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  1. https://justpaste.it/5ueg6

    Chapter 55
    Chapter 56
    Chapter 57
    Chapter 58
    Chapter 59
    Chapter 60
    Chapter 61
    Chapter 62
    Chapter 63
    Chapter 64
    Chapter 65
    Chapter 66
    Chapter 67
    Chapter 68
    Chapter 69
    Chapter 70
    Chapter 71
    Chapter 72
    Chapter 73
    Chapter 74
    Chapter 75
    Chapter 76
    Chapter 77
    Chapter 78
    Chapter 79
    Chapter 80
    Chapter 81.6
    Chapter 81
    Chapter 82
    Chapter 83
    Chapter 84
    Chapter 85
    Chapter 86
    Chapter 87
    Chapter 88
    Chapter 89

    Saint Seiya Lost Canvas: Extra Story - Puppet and King
    Page 1
    -The death of your village ..... the end of the human called Alone. The death of your friend ....
    Page 2
    Alone- The holy war has just begun.
    The era of holy war that began when the young man who served as host for the emperor of darkness murdered Pegasus, even though he was his friend.
    Page 3
    but the young host hid what he really felt.
    [First Prison of the Underworld]
    Page 4
    [The silent court].
    -Ho! Look, Lord Minos.I'm good, aren’t I?
    Page 5
    Anna - Do you think I can become your helper, Lord Minos?
    Minos - Hum... I need to think about it ... Anna. The dead I handle are violent. Do you think you can handle them with your hands? For example ...
    -Lord Minos!! You retired shortly before the orders of your Highness hades!
    Page 6
    Minos - Ha?
    -Lord minos ... why?
    Minos - well .... if you want a reason, and why you came into the courtroom screaming in that vulgar voice.
    -Lordminos, no! Stop!
    Page 7
    Minos - Good, Anna, I have more to do .... It's fine for today, come back later.
    Anna - At your service, Lord Minos.
    Page 9
    Alone - It’s terrible ..... that this happens, even in the underworld. It can not be .... it proves that no one can obtain salvation, whether in life or in death.
    Minos - I do not understand what you are saying ..... if you have just destroyed your people, there is little now. This made the number of death assessment files increase considerably in number.
    Page 16
    Alone - I will become the emperor of darkness who brings salvation in death. Even if I have to devote all my powers to it.
    Minos - Are you planning to continue on this path as a puppeteer?

    Saint Seiya Lost Canvas: Extra Edition
    Page 3
    -Wait, Krest! Do not go alone! Our army is at a disadvantage!
    Krest - But ..... on the other side of this army is the three judges of the underworld! We can not miss this opportunity!
    Dohko - krest ?! I heard that he was the eldest Saint, master of Aquarius degel. A legendary Saint who would have lived for 500 years. Like me, he received the secret technique of athena, the misophetamenos. This means that .....this dream is..
    Page 4
    Dohko - of 500 years ago! of the ancient holy war!
    -These are weapons of Libra.... incredible! In an instant they destroyed half of the hades army !!
    -The situation has changed.
    Krest-You came!
    Dohko - The Libra weapons? This means that ....
    Page 9
    Krest - The beatings of my heart will be reduced to 100 thousand a year ..... my body is still adapting. Of the work to breathe, but .... with this state of death, it seems that I may live a few hundred years.
    Itia - Krest ... how old were you this year?
    Krest - 13 years, last month. I'm already an adult.
    Itia - You're still a kid.
    Page 16
    Dohko - Was this vision shown to me by the secret technique of my heart ... or the Libra Cloth? Without doubt, I received your report. At the end of their lives, both could not stand what they were supposed to face. Logically, people should not live until next generations .... I must be strong to overcome this limit.
  2. More reliable translations for chapters 79-105 can also be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1niThtl-IvWco2_LNah26_Rg4topTtgq_VVeIQCBryhA/edit

    Chapter 78
    Page 13-14

    Dohko: Why do you not come with us?
    Dohko: To the world that should remain intact for all eternity.
    Dohko: A world which possesses Athena.

    Shiryu: I don't understand the meaning of what you're saying.
    Shiryu: In this world, Ms. Saori, the Goddess Athena, also exists.

    Dohko: I too hold the memories of this story.
    Dohko: But I believe the world in which I live is the correct one.
    Dohko: Shiryu, do you not believe in the same as I?

    Dohko: You and I... We both want to save everyone...
    Dohko: ... Who fought for Earth.

    Shiryu: I hold no memories of this world of yours...
    Shiryu: ... What happened?

    Dohko: Sooner or later you shall remember... For when the two worlds become one, surely the memories shall flow again.
    Dohko: The memories of this violent battle that can never be forgotten.
    Dohko: In which many humans and many Saints lost their lives...
    Dohko: The Final War.
    Dohko: He had invaded to take over Earth.

    Page 15

    Dohko: Then, the Great Zeus was slain by the attacks...
    Dohko: ... Of our hero bathed in blood...
    Dohko: ... Who had the most noble appearance...

    Chapter 79
    Chapter 80
    Chapter 82
    Chapter 83
    Chapter 84
    Chapter 85
    Chapter 86
    Shun: Are you bothered to move them?
    Shion: I'm a little annoyed.
    Shun: How do you feel?
    Shion: I do not feel them.
    Shun: Look here, right now ...
    Shun: How many fingers are up?

    P02 / 03
    Shion: It ends up being impossible ...
    Shion: ... Hide things from you.
    Shion: I've reached a point where I can only see a shadow.
    Shion: I can not even recognize your face.
    Shion: Shun.
    Shun: Shion ... Your Cosmo is huge ...
    Shun: ... But you're abusing him.
    Shun: The functions of the artificial eyes and arms that you activate with your Cosmo are deteriorating considerably.
    Shun: You're ...
    Shun: ... Exceeding your own limits.
    Shun: As a doctor I can not authorize you to fight again.

    P04 / 05

    Shion: I am the first to know of my own problems ... However, Shun ...

    Shion: ... do I look like a man who would stop fighting for fear of death?

    Shun: Negative. You are a brave warrior ...

    Shun: ... that he would never turn his back on such a confrontation. But anyway...

    Shun: ... I see no alternative but to stop him.

    Shun: Just as I am a Knight, I am also a doctor.

    Shun: I can not ignore the people who are walking towards death.

    Shion: You, who were once represented by the Andromeda Constellation ...

    Shion: ... You should understand ...

    Shion: ... That using sacrifice as a pillar of support ...

    Shion: ... It's how justice can be done.

    Shun: I do not know this justice ... And although I can not speak like a Knight ...

    Shun: ... As a doctor who has been assigned to take care of you, I believe you have the right to have my words taken into consideration.

    Shun: That people close to me find themselves suffering ... And that they disappear before I become aware ...

    Shun: I can not stand it anymore.

    Shion: I did not ask you anything, but the things you say are very important.

    P06 / 07

    Shion: Will you keep this secrecy with your professional medical ethics?

    Shion: When the time comes, I'd better confirm with my own eyes.

    Shion: Justice becomes a huge task.

    Shun: Karma ...

    Shun: Are we to blame for this karma?

    Shion: No.

    Shion: That's something only people who are going to die should do.

    Shion: You should not get involved in this.

    Shion: People who have a future should not get involved in this.

    Astronaut 1: What the hell is going on?

    Shion: This is a mission of people whose destiny is to die.

    P08 / 09

    Shion: To oppose the destruction ...

    Astronaut 1: It's getting bigger !!!

    Shion: ... We will also use destruction!

    P10 / 11

    Astronaut 2: The appearance of gravitational waves is confirmed!

    Astronaut 2: Get ready for gravitational vibrations!

    Astronaut 3: Tell the Earth!

    Astronaut 3: Measuring the coordinates of fate! The destiny...


    P12 / 13

    Shura: That's ...
    Shura: Suddenly began to emerge a huge Cosmo coming from the sea ?!
    Milo: That's not good.
    Milo: Is it a "response to resonance?"
    Shura: Resonance response?
    Shura: Is it a response to someone's call ?!

    P14 / 15

    Shura: He's ...
    Milo: The gravitational vibrations are not very powerful, however an official statement of alert was issued.
    Milo: The nucleus is getting bigger.
    Shura: The core?
    Milo: Shura, it's something I forgot to mention, all the people who have returned to this world ...
    Milo: ... They know about the nucleus.
    Milo: We all passed by this place.
    Milo: It's a black hole, an abyss that lies beneath the earth and the distance between them is the same as that of the sky and the Earth.
    Milo: There is a storm of water and black mist that even the gods themselves fear. This place...
    Milo: ... It is full of corpses, every time you take a step ...
    Milo: ... It is possible to hear a sound of something breaking ... And that sound ...
    Milo: ... It resembles as if it were a scream and remains etched in your mind.
    Shura: It looks like a dream where one walks toward death ...
    Shura: Is it a kind of original experience?
    Hyoga: In that case ...

    P16 / 17
    Hyoga: All the Knights who have returned to this world ...
    Hyoga: ... Have they walked back from space where no one can escape?
    Hyoga: Or rather ... Ever since Tartarus?
    Shura: Hyoga ... Why are you here?
    Natassia: Yoshino!
    Yoshino: Natassia ?!
    Natassia: Natassia and Daddy came together on a trip to work!
    Yoshino: Journey to work?
    Hyoga: There's a way to solve the Natassia problem.
    Hyoga: Knowing this, it was necessary to bring Natassia to this place ...
    Hyoga: That's what Shion told me.
    Shura: "Trouble"?
    Hyoga: ...
    Hyoga: It's a bad thing ... I will not talk about it here.
    Shura: No ... I should apologize.
    Shura: I was not careful enough.
    Hyoga: No, do not worry ... Probably ... From the beginning I ...
    Hyoga: ... I was attracted to this place.
    Shura: What?
    Milo: Wait.
    Milo: What is it?

    P18 / 19

    Hyoga: Premonition.
    Hyoga: Perception.
    Hyoga: Premonition.
    Hyoga: Sign.
    Milo: The sea ...
    Hyoga: Deduction.
    Hyoga: Track
    Hyoga: Intuition.
    Milo: ... It froze.
    Hyoga: Everything ...
    Hyoga: ... It made me realize, even before I knew it.

    Hyoga: This moment is approaching.
    Hyoga: That's something ...
    Hyoga: ... I already knew

    Chapter 87
    Chapter 88
    Chapter 89
    Chapter 90
    Chapter 91
    Chapter 92
    Chapter 93
    Chapter 94
    Chapter 95
    Chapter 96
    Chapter 97
    Chapter 98
    Chapter 99
    Chapter 100
    Chapter 101
    Chapter 102
    Chapter 103
    Chapter 104
    Chapter 105
    Chapter 106
    Chapter 107
    Chapter 108
    Chapter 109
    Chapter 110
    Chapter 111
    Chapter 112
    Chapter 113
    Chapter 114
    Chapter 115
    Chapter 116
    Chapter 117

    Special Chapters E01-E03 (incomplete)
  3. Chapter 21.5 (gaiden 6)

    Chapter 44
    Page 1
    Pontos - know that the power of a human being is not born of oneself. the human being only has strength because the gods thus granted him ... therefore, it is impossible for you to overcome us, for man is nothing more than a divine creation. no matter how much power you think you have, it's all an illusion.
    Aiolia- do not be intimidated !! do not get carried away by his words !! always trust my fists !!
    Page 2
    Aiolia - the cosmos of the human being is nothing of what you are said to be! they are not illusory fangs!
    Pontos - what you lack is understanding.
    Page 3
    Pontos - This cosmos you are talking about ... in front of the gods is only a puny force. Dunamis, divine power!
    Page 4
    Aiolia - the unlimited power that comes from him ... is it distorting my lightning ?!
    Pontos-I'm not like the Titans. I have existed since the beginning of time. I am a primordial god, much greater and older than they are . I am Pontos, the god of the ocean, the black sea that generates life. My power....
    Page 5
    Pontos - It does not have to do with what you call the cosmos. It is not such a insignificant power as that. You said your fangs are not illusory.
    Aiolia - a black whirlwind formed in the blink of an eye and, spinning at light speed ... passed my arm ?!
    Pontos - but this confidence of yours... is about to collapse. Because....
    Page 6
    Pontos - My power will break your fangs of the lion... along with your heart.
    Page 7
    Aiolia - Nuuoh! My arm! He ripped it off!
    Pontos: that cosmos that you believe to possess inside you..... is no more than a cheap imitation of the power of the gods. the strength that we, the primordial gods, possess ... this is the true power.
    Page 8
    Pontos - engrave this into your soul, this here .... is the true Dunamis
    Aiolia - he ... pierced ... my heart!
    Page 9
    Pontos - There's only one thing you can do .... standing in front of me. It is to get down on your knees on the floor ... and bow down. that's all you have to do.
    Page 10
    Pontos - Saint of Athena.... Realize this!. This is what is called defeat!

