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Crow's Blog of life, anime, gaming, and whatever bullshit y'all will listen to.
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  1. So if y'all don't know. I'm a college student. Been so for the last 4 years and today I finally graduate. When I walk that stage today with all my family here they are sure to be proud of me seeing that I'm the first college grad in my family. But at the beginning of this day I'm caught wondering, what's next? And I don't know. I don't know what's on the horizon, I hope I just take my life as an adventure and keep on living it. I hope I still find time to be reckless like I was in college, I hope I still do something that scares me every day. Anyway, wish me luck guys. I did it, Class of 2019 will forever live in infamy.
  2. I just returned from my seven-day service trip to Puerto Rico and it was pretty amazing. It was a group of 21 students including moi of course. We did stuff to help out the people of Puerto Rico like, painting houses, cleaning up the beaches, cleaning up an eco-tourism place that was left pretty banged up. It made me feel good and I hope that I can continue doing work like this. I met some amazing people and it was a mind opening experience.

    P.S: Tried to upload pics, but this website won't let me
  3. In like 10 minutes I'm going wine tasting. I've never done it before and it'll be a new experience to me. I've drank wine, but I haven't tried to be like judgy about it. I'll tell y'all how it was when I get back. I'm trying like 10 different wine selections, including Chardonnay. Let's hope I don't come back liking wine because I'm more of a beer type of fella myself. Peace.

  4. Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays! Whichever ya prefer.