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  1. Here are two more feats out of Shinzo/Mushrambo this time for mid-high tier characters
    1. Mushra blasts some pyramids

    6:00 - 6:45

    So Mushra, in his winged Hyper form, flies over flooded Egypt.
    He encounters some bird enterrans and roasts them along with some pyramids.

    Since we can see the Sphinx of Giza in there, it pretty much confirms these are the Pyramids of Giza that Mushra blasts.

    The Giza complex includes three pyramids:
    The great pyramid of Giza, The pyramid of Khafre and the pyramid of Menkaure

    Here is a pic of the complex

    The blast encircles the pyramids and destroys them.

    Blast Radius= 575m
    Surface Area of a Sphere= 4Pi*r^2
    Blast Surface area= 4150000 m^2
    Pyramid Surface Area= 136000 m^2
    Blast/Pyramid ratio= 30.5147

    Pyramid of Kufu volume= 2,583,283 m^3

    However, pyramids aren't fully soid.
    Wiki suggests they are 16% hollow.
    Volume destroyed= 2169957.72 m^3 = 2169957720000 cc

    Pyramid Violent Frag= 2169957720000 *69= 149727082680000J
    Total Blast Yield= 149727082680000*30.5147= 4568877009855396J
    or 1.091 Megatons of TNT

    This naturally scales to Sago and Kutal as well.

    2. Gyasa VS Mushra, Sago & Kutal

    13:24-13:35 ; 13:52-14:15

    Gyasa after his many Zankais blasts the protagonists and creates a giant ass explosion, which they survive, albeit barely.

    The crater doesn't show up entirely onscreen, so I just completed it in paint to get the diameter.

    We have the trees at the edge of the crater at 34 px high.
    Since the battle took place in an American Jungle (It is stated some episodes before that) I assumed the Amazon.

    According to this: http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/30067
    The average forest canopy in the amazon is about 30.48m
    but I'll use the low end of 25m in that research.

    Trees height = 25m = 34 px
    1 px = 25/34 = 0.7353 m

    Crater Diameter = 711px= 711*0.7353= 522.7941 m
    Crater Depth = 121 px = 121*0.7353= 88.9705 m

    Using Spherical Dome Calculator I get a volume of 9917971.41 m^3, or 9917971410000 cc

    Rock Violent Fragmentation= 69 j/cc
    Energy= 9917971410000*69= 684340027290000J or 163.56 Kilotons of TNT

    High-end= Pulverization= 214 j/cc
    Energy= 9917971410000*214= 2122445881740000J, or 507.276 Kilotons of TNT

    Final Tally:
    So town level mid tiers, Small-city level mid-high tiers in Shinzo, nice.
  2. I'm bored, so here's another calc. pumped full of nostalgia this time.

    jump to 25:16, also disregard the silly vid title

    So here we find out the reason they didn't get to shinzo is because General Mushrambo blew it up back when he was still a dick.

    Haven't seen anyone try to calc this, so I'll give it a go.

    The calc:

    The explosion itself seems like textbook nuke.
    For this reason I'll be using nuke calculator, but first I'll have to find the fireball radius.

    When we get to see a view of the city from above, just as Mushrambo nukes it we see it has a convenient circular outline.
    The actual fireball covers that circle and then some, so I'll try to find its diameter.

    *re-scaled this thing a couple of times, eventually figured out the best angle is the same as the shadow in the back= -23 degrees.

    The first scaling I do is from a random person to get the landing pad width.

    Person's height= 49 px
    Average human height= 1.72m
    Therefore, 1px=1.72/49= 0.0351m

    Lane width= 791px = 791*0.0351=27.7657m

    Now for the overlook of the city:

    Lane width= 27.7657m= 30 px
    1px=28.874/30= 0.9255238m

    Fireball Diameter= 1088px= 1006.9699m
    so, Fireball radius= 503.48495m

    Plugging that to nuke calculator gives a yield of 1.47 Megatons
    Here's a second method suggested by TotalyNotaCat

    I'll be using rock melting for the crater the blast left (although it seems most of it evaporated)

    Crater length= 1164 px = 1006.9699m
    1 px = 0.8651m
    Crater width= 2*313 px= 626 px = 541.5491m
    Crater depth= 1006.9699/4= 251.742475m

    I'm calculating this as half an ellipsoid using this calculator

    And get a crater volume of: 71880228.221 m^3 or 71880228220809.45 cc

    Melting of rock = 4300 j/cc
    energy= 71880228220809.45*4300= 309084981349480635 J or 73.873 Megatons

    Final Tally:
  3. I'm bored so I decided to look at some stuff from SPN top-tiers.
    These two calcs are based on statements. However, both these statements have been repeated a couple of times and taken at face-value in the show, so I figured I'd try to put a number on em.