    Chapter 45
    Page 1
    Pontos - Oh human....
    Page 2
    Pontos - How miserable is your existence.
    Page 3
    pontos- everything in the world is made of atoms ... including you, humans. the atoms unite and form all the elements of nature ... everything that exists in this world. There is only one power capable of breaking the chain of atoms at any time they wish, decomposing the matter that is formed of them. It is the power that only the primordial gods, creators of this world, possess. A pure force, able to create all matter, as well as to destroy them ... it is the dunamis.
    Aiolia - I see stars falling .... or are they rising? are melting in outer space…
    Page 4
    Aiolia - Will I be returning to heaven with my brother? the lives that have gone ... joined to so many stars ... the constellations...envelop them without your design(?)
    Pontos - You lost not only your fangs but also your heart, which was the only thing that kept you alive. the only thing left now is to die. Your fate is to die, without being able to save anything he wanted.
    Page 5
    Pontos - but fear not, I can change that destiny of death. take my hand ... the child of destiny chosen by us. You are the one who has the privilege of acquiring eschatos dunamis (the last Dunamis?) only the dunamis can save you. Admi defeat and give your life to the hands of God. beg for mercy in moments of suffering and cling to divine compassion .... it is a natural attitude of the human being.
    Page 6
    Pontos- even with the heart crossed ... he still insists on moving. clinging to a thin thread of life that must have broken, calling upon the greater power that a human being is capable of using. the cosmos. life is fading and still being resisted with sheer obstinacy ...it is the most pathetic and disgusting thing to see.
    Aiolia - if you please .... laugh at will.
    Page 7
    Aiolia - but know that there is still a person who trusts me and who is waiting for me. Someone I want to save, even if I have to spend the last drops of my strength .... I will never recognize a god ... a guy who has the courage to mock someone ... who fights to live
    Pontos - I do not need any human to recognize me. I've been a god since the moment I was born. and you still do not understand that going against the divine will is completely useless.
    Aiolia - And it is good to run into your head…
    Page 8
    Aiolia- .how ridiculous and the arrogance of a fellow like you, who does not understand the pain of others ... and who still boasts of being a god. It’s the most presumptuous thing I've ever heard pretentious beings who can not even fulfill their desires, except taking the lives of others ... you are pathetic.
    Pontos - say what you want, the only option you have and accept the dunamis. death is already waiting for you.There is no other way for you to recover your fangs and your own life.or would you rather overcome the dread of death ... and try to fight?
    Page 9
    Aiolia - Tcheeei!
    Pontos - Was this your last attempt? How typical.
    Page 10
    Pontos - my dunamis is capable of capturing even lightning ... and decomposing it until its complete nullification.
    he disappeared. Then he used the blow as a disengagement only to escape. It is a pity.....
    Page 11
    Pontos - because, as a trick against a god, it was a very weak strategy.
    Aiolia - It does not matter if he already noticed !! he just used his dunamis to nullify my lightning !! so I will have time to do a direct attack on him until he can fire again !! one way or another, I have nothing left to lose. the time I have left is as short as what I had left of life !! I need to defeat him !!
    Page 12
    Pontos - he hit me ... without having even deviated a millimeter ?! why is it so hard to understand I have already said that the strength that you have is granted by the gods themselves.
    Page 13
    Pontos - just as the cosmos, in which you place so much faith, is only a form inferior to that of the divine dunamis .... that cloth that surrounds you and which you believe protects you ... also has a superior version. Is it so difficult to understand? no matter how hard you get on top of one of us ... you'll never even scratch our body. because the physical body of a god is a sacred existence ... in which the human hand can never interfere with.
    Page 14
    see ... this is the symbol of power that surrounds the body of the gods ... The Ars Magna (Great Art).
    Page 15
    Pontos - if you are not able to kneel before me well... you will have to learn my greatness through my strength. Black wave (melas kyma)
    Page 16
    Pontos - black swirl - melas helix
    Aiolia - a black wave came out of nowhere ... destroying everything around you.
    Page 17
    Aiolia - What an overwhelming force !!! but I can not let myself down! I can not be defeated, not at all !!
    Page 18
    Pontos - interesting, now I understand better than before ... why it had to be you.
    Page 19
    Pontos - it is because of his astonishing willpower that he is unable to resign himself, even after discovering that the one to whom he has declared himself an enemy is a deity. this cosmos is the main reason you were chosen. you are the ideal to become the killer of God. the revelation of the magnanimous god whom we protect ... leaves no shadow of doubt.
    Aiolia - I do not think it's that good ,. I do not recognize that force you say ... and its power ... has not made me fall on the ground …
    Pontos - it’s true. You’re right. So…
    Page 20
    Pontos - try to fall. feel honored to have been touched directly by a god. this blow was a punishment for your attitude. whoever opposes divine principles and rises against God, as you ... deserves a stroke like this.
    Page 21
    Pontos -consider this your divine punishment.
    Aiolia-it's no use!! His strength is huge !! I thought that in close combat I might have a chance. but nothing is working ... on the contrary, I can not even retaliate !!
    Aiolia - Could it be that it was my illusion ... to think that a man ... could win a god?
    Page 22
    why do you think that?
    Aiolia - who is it? who's talking to me?!
    Victory never smiled when one abandoned the struggle.
    Aiolia- I do not know who you are but do not mess with me. I did not abandon the fight! but ... my arm was torn out and I have a huge hole in my chest. How could I win like this ?! could well be dead already !!!
    Page 23
    you are wrong. What does a knight of athena need to achieve victory?
    only one thing, is not it true?
    Aiolia - I do not know what you're talking about. What is..?
    now you know yes
    Page 24
    the only thing you're capable of. burn your cosmos and bring down the enemy. even though you are a Saint, it is impossible for a human with a pierced heart to continue to move like that. It means that you have not yet been totally destroyed. remember the words of your enemy ... his strength is to break the chain of atoms at his whim, decomposing matter.
    Page 25
    your heart and your right arm do not decompose. its fangs remains intact. the human being lives and is formed thanks to the power of his soul ... this is the cosmos. burn your cosmos. It is the only force capable of reconnecting the atoms. recover your fangs with the power of your own cosmos.remember how people's destinies get entangled, only you can get them back. people unconsciously struggle to protect the things that are important to them. I'm sure there were those who sacrificed their own body to save you, Aiolia.but if that one really loved you ... his sacrifice will cause you to recover your prey. My master….
    Page 26
    is just one. and he is you, master aiolia ... you are everything that I most pride ... in this life
    Page 27
    Pontos - you're a fool... I'll never let you go... even if you come asking me on your knees... that would never happen. what's this? Did you have any hallucinations before you died?
    Page 28
    Pontos - he regenerated the molecules of the tissue of the perforated heart and the amputated right arm ... using the cosmos itself.
    Page 29
    Aiolia - you are incapable of understanding ... because you are a being that only knows how to destroy ... you do not know the heart of a person who risks for another without measuring consequences ... and who, nevertheless, does not abandon his faith! !!! The blow that just hit you was not mine. it came from someone's soul ... who sacrificed something important for me and despite that, still puts faith and trust in me !!
    Pontos - Did you say what you had to say? I can not leave you unpunished, since you dared to punch the face of a god. and a pity that you just regenerated ... because I have to pull your arms again and your legs too.
    Page 30
    Take it. I'll lend you my power.
    Aiolia - but ... but this is the …
    Page 31
    Gold Cloth of the Libra!

    Chapter 46
    Page 1
    Pontos - I’ve had my power from the beginning. my strength is able to change the course of destiny even. before it, no human being can resist ....
    Pontos- It is the Eschatos Dunamis, the power of the primordial gods.
    Page 3
    Pontos - gods are entities that are above any other being. so people should resign themselves to their power. a human being surpassing the power of a god... is unacceptable. to think that a simple human will would create a miracle …
    Page 4
    Pontos - is a profane act against the gods. if there was a human capable of standing before the power of a god... that being would no longer be human.
    Page 5
    Pontos - He would be a demonic beast.
    Aiolia - uuuooh!
    Pontos - as far as I can tell, this man does not submit to the principles of the force ... perhaps because he is too stupid to understand the authenticity of my power.
    Page 6
    Pontos - I just know that you do not understand ... how foolish is the act of showing fangs to a god.
    Aiolia - No, I do not understand ... why a being like you, who calls himself god ... claims to be a real power that only knows how to destroy.
    Page 7
    Aiolia - because the word power .... can only be used by people who believe in something, from the bottom of your heart !!
    Pontos - You say that because you are a being who does not have that power. and that is why I say ... that you are powerless before the true power.
    Aiolia - I will never be able to penetrate his ars magna with ordinary attacks. I could use the Lightning Plasma, but as it is a multi-stage hit, it would eventually lose power. I can not use photon explosion, too, because it takes me a long time until I can launch it …
    Page 8
    Aiolia - So ... there's only one way out!
    Pontos - hm! What do you think you are doing?! why such a stance, as if he had given up any intentions of defense? by chance, is he concentrating to launch his most powerful attack ... without bothering to defend himself, only to be able to be faster than my dunamis?
    Page 9
    Aiolia - Lightning Bolt!
    Pontos - But know that none of this will work, Saint of Athena. For the power of surpassing the gods will never be granted to humans. They will never surpassed Dunamis.
    Page 10
    Pontos - How so?! he moved to me ... faster than his own lightning ?! he launched his most powerful blow to get me into the defense position ... and, before that blow hit me ... already intends to launch the second attack ?! that is, he would be throwing his best shot twice, practically simultaneously. but to launch a blow that uses all the power in his body, then move around in at superhuman acceleration that surpasses all logic ... is impossible !!
    Page 12
    Aiolia - It is not the strength that I believe in, my faith comes from the hope of a happy life for all ... of the will to protect everyone. and the fate that this feeling can help create ... in other words, my faith ... is a future of peace !! for believing that there could be a better future ... I use my fangs to build it !!

    Chapter 47
    Page 1
    Pontos - the speed of the gods ?! the speed that surpasses the light is not of the human nature !! this man has reached the level of god ... still in his human form. This one comes against me.
    Page 2
    Aiolia- golden jaws
    Page 3
    Aiolia - hit !! I reached my limit !! I pushed my body too hard with high-speed movement. my arms and legs were already!!
    Page 4
    Aiolia - damn ... but I can not end this way !! because ... I still have a promise to fulfill !! Litos... I ... I'm already ... going ...
    Page 5
    Pontos-Interesting. My sacred blood hasn’t boiled this way... since the time of the gods. or rather ... maybe this is the first time I feel .... all this excitement.
    Page 6
    Pontos - I want those fangs being used ... exclusively for our good. the darkness ... await you. Aiolia - my arms and legs .... can barely react.
    Page 7
    Aiolia - without my usual strength ... and much slower than before ... there is no way to get rid of this guy!
    It does not matter!! This is all I can do !! pick up those fangs which Garan gave me !! and put them in the throat ... of the enemy in front of me !!
    Page 8
    Pontos - What?! The Libra shield !! but he dropped it so far !! Who threw it to him ?!
    Page 9
    Dohko - Didn’t I tell you, aiolia? That I would ... lend you my strength?
    Aiolia - yes ... but ... it can not be ... is it you, old man ..?
    Page 10
    Dohko - not exactly, my physical being can’t leave from a certain place .... because I am fulfilling a mission ... but what I did was send the Libra God Cloth to you. And also this image that I created with my cosmos in order to protect it.
    Pontos - a cheap illusion ... to face the power of a god? do you really think ... you could do that?
    Page 11
    Pontos - How presumptuous!!
    Dohko - That may be. To the eyes of God, we human beings must be a small and insignificant existence. but still, we rely on the strength of a shield to protect our fellow men. beings who risk their lives to fight for others ... who use their fangs to protect and defend their friends ...
    Page 12
    Dohko - Beings possessing the sword and their cosmos do not hesitate to use their lives as shields. They are us...humans.

    Pontos - a cheap image should not intrude. I have no interest in you. what I desire ... is the one who provoked me to the point of boiling the sacred blood in my veins.
    Page 13
    Pontos - To serve my master ... and me too ... aiolia ... it’s you. It’s you who I want.
    Aiolia - he does not look at me like a god ... he's just a monster.
    Pontos - What a god wants .. he can do it. no man would be able to stop him.
    Page 14
    Dohko - in this sinister land, I will not be able to keep myself for long. in the next attack my image will disappear. but know that there are things that will never disappear, Aiolia. I'm sure you know that. A person who knows the power that represents the human feeling ... knows the value and the intensity of this feeling ... and also that it is eternal.
    Page 15
    Dohko - the blood can drain and the flesh become ashes, evaporating from this world ... but there is always something that will remain. the cosmos that generates the soul never goes out ... just like the presence of Aiolos within you is eternal, aiolia …
    Page 16
    Dohko - and that is what I will now ... prove to you.
    Pontos - what? the image disappeared, but, around aiolia ... a huge cosmo continues to spin !!
    Dohko - aiolia ... what you need to do now ... is believe in your friends. Do you not agree? My young friend.
    Page 17
    Aiolia - You are right, Old master. We are the Gold Saints, warriors united under the command of the goddess athena. I believe that we are bound by an invaluable bond. if my voice ... is being heard ... grant me your strengths. and I will take you to Aiolia, using my whole cosmos ..
    Page 18
    Aiolia - please answer me. so that we can show our friend golden lion(?) ... how precious and wonderful it is believe in people !! It’s time for you to know, aiolia
    Page 19
    that everyone who fights for their own lives ... will always have companions at their side ... risking their lives as well.
    Page 20
    Aiolia - what are you all doing here?
    Camus(?)- I promised, did I not? That I would come back?
    Idk who this guy is - hm! I wasn’t t going to let you play the hero alone.
    Shura - And we have scores to settle with some of these gods ...
    Aldebaran - I told you the other day that I would never leave a friend. we were guided by the voice of the old master, and Mu’s power brought us here. We do not need to ask for permission to do this.
    Shaka - this and our work as Gold Saints charged with protecting peace on earth ... in the name of the goddess athena.
    Page 21
    Shaka - we are all comrades with the same mission. we would never abandon a friend in the a fight, aiolia.
    Aiolia - Who says I'm friends with you ?!
    Know that you will never be alone. Ah, whatever he thinks the business is, we'll soon be gone ..with that thing over there !!!
    Pontos - You can gather as many humans as you want ... it is impossible to stop a god.
    Page 22
    Saga - Wait a moment, please.
    Pontos - What you want? Do you want to disturb me ?!
    Saga - no way. I would never do such a thing. but if I am not mistaken, our main goal was to incite the Titans against the Gold Cloths ... in order to make them fight each other. what you, the gods desire ... surely the Gold Cloths will do.
    Page 23
    Saga - trust me. I beg you to let these men continue their way ....
    Pontos - Are you suggesting that I let fate take over?
    Is he running away ?!
    Listen well, aiolia. Once yoiurCosmos came into contact with the dunamis ... it will not be long before you fall into darkness ... it has become the destiny etched in your cosmos.
    Page 24
    Pontos - that is a promise. in the very near future ... you will go against justice. Even you Gold Saints will be punished ... for having risen against the gods... and not only that ... you will even become enemies of Athena. Fight among yourselves, shedding your own blood ... until, in the name of justice ... all of you are expurgated.
    Page 25
    Camus - Is that what they call the divine prophecy?
    Aldebaran - Do not believe in meaningless words from an insane god !!
    Gold Saint - ... but ... their power is real.
    Aiolia - It does not matter. between believing in a god like that or in the hearts of people ... I choose the hearts of people … Today, for example, I managed to recover some of the confidence in people. I even think that if my soul would go into darkness and I would become a demon of evil …
    Page 26
    Aiolia - There is someone who would punch me in the face so that I would regain my sanity. There is no knight in this world who does not fall into the real world taking a blow from the cosmos. I have faith that in the very near future, there will be knights with this disposition.
    Page 28
    Seiya - wait aiolia !! Did you see that cassios gave his life by his own will ... so you are able to wake up from the charm ?!
    Aiolia - No more talk
    Seiya - this is the end !! by Athena !! my cosmo !! Make a miracle happen !! just in this moment, I want my cosmo to the level of aiolia !! once again ... let me see the light !!

