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  1. Gonna take a crack at the giant axe

    It weights as much as Eridu

    Which is the same size is Uruk

    Which is 6 km2

    Quetz throws it 30 km

    Fuck if I know how how to calc weight of bricks so I'm using this


    Running through several different brick types, lowest gets me 4 093 740 000 kg

    Which is 4 093 740 tons
    This calc only uses the size of the city and doesn't include any walls or buildings.

    So at minimum Quetz threw a 4 million ton axe 30 km away in seconds.
  2. The entire passage

    The feats

    First FTL attack
    Second FTL attack

    Demiya shooting the FTL targets and pulling Meltlilith away

    Pretty much spells it out

    However I like to laugh at clowns that attempt to downplay.

    "But I'm from derpbattles and lack the brain power to see how the second attack is also FTL!"

    The fact that second attack damaged Meltlilith's body as well shows it was FTL.

    Not to mention Meltlilith was putting all her power into the attack. What, you think she's gonna go "Even though I can move at FTL speeds, I'm gonna slow down and not use my full powers on the obvious end boss"?

    "But CK, how do we know they're moving at FTL after the clash?"

    If the initial FTL strike couldn't kill her completely, you think Meltlilith is gonna go "That FTL attack didn't finish her. I should slow down the attack"?

    "but CK, what about mass inertia and blah blah blah?"

    Do you see the passage saying they slowed down?

    Not to mention if after the initial strike she slowed down in any way she would would have ended up being slower than Kiara. She'd have to keep the same speed to continue stabbing further into Kiara.

    Did I mention she's putting all her power into the suicide attack? You think she'll relax after just stabbing once instead of continuing to drive her attack further into Kiara?

    "But my derping leads me to believe it's a shonen clash!11!"

    ...and? You're just finding a non issue to complain about because they're too powerful to fit your shitty opinion on how strong the setting should be.

    "But real life physics!1!!!1"

    Yes, because we all know no one in fiction moves at FTL speeds.

    "but muh power levels! No other servants are this fast.!1!11!"

    Remember how Excalibur turns prana into light and fires it?

    Herk has blocked it

    Gil has dodged it.

    Iskander has dodged it

    Hell, Mashu has blocked it

    Don't like excalibur?

    Archimedes uses mirrors to reflect sunlight for his attacks. Servants have no problem fighting him.

    This isn't even the first FTL attack. Ishtar teleports to Venus and shoots people from there. And unless her enemies like to patiently stand there for hours to wait for her attack, That's FTL.

    And then of course Quetz wants to use that attack as a baseball.
  3. The feat
    The calc:

    Looking at the cannon speed page, it says cannonball velocity are now faster than howitzers.
    So using 770m/s as the speed for cannon since that's the next number in line on the page

    1/770 gives us a timeframe of 0.00129 seconds

    Assuming a piece of debris is 1 meter by 1 meter with a thickness of 10 cm.

    Searching through these
    average blade thickness is 4 mm


    250 cuts length and height and 25 cuts for width

    525/0.00129*0.1=40697.67 m/s

    or 40697.67/340.29=119.6

    mach 119.6 for each piece of debris, assuming each one is only 10 cm thick.

    The debris was described as countless, and buckshot, with multiple pieces being 1 meter.

    Assuming the total amount adds up to 10 1 meter pieces that's mach 1196.

    If I used the 100 micrometers for dust size.

    10000 cuts length and height and 1000 cuts for width

    21000/0.00129*0.1=1627906.97 m/s

    or 1627906.97/340.29=4783.88

    mach 4783.88 for each piece of debris.
  4. If the above is accurate

    Using the formula here to find the energy

    Density of air
    1.225 kg/m³

    Using this to get length and width since I don't know the length and width of Scandinavia

    Area is 928,057 km²

    Tallest point is 2469 meters

    Plugging in numbers

    Volume would be about 2291448654750000000000



    Heat capacity of air is 1003.5 kg*k


    Converts to 2.69 zettaton

    No clue if I did the math correctly.

  5. According to this


    Space starts at 100 km.

    The animation has Enkidu jumping for 5~ seconds.
    100 000/5=20 000
    So 20 000m/s /340.29
    =Mach 58.77

    High end using Exosphere of 10 000km
    10 000 000/5
    =2 000 000
    2 000 000/340.29
    =Mach 5877.33


    Low end = mach 58.77

    High end = mach 5877.33
  6. Credits to this page

    so Ozymandias can focus a solar flare into a beam attack It can also instantly vaporize Tokyo and destroy a fleet.
  7. The feat:

    And here we see VH can react to a claymore exploding and protecting the user before the shrapnel reached him.