    1. Lucifer & Michael attend a BBQ

    It has been stated a couple of times that these two would raze earth as a side-effect of their battle.

    Sam once commented that they'd "Roast half the planet."
    Since I don't have much to go on, and this is a casual thing for these characters anyway, I'll do this using the same method chaos did for Boros.

    Earth's Circumference= 40,075 km
    Half on that is= 20037.5 km

    so the blast radius= 10018.75 km

    Plugging it in the Nuke Calculator, with near-total fatalities gives a result of about 62.944 Petatons

    So that's 31.472 Petatons for each one.
    casually continent-level.

    2. Castiel has an happy accident

    Second thing I wanted to calc was Godstiel's soul hoard.
    It's been stated numerous times that he's a planetary threat should he have a leak with his power source.
    belthazar, who knows a thing or two about souls states that if he takes too much power he'll might explode, "taking a substantial chunk of the planet along with you."

    how substantial? I think a conservative estimate would be a-third.

    Now, I cannot rely on GBE here, so I'll go the pulverization way.

    Earth is comprised of three layers:
    Crust, Mantle and Core.
    The crust and mantle are rock, and the core is mostly made out of iron.

    However only the inner core is solid iron and the outer is liquid iron.

    To make this possible (and low-ball) I'll treat anything not solid iron as rock for the calc.

    Volume of earth= 1.08321e12 km^3
    We're using a third = 361070000000 km^3

    The inner core takes up 0.7% of earth's volume
    Volume of Iron= 361070000000*0.7%= 2527490000 km^3 or 2.52749e24 cc
    Volume of Rock= 361070000000-2527490000= 358542510000 km^3 or 3.5854251e26 cc

    Pulverization of Iron= 2476 j/cc
    Destruction of iron core= 2476*2.52749e24= 6258065240000000000000000000 J
    or 1.5086946 Exatons of TNT

    Pulverization of Rock = 214.35 j/cc
    Destruction of everything else= 214.35*3.5854251e26= 76853587018500000000000000000 J
    or 18.527865 Exatons of TNT

    Total value= 1.5086946+18.527865= 20.03656 Exatons of TNT
    So multi-continent level, and that's for uncontrolled power too.

    Final Tally:
  4. So the other day I posted this:

    And figured I'll try to calc the first two feats on this list
    Hopefully I've found a way to make them quantifiable.

    So, anyway, let's get to it.
    1. Azuth and Savras blow up a mountain

    Here's the feat:

    Eric L. Boyd (1997). Powers and Pantheons.

    At the time of their duel, Azuth is a top-tier human mage and Savras is just a random Demigod. So this feat should actually scale to a whole bunch of characters in-verse including all deities, top-tier mortal spellcasters and other powerfull immortals (like Archdevils)

    now for the calc:

    So, first I need to figure out how big is the mountain we're talking about.
    Sadly all topographic maps of Faerun I've found do not have altitude marked, and the only number I could find for specific mountains was a 4km mountain.

    So I'm just going to correlate the setting to an irl one
    We're talking D&D, so I'll be using irl Britain.
    Going with this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mountains_of_the_British_Isles_by_relative_height#List

    I calculated the average mountain height to be 878.99m.
    The closest one on the list to that is Goat Fell, with an altitude of 874m.
    So, for the purpose of this calc, this is the mountain I'm using.

    The feat also entails creating a deep lake.
    how deep?
    Once again we go to Britain, with this list:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lakes_and_lochs_of_the_United_Kingdom

    I did an average of the mean depth for the six deep lakes on the list and came up with a mean depth of 64.43m.

    Getting Volume:

    Here's a picture of goat fell:

    To low-ball things (and make it easier on me), I'm not calculating the entire thing, but the cone with the height and diameter in the picture.