    Chapter 48
    Page 1
    Hyperion - beings called human race ... began to penetrate the territory of the Tartarus. Will they come of their own volition with the intent to fight?
    Page 2
    Here, in the Tartarus... no matter what intention they come with .... in this place, life is not allowed to humans ... even if their coming is involuntary, the only end reserved for those who are throw in Tartarus.... Is death.
    What's the problem? humans have always been useless. It’s unforgivable ... that they come in to disturb us.
    Page 3
    I hate these beings. They walk triumphantly on the earth, presumptuous and arrogant.
    as if only they had prospered in the world. they make me sick !! beings who do not respect the gods should disappear from the face of the earth.
    No one will interfere now !! until today, we have always allowed them to do what they wanted ... but once they have invaded the territory of the deities, we do not have to do formality anymore, right? from now on ... they will dance according to our music.
    Page 4
    We had told them that one day we would show the true power of the gods ... and today is that day. The Leo Gold Saint is coming to try to rescue something that belongs to him and that is in our hold, right? So he and I have something in common ... I also have someone important ... that I need to rescue. the suffering of a weak human being ... is nothing near the pain that this person must be feeling ..
    Page 5
    to rid him of this pain I will show these humans all my power, the true power possessed by the Titans !! Are you listening to me, are you ?! for the sake of the one who is the most precious to both of us ... free the planets !! in the same way that it is the duty of the gods to create a future for the suffering people .... saving from suffering those who are more precious to us ... is our duty as parents. Iapeto my lord, I’m here to answer your voice.
    Page 6
    with the true power of the great gods .... with this power that rules the world ... the divine punishment has fallen upon men.
    Page 7
    Gold saint - what is it?! Is this all trembling ?!
    aldebaran- the sky ... the whole atmosphere is tearing!!
    Camus - there is a presence approaching with the tremors …
    Page 8
    Shura - and the cosmos of a god ....
    Shaka - but none that I have ever felt before ....
    Aiolia - It’s the darkest ... deepest ... and biggest cosmos i’ve ever seen. no matter what it is If you want to come, you can come. because the only thing I can do ... and move on.
    Page 9
    Really?! So you save me time !!

    Aiolia - Iapeto ?! He came flying from another dimension ?!
    Iapeto - This is an invitation from me to come into my world .... accept it !!!
    Aiolia - no?! what is it?! Are you attacking me ?! He threw something …
    Page 10
    Aiolia - in my direction ?! what is it?! Half this ... stuck in my body !!
    Iapeto - I told you, did I not? This is my invitation for you. come face me
    Page 11
    he disappeared .... but his black cosmos is still present ....
    Aiolia - what the hell is this?
    let me see. Do not touch it !!
    Page 12
    Aiolia - this black sphere is sucking .... my body!
    Page 13
    It disappeared…..
    Aldeberan - No…. It did not disappear. it's over us !!
    Page 14
    A world of darkness
    Page 15
    Aiolia - but what place is this?
    so you do not know? all the dark part of the universe ... is made of this stuff that is under your feet. the extreme power that expands the universe throughout infinity. This is the source that feeds us, that we are gods. a cosmos that only the deities who command destruction can have
    Page 16
    Eschatos Dunamis .... the extreme divine power. when Theos-sama shines in the heavens … us Titans, we will recover all the power that we had in the beginning. at the moment, we are restricted to use this power only here in Tartarus.... however, when the arms appear in the earth's heavens, we can use it in any place, wherever we want! rejoice, for you will soon see this hidden power from the time of the gods …
    Page 17
    feel flattered !! for me to start using it against you.
    when two of the divine pillars of the Titans come together in marriage ... a new god... is born ... and the source of power of that god is that which builds the world. that is, the world only exists thanks to the existence of the gods.
    Page 18
    planet of darkness.
    in fact, the world itself is the proof of the power of the gods. each Titan has a universe and a planet under their dominion. This planet can be miniaturized by the will of the Titan ... or else serve as a dwelling for other beings. in any case, it is a living body that has no link with you, inhabitants of the Earth.
    Page 19
    when a Titan decides to go into combat ... their corresponding planet also shows its claws.
    Aiolia - the star ... guided by the cosmos of Titan... is sucking all the eschatos dunamis !!!

    each one of the lives existing in this star ... has their own Cosmo. all of them will be consumed in a fire to fight against you. Come, Leo Gold Saint. come face me
    Page 20
    a star surrounded in its orbit by razor-sharp satellites and housing billions and billions of lives that hold the power of the dunamis. this is the true power that a Titan possesses.
    Page 21
    Aiolia - uh ..! How am I going to face ... such a thing ?! I have no idea how to start fighting it!
    but, anyway .... there's only one thing I can do !! concentrate all my life to burn my cosmos...
    Page 22
    Aiolia - to launch this single blow to go through the enemy in front of me !!!
    What a pitiful golden knight. even the lightning flash that you generate ...
    Page 23
    Iapetos - Is something small and insignificant before me.
    Aiolia - the planet protected the Titan!!! a huge thing like this ... moves faster than lightning !!! yet I still do not understand? this planet draws in my cosmos and Themis’s.
    Iapetos - If you try to attack me or her, all the lives that exist in it ... will throw themselves at you with all of their strength to protect us. In the same way that I intend to attack someone...
    Page 24
    Iapetos - the whole planet will fight beside me.
    Aiolia - it is impossible to divert or dodge !! I'll have to attack !!
    Page 25
    hex aster xiphos (six astral swords)
    Page 26
    Aiolia - It’s no use ... I can hardly reason. How can I face it ?! the enemy this time ... is too powerful !!
    Iapetos - I can feel your despair. but there is no one who can save you from it. Your existence as being…
    Page 27
    Iapetos - Is too miserable. this universe that we created….is inviolable. No one can enter this place ... unless we allow.
    Page 28
    that is, no one can come and help you. Sink deeper into your own lament... and let out cries of your insides..as you die once and for all.
    Page 30
    Once, aiolia saved my life. so I promised him ... that someday I would save him too. no inviolable land created by the gods would be able to keep me from fulfilling that promise. because at my side is Athena, a goddess of power and a heart much greater than those of these Titan gods.

    Chapter 49
    page 3
    Iapetos - the star spirits generated by the billions and billions of Cosmo users..... were shaken with only one blow !! not only that. this human has penetrated this dimension created by us ... without our permission !! You ... are something different.
    Page 4
    Iapetos - You have a divine power of a different dimension than ours.
    Shaka - in every place where men meet, there are always different forms of faith and beliefs. its quantity corresponds to that of gods that exist in the world. it is up to the man to choose which of these gods to follow. what I can say and that I would never choose any of you as my god ... because I will not fail to find contempt the act of using the soul and the cosmos of billions of lives as instruments of his own fight. as much as the lives in the star are unknown to me. a god who believes that it is a fair act ...
    Page 5
    Shaka - deserves to be exterminated, along his arrogant and merciless heart
    Iapetos - So this ... is the response of a human?
    Page 6
    Iapetos - We are arrogant? You’ve abandoned gratitude and respect, and even have the audacity to call us arrogant? do you forget that it was the gods who gave you the power to create your own future ...
    Shaka - The power to create ... our future?
    Page 7
    Shaka - its movement is so fast ... that the razor becomes the black light …
    Page 8
    Iapetos - and where is the compassion in humans ?! You're just monsters unable to recognize love !!!
    Page 9
    Shaka - the garuda fire that protects me and sublimates all evil .... it was cracked
    Iapetos - originally ... this fire was not of humans. you were only inferior beings, no better than the wild beasts of the fields. So, who gave them this fire? Remember?
    Page 10
    Iapetos - you humans, lived in the darkness of ignorance, trembling with cold inside the caves.
    until the moment a god appeared and granted them a power called fire, which led them to the light of civilization. the savior and messiah of humanity. his name was .... Prometheus. With fire, you could leave the caves. they could light the nights, learn to bake the food, begin to forge weapons and waged war. Thanks to the fire, you have reached civilization and technology.
    Page 11
    Iapetos - but that did not please Zeus. this god that was above you, humans. Do you have any idea what Zeus did against Prometheus, just because he took fire to mankind? Zeus punished him with eternal suffering !!! with the power of fire in your hands. there was a risk that men would become as powerful as the gods. and that's what Zeus thought. then, to punish who took the fire to them ... he chained Prometheus on the rocks of the Caucasus mountain.
    Page 12
    Iapetos - being pecked alive by the crows who live on the top of the mountain ... having his abdomen torn and his entrails devoured. as god Prometheus was immortal. so his body quickly restored itself. that is, this terrible pain is constant and will continue for all eternity. despite this sacrifice and even with the fire in your hands, you are still ignorant. You are monsters who do not know how to love, nor do you show gratitude to Prometheus. You humans have forgotten your own benefactor who gave you a future ... beings like this do not deserve to live …
    Page 13
    Iapetos - I will never forgive this humanity that forgot the love of Prometheus... my dear son. How dare you talk about love?! Beings who hardly recognize the suffering of God himself!! my dear son Prometheus loved you... but you abandon it in oblivion and continue to live your little lives. beings like you deserve to disappear from the face of the earth! Know that….
    Page 14
    Iapetos - that I hate you ... humans !! I intend to kill all of you and the gods of Olympus ... including the great zeus !! so I will free Prometheus !!! if it is necessary to use the true power of the Titans ... I will use it to the limit !! You agree with me, Themis?!
    Themis - to rescue my son, I will walk on any thorny road.
    Page 15
    Themis - any mother would do so. to make the cosmos of other beings burn effectively... the best way is to put them in an extreme situation. extreme fear causes the cosmos to explode in an accelerated manner. that is ... the moment when we see the soul burning the cosmos to the maximum ....
    Page 16
    Themis - is the moment of death (sword of judgement)
    Page 17
    A planet….exterminated.
    Page 18
    Shaka - he created a giant using the cosmos of all the lives of the planet he controlled.. and killed them without hesitation ... making it overflow from this place countless souls and cosmos!
    Themis - by annihilating all the lives of the planet under their command ... a Titan acquires the true power. watch how my husband acts ... he captures the whole cosmos that saturates this environment ... and absorbs all its power.
    Page 19
    Iapetos - a human being would never be able to accept within himself a cosmos like this, which is practically infinite. this is possible only for the immortal body of the gods.
    Shaka - now I understand. he compressed all the lives of the planet in the form of a giant ... to be able to end all of them with a single blow !! these lives and cosmos are swallowed up by the Titan's body ... and its shape ... is turning into a highly dense cosmos. and as it were ....
    Page 20
    A mutant God
    Page 21
    Wheel of Chaos
    Page 22
    Blade of Chaos
    Page 23
    Impact of Chaos
    Page 24
    Shaka - he smashed the kahn ?! my power capable of repelling any other type of attack ... was it simply detonated ?!
    Iapetos - the force of the giant and life ... and also all power that the planet possesses ... earth water, fire, air, light and darkness. these six forces were all inserted in this sword. in this blade all the attributes of the universe are mixed, generating chaos itself.
    Page 25
    Iapetos - the power of this chaos and that which creates all the forms of the universe. It is the source of divine power ... the extreme force! Eschatos Dunamis
    Page 26
    Iapetos - what a foolish man. I warned you that it was the extreme force. why did you not dodge?
    Shaka - because .... I disagree ... I do not admit what you say... that men do not know love.
    Iapetos - What is? will you tell me that it is love ... to protect the Leo Saint who has fallen to his feet?
    Page 27
    Shaka - even if we do not share blood bonds, we are capable of risking our lives for a friend whom we trust. men are full of mercy, yes.
    Iapetos - not at all. You're just monstrosities. ignorant beings who have no light of their own ... and cannot even be enlightened even when they are given fire ... the fate of humans who have no light ... is to die alone.
    Page 28
    Iapetos - it's not possible! How did he fight the dunamis ?!
    Shaka - Aiolia! do not move! It can be fatal to you !!
    Aiolia - It does not matter. Who told you to call us monsters? know that the man is the being who most deeply loves his fellow man. and my fangs will never break before a dirty power like yours.
    Page 29
    Aiolia - my fangs were granted me by a man who believed in me. he offered them to me with his own life and his own cosmos! I Using them to protect the people who love me, they, who are illuminated by the most radiant light !! my fangs were not gained at the cost of a life. they were born of their own lives. so they will never be defeated ... by someone like you, who takes advantage of the power of death !!!

