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  1. :yes

  2. Spoiler: Bijuu Bombs

    Gyuuki's Crater = 11px = 2.20497074 km
    Naruto and Gyuuki's Crater Diameter = 191 px = 38.2863101 km
    Naruto and Gyuuki's Crater Radius = 7 px = 1.4031632 km
    Juubi's Bijuu Bomb = 196 px = 39.2885695 km

    Using Dome Volume for Naruto's Bijuu Bomb = 809.16 km3
    Using pulverization.

    1.73443446e20 or 41,453.98 megatons of tnt.
  3. Working on it.

    Spoiler: Madara's Susanoo's Height

    Madara's Height = 29 px = 179 cm
    Blue Line = 86 px = 5.30827586 meters

    Blue Line = 5 px = 5.30827586 meters =
    Red Line = 160 px = 530.827586 cm = 169.864828 meters
  4. So... let's start with the gimmick.

    Spoiler: Gyuuki's Eight Tail Bijuu Twister
    First off, Gyuuki's height

    Might Guy = 29 px = 184 cm
    Gyuuki's Head = 258 px = 1636.96552 cm

    Gyuuki's Head = 225 px = 1636.96552 cm
    Gyuuki's Height = 328 px = 2386.33196 cm

    Gyuuki's Height = 10 px = 2386.33196 cm
    Crater Radius = 462 px = 110248.537 cm = 1102.48537 m = 1.10248537 km

    Spoiler: Tailed Beast Proportions and Weight
    Working on it.

    Spoiler: Tailed Beast Bomb Size

    Crater Diameter = 119 px = 2.20497074 km
    Closest Bijuu Bomb Diameter = 183 px = 3.39083736 km
    Closest Bijuu Bomb Height = 96 px = 1.77879992 km
    Farthest Bijuu Bomb Diameter = 110 px = 2.03820825 km
    Farthest Bijuu Bomb Height = 46 px = 0.852341631 km
    Because the Bijuu Bombs are both at different locations of the whole stick, I'm gonna try to check how big are they. They both are supposed to be on the same size. So adding both diameters, and dividing them in half
    (3.39083736 + 2.03820825) / 2
    would give me 2.71452281 km.
    Bijuu Bomb Diameter = 2.71452281 km
    Bijuu Bomb Height = 1.31557078

    Spoiler: Naruto's Tailed Beast Bomb Clash

    Crater Diameter = 60 px = 2.71452281 km
    Tailed Beast Bomb = 489 px = 22.1233609 km
    Shock-wave = 551 px =24.9283678 km
  5. The feat in question.

    Yes, Ichigo vaporized a "Sea". We all know how it goes.

    Ichigo = 23 = 181 cm
    Window = 91 = 716.130435 cm

    Water Vaped Diameter = 658 px = 157071.275 cm
    Cliff Height = 58 px = 13845.1884 cm
    Cliff Width = 145 px = 34612.971 cm
    Cliff Length = 245 px = 58483.9855 cm
    Window = 3 = 716.130435 cm
    Water lv = 28 px = 6683.88406 cm

    For water vaped. I'm gonna use Cylinder
    V = π x r^2 x h
    V = 3.14159265 x (157071.275/2)^2 x 6683.88406
    V = 1.29512691e14 cm3

    Need to subtract Cliff from this, so I'm gonna use Prism.
    V = L x W x H
    V = 6683.88406 x 34612.971 x 13845.1884
    V = 3.2030717e+12 cm3

    Meaning Ichigo vaped 1.26309619e14 cm3 worth of Water.

    According to VS.Battle.Wikia, Water Vaporizes at 2575 J/cm^3.

    So is about 3.2524727e17 joules or about 77.74 megatons.

    Keep in mind, the Windows are a bit farther than Ichigo is, so they come smaller than they actually are. But shouldn't be by much. Also, this is Ichigo simply pouring his Reiatsu into the sword. His Getsuga Tenshou, should pack as much energy. This is 1.5 of the largest nuke ever detonated in history. What I mean is, Ichigo can solo our world in Shikai.
  6. So. I'm pretty bore right now. Which gives me time to calculate so Kenpachi feats. Meaning is time for another meteor calculation.

    Spoiler: Kenpachi swipes Lava

    Spoiler: Gremmy makes a water tank

    Spoiler: Kenpachi flexes out of a "mountain"

    I'm talking about this feat, in case you don't know

    So here we go, first things first, we have to know how tall is the mountain, to do so, I need to know the posible size of the buildings, the posible size of the towers and then scale it

    Ichigo = 25 px = 181 cm
    Window = 42 px = 304.08 cm = 3.0408 m
    Building = 293 px = 21.2132 m

    If we say that all those buildings are form the same size, and for the look of them they are

    Building = 49 px = 21.2132 m
    Tower = 359 px = 155.419159 m

    The next one would be taking on account the tower is close to the "mountain"

    Tower = 89 px = 155.419159 m
    Mountain = 386 px = 679.303965 m

    Diameter = 451 px = 793.694527 m

    This is all assuming all the constructs and objects very close to each other, the towers and posible the mountain are possible even bigger than that.