    Height= 159px = 874m
    1px= 5.496855345 m
    Diameter= 406 px = 2231.72327 m

    Volume of cone= pie*r^2*h/3= pie*(1115.8616)^2*874/3= 1139621786.172762 m^3

    Now for the volume of the lake.
    Using dome calculator and a depth of 64.43m + diameter of the mountain I get:
    Volume of Lake= 168021918.28 m^3

    Total Volume of Rock Destroyed = 168021918.28+1139621786.172762= 1307643704.4527612 m^3

    or 1307643704452762 cc

    Now for the Damage:

    I was contemplating between regular frag and violent frag.
    Since the excerpt isn't detailing much I decided to just calc both as a Low and High end.

    Low-End: (Fragmentation)
    Volume=1307643704452762 cc
    Fragmentation of rock is 8j/cc
    Energy= 8*1307643704452762= 10461149635622096J or 2.521974 Megatons of TNT

    High-End: (Violent Frag)
    Volume=1307643704452762 cc
    Violent Fragmentation of rock is 69j/cc
    Energy= 69*1307643704452762= 90227415607240578J or 21.75202 Megatons of TNT

    2. Selune and Shar shape the material plane

    The Material Plane is the mortal realm, a universe with similar laws to ours in the scheme of Realmscape.
    In the FR setting, Abier-Toril is the focal point of the material plane.

    Selune and Shar are the two greater goddesses formed out of the multiverse that Ao creates. And they created a third great goddess to be the abstract of life in the universe. But what we see here is that the two of them actually created all celestial bodies in the universe.

    Now, there is no time Frame for how long it took them to make all of that. However the turn of events is something like this:
    Shar and Selune come into existance -> Creating Celestial Bodies -> Creating Chauntea -> she bitches about the universe being cold ->Battle between shar and selune -> Creating of the stars (by lighting planets on fire...) -> Mystryl is born and Shar loses the fight.

    So, we can gather that Shar and Selune are responsible for the creation of all matter in the universe.
    This creation proccess stopped when they started fighting, and before the Sun (and solar system) has formed.

    Now, in our Universe all matter was present in the moment after the big bang, but here this isn't the case.
    to calc this I'd have to figure out a time interval and then divide the mass energy of the universe by that time to get energy per sec.
    I'm not going to wank and go "Yeah it probably took them a couple of days".

    I decided to chose a time when the grand celestial structures (galaxies) have already formed, The Age of the Milkey way Galaxy. That's probably the best interpretations of "Heavens" I can come up with.

    Age of the Universe= 13.82 billion years
    Age of the Milkey Way Galaxy= 13.21 billion years
    Time Frame= 13.82e9-13.21e9=610 million years= 19236960000000000 sec.

    Mass energy of the Universe= 4e69 J

    Energy Output= 4e69/19236960000000000= 2.0793306e53 J/s or 2.07933 GigaFoe per sec.

    For each one that 1.039665 GigaFoe per sec.

    If I'm going low-end and using the age of the solar system I get:
    Time= 13.82e9-4.6e9=9.22 billion years= 290761920000000000 sec.
    Energy=4e69/290761920000000000= 1.375696e52 J/s or
    137.5696 MegaFoe/s

    68.7848 MegaFoe/s for each one.

    It might sound a lot, but it's actually a bit feat for those gals, since there are blatant Universe+ level feats for Greater gods.

    Final Tally:
    Low-End | High-End
  5. So my second calc is a bit more complicated than my first.

    In episode 75 of Arc V, Shun summons Satellite Canon Falcon that proccedes to fly into orbit and nuke Antique Gear Chaos Giant, completely vaporizing it.

    the feat itself:

    now for the calc


    The simple part.

    We have Satellite Canon Falcon going up for his attack.
    Since it's literally a Satellite, I picked Low Earth Orbit for altitude.
    more specifically, the altitude of the International Space Station, which is 340km above sea level.