    Chapter 50
    Page 1
    Iapetos - impossible! billion and billions of lives in a planet have been transformed into cosmos ... to form the sword of chaos. an inferior being like a human could never defend himself from it.
    Page 2
    I am...a diabolical god
    Page 3
    I do not accept this no way!!
    Page 5
    Shaka - the pulse of countless lives begin to cry out loud.... in the form of this mortal sword generated by the sacrifice of the lives of others!
    Aiolia - none of that matters
    Page 6
    Aiolia - I do not care...Lightning Bolt
    Iapetos - That is weak! That's not enough to stop me !!
    Page 7
    Iapetos - What human is this ?! and of course I'm giving it my all with each attack ... but how can he still get up and launch another one ?! Such a feat is impossible for a human being !!
    he should not even be able to defend himself ... from the blow of my sword, made up of all these cosmos !!
    Page 8
    this blade was born of these countless souls gathered under the dread of death. razor of death
    Page 9
    Shaka - Deaths overflow from the razor's edge !! and their accumulation …
    Destroying a new life
    Iapetos - May those billion of lives crush you !! and end up with that unique life that keeps you from walking !! know that a single cosmos is of no use !! raise your voice in tears !! to die for once !!
    Page 10
    Aiolia - a god who claims to be above humans ... should not impose death that way !!
    Iapetos - but how?! How can you face the force of the dunamis ?! There is no such thing as a single cosmo conquering all these souls together !! It's not possible that’s the truth !!
    Page 11
    Iapetos - You are not a human being !! Did he defend himself ?! I'm going to rip off your arm !! I Aiolia -do not know where this power comes from. My whole body hurts and my heart seems to explode. I do not know how many times I've reached my limit ... but, each time, my heart pulsates with more intensity, generating an even greater cosmos ... and my right arm is filled with new strength to fight the enemy. It's not just my strength. my human ability would never allow me to do that. So ... what is this that comes from my fangs?
    Page 13
    Aiolia - Oh, yes ... it's true. they were with me in all the fights ... and never broke ... now yes, I understood.
    Page 14
    Aiolia - this heart that generates an infinite cosmos ... has been given to me in exchange for his right eye. maybe I only have one friend, who taught me something precious! I may not have thousands of lives supporting me ... a brother who has always encouraged me and still encourages me in the hours I need. and a man who gave his own life for me. but the value of life is not measured in quantity. I know that each of them is invaluable ...
    Page 15
    instead of counting the number of lives that have been sacrificed to keep you strong ... you should recognize how precious and the lives of each of the people who love us.
    Page 16
    you gods despise my fangs for being generated by the cosmos of a human. but you will see now that they can make the miracle of tearing a god happen !!
    Page 17
    Iapetos - the cosmos of the dead that was in my body .... is disappearing ?! the power of aiolia is sustained by the life of the beings with whom he shared the trust and confidence.
    It is different from this power of the Titans, which exists only because lives were taken arbitrarily and used as instruments of fighting. It is obvious that these lives hate the god they should protect.
    Page 18
    Iapetos - a discredited god ... who has no followers to surrender their faith to him ... is so .... deplorable. above all, the blow of aiolia ... is made of a power that a Titan could never possess.
    the golden lion possesses the same power as zeus, the god of lightning, of thunder ....
    Page 19
    Iapetos - the lightning ... the power that have defeated the Titans since ancient times. Aiolia always possessed in his cosmos this force, capable of annihilating even the gods. So ... who am I? a being defeated by a human ... with no one who will win me ... waiting for death ... who am I?
    Page 20
    Themis - I will tell you who you are, Iapetos... you are my husband, the father of my beloved son ... and the greatest of all the gods. even devoid of these billions of cosmos, you still have one. a life that hosts a cosmos that generates all power. the only life ready to be burned for you. this life has become the strength that sustains you. listen to me carefully Iapeto.... I swear …
    Page 21
    Themis - that I will love you for all eternity.
    Page 22
    Themis - Yes. because I .... I am the only life that you can trust.
    Aiolia - he killed the woman who had loved him since ancient times without even hesitating!
    Shaka - He stabbed her with his own hands and made the cosmos overflow from her body !!
    Page 23
    Shaka - and now he is absorbing the life of this woman, his most precious partner .... as if he’s devouring her ?!
    Page 24
    Iapetos - even though my world is shattered ... and there is no future for me ... I can still reap the life of my beloved. consuming your soul, I will transform you into energy. I will reap even the future of my beloved.
    Aiolia - He’s gone..?
    Page 25
    Iapetos - because I am the one who takes without giving anything in return ...
    Page 26
    Iapeto - who had been marked as the one who killed his beloved wife to save his beloved son.
    Aiolia - he turned the god absorbed ..... into a sword ?!
    Page 27
    Iapetos - but it does not matter if what I do is only to destroy what is around me. and because that is the reason of my existence, if you are the one who stands propped up in the cosmos of the beloved .... I am a cursed being who devours the loved one to get strength.

    Chapter 51
    Page 1
    Iapetos - sword of judgment
    Aiolia - now he controls the corpse of his beloved ... using it as a weapon ?!
    Page 2
    Iapetos - a blue rain dampens my black armor .... and dyes all in a deep and dark blue. the sacred blood drained from the veins of the beloved one ... is so sweet ... and so..sinful.
    Page 3
    Iapetos - there is no more suitable scenario.
    Aiolia - seems heavy, but, in compensation, it is slow !!! I can defend myself !!!
    Page 4
    Iapetos - Khora Temnein
    Aiolia - the sword ... disappeared !! Where will it reappear ?! below!!!
    Page 5
    Aiolia - defend with the leg !!
    Iapetos - Brabeus Talanton
    Aiolia - this attack... is Themis’s?!
    Page 6
    Aiolia - even after being killed by her own husband ... does she still use her power to protect him ?! damn it! so does it mean that themis ... can still attack me ?!
    Page 7
    Aiolia - this guy is not a god anymore !!! He’s a demon !! What the hell!! I can only defend myself, and look at it !!!
    Page 9
    Aiolia - He is not setting up an attack or strategy at all !! He’s coming with everything in every way! I can not even predict where I'll get the next blow !! It’s a complete siege !!! where is he going to attack now?
    Page 10
    this time .... it’s above !! but .. did not have time !!!
    Page 11
    Shaka - Tenma Koufuku
    Aiolia - shaka !!
    escaped hiding in another dimension ....
    his attack is perfectly synchronized.
    Shaka - and it is impressive to see how the power of the two divine pillars, reflected both in attack and defense, harmonizes.
    Page 12
    Shaka - It’s practically useless in the presence of any breach ... to try a counterattack !! the kahn has already been overcome once. if I use it again against a synchronized attack like that .... I will be easily defeated.
    Aiolia - but there is no other option !! I need to defeat him, anyway! because to protect all the lives on Earth ... is my duty like knight of Athena ... and also ....
    Page 13
    Aiolia - as a man who wants to recover something precious from the hands of the enemy !!! I know that he is prepared to give his life for these words.
    Shaka - So, I have no other choice. I will accompany you in this endeavor. if their thoughts can unite to broaden their powers .... we can do the same.
    Page 14
    Shaka - the will to protect people is the same in me ... well. Let's join our forces and synchronize our blows.
    Aiolia - How?!
    Shaka - I'll draw all the attacks to me. so, surely, some chance will come to you. at this moment, you must strike a final blow against them.because only its power ... only the power of the lightning force and able to defeat a Titan.
    Page 15
    Aiolia - calm down!! attract the blows ..? are you sure?! This is too dangerous !!
    Shaka - this is your opinion? this is a little disappointing to me ... because I believe from the bottom of my heart ... that you are able to defeat that god. otherwise, I would never propose such a plan. the same way I'm trusting you .... I wish you would trust me too. the lion endowing the flash of lightning ....
    Page 16
    Shaka - you carry the karma in the back, but also a person capable of turning that weight into a strength and continue to walk with his head upright. something only a real Saint could do. precisely because it is so ... only you can save these Titans.
    Aiolia - save those two?
    Shaka - look at that god ... who lies in mourning, weeping tears of blood for the loss of the beloved .... if you believe the duty of a Saint and protect and save everything that exists in the world ...
    Page 17
    Shaka - Would not it be logical ... to save this god too ?!
    What is your decision, aiolia? There is no more time to think.
    Aiolia - If you say you trust me….
    Page 18
    Aiolia - had I trusted the man who gave me this right arm? a man I trust from the bottom of my soul?
    Shaka - I believe that the cosmos of this man, with his, can save that god from the misery of the soul.
    Page 19
    Shaka - It's time to release all my power, in the name of faith that I have in the future !! this is the supreme blow of shaka, the Virgo Gold Saint/
    Page 20
    Shaka - tenbu horin. first sense removed !! the treasure of the sky and a strategy that combines attack and defense. it affects all the senses of the adversary's body ... touch, smell, taste, vision, hearing, and even the sixth sense. this blow is withdrawing one by one in this order. I just extracted the sense of touch from him in order to paralyze him. although he can recover quickly, thanks to the power of the dunamis. I'll probably be able to stop it for just a moment. but......
    Page 21
    Shaka - It’s the necessary moment .... so that the fangs can drive into it.
    Page 22
    Shaka - what speed !! he arrived at the exact moment!! even if the enemy recovers the sense, he still has to compose and enter into counter attack position. and this is practically impossible !! because the fangs of lightning ... are already preparing to be launched.
    Page 24
    Shaka - Khora temnein. the sacred blood and the dunamis made his senses restored in the blink of an eye ... allowing him to dodge and counterattack at a divine speed !! loose in the air, aiolia cannot dodge his counterattack!! he will be hit !!
    Aiolia- not yet. if I fail, now, defeat will not only be mine.
    Page 25
    Aiolia - it would have been the defeat of the soul of a noble man .... who abandoned his dream of being knighted by a fellow like me. and this I will not allow. if I lack physical strength and technique ... I still have my strength of will. I do not care that my body is torn apart ... though everything I've ever lived becomes a force inside me .... just a single moment ... so that I can ....
    Page 26
    Aiolia - stop him.
    Shaka - to hold the sword of judgment, the attack of the goddess death .... he planted the sword in his own right leg !!
    Aiolia - I'm a human being. to save? I never meant to save those gods. I do not have the power to do this.
    Page 27
    Aiolia - but I know that a Saint who loves all the lives in the world and lives to protect them from danger would do that. a Saint like my brother, whom I venerate from the bottom of my soul. he would be able to save everyone, even a god !!my brother was accused and insulted by his companions, but he was always the strongest and kindest of all. he was aiolos, the Sagittarius Gold Saint, the most beloved and venerated of all the people ... and my only intention ....is to become a true Gold Saint, just like my brother !!! Now feel my life burning my whole cosmos !! the, my fist, become prey to smash with everything in front of me !!!
    Page 28
    I can not stop this sad divine voice ... and dry those unforgettable tears of blood !!!
    Page 29
    Aiolia - now burn, my cosmos !!

    Chapter 52
    Page 2
    the Theos Sema was shaken. the perpetual divine power begins to weaken !!! iapetos !! themis !!
    I hear the voice .....
    Page 3
    and she is the lament ..... who abandons your heart does not cry the tears. of your eyes
    Page 4
    Blood flows
    Page 5
    Aiolia - no matter what kind of power I am fighting ... my fangs ... will never break. not until I put them in the opponent !!! My fangs do not obey me, and in the air, I can not move. but I will never give up !! I am a Saint of athena ..... one who maintains the justice that frees everyone. therefore, force me for it .... my Cosmo, grant me ....
    Page 6
    Aiolia - the power to fly through the heavens.
    Page 7
    Shaka - how did he manag to jump, if in the air where there is no where to lean ?! It’s unbelievable ..... it’s as if he had wings !! It remains to know if his wounded prey still has the strength to overthrow a god !!
    Page 11
    Shaka - the fangs of the lightning passed through the Theos Sema for a second, I thought I saw the image of an old friend superimposed on the person of Aiolia ... next to the golden lion, who walks majestically through the air … I saw the image of golden wings, impelling him affectionately ... aiolos ... I know that this vision was not only because of his spiritual presence around aiolia ... and himself that is more and more like you.
    Page 12
    Shaka - The lion of gold is approaching more and more of the image of the great brother that you went to him ... to the point of making us see him in his person. You can be proud, Aiolos. Your brother is walking the same path that you have been through. Aiolia always believed that you would have been a knight who saves you all. and, step by step, in the midst of suffering pains and tears, he is approaching what you would have been … Aiolia may not have the wings of the natural talent that they had. so he had to work out more torturous ways to get where he was. but this served to raise even more the cosmos itself. Yes, Aiolia needs to know ....
    Page 13
    Shaka - that the power that makes him rise on the earth is not something borrowed from the brother ... but rather, and something that comes from his own cosmos.
    Iapetos- ah ... it’s true .... I remembered something ... that I have long forgotten . it is that….
    Page 14
    Iapetos-the feeling ... which is called pain ... the feeling ... called sadness ... and ... destiny ... called ... death. right?
    Page 15
    Iapetos - I'm not going to thank you ... not at all, see? I never asked him to kill me. however, I do not deny that it reminded me of how sad to lose something precious .... and that the motto ... and something very painful. Yes, you reminded me of that. Not that I wanted to remember these things ... but …
    Page 16
    Iapetos- if I could remember ... it was because I already knew those feelings. now I know ... how much I loved these goddess ... who was my wife. if that means the salvation that you said you would give me .... I do not like ... anything. because I'm a god ....
    Page 17
    Iapetos - and I can not allow a human to save me ... and let it remain like that.
    Aiolia - what is it?! blood?! Did he sneeze blood on me?! that is being absorbed by my body ... and erasing all the pain I felt ?!
    Shaka - that ... is holy blood.
    Page 18
    Iapetos - therefore, I too will save you a little .... with this my life ... that is about to fade. I, as God, will save you, human. my planet has broken up and all my blood has escaped from my body ... this earth too, soon, would have disappeared ... my destiny ... and disappear in the Tartarus.
    Page 19
    Iapetos - I will not help you more than that .... now run away with your own legs.
    Aiolia - the dimension is distorting and fading in the air !! shaka?!
    Shaka - let's go. I will teleport to our dimension.
    Aiolia - So, I failed to save this god?
    Page 20
    Shaka - you are wrong. You saved him. he used whatever little power he had left to help a human. at that moment, he ceased to be a diabolical god. and returned to be .... just a god.
    Page 21
    Shaka - while his world was extinguished, with the billion and billions of lives that existed there ... on this illusory land, from where sin, blood and death overflowed .... and with his own life fading ... this god still stands, carrying his beloved goddess in his arms ... in all his divine splendor. at the end of his life he regained mercy in his heart.
    Iapetos - but know .... that I would never betray my brothers and sisters.
    Page 22
    Iapetos- it does not matter if I healed a little of his wounds ... or that Themis and I will be absent from the battle from here on out. the Titans will never be defeated. the future of humanity is nearing its end and no one can change that. but I think that, just as in us, you also have the right to fight to conquer a future for humanity. human beings, if they so desire to have a future of hope for you .... try, in any way, to defeat the gods. I will be watching you from the world of the dead.
    Page 23
    Aiolia - iapetos, you…..
    Page 24
    Page 25
    themis !! both......
    are gone.....
    Page 26
    I'm ... falling ?!
    No, this is a world where there is no high or low. there is only one deep and abyssal world of darkness.
    yes, because here is the Tartarus..... where there is only darkness and nothing else ... and I am simply wandering through them. there is nobody. no one to hold me by the hand.
    but why? I feel something ... a heat ... something supporting my back ... a cozy warmth….
    Page 27
    Prometheus - this is my act of now should rejoice .... or make me regret ... I do not know .... probably will be my torment for all eternity.
    Page 28
    Prometheus - but if that is the will of the mother goddess gaia ..... I suppose I have to accept the death of my beloved father and my beloved mother.
    the only thing I can do and promise not to waste their death. and what I promised, I swear by my black wings ....