    He didn't destroy it completely so

    Diameter = 252 px = 793.694527 m
    Height = 132 px = 415.744752 m

    using this calculator
    Assuming the width of the mountain is the same value of that of the diameter we get that Kenpachi destroyed
    a Volume of 2.61898823e14 cubic centimeters
    Using the values for Fragmentation we get 500.76 Kiloton of TNT

    large Town+

    Spoiler: Gremmy is an Earth-bender part 2

    Spoiler: Kenpachi's a Bunker

    Spoiler: I can cut through metal

    Spoiler: Gremmy's "The Hand"

    Spoiler: The Meteor
    I have read a lot of comments and calculations, always assuming Seireitei is 1/3 of the Seireitei, adding new images on top of another, trying to get an assumed scaling for it or simply assuming is 1/3 of the Seireitei. But is it? When we are shown the meteor and we assume is 1/3 of the Seireitei, based on the height of the dome (which is not circular by the way, is more like a ellipsoid). Is nearly impossible for it to fit in the whole meteor, and we do see the meteor completely inside and still looking as if it were in the sky. Meaning the meteor is not actually 1/3 of the Seireitei.

    Kenpachi = 4 px = 202 cm.
    Meteor = 437 = 22068.5 cm or 220.68500 meters

    Using this calculator to get the mass of the meteor.
    We get 13,100,000 tons or 11,884,120,094 kilograms.

    Using Kinetic Energy Calculator, first we would need to determine the speed of the meteor to get it done.

    Based on this link,

    Using 11 km/s we get 718989265687000000 joules or 171.84 megatons.
    Using 72 km/s we get 30803639283648000000 joules or 7,362.25 megatons.

    So, between large City lv, to small Island.

    As I know this website, doesn't use meteor entry speed when a object is created out of nothing, I'm supposed to explain why did I used those specific times and not the usual 2 to 4 km/s. Well for starters, Gremmy didn't simply created a huge rock and dropped it in Soul Society. Gremmy has been consistently simulating the effects of each and everyone of the things he imagine step by step. Examples, the missiles, when Kenpachi cuts through them we see the inside, and nearly perfect imitations of what we would find in missiles, and later on in the fight, Gremmy even simulates the effects of vacuum, when he creates the little space to BFR Kenpachi. Meaning all of Gremmy's creations are using the real mechanics of whatever he is creating. The meteor is not different.

    And for those who think, it should be 1/3 as it was going to destroy the Seireitei.
    You... you do know that the given energy of the meteor, if 1/3, it would erase not just the Seireitei but Soul Society as well no? Look.

    This is the feat in question. viz media scans. All of them.

    The size of Seireitei (the one given to us by the manga, novel and movies) is 381.13 km. If the meteor is 1/3 it would be about 127.043333 km.

    When we talk about destructive power and effect of the meteor the yield may be about a nice crater but is the effects on the planet that matters, for example, in this website.

    According to abundant geological evidence, an asteroid roughly 10 km (6 miles) across hit Earth about 65 million years ago. This impact made a huge explosion and a crater about 180 km (roughly 110 miles) across. Debris from the explosion was thrown into the atmosphere, severely altering the climate, and leading to the extinction of roughly 3/4 of species that existed at that time, including the dinosaurs. Many asteroids of this type are now known; their orbits pass through the inner solar system and cross Earth's orbit. Some of these could potentially hit Earth in the future. Most, but not all are smaller than the one that hit us 65 million years ago.
    Yes, I shit you not. A 6 miles meteor was what killed the dinosaurs, and created an explosion powerful enough to change the climate across the planet. Imagine what a 200 meters would do to a circle of 762.26 km in diameter.

    Oh, and just so we know, Bankai increases 5 to 10 times, so you can multiply whatever value we accept by either number, and we can get the approximately power of Kenpachi's Bankai (but based on the fact, he bisected Gerard with the sheer air pressure of his sword, any number we get is still lower than what it really is).

    Spoiler: Gremmy, the Bomberman

    Spoiler: Meninas and Zombitches
    Keep Waiting

  7. Based on statements from Yoruichi, the Seireitei takes 10 days walk to from door to door


    If we say that they are walking about 12 hours a day to be conservatives as while Ichigo, Uryu and Chad are superhuman, Orihime certainly isn't. In the time they take to rest, eat, and so on, they would have walked approximately 59.8675968 kilometers kilometers per day or 598.675968 km on those 10 days. Basing the fact, there are 4 gates, it would essentially be 2394.70387 kilometers.

    Seireitei would have a Radius of about 381.13 km.