    SCF's ascend took 18 seconds
    v=d/t= 340,000/18= 18,888 m/s or Mach 55.5

    His attack crossed the same distance in 15 seconds
    v=340,000/15= 22,666 m/s or Mach 66.6


    Step one would be figuring how large is Chaos Giant
    to do that I had to do a bunch of scaling.

    first, to get Dennis' motorcycle height (My point of reference is the height of the duel disk above ground)

    He is sitting on a motorcycle (playing card games ofc)
    so I split up his height for leg, thigh and torso.
    put together they are 120 px.
    DtGH (Disk to ground height) = 57px
    Dennis is an American, and average American male height is 1.76 m

    Therefore, DtGH=57/120*1.76=0.836m

    Now to scale this pic

    Here we have chaos giant floating above Dennis.
    I selected to scale a part of chaos giant's leg that can be used later.

    DtGH= 58 px = 0.836m
    Foot Part= 215 px = 3.0989m

    Now to the final scaling

    We have an overview of the stadium and chaos giant.
    Foot part = 12 px = 3.0989m
    Total Height of Chaos Giant= 114 px = 29.44m

    So chaos giant is a nearly 30m tall monstrosity of steel
    I'll be looking for his volume next

    Since he's a humanoid I'll use human proportions for scale.
    this is actually low-balling the result since he has a bunch of stuff protruding outside of his basic figure.

    Average humans are 1.72m tall and have a volume of 66.4 L (or 0.0664 m^3)

    so using square cube law:
    (29.44/1.72)^3*0.0664 = 332.9689 m^3

    Since Chaos Giant is a robot, he needs room for those gears to spin. I pegged him as 80% hollow

    This gives us 66.593 m^3 of Steel.

    Chaos giant got Vaporized by that attack
    Value for vaporization of steel = 60117420000 J/m^3

    Total Energy*= 60117420000*66.593= 4003446241647.6J or 965.15 tons of TNT

    Other than vaporizing chaos giant, the blast also cracked open a nice crater, so I'll calc that too.

    The first pic is the same as before where 12px=3.0989m
    so 1 px = 0.25824 m

    Lane line= 29 px = 7.489m

    we see the same lane line (the one right behind a piece of rock) in the second pic where
    Lane line= 7.489m=249 px
    Crater Diameter = 523 px = 15.7299m
    Crater Height= 118 px = 3.549m

    Using Dome Calculator I get that the volume of concrete pulverized was 459.79 m^3
    or 459790000 cc

    Pulverization of stone = 214.35 J/cc
    Energy= 214.35*459790000= 98555986500 J
    or 23.759 tons of TNT

    Adding that to our previous number for a sum total of
    4102002228147.6 J or 988.909 tons of TNT

    Final Tally:
    So Hypersonic+, mcb+ level for Arc V, not too bad at all
  6. Wanted to do this for a long while, but since I don't have access to the source books themselves, I'll be quoting the wiki pages that describe said feats.

    Also, this will mainly cover deities feats.
    For those unfamiliar with Gods in D&D/FR, the pecking order is
    Overgod>Greater God> Intermediate God > Lesser God > Demigod/Exarch > Pseudo-Deity> Mortals

    Pseudo-deities are immortal and powerful compared with mortals, but don't actually have any influence as a proper deity.

    1. Azuth and Savras bust a mountain


    So, at this point, Azuth is the strongest mortal mage, and Savras is a run of the mill demigod. Thier clash ends up destroying a mountain. I'd imagine it's a least town-ish level and it should scale to basically any Deity.

    2. Selune and Shar shape the Material Plane


    The Material Plane is the mortal realm, a universe with similar laws to ours in the scheme of Realmscape.
    In the FR setting, Abier-Toril is the focal point of the material plane.

    Selune and Shar are the two greater goddesses formed out of the multiverse that Ao creates. And they created a third great goddess to be the abstract of life in the universe. But what we see here is that the two of them actually created all celestial bodies in the universe, moreover after that Selune creates the Stars by literally setting planets on fire:
    Not sure if these are legit Universal feats, but it's probably goddamn near that.

    3. Shar merges two planes


    Basically the elemental planes were collapsing due to Mystra's death, so Shar seized the opportunity and channeled the Negative energy plane to the shadow Plane and transformed it to the Shadowfell. Universe-level reality warping at play .

    *Do note both the Plane of Negative Energy and the Shadow Plane are described as planes of Infinite Size in the Manual of the Planes.