    Chapter 53
    Page 1
    Pontos - my mother ... little by little, we are approaching ... the world you want.
    Page 2
    the world of perfect harmony ..... built around you, mother goddess gaia. the divinity that must be at the center of the world .... had already been chosen from the beginning. this world.....
    Page 3
    Pontos - From the beginning to the end ..... it’s all yours, my mother. you came back.
    Prometheus - I managed to reach them ... and bid farewell to them.
    Page 4
    Pontos - Prometheus..?
    Pontos - I'm sorry your parents left for the Tartarus. but all this is part of a larger plan. know that their sacrifice will not be in vain.
    Page 5
    Prometheus - I know that everything runs according to the will of the mother goddess Gaia.
    if this is her desire.... It is also the desire of the whole Earth. And how is she doing?
    Pontos - for the moment, she is asleep. without even being able to dream. inside this murky and bitter water ..... alone enduring all pain ....\
    Page 6
    Pontos - how can such a situation be allowed? it is impermissible a world in which the goddess, mother of all existence, is so outraged. This world can only be crazy.
    including the humans who live in it .... and all the gods that command them too. Everyone, everyone is crazy.
    Page 7
    Pontos - an insane world like this deserves to be destroyed. to get back to square one and we can generate ... a world as it should be !! if it is necessary to sacrifice the lives of all the Titans, that they be sacrificed !! Let everyone go for the Tartarus!!!
    Page 8
    who is crazy is the world ..? ..? the humans? or the gods? in a world where no one else loves their own mother .... things are sinking slowly into insanity.
    Page 9
    I hear the sound of laughter. probably from my father ... Kreios. Please, let me see your face. Talk to me, I want to hear your voice.
    Page 10
    Eurybia- my dear and beloved husband ... Kreios.
    Kreios - Stop crying .... Eurybia.
    Page 11
    Eurybia - oh Kreios, I did not have the heart to follow him to Tartarus. I am waiting for you here today, in the depths of this long sea. I learned that the Titans were resurrected by my father's power. There is certainly a big plot behind it ... I just do not believe it's in favor of the Titans.my father Pontos is a primordial god .... who does not choose means to get what he wants. honestly i'm afraid of my father
    Page 12
    Eurybia- You've lost some of the twelve Titans, have not you? That means that the Theos Sema will not work as it should. So leave everything and please ..... come back to me, my dear. be it in what form you have risen, what matters is that your presence has returned to this world where I live. Please .... Since you're alive, come back to me. stay by my side I want to share eternal happiness with you.
    Page 13
    Kreios - you, who is the goddess of the seas, must be aware of it ..... that the water was made to flow and run. once shed, it does not return to its original place … well, my life and the water that has already drained. That is, it never returned to the source. I do not know if the fact that I'm up now, be a miracle ... and if the life I've recovered is something to celebrate ..., … or even ... if all this was plotted by someone with a bad intention ..... anyway, there's only one thing I can do.
    Page 14
    Kreios - shoot down my enemy. only this .... the reason of my existence now is to fight, I will have to eliminate anyone who hinders my way.
    Eurybia - Kreios…..
    no matter that someone is human ... Kreios...
    Kreios - Divine.....
    Page 15
    Kreios - or the love of my life. it is said that our love is eternal, my wife ... live eternally embraced to this love. I gave my soul to you. So I've always been with you. but my body continued to advance ... with my heart on fire ... and the flesh turned into a blade.
    Page 16
    Kreios - I, galaxy Kreios... now I'm leaving.
    Hyperion - wait, Kreios !! the Theos Sema is defied! we need to get it back. if we want to defeat zeus, our true enemy, I need you to be patient and wait.
    Kreios - it is not so things should be, hyperion. You still have brotherhood between them. but to bear children .... and build a future for them.
    Page 17
    Kreios - Who knows, the sons of God that you can generate, do not build a future for us, Titans? about me. my wife is in the depths of the water, have a son and a dream that will never be realized. therefore, I will leave that term for you. while I will become a sword .... to cut off all the enemies of the titans.
    Page 18
    Kreios - no ... in fact, today there is only one being ..... that I have to deal with with my own hands ...
    oh! you two!! Where did they come from ?! so scare the grandmother !!
    Page 19
    After Aiolia disappeared, Shaka disappeared as well.
    we understand that one was behind the other, but what exactly happened?
    You were gone for a couple of minutes or so.
    but what could have happened in that short spell of time to affect both gold knights ..?
    what? all that happened in just a few minutes? by the way, even the passage of time is different in the world of the gods. do not waste time with hypotheses and assumptions .... what matters is the result.
    Page 20
    Does it mean that you can shoot down a god ... with the hands of a human?
    Yes. was the victory of men.
    if you could do that .... I, who am a golden knight like you, can too, right?
    there is?
    I feel a cosmo calling me ... and approaching ... and he ....
    Page 21
    Kreios - I see you have come into my world .... taking my sword as a guide.
    and had become for me ... the god of death.
    Kreios - Are you aware that you have come here just to be killed by me?
    Shura - his cosmos clings to me as if it were the tip of a razor. I did not come to be killed, I came to secure our future.
    Page 22
    Kreios - and this future belongs to the Titans. I will never give it to humans.
    Page 23
    but what is this?!
    Shura- The temple became a great rock fell from the sky and fell into the earth !!
    Ox - this .... is the world of the gods? what a more arid and desertic landscape ....
    Shaka - It’s the reflection of what is happening in their hearts.
    whatever it may be, being in the world of the gods .... they can attack with much more force ....
    Page 24
    his cosmos is much larger than it is larger than before. It’s as if he had transformed ... into a blade that cuts even the soul.
    Shura - in a way it’s an honor .... to be challenged by a god. you can move on, because this god created this place for me. It’s our place of mourning .... he does not desire the blood of other beings here.
    do not speak nonsense! Who are you to decide that ?! No one here will leave you behind !!
    Shura - by chance our only goal is to defeat these gods? No......
    Page 25
    Shura - our first desire is to save the people who inhabit the face of the earth ... and also save those whom our companions love and struggle to rescue. do not worry if the time course is different in this place, I'll catch up in minutes. Do not make me repeat the same thing, if aiolia did it .... I will too.
    I can trust? Do you give me your word?
    Shura - by the goddess of war Athena and the sword that dwells in my body ....
    Page 26
    Shura - by the sacred blade of excalibur, I give my word.
    Let's not wait, see? so hurry up. we will meet before chronos. so be it !! be gone soon !!
    Page 27
    Kreios - finally alone.
    Shura - That's what you wanted, right?
    Kreios - your courage to come face a god alone .... deserves praise. but will you be able to take down the rock swords blocking your path? without doing this, we will not even duel.
    Shura - what you mean? mere rocks will not stop me
    Page 28
    Shura - what?!
    Kreios - it is impossible for a human to pass by, for this battle field created by me ... is all made of a metal that only the gods are allowed to use. the oricalco. in this land, where I can release all the power of the planet which I am the guardian of..... my sword overcomes the limit of the impossible …
    Page 29
    Kreios - There is nothing she can not cut, even the stars.
    Shura - he cut the oricalco rock ?! but what an impact !! Calm down ..... I can still attack!
    it is no use to lay the sword against him. the thing is spiked right in his chest, the shortest possible distance !! crossing it directly and deeply !!!
    Page 30
    Shura - he defended himself from excalibur with his own arm ?! And he still hit me ?!
    Kreios - each Titan owns a planet under his guard, one different from the other. but they all became power for the God who is their guardian. with the help of this power, the Titan manages to release all his natural power. in my case, for example, I carry the star-cutting sword in my spare arm ... and, in the right, even greater power ....
    Page 31
    Kreios - all beings inhabiting my planet give their own life to protect their god, in the form of this cluster of cosmos called....Aster Shield.
    Shura - a shield formed .... from a whole planet ?!
    Page 32
    Kreios - ready. let's start. this is a duel in which we bet the future. who had been left with the space of a radiant future? You , humans? or us, the gods? the result no one knows .... all I know is that I will be the god to take the future of human hands.

    Chapter 54
    Chapter 55
    Chapter 56
    Chapter 57
    Chapter 58
    Chapter 59
    Chapter 60
    Chapter 61
    Chapter 62
    Chapter 63
    Chapter 64
    Chapter 65
    Chapter 66
    Chapter 67
    Chapter 68
    Chapter 69
    Chapter 70
    Chapter 71
    Chapter 72
    Chapter 73
    Chapter 74
    Chapter 75
    Chapter 76
    Chapter 77
    Chapter 78
    Chapter 79
    Chapter 80
    Chapter 81
    Chapter 82
    Chapter 83
    Chapter 84
    Chapter 85
    Chapter 86
    Chapter 87

    Chapter 87.5
    Page 1
    Lithos - where are you? But .... is it already back? Oh ... oh ... I made baklava, but ... like I said I wanted to eat something sweet .... Ah .... I knew, I forgot the herbal tea!
    Page 2
    It smells good! You used rose water for syrup instead of lemon, right? How about putting nuts and pistachios in?
    Lithos - Master Aiolia? I did not know what time you would come back.
    Aiolia - I'm sorry ... I suddenly received an imperial order.
    Lithos - An imperial order. So you got a new assignment?
    Aiolia - A mission, eh? Yes ... indeed …
    Page 3
    Aiolia - a mission of execution
    Lithos - Execution?
    Aiolia - Rebels turned against the sanctuary. And I will go hunt them!
    Lithos - Rebels? but who?
    Aiolia - This information is very confidential!
    Lithos - And you're going there?
    Aiolia - Yes!
    Page 4
    Aiolia - I'm going to Japan!
    Lithos - but it's far, right? If you need a servant, I'm willing to accompany you.
    Aiolia - Ah .... I do not need ... it seems that there are already people in charge the. In any case, he asks Garan to take care of the preparations for my journey. Yes Im going! This is not even a mission ... it’s an assassination!

    Aiolos Gaiden
    Chapter 0
    Page 1
    Miko - I have no doubts ... this is ... the entrance to the unexplored ruins! This entry has been hidden so far because of the destruction of the high dam of Aswan. Each time I go ... the cave grows deeper and deeper. Although the world grew, it still remained hidden... Remaining untouched by the sunlight for millennia.
    Page 2
    Miko - The ancient ruins covered by darkness.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5

    translations can be found here: https://houseoflibra.tumblr.com/releases
  4. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/2814908184

    Chapter 66
    Page 1

    Deathtoll - No…..My arm is moving…. By itself. It is impossible to open the Omerta from the inside, but it is much easier to do so from the outside

    Someone stop me!

    Page 2

    Griffon Vermer - This is lamentable, Deathtoll.

    Deathtoll - Ahhh, Vermer

    Page 3

    Vermer: It seems that some of the threads from the cosmic marionette I used earlier on Ikki did not disapear.

    I have no other choice but to kill you in this place.

    Deathtoll - I want to see you try!

    Vermer - i will not kill you quickly. You committed a great sin against me.

    Page 4

    Dance the dance of death! Cosmic Marionetation Variation.

    Deathtoll - Ah… my body moves alone!? What is it!?

    Vermer - Arabesque!! croise!! fouette!! pas de chat!! (these are ballet moves in french)

    Page 5

    Vermer - Now the upper part of your body will be twisted and dropped. Reverse! This is not yet the finale

    Page 6

    Vermer - The great opening of the legs. En Dehors (a ballet move in french)

    At this moment the five ends of your body are twisted and pointing to the wrong sides, at any moment you will begin to scream in pain. This is equal to the suffering in Hell.

    Page 7

    Vermer - I will give you one last chance. I want you to guide me to Athena…

    Deathtoll - Sh….. shut up.

