use here

    to find the volume.I will use the formula used by Kaiserwombat to find the EVA mass
    I will compare it to the average height of an average japanese 1.71cm

    0.8 * (142.6 / 1.71) ^ 3 = 463938.3m^3
    the human body density 985 kg/m^3.
    463938.3*985= 456979225.5 kg or 456979.2255 tons
    This is minimal, it must be heavier, his limbs are longer and wider.

    Final Tally

    Hight (minimum)= 142.6 meters
    Mass (minimum)= 456979225.5 kg or 456979.2255 tons
  12. in the episode 15 of digimon data squad machgaogamon launches a building at metalphantomon (Feat).

    Basic scaling.

    based on this,the window widthis 88 inch---223cm--- 2.23 meters
    image 1
    window width = 40px=2.23 meters
    building width= 721px= 40.2 meters
    building height=to determine the height I will use the angle calculator.
    panel height=763px
    =2atan(tan(70/2)*(295/763))= 30.296297018244 degrees, using angle calculator 74.246 meters
    building height=74.246 meters

    image 2
    building width=156px=40.2 meters
    building length=83px=20.1 meters

    Building mass
    Height = 74.246 meters
    Width= 40.2 meters
    Length = 20.1 meters

    Volume = Length x width x Heigh
    20.1*40.2*74.246= 59992.25292m^3

    concrete density=2300 kg / m 3

    Mass = density × volume= 59992.25292m^3*2300 kg / m 3= 137982181.716 kg or 137982.181716 tons
    omit 80% of actual Mass (Because Buildings are usually hollow from inside)
    Building mass=27596436.3432kg or 27596.43 tons
    Machgaogamon threw with one hand.
    this scales to rizegreymon and the other perfect levels.

    Final Tally.
    Machgaogamon lifting strength= 27596436.3432kg or 27596.43 tons
  13. In the fight against tyranomon, Greymon breaks twelve dark lines (feat ), It does not look like much, but a single dark line is capable of stopping a ocean liner, thrown in the air without breaking, so calculate the force necessary to break one of those dark lines. guide me from this wiki.

    Tai is a 12 years old Japanese boy. 12-year-old Japanese children are on average 1.52 meter height .
    Tai height= 1.52 m= 9px
    ocean liner size = 702px = 118.56 meters

    the ocean liner that appears is equal to the Viking has a mass of 6300 Tons. the ocean liner is thrown by the air, so first there is the acceleration with which it was launched.

    the ocean liner measures 118 meters = 299px
    panel height=607px
    2atan(tan(70/2)*(299/607)= 38.059936280144 degrees
    distance traveled by the ocean liner= 171.06 meters
    the episode was carried out in 24 FPS and take 26 FPS you travel that distance
    the speed with which it is launched V: 171 / (26/24) = 157.84m/s
    now acceleration.

    a = ( Δv / Δt)

    a: 157.84m/s / 1s = 157.84m/s^2

    resisted the gravity = 157.84-9.8 = 148.04m/s^2

    applying the tension formula Ft = 6900000kg *148.04 m / s^2 =1021476000 Newtons
    .using the calculator 104161563,53259599 kg
    greymon breaks 12 of these.= 1249938762.39115188 kg or 1249938.76239115188 tons

    Final Tally
    Greymon lifting strenght= 1249938762.39115188 kg or 1249938.76239115188 tons
  14. In episode 38 of Digimon Frontier, Dynasmon attacks with Breath of Wyvern, generating a gigantic exploration.(Feat)20:10).


    To make this calculation, I will rely on the statement made by Lordknightmon.
    so I'll use digimundo's crust depth.

    digimundo diameter=323px=12742 km
    crust depth= 57px= 2248.58 km

    digimundo diameter=2073px= 12742 km
    fireball diameter=223px= 1370.7 km

    the volume=
    Volume = pi × r2 × h

    pi = 3.14
    h is the height
    r is the radius

    pi*(1370702.3637240714396/2)^2*2248588.2352941174222= 3.3180e18 m^3 or 3.31807454536364583e+24 cm^3

    energy pulverization= 214.35 j/cm^3
    3.31807454536364583e+24*214.35= 711229278798697483660500000 Joules or 170 petatons.

    this scales to Kaisergreymon with his Kuzuryūjin attack beat Dynasmon

    Final Tally.
    Dynasmon Breath of Wyvern= 170 Petatons
  15. at the opening 2 of digimon data squad, I noticed a feat where Shinegreymon BM crossed a great distance in a short time. ¿how fast is it?


    earth diameter= 1507 px= 12742 km
    visible part of the earth=697px=5893 km
    dimensional fissure size=105px=887km

    panel high=757px
    furthest part of the fissure=11px

    fissure distance=2atan(tan(70/2)*(11/757))=1.165899804526 degrees
    using angle calculator = 43588 km or 43588000 m
    the digimon OP was carried out in 29 FPS, shinegreymon travels a distance in 2 fragments

    V=43588000/(2/29)= 632026000m/s or 2.1c FTL
    it makes sense compared to the other feats of shinegreymon.
    dodging the laser beam
    faster yggdrasil crystals

    Final Tally=
    Shinegreymon BM speed (opnening)= 632026000m/s or 2.1c FTL