    4. Asmodeus bitch-slaps the Abyss


    Our poor sap Azuth had a bad day.
    Mystra's death pretty much destroyed his home and he ends up in hell, only to be devoured by the king of hell.
    This act turns Asmodeus into a greater god, and he use his newfound power to separate the Abyss from hell and fling it to the other side of the multiverse to get rid of these pesky demons.
    A straightforward universal+ feat.

    * The Abyss is aptly named "The infnite layers of the Abyss" due to, you guessed it, the plane's infinite size.

    5. Mystra's death fucks up Realmscape

    Mystra is the greater Goddess of Magic and a top-tier deity.
    When she was murdered by Cyric it caused an event known as the Spell-plague. (Who would have thought killing the goddess of magic would fuck up all magic?!)

    Other than the disasters caused on Toril, the entire multiverse shifted due to this event:
    in detail:

    6. Ao creates Realmscape


    Ao is the Overgod of Abier-Toril, as described above he created Realmscape, which houses over a dozen of universe-sized planes. He's also powerfull enough to completely strip the divinity off of any other god in FR, said gods are Universe-level as noted above.

    Ao also later replicates this feat by splitting Abier and Toril into two (they were one before that) and then creating a second local multiverse for Abier that mirrors Toril's multiverse.

    So he's solidly multiversal.

    7. The Master


    Ao's Master is obviously much stronger than himself.
    This is the only description I could fine pertaining The Master, but it clearly shows that Ao's boss is on an entirely different level.
    Overseeing Millions upon Millions of multiverses?
    Megaversal, possibly?

    So all in all, FR is quite a strong verse actually
    it has numerous Universe+ level greater gods, a multiversal god and possibly a megaversal supreme being.
  7. So I tried to calc this feat even though I suck at physics.

    The feat takes place in the begining of GOW3 when Kratos brutally kills Poseidon, go d of the seas.
    Poseidon drops off Olympus and lands in the sea, which results in the world being flooded by a decent amount.
    (It is confirmed in ascention that GOW-earth is a planet like ours, and Kratos killing the gods pretty much fucked it all up)

    starts at 1:30

    Approaching this I initially thought to calc the energy needed to melt the polar icecaps that would result in a flood, but that way was too roundabout.
    Then I though to try figuring out the amount of force required to keep all the water compressed, but I'm too much of a physics noob to attempt that.
    So iwandesu suggested I'll just get the energy needed to raise that much water, which is what I did here.

    So, this calc required three steps;

    First, I needed to figure out by how much sea levels rose, so I scaled from the video:

    Here we have a lovely lady next to a building before they get rekt
    Average height of women in greece is 1.66m, and the lady is 70 px tall
    so 1 px = 0.023714m
    The building is 600 px tall, so it's height would be = 14.22857m

    Now, that I have building height I can scale the mountain:

    I picked a simple roofless single story building for my scaling because that's the best fit

    Building height = 14.22857m = 9 px
    Therefore, Mountain height from it's base at the city's second level= 239 px = 377.84758m
    Combining that with height of the lower level we get a total height of 392.0761m covered by water.

    Since sea level rose to cover the entire mountain, we can assume that's the number to use in looking for volume and mass.

    Now that I know the rise in sea level, I needed to figure out how that translates into water volume increase:

    luckily, while checking out the ice melting theory I learned that if all permenant ice on earth melted it would cause a sea level increase of about 70m:
    All water stored in ice form on earth have a total volume of 1.7% of earth's water, which is 24,064,000 cubic km.

    So I did a simple equation:
    V=24064000/70*392.0761= 134784578.576 cubic km
    1.347845782e17 cubic m

    Density of water is 998.2 kg/cubic m at a temp of 20C
    m= V*998.2 = 1.34541966e20 kg
    That is how many water were added to the oceans by poseidon's death.

    With said mass, I can calc the kinetic energy of the water according to the speed at which they rose


    The water took 25 seconds in the video to submerge the mountain, therefore
    v= 392.0761/25 = 15.683044 m/s

    Ke=1/2* 1.34541966e20 * (15.683044)^2

    = 1.654582763e22 J

    = 3.988868762e12 tons of TNT

    = 3.988868762 Teratons of TNT

    update: edited in the changed basing on scaling the other mountain.