    As I said, I was thinking of going to the side of the Hades army ... but as long as they have guys as detestable as you, I refuse to do it until the day of judgment.

    Vermer - Do you want me to kill you?

    Deathtoll - Kill me.
    Vermer - Than I shall give you the grand finale

    Page 8

    Vermer - The great twirl, pirouette of death!!

    Death toll- Gahhhhh!!

    Page 9

    Dohko- what did you say? I have never seen you before bronze saint. Andromeda Shun, you came from the future?

    Page 10

    Shun- that is right old master

    Dohko- Old Master?

    Shun - You called me the same as Shiryu did

    Dohko - Ha?

    Shun - Have you met Shiryu!?

    Dohko - Yes I met him.

    Shun - so it was as I thought .... those shooting stars that fell a long time ago ... they were shiryu and hyoga!

    Page 11

    Dohko - So you’re one of Shiryu’s comrades?

    Shun - Yes!

    Along with Athena, we have crossed space time from the year 1990. To get here and we parted on the way. and in this, Athena returned to be a baby .....

    Dohko - What? What did you say?!

    Athena is a baby again?

    Shun - Yes!

    Page 12

    Shun - But even if I say that… you will probably not believe me…

    Dohko - That’s not it…. Yes, I believe you.

    Shun - Ha?

    Dohko - I believed shiryu, my disciple from the future whom I met for the first time....I believe you as well since you are a comrade of Shiryu

    Shun - Old Master….then..

    Page 13

    Shun - Ahhhhh! Argh!

    Dohko - even if you tell me this, my feelings remain the same ... no ... they can not change .... I have inherited the will of suikyo. I have to betray athena.

    Page 14

    Tenma - It seems like there is no other way…. Dohko, in order to protect Athena… I will defeat you and leave this temple of Libra!

    Page 15

    Vermer - pff, what an unpleasant image. now, according to your will you will die.

    What is this?

    Page 16

    Deathtoll - Give...give it back..

    Vermer - Miserable ... he can still breathe ... Your stubbornness is your only great quality.

    Deathtoll - Give me back my wig.

    Vermer - you are a guy that only makes me laugh....I do not understand why you worry about the appearance of your bald head now that you are about to die

    Deathtoll - That’s because you’re an insect

    It is said that in distant Japan, the samurai held incense in their armor and so went off to the battlefield.true warriors keep their bodies attractive until the moment of their deaths

    Page 17

    Deathtoll - of course a person who can’t get his balls up (who can’t get erect) like you would not understand it.

    Vermer - It is decided

    Deathtoll- Gah!

    Vermer - Deathtoll, the hell you’ll fall into will be the fourth pit of the eighth prison

    the people who fall there are are those who tricked the people of this world......they have their heads turned 180 degrees and cry tears of blood and repentance that flow from their back, and they wander around eternally.

    Page 18
    Vermer - Hang on, that's only 120 degrees. Now it's 150 degrees .... and now it's going to be fully 180 degrees.

    Page 19
    Vermer - What?! What does this mean?! My finger is not obeying my will... Something is pulling on it.

    Ikki - pff, how does it feel to turn yourself into a puppet?

    Vermer - Grrr! Are you the one..? Who interrupted me?

    Page 20
    Ikki - I would not say exactly that I interrupted you... I pulled one of the strings that had curled up in my body. In order to return to this place

    Phoenix the immortal bird!

    Chapter 67
    Page 1
    Deathtoll - Ikki!
    Ikki - Deathtoll...why are you like that?
    You continue being a shameful gold saint
    Deathtoll- Ahhhh… stop bothering me.
    Page 2
    Deathtoll-I used the shabadabada to send you to the living world and save you. Why are you back?
    Ikki - I had already said.
    Deathtoll- Ha?
    Ikki - one of my principles is to not owe favors to anyone.
    Deathtoll- What??!!
    Vermer - pff! Idiot.
    Page 3
    Vermer - pathetic, you just condemned yourself to death. I will leave your body like Deathtoll’s.
    Ikki - stop
    Vermer - Tsc!?
    Ikki - Cosmic marionetation will not work on me. I have seen it in the future and in this place.
    Vermer- what?
    Page 4
    Vermer - Wretch, do you still keep on saying that nonsense you came from future?
    Ikki - You are free to believe me or not.
    Page 5
    Vermer - Gah! The strings of cosmic marionetation are burning!
    Page 6
    Curse you, Ikki….
    Ikki - You have been defeated Vermer.....I have burnt all your strings
    Vermer- Pff. Do you believe that?
    Page 7
    Ikki - Argh! what is it? There was one left?
    Vermer - It is the thread of the underworld.
    Ikki - Thread of the underworld?
    Vermer -This is the main thread of the cosmic marionetation, it is the only one that is impossible to cut.
    Page 8
    Vermer - I shall now kill you without delay....Die
    Page 9
    Vermer - He was too powerful to be a mere Bronze Saint. He was able to fight me, Vermer, under these circumstances.
    If he falls into the underworld, I wonder if I can use him as a slave.
    Ikki- Ha….hahahahaha
    Vermer - What?!
    Ikki - You still do not understand?
    Page 10
    Ikki- as I had said before vermer. How do you feel about becoming a puppet? right now you are a puppet in my hands.
    Vermeer - Impossible….what’s going on?!
    Page 11
    Vermer- What…… what…. What is this?
    Page 12
    Vermer - UWAAAHHHH
    Page 13
    Vermeer - But….what was that?!
    Ikki - Phoenix Demon Phantom Fist!
    Vermeer - Demon Fist?
    Ikki - As expected from one of the 3 judges….
    Page 14
    Ikki - Usually this illusion would have caused death or madness But you no longer have any freedom to move... You have lost, bastard...Return from where you came.... To the world of the dead...
    Deathtoll- Hang on!
    Page 15
    Deathtoll - Ikki!... Let me give him the final blow.... Let me take care of this... If not, my rage won't dissipate Take this! my majestic and mortal ....
    Page 16
    Deathtoll - Peach Bomber!
    Page 17
    Deathtoll - Haha… that turned out well. This technique is too beautiful for an idiot like you. Ikki! What do you thik?!
    Ikki - ye...yes, its a very terrible technique.

    Chapter 68
    Page 4
    Dohko - It’s useless, even though I am a newly appointed Gold Saint... Bronze children are not rivals for me ...
    Page 5
    Tenma - argh .... dohko are you serious?
    Shun- Do you really want the head of Atena?
    Dohko - I will not repeat what I said. I'll end this now. I'm going to take the final blow on you!
    Page 6
    Dohko - But… but what? That… that is…
    so ... you finally showed up ... ... so, just as I expected ... things said by suikyo were true ..?
    Page 7
    Dohko - What should I do? Shion, you’re the smartest, you should know…
    Tell me Shion! Shion!
    Page 8
    Ikki - Deathtoll, we must be near the Temple of Leo.
    Deathtoll- You really must have come from the future to know so much. But Kaiser is extremely severe. He will not let anyone pass
    Ikki - I understand.
    Page 9
    Ikki - The man of Leo is like that. They are completely inflexible men. However, your appearance…
    Deathtoll - What’s wrong with it?
    Ikki - Do you not think about doing something? That should be uncomfortable.
    Deathtoll - Hihihihi! What do I look like? My movements are easier and more comfortable. I really like being like this.
    Page 10
    Deathtoll - I’m really good this way
    Ikki - I see….
    Deathtoll - A snake!
    Ikki - A snake?
    Deathtoll - I hate snakes
    Page 11
    Ikki - how can you be afraid of something like that? And as a Gold Saint, how can you say such a thing?
    Deathtoll - No ... do not do this ... do not kill it! snakes are the most respected beings in the sanctuary.
    Ikki - pff, do not say nonsense ... here, the one that is the most respected is…. only the goddess athena.
    Page 12
    Deathtoll - Certainly...but...but…
    Ikki - But? What are you afraid of?
    Deathtoll - in a way, the snakes ... are more dear ... they are dearer than Athena to the heart of the knights.
    Ikki - Do not make me laugh. Then it is like a snake god.
    Page 13
    Deathtoll- Ikki!
    Ikki - without doubt, no matter what happens ... I will not forgive anything that raises its fangs against me ... I will destroy them ..
    Deathtoll - Ahhh! You… you killed it.
    Page 14
    Ikki - This man is….
    Page 15
    Kaiser - You made goldie go back even though it was a bit. and it’s first time this happens. What is your name, wretch?
    Ikki - Phoenix Ikki!
    Page 16
    Aries Shion - now ... even ... I could hear for a moment ... dohko screamed my name ... what the hell happened to him ..?
    Page 17
    Shion - ahh. My...my body cannot move. But..but what the hell is happening?
    Page 18
    Snake - shion I am a messenger. And you better listen to me, shion. a much more important person to watch than Athena would appear soon.I ask you to serve this person.
    Page 19
    Snake- Also… will you help cut the head off of Athena?
    Shion - Nonsense! I am the Gold Saint of Aries ... that protects the house of Aries ... I will not let you advance any step ... people who want to do harm to Athena…
    Page 20
    Snake - You can not deny it ... in fact, no Saint can ...
    Shion - but what do you mean? what does that mean?
    Snake - and because that person ... is that Saint that everyone knows very well.
    Shion - what? a saint ?Ah, I understand ... No ... it cannot be…
    Page 21
    The only man who was called a god in the sanctuary! You mean that knight will revive !?

    Chapter 75
    Page 01:
    Curtain Of The Anticipated New Chapter Rises!!
    Turbulence In The Sky, Collapsing Of The Earth!!!
    And At The Center Of It All, What Will Happen To This Sanctuary...!?

    Page 02-03:
    Masami Kurumada Returns With A Zealous Pen!!
    The New Galaxy Myth The World Had Been Waiting For Resumes Serialization!
    Do Not Miss The Season With Never Seen Before Shocks!!

    Dohko: "Mmmm, the earth tremors have become increasingly stronger."
    Dohko: "Without a doubt this abnormality of heaven and earth,"
    Dohko: "Means before long the Palace of Ophiuchus will appear,"
    Dohko: "And then waiting ahead is... the destruction of the entire universe!!"
    Dohko: "If... if I don't hurry..."
    Dohko: "Qui... quickly make Athena..."
    Dohko: "But due to the dimensional turbulence no matter how much time has passed I can't reach the Palace of Scorpio..."
    Dohko: "Sheesh... how frustrating."

    Page 04:
    Tenma: "Shun, the path has collapsed."
    Shun: "Could it be caused by the earth tremors?"
    Tenma: "Ha ... this extent of collapse is nothing."
    Tenma: "Let's go, Shun."
    Shun: "Hold... hold on"
    Shun: "Tenma"
    Tenma: "Huh?"
    Shun: "Something is odd."
    Tenma: "What is?"

    Summary Page:
    The Anticipated Serialization Resumes!! Galaxy Playback
    Grand Annotation Of The New Century Galaxy Myth That Entangles The Past, Present and Heaven!!

    Summary That Is Understood Up To Now:
    In order to save Seiya who sustained the curse of Hades, Athena Saori and ther Bronze Saints leaped to the Holy War Era 240 years ago. However, before they arrived, everything has moved toward a Holy War, with the Sanctuary on high alert. In the midst of that, the legendary Gold Saint Ophiuchus who ought to have been sealed was starting to show signs of resurrection. Unprecedented chaos is enveloping the Sanctuary. Saori's life is also being exposed to danger. Will everyone be able to safely return to Seiya's side...!?

    Page 05:
    Shun: "I can sense something ominous from this collapsed abyss."
    Tenma: "Ha, you're overthinking it."
    Tenma: "If you're worried I'll test it out."
    Tenma: "Shun you follow behind me."
    Shun: "Tenma"
    Shun: "Uh?"
    Shun: "Va ... He vanished."
    Shun: "Tenma!!"

    Page 06:
    Shiryu: "I ought to have arrived right near the vicinity of the Palace of Scorpio."
    Shiryu: "The path is collapsing."
    Shiryu: "Moreover, what exactly is this spookiness floating from the bottom?"
    Shiryu: "It seems if I fall in I'd just keep on dropping forever..."

    Page 07:
    Shiryu: "Oh well, there's no time to hesitate and what not."
    Shiryu: "No matter what happens now I can only continue going forward!!"
    Shiryu: "Ah!?"

    Page 08-09:
    [The Five Old Man Peaks]

    Shunrei: "Shiryuuuuuu."
    Shunrei: "Welcome back, Shiryu."
    Shōryū: "papa."

    Page 10:

    Shiryu: "Shunrei, I'm home."
    Shiryu: "Shōryū have you been a good boy?"
    Shōryū: "papa."
    Shunrei: "Shōryū is able to write his own name."
    Shiryu: "Is that so? Aren't you clever, Shōryū? Ha ha ha."

    Page 11:
    Shunrei: "Come on, please eat a lot."
    Shiryu: "Shunrei."
    Shunrei: "Yes?"
    Shiryu: "What have I been doing today?"
    Shunrei: "Do what... the usual shopping at the bottom village..."
    Shiryu: "To the village?"
    Shunrei: "Is something wrong, Shiryu?"
    Shiryu: "N... No, it's nothing."

    Page 12:
    [Time had lapsed]

    Shiryu: "phew..."

    Page 13:
    Shōryū: "Father."
    Shiryu: "Shōryū."
    Shiryu: "Are you leaving?"
    Shōryū: "Yes."
    Shiryu: "When you go to the town school, work hard at your lessons."
    Shōryū: "Yes. Father please also take care of yourself."

    [Time had lapsed yet again]

    Page 14:
    Shiryu: "Umm ... what's the staff that had always been placed here?"
    Shiryu: "Is it someone's memento?"
    Shiryu: "Mmm..."
    Shiryu: "I can't recall."
    Shiryu: "Roshi, I'm lacking something!?"
    Shiryu: "What is it that I'm lacking!?"
    Dohko: "It's forbearance."
    Shiryu: "Forbearance?"
    Dohko: "I'm not referring to garlic."