    This is actually working perfectly with the data given to us in Fade to Black Movie

    The damage extends 200 miles (321.8688 kilometers) east west

    Area of Circle is about
    4.56e5 km2.

    Using this calculator we can get that it translates to approximately 307926640614286592 m3 or about 3.07926641e23 cubic centimeters

    Using fragmentation (8 j/cc) energy it give us.
    2.46341313e24 joules or 588,769,868.547 megatons of TNT (MtTNT)

    Now. To explain why use the 10 days walking.

    The size given by Kubo are a fact, we are given the 10 km and the statement from the movie by Kubo himself. Also, in the novels, is described how inside the Seireitei there are different cities, entire forest, and several mountains. So, while in panels we only have a big city. We are given about how Captains rarely see each other. How it takes an entire day to reach the 1st division. We are given statements and enough examples to use the 10 days.

    The only real question now is whether Ichigo is in Shikai or Bankai, but based on the fact his Bankai was restored, and only the white part covering his sword was, he may have been only using his Shinigami powers, but indeed was in Bankai. As the white part and chain, was done while in his Hollow form. Probably to use the full potential of his Bankai.
  8. Spoiler: Naruto tanks a huge explosion

    Spoiler: Speed of Kinrin Tensei Baku (Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion)
    Keep waiting

    Spoiler: Toneri Splits the Moon

    The two halves of the moon were split by about 50 km.

    So we need to calculate the energy needed to separate the two halves of the moon by this distance.

    Center of gravity of a hemisphere (half sphere) is located at 3/8 times its radius from its base circle's center.

    source: http://www.expertsmind.com/questions...-30130562.aspx

    Gravitational potential energy of one object with respect to another is given by

    source: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/gpot.html

    This is the energy needed (or work done) against gravity to bring a mass to a given point in space (in this case, its the neergy needed to separate one half of the moon from another by 50 km).

    Here, "M" and "m" are the masses of the two objects and r is the distance between their centers of gravity.

    M = m = Mass of half the moon = 3.674* 10^(22) kg

    G = gravitational constant = 6.67* 10^(-11)

    MoonRadius = 1737 km = 1,737,000 m

    MoonSplitWidth = 50 km = 50,000 m

    Gravitational potential energy of the split moon = G*M*m/r2 = G*M*m/[2x (3/8)x MoonRadius + MoonSplitWidth]

    Plug in the values, you'll get the 6.66 * 10^28 J

    15,917,782,026,800 megatons

    Naruto tanked that and was able to later suppress said attack by concentrating all the energy of his Sennin Mōdo and Kurama Chakura Mōdo into his left hand.

  9. To be honest, I didn't even though on why were we using a cylinder most of the time, when our little Ulquiorra was blasting towards a dome. Leaving a serious crater or at the very least destroying most of the surface of the area where he shot at. But he definitely wasn't leaving a hole in the ceiling of Las Noches.

    Ichigo = 12 pixels = 169 cm
    Tower Diameter = 267 = 3760.25 cm

    Tower diameter = 5 pixels = 3760.25 cm
    Las Noches Diameter = 922 pixels = 6.933901 kilometers
    Cero's Damage Diameter = 379 pixels = 2.8502695 kilometers
    Cero's Damage Deep = 30 pixels = 225.61500 meters
    Dome's Height = 127 pixels = 95510.35 cm
    Dome's Diameter = 835 pixels = 627961.75
    Base's Height = 82 pixels = 61668.1 cm

    Using Dome volume
    959703205006924.5 cm3

    For rock
    214.35 j/cc
    1.91940641e17 or 45 Megatons of TNT.

    For concrete
    40 j/cc
    38388128200000000 or 9 Megaton of TNT.

    For quartz
    3 j/cc
    2.87910962e15 joules or 688 Kilotons of TNT.
    Yeah. It didn't change anything except the fact we at least got a more accurate on what was destroyed in that moment.
  10. So... I'm gonna go around calculating HST feats, and I'm going to start with the one that finished first (Original Work anyway.

    Credits to @Lina Shields, @Alita54, @Shining Force and @LazyWaka


    Image scaled by SF

    Red Line = Crater Diameter = 356 px = 43,976.45 m

    Purple Line = Approx Distance of flying rock = 103 px = 12,723.5 m
    Blue Line = Rock Diameter = 13 px = 1,605.9 m (Radius = 802.95 m)
    Green Line = Rock Width and Height = 9 px = 1,111.764 m (Radius = 555.882 m)


    Volume of Rock = 1,036,705,109.336 m^3
    Density of Rock = 2,700 kg/m^3
    Mass of Rock = 2.8e12 kg

    PE = m x g x h
    PE = 2.8e12 Kg x 9.8 m/s^2 x 12723.5 meters
    PE = 3.4913284e17 Joules

    3.4913284e17 Joules = 83.44475143403535 megatons.