    Fate/Zero:Act 6 - Baka-Tsuki
    The steel balls should have a speed of 1218 m/s
    M18 Claymore mine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    tl;dr Kiritsugu needed to move faster than 1218 m/s, or mach 3.5, to escape from VH.
  8. The feat

    So we have to find out how much he moved and how much the Excaliblast moved.

    First for Iskander

    To get his minimum moved distance, we need to find Excaliblast's aoe. Fortunately we can easily find that.

    In Saber's battle with Caster, she instantly evaporated a river.
    http://lparchive.org/Fatestay-night/Update 96/

    The River's width is 665 meters.
    Assuming Iskander was in the middle, he would need to move at least 332.5 meters to avoid getting instantly evaporated.

    To get how much Excaliblast would move to reach him.

    Iskander's bulls were in front of him pulling the chariot

    The world's largest bull is 2.6 meters long.

    So Excaliblast would move a maximum of 2.6 meters while Iskander moved 332.5 meters.

    Excalibur's speed

    Borrowing ChaosTheory's number here of 9,171.727 m/s or mach 26.9

    So let's put this all together.

    Iskander was moving (332.5/2.6)=127.8 times faster than Excalibur

    So 127.8*9 171=1172146.7


    Mach 3444.5 :gio
  9. We can get a rough guess on the area Excalibur can cover from Its use in FSN

    Height of the Center Building

    The range of Excalibur

    How far the horizon would be at 150 meters

    Distance to the Horizon Calculator

    Distance to the horizon 43.7 Kilometres

    But what good is range alone? Well, we know Excalibur can burn through the buildings in the city from F/HA

    The scene in F/HA

    So even with buildings in its way it can cut down the buildings in the city and has a range of at least 43.7 km.
  10. The feat

    Low end:

    Assuming Gil started moving when the arrow was 20 meters away, the max range of his autodefensor. I know Gil didn't move until the arrow slipped past his defenses, but this one is low end.

    Using the average from here
    Lightning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    440000/340.29/20 = 64.65

    High end:

    This one assumes Gil only started moving when the arrows slipped past his defenses and is with in arms reach before he moved.

    440000/340.29= 1293.01

    Low end: Mach 64.65

    High end: Mach 1293.01
  11. The feat
    It's mentioned twice they were moving so fast they cannot be seen by the eye.

    During the climb, both of them jump from side to side attacking each other

    They were climbing the tallest skyscraper in the city.

    According to wikipedia, a skyscraper starts at 150 meters, so I'm using that since I don't know how tall that one is.

    For the timeframe, we have this for faster than eye


    1/120th of a second.

    So inputting all the numbers we get


    So that's 18000 m/s

    or mach 52.89


    An alternate take on this by Lina Shields
  12. So, reading through SDK again and noticed something

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c275/21.html

    This here Yuan notes Hishigi made seven blades

    In the actual translation however, he notes Hishigi made seven blades of light. So apparently Hishigi's attack is not just hyperbole.

    速= fast

    According to google, 光速刀 means "Lightspeed knife/blade" or "Speed of light sword"

    And earlier in the fight he deflects 4 of them

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c272/8.html

    A badly wounded Kyo was also shown to be able to react to it here

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c271/11.html
    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c271/12.html

    And those seven blades of light from earlier?

    Kyo blocked those too

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c275/22.html
    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c275/24.html

    FTL SDK confirmed :zaru


    Everyone remember that Speed of light cutting through darkness crap from an earlier scene?

    Apparently that's a mistranslation. Speed of Light blade is once again a more accurate translation.

    You can see 光速刀 appears again here.
  13. So yeah, got bored and decided to give this a try. Meant to do this ages ago but never really bothered

    Chinmei dropped a large amount of rocks from the stratosphere

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c146/14.html

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c147/15.html
    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/samurai_deeper_kyo/c147/16.html

    Stratosphere is between 10 km - 50 km

    Going to assume the whole action took 1 second and that's pretty generous, seeing as Chinmei is fighting Kyo, and within reach of his sword.

    So half a sec to lift the rock and half to drop them

    speed of sound is 340.29 m/s

    Pretty simple calc

    Spoiler: Old calcs
    Spoiler: calcs and shit
    Low end calc

    10000 / 340.29 = 29.386

    29.386 * 2 = 58.772

    High end calc

    50000 / 340.29 = 146.933

    146.988 * 2 = 293.866

    So, low end is mach 58.772

    high end is mach 293.866

    And this is all before they meet Tokito :maybe

    Edit: new time frame

    Low end = mach 99

    High end = mach 498


    Here's a third try

    The average height from ground to your knees is what, 50 cm?

    I have no clue how much a pipe weighs, but sites say it has to be light. So half a pound? that's 453.592 g

    Time until impact would be 0.32 s

    so low end calc would be, 20000/0.32 = 62500
    or mach 183.67

    High end would be 100000/0.32 = 312500
    or mach 918.33