    Note: Forbearance and garlic are written the same in Japanese (Ninniku).

    Page 15:
    Dohko: "Through training of desperation you've become stronger."
    Dohko: "But you're still lacking something called endurance."
    Dohko: "No matter what enemy you face you must not give in to anger and fight recklessly."
    Dohko: "Keep an enduring and unwavering heart."
    Dohko: "If you do that the Dragon God will approve of you and grant you the precious orb."
    Dohko: "It is precisely that moment that you've grasped the so-called highest level of forbearance training."
    Shiryu: "The Dragon God granting the precious orb?"
    Dohko: "Nevermind. In case anything should happen to me,"
    Dohko: "Take this staff as memento."
    Shiryu: "Time had lapsed yet again."
    Shiryu: "I've even forgotten the memories of Roshi that I've started to remember before I knew ..."

    Page 16:
    Shiryu: "Shōryū who had returned from town also got married and expanded the family."
    Grandchildren: "Gramps! Gramps!"

    [Time passed gradually and quietly and the tranquil life continued.]
    [Then after many years and months]

    Page 17:
    [The aged Shiryu now]
    [Was about to meet his end ...]

    Shiryu: "Everyday has been peaceful..."
    Shiryu: "It has been a tranquil life with neither conflict nor anxiety..."

    Page 18:

    Shiryu: "But it's not right..."
    Shiryu: "Something's not right ..."
    Shiryu: "Is it alright to end my life like this?..."
    Shiryu: "That... That's right!"
    Shiryu: "I'm not a person that should end life like this."

    Page 19:
    Shiryu: "I'm a warrior!"
    Shiryu: "A Saint that fights to protect the love and justice on Earth!"
    Shiryu: "The place I die is not the bed of illness but the battlefield!!"

    Page 20:
    Shun: "Mmm......"
    Shun: "Kuh"
    Shun: "Tenma, are you alright?"
    Tenma: "Sh... Shun, you saved me..."

    Page 21:
    Tenma: "For an instant?"
    Shun: "I was shocked because Tenma vanished for an instant."
    Tenma: "It wasn't an instant."
    Tenma: "I was lost for a long time within the darkness."
    Shun: "Within the darkness?"
    Tenma: "Yeah, that is certainly the reality."
    Shun: "There seemed to be some absolutely incredible things."
    Shun: "Is this dimensional distortion responsible?"
    Tenma: "Now we can't carelessly leap over it."
    Shun: "Since if we get caught up in it we don't know where we'd get blown away to."

    Page 22:
    Shiryu: "Huh... huh.... huh... huh..."
    Shiryu: "Just ... Just now was it a HanDan dream (vain dream of wealth and splendor)?"
    Shiryu: "N ... No, it wasn't a dream. That was certainly reality..."
    Shiryu: "I had lived through several decades of my life..."

    Page 23:
    Shiryu: "If I didn't have this staff, I probably would have ended with a tranquil life there."
    Shiryu: "To think that there is still frailty remaining in my heart..."
    Shiryu: "But now I've shaken it all off."
    Shiryu: "I am Athena's Saint."
    Shiryu: Aiming For The Palace of Scorpio!!

    Attaining An Unwavering Resolve That Transcends Dimensions!!
    Shiryu, Dashes!!

    Chapter 78
    Page 1
    Shiryu - a gem! inside the cane that I have as a souvenir from the old mastro ... he hid this gem ?!
    Page 2
    Ecarlate - the ascending dragon that is on the back of shiryu ... is taking the gem!
    Page 3
    Shiryu - the old master once told me about patience, the hardest test of all, and that once I get it the dragon god would give me his gem.
    Page 4
    Shiryu - Perhaps the return from that calm selfish dream of happiness to the fiery battlefield has caused the dragon god to recognize me ...? Does this mean that I have an impenetrable heart that is capable of resisting any difficulty?
    Ecarlate - shiryu, I did not believe it but without a doubt now I have been able to verify it with my own eyes. Aman like you who has been recognized by the Dragon God is one who possesses an unbreakable strength and fervently follows justice. However, even if you have received the gem, your situation remains the same. That's because the damage you've received so far has already begun to worsen.
    Page 5
    Shiryu - Guwah! My blood is coming out of the wounds caused by the scarlet needle!
    Ecarlate - With this you will begin to lose all your 5 senses. your death is very close
    Shiryu - in that case, before that happens ... I must finish this fight ...
    Ecarlate - stop..
    Page 6
    Ecarlate - damn, you're a man who has been recognized by the Dragon God. I do not have the courage to take your life away. If you leave here now, you will survive.
    Shiryu - The selfish dream of falsehood is over. I refused to lead a quiet life and chose the path of a warrior. for that reason the god dragon has recognized me. If I leave this place as you are asking, the gem of my back will disappear and will not appear again.
    Ecarlate - I see ... unfortunate I will give the necessary importance to that will you have. For that reason it would be better if you die in this place.
    Page 7
    Ecarlate - I will unleash all the power of the scorpio sign to this final blow, Antares. This will be my way of showing respect to that recognized by the dragon god! Come at once.
    Shiryu - Here I go. Now you will receive the fist of the ascending dragon that has a gem in its claw. the greatest technique of dragon shiryu.
    Page 8
    Ecarlate - Scarlet Needle Antares
    Shiryu - Rozan Shoryu ha
    Page 10
    Dohko - That shockwave that came out of the Scorpio Temple… Was it due to the collision between Shoryu Ha and Antares? shiryu, although you really are the heir of Libra ... You are not a rival to Ecarlate. Shiryu .. are you dead?
    Page 11
    Shiryu - Just as expected from a Gold Saint like you, Ecarlate. I lost....
    Page 12
    Ecarlate - You are wrong, Shiryu….
    Page 13
    Ecarlate - the loser was me. Damn, you destroyed the Scorpio sting !!
    Page 14
    Ecarlate - it is admirable that you have done it while losing your 5 senses ... as it was to be expected of the man who carries the gem on his back ..
    Despite the condition your body is in, you still think about going to Athena?
    Shiryu - How many times do you want me to repeat it to you? Even if death is in front of me, I have to keep going even if I have to drag myself. When a man falls, he will always do so by leaning forward.
    Page 15
    Ecarlate - Do not move. I told you do not move!
    Page 16
    Ecarlate - I just pressed your shinoten. you will stop bleeding and with that your five senses will recover a little.
    Shiryu - Ecarlate. Why?
    Ecarlate - How many times do you want me to repeat it to you? I lost this fight.You can follow your path, go to Athena's side ..
    Shiryu - Ecarlate…
    Page 17
    Ecarlate - however, within a very short time the Temple of Ophiuchus will appear ... I do not know what is going to happen from now on. It is very likely that the next time we meet you have to take your life.
    Shiryu - I get it! until then…
    Ecarlate - In the era of myth there was a temple between the Temple of the Scorpion and the next temple, the Temple of the Centaur. That was the legendary Temple of Ophiuchus. Along with that Odysseus, will be reborn as ... the thirteenth Golden saint.
    Page 18
    Odysseus when you revive…. What will you do?!

    Chapter 79
    Chapter 80
    Chapter 81
  5. Source 1
    Source 2

    Page 166
    Hirano: Now then, it's time for us to get to work digging through these germ-filled leftovers. ...Fufufu.

    Interviewer: ...Ah, so this is where you were, you scum. What a filthy ruin. I searched for you y'know, you piece of garbage.

    Hirano: What's with you guys? This is my house! This is my house! Get out!

    Interviewer: Aah, it's been a while, hasn't it? Don't you remember our interview before? Weren't you writing a manga called Hellsing back then? I'm gonna make a zine about it this time.

    Hirano: Ah, ah you guy's! You're from that Pafu place...!

    Interviewer: Pafu isn't here anymore.

    Hirano: Get out! I don't have anything to talk about with the media, so get out!

    Interviewer: Come on now, if we release this in a magazine we'll pay you too, so you'll at least be able to buy a can of alcohol, right? Let's have an interview again.

    Hirano: Shut up! You bunch of unmannered hooligans! Leave! Now that you don't have the prestige of being with Pafu you aren't scary to me at all!

    Interviewer: AH? You wanna bring it on? It seems you don't learn even if brought to the brink of death twice now, you dimwit!

    Hirano: Bring it on! C'mon now!

    HELLSING Memorable moments...

    Interviewer: (While washing a pair of bloody brass knuckles in a ditch) 3 years have passed since the series' conclusion, but looking back on it, what does Hellsing mean to you?

    Hirano: (Tch)

    Interviewer: Ah?

    Hirano: Ah, it's nothing... sorry.

    Interviewer: Do I need to repeat the question?

    Hirano: Ah... it's fine... Sorry.

    Interviewer: And?

    Hirano: Ah, I guess it's just youthful enthusiasm or... Well I just did it however I wanted to... Really sorry.

    Page 167

    Hirano: that’s about all I can say… At any rate it was my first long-term serialization, so I decided to do everything I wanted to do, and it was a work that resulted from tossing everything in.

    Interviewer: One would call that “youthful zeal”, but I wonder how youthful zeal could lead to destroying England.

    Hirano: It got translated and published in many countries, but it doesn’t have an English release. Even when it’s published in Polish, Czech, and Russian.

    Interviewer: Serves you right

    Hirano: But I don’t regret it.

    Interviewer: You should. Aside from the prequel THE DAWN, do you have any plans to draw spin-offs and such?

    Hirano: The prequel story isn’t finished, so I would like to draw that. Though I don’t have any place to draw it for. Regarding the main story, I consider it a completed work. So I’m not particularly interested in drawing anything like a sequel. That story has ended.

    Interviewer: And the final chapter does effectively serve as a sequel. Die

    Hirano: Did you just say “die”? Well, that’s true. I already drew a sequel there, so if I try to continue any further it’ll only become a sequel to the sequel.

    Interviewer: Okay, then give us some secret HELLSING trivia that you can reveal now.

    Hirano: I pretty much revealed them all in the Puff interview, you punk. Like Heinkel being a futanari. I originally meant for it to be a joke, but people started asking me “Is she a futanari? Does she have a dick?” and I had to draw her with “Heinkel is a futanari” on my mind ever since, you know. The anime OVA staff even had to change Heinkel’s VA from male to female when I told them “Turns out Heinkel is a futanari”. It’s all your fault. I hear they originally planned Sugita-san for the role. Don’t you feel bad for Gin-san? Apologize to Gin-san.

    Interviewer: I don’t care, that’s just how you feel. So, are there any moments or scenes that have a special place in your heart?

    Hirano: There’s one. That time I wasted an entire chapter on The Major’s speech. It took balls to show the script to my editor for the first time. “He gives a speech this chapter and that’s it”, how crazy is that? He’s like Tonegawa on the Espoir. I did check with them several times, mind you. “Are you really okay with this? I’m going to draw it for real. Are you sure?” I’ll never forget the chief editor giving me a look that said “Yeah, but… Yeah, but…”

    Page 168

    Interviewer: Even the anime staff too, when they make the anime, doesn’t it seem that they think in their heads, ‘what shall we do with this?’ Standing for six and a half minutes, the fatty, pretending to be like Chaplin, chatted by himself with reckless abandon. This doesn’t seem possible (normally)

    Hirano: It seems that the voice fitter, Asukada-san was also in a difficult situation, you know. I am very sorry.

    Interviewer: In manga, since there are a lot of characters, things like phototypesetting and proofreading seem very difficult. Manga artists don’t understand things like the troubles of editors face. Go die

    Hirano: Shut up. You go die.

    (Omission due to profanity)

    Interviewer: Please tell us about what you remember from the event that you went to.

    Hirano: I accidentally came across a gay parade in the city, and it was quite amazing. Large numbers of gay men who bring up Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga paraded on a pink track.

    Interviewer: Since it was only gays, was it really an accident? Lol

    Hirano: I’ll beat you to death. Afterwards, the civilians saw that they made a small museum like thing and displayed a heap of V1 rockets. The civilians thought ‘what a bunch of unexploded bombs, worthless’. Then I went to a small army museum. They were showing this movie that was like 'look at all the terrible things our army did to the Japanese army!' Then, the old dude that was standing there (some museum staff) looked at me with the most self-satisfied look on his face. He really did! I'm sure of it!"

    Then Hirano describes himself getting pissed off about this (and possible erect) and fantasizing about getting back (at this old dude? possibly?)

    Interviewer: People who draw manga out of frustration are the worst, aren't they? By the way, there are lots of different types of aircraft and missiles in your manga, plus the characters use a wide variation of weapons, but out of these are there any you like in particular?

    Hirano then talks about how the doesn't particularly care about an accurate depiction of weapons in his manga and is just like "whatever" as long as it looks ok in the picture. Like, he draws Alucard's weapon from whichever angle looks better. It also has an endless supply of bullets.

    Then he describes a scene in which Millennium vampires" attack a mansion.. Bernadotte uses the directional anti-personnel mine, the Claymore, it's not like he would really destroy tankers in a big explosion like that.

    Page 169

    Interviewer: As for the weapons that have been drawn, somebody mentioned that Father Anderson's bayonet, and Lieutenant Rip Van’s musket gave off a very special impression.

    Hirano: Who said that? Isn't the bayonet cooler? The shape of the bayonet itself is pretty interesting. Well, same goes for the musket guns too, Mami-san.

    Interviewer: No! Mami-san wasn't even yet there at the time!

    Hirano: Tits.

    Interviewer: I am confused! Anyway, what about Zorin's large scythe?

    Hirano: Well, I had to put a tattoo on Zorin just so she could stand out as a character. Her external appearance had these tattoos that covered half of her body and what was called glaring so I thought why not give her a huge scythe too. To be honest, I hate Zorin the most, so in hindsight I should have made her hold shit instead. It was a pain in the ass to draw her tattoos, she had weak character, and she had no appeal. This is a triple handicap right here. Am I Helen Keller? So I thought of balancing it with a large scythe. I also thought of letting her fight barehanded without any weapons, but then again... She's not Shizu-chan, you know!

    Interviewer: Hey, Shizu-chan wasn't even a boxer back then.

    Hirano : Anyway, it's just way too hard to draw her! Too hard! Half of her body is covered with tattoos of spells, you know. It's not just the body too, if she stretches out a hand on the wall or the floor, how the heck am I supposed to draw her?

    Interviewer: Is this about Shizu-chan?

    Hirano: No!! Shizu-chan is a monster, right? I'm not an idiot, you know. Anyway me and my assistant drew those scenes with faces like a wet weekend. Heck, even Ash-san told me off, "Why did you get yourself into this sort of trouble, " he said. I, Ash-san, and all of my editors kept yelling to ourselves, "Let's just end our lives here!"" repeatedly.

    Interviewer: Is this about Shizu-chan?

    Hirano : Shut up! I have no friggin clue about why are you thinking this is Shizu-chan! So, right, and that's why Zorin died the most horrible death. That's just personal revenge. It is a sanction by the author myself, "You will never be drawn again!". This is the iron fist of law. I will never forgive you, and I will never let you be revived or appear again.

    Interviewer: I think you have a sickness. Leaving that aide, the battle against Zorin

    Page 170

    Interviewer: was an important battle for Seras that decided whether to "drink Bernadotte's blood and become a vampire or not", wasn't it?

    Hirano: Yes, that flow of the story was something that was decided on from the beginning. Since the "Alucard & Seras" combo was not possible, I introduced Bernadotte so I could stick him with Seras. The combos "Alucard & Integra" and "Bernadotte & Seras" were already decided when the story had progressed about 1/3 of the whole. That was an unwavering part of the unfolding story.
    Interviewer: "Shizu-chan and Yama-chan".
    Hirano: Fine, just go with Shizu-chan.

    About the side story, "THE DAWN"

    When was Walter's betrayal actually decided?

    Hirano: I think I was thinking, "let's make this guy betray" around the middle, over a pure power-related problem. By the time Alucard, who had been sleeping underground, revived, Walter is already not an existence that is completely needed by Integra in the aspect of a pure battle unit, actually, since he's clearly weaker than Alucard. And then even Seras showed up. So he really has no role other than as a literal "butler". The only jobs left for him to do are things like pouring tea and bringing out cigars. Aging also makes his power drop lower and lower. And this is the largest factor, but Walter "will definitely die earlier than Integra", so he had no choice but to become a vampire in the end. But, the Hellsing Organization does not have that technology. So there was no choice for him but to betray over to the Millennium side. Around that part was going to be shown in the side story, "THE DAWN"......but...... the side story stops halfway through. I'll write the continuation someday.

    Interviewer: Have you already thought about how the side story is going to go later on?

    Hirano: Yes. It'll probably end in about 80 more pages. Because the setting of the story is Year 1944 Warsaw, I'm thinking of letting the story unfold along with Warsaw Uprising. Since it's supposed to have been pretty busy in those days, I thought no one would notice some ghouls walking around behind the scenes.

    Interviewer: THE DAWN" had an anime version recorded during the volume 8 OVA and volume 9 special edition, and it even had been made into a booklet and added as an extra to the magazine, "Young King OURs" February 2012 issue, which gathered the attention of many fans- I was told to say that.

    Page 171
    Hirano: He is like a chick. In the Anime, young Walter's voice was Romi Park Nee-chan, so I danced. "Hurray, it's Ed-jan"

    Interviewer: Ed is Romi.

    Hirano:You are truly a former pup of the editorial department. In every series, there will be a favorite character.

    Interviewer: In the story I mentioned earlier, Zorin was your most dislike character, but who is your favorite character in reverse?

    Hirano: It is Jan Valentine. He is easy to draw to even to the extent of his death. Both clothes, hair and hat are solid, since there is no easy-to-draw characters.

    Interviewer: Eh, so that's your reason.

    Hirano: No, of course it’s not only because of that, but also because he stood out as a character. He was the most human-like…… Although he’s not human, he’s said to smell like human. It was fun drawing him because he was a more human-like character, who went on rampages as he pleases and was a smelly thug, [and things like that]. It was fun making him move. If I didn’t like it, I won’t mess around like that with the postscript of my comic book.

    Interviewer: Who else?

    Hirano: It’s Integra. I like the characters whose personalities aren’t blended together, so I like all main characters in general. Major too.

    Interviewer: In the previous interview, you said I like “Lieutenant Rip Van”, but…..

    Hirano: Since they even draw erotic illustration in Hiroe-san's doujins. Also, isn't that because they were drawing Rip van's episode about the time when they were taking the interview from a little before? As I thought, since I have feeling of attachment for characters that I was drawing then. It's just that, looking at the entire work as a whole, Rip van isn't 1st or 2nd. Although I do definitely like Rip van, it's not because I'm the creator blah blah, but I just like her in a sexual way. She has black hair, large breasts, tall height, freckles, and has her messy hair all moved back, which are all things I love that I placed on her. It's like Ramen Jiro*. In all works, at least one of this kind of character comes up, so Rip van would be that. Like, "There's no way I can add anymore topping to this".

    Interviewer: Who is your favorite character in Section 13?

    Hirano: I liked Anderson and Maxwell. However, after thinking back, I wondered if Anderson wanted a little more room.

    Page 172

    After manga volume 8 I got a little hasty and ended the battle prematurely. I think Alucard VS Anderson and Seras VS Captain had a better show of battle. The reason I think so is because I had a time limit for completion when I was drawing them.

    Interviewer: Do you have regrets when drawing the battle scenes such as, "now I could've drawn them better than I did then?"

    Hirano: The story has stayed on course with my schedule and the ending was as I imagined. So, I think my regrets are more about Dramaturgy and the climax scene in regards to "what I should have done." For example, in section 13, I have a deep attachment to Anderson, therefore I think that I didn't leave enough space for him- but the page had a time limit.

    What is an unexpected weakness of Millennium ?

    Interviewer: Father Anderson already existed in the early versions of the story, but what about Section 13, and the other members of Section 13? When were they created?
    Hirano: Before I wrote Hellsing, I wrote CROSS FIRE in which Yumie and Heinkel were its main characters, and an organisation called Section 13 was introduced. Therefore, when Anderson was introduced in HELLSING, Section 13 as an organisation was already created. This team of Yumie, Heinkel, Maxwell, and Anderson already existed as an organisation opposite of the Hellsing institute. To be honest, there were more characters, but since the story's focus isn't Hellsing vs Section 13, I reduced it to these 4. Yumie and Heinkel already existed way before HELLSING was written, and back then, a character who Maxwell was based on also existed.

    If Anderson wasn't here, it wouldn't have become an organization where the thirteenth division would oppose to the Hellsing Organization. Every character was too weak. I thought about a character that could go against Alucard, and decided to create Anderson. When you look at it from that perspective, there isn't a character that could go against the Alucard in Millennium. I thought about putting the captain in that position, but he isn't strong enough. Even if the captain joined the battle between Alucard and Anderson, I don't think he would win. Even though the Millennium is the central evil organization, they aren't strong enough to fight Alucard.

    Page 173

    Interviewer: If I'm correct, the only person Alucard sees as a rival is priest Anderson.
    Hirano: On the opposite side, it doesn't seem like Alucard struggles in his fights with Millennium. He just full comboes him, grins, and it's over. He lost once with when the Major got involved, but in the end Millennium isn't really strong enough a character to be considered a rival.
    Interviewer: In regards to the Captain, there's still the question of whether or not he's actually hostile towards the Hellsing organization.
    Hirano: Right, that's the feeling. He's kinda just a war machine, the mental depiction was intentionally made thin. In regards to the Hellsing Organization and the 13th Section, I don't think the Captain held a grudge or did things because he saw them as a rival. Within Millennium, before the major created the organization, the Captain was the only one who was actually an armed guard, and so he was just like a war machine that acted with no relation to a creed/belief.
    Interviewer: Rip van and Zorin had fought as if they wanted to and could win against the Hellsing Organization, but compared to them, the Major and Captain gave off the impression that they wanted to fight and die flashily.
    Hirano: Right, I definitely think there was that kind of feeling. Ripvan was overconfident in her abilities and so she probably thoughts he could win. Of course, it wasn't as if the Major and Captain were fighting to die, but rather while thinking "I want to fight and die," they also thought "We can win if we do it right." Well, the Major and them were people who were left behind by time and failed to die, and so you could say their views on life and death were different from normal people... But, if they really thought they just wanted to die, they would have just ran in unarmed and so at worst, it's just the thought of wanting to fight. I think they just wanted to fight with everything they had.
    Interviewer: That's also connected to the Major's last line where he says "It was a good fight." right.
    Hirano: I drew it with the intention of showing that the Major fought with everything he had. In actuality, according the the Major's calculations, it was a fight where he should have been able to win. If Zorin didn't go berserk, the Headquarters would've been taken out; the 13th Section and Hellsing Organization working together was beyond his calculations. But the Major liked both winning and losing so he was probably thinking something like "In war, unexpected things can happen." Just as long as it was war, he'd put his all into thinking of plans.

    Page 174

    Interviewer: Those results, if they defeated the Hellsing Organization, I suppose they would’ve started another war as well, right?

    Hirano: Oh, I think they’d start one, and if they had vampires all over the world, next they’d probably start a civil war together. The Major really wanted to have a big war. With that meaning, he’s an easy to understand character. Though he is war crazy, because he isn’t combat crazy, his combat ability doesn’t really matter. To him, no matter what he was doing, it was always a war. Even if he’s eating food, it’s a war, even if he’s sleeping, it’s war, preparation time leading up to war is also war. All that piles up, and he only wants to say “Yes, it’s a big war!” Those results, both winning and losing are fine. In the story, the path that this person is on, because it’s only for the purpose of war, he has a bad personality.

    Hellsing is a work that I wrote for me

    Interviewer: How is the reaction of the new readers who knew “Hellsing” as a result of the serialization of “Drifters”?

    Hirano: Are there really those kind of people? If there are, I am very grateful. I think “Hellsing” is something that everyone could read rapidly. Yea. Please read, please drink, please hug.

    Interviewer: What are some of the things you hear from your readers through things like fan letters?

    Hirano: I don’t get fan letters

    Interviewer: What is the estimated gender ratio of your readers? Hirano: Probably 9 to 1, no matter how much I think about it

    (Following: including the editor in charge and why they’re excited by the development expectations of “One Piece”, all cut because it has nothing to do with Hellsing)

    Interviewer: So the conclusion is that Nami’s clothes and hairstyle are more erotic now than before?

    Hirano: Don’t cut this part!

    Interviewer: Just the hairstyle then (laugh)

    Hirano: *grr*

    Page 175

    Interviewer: Hellsing has even made it overseas, and you (hirano-sensei) have gone to many conventions overseas as well but, could you tell if there was any difference between
    the reactions you got from the fans overseas to the ones from your fans inside japan?

    Hirano: in the conventions overseas,the fans go crazy no matter what. I heard things like "You rock!" or"Hell yeah!." they're always so hyped. It makes one think "Wow, I'm
    really famous." But, for the most part, it's just "Wooow!" or "Holy cow!" It's kind of similar to the reaction one gets when being introduced as a guests on "telephone shocking" That's why I'm not sure if there's really a difference. I'm just a japanese mangaka drawing stuff for japanese readers, and only for a small amount of them. Rather, It'd be more fitting to say that I draw for people like me. So, I'll be
    happy as long as there are middle schoolers out there smirking while reading the stuff I draw.
    Interviewer: was there an scene or episode in hellsing so difficult to draw that made you think it was a pain the ass?
    Hirano: Zorin's tattoo.
    Interviewer: Yeah, I heard about it. That must've been difficult to draw.
    Hirano: another one was the airship.That's because I only had one copy of it, and also because no real plane resembled it, so it was quite an ordeal. Oh, and Anderson's
    thorns. I lost the count of how many times I thought "Please no more thorns!!" Seriously, I even think it became a trauma. The kind of trauma a small girl would get from being raped by a monster of thorns something like that.
    Interviewer: go shutter island. and, well,I guess that's the "suffering of giving birth" or rather, the suffering of being a manga artist.

    Hirano: I didn't experience any difficulties aside from drawing. Because I loved writing the story and drawing its characters. But well, drawing manga is harsh.
    Interviewer: did you ever find yourself in the kind of situation where you had to say "This looks difficult to draw, so let's go with this one"?
    Hirano: Actually, I always get a single idea for everything. So, I have no choice but to draw that. Because of that, I always end up falling behind in the drawings, which puts me and the ones in charge in quite a predicament. I'm always causing them trouble.
    Interviewer: Next question, what was the thing you enjoyed drawing the most?
    Hirano: I love drawing villains, so I'm glad I got to draw many of them. Whenever I feel like drawing a villain, I always look for ways to avoid drawing them in an orthodox way.
    Interviewer: is there anything you'd like to say to all the Hellsing's fans out there?
    Hirano: I know it's been 3 years since the serialization came to an end, but I want to thank you all for reading it. I also Invite you all to watch the OAV's. I'm currently
    drawing a manga called "drifters" so if you guys have some free time, please read
    that one too.
    Interviewer: lastly, how about a word to all those who are planning or want to read hellsing?
    Hirano: This is a chuunibyou manga in which a chuunibyou author poured all his time and effort to draw for all the chuunibyou people out there, so if you are one, please give it a try. Thank you very much.
    Interviewer: Wow, take care.
    Hirano: Likewise.