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  1. After finishing the original game and Interlude, now it's onto this. Obviously there will be spoilers.

    - It refers to the events of the main game as being 'long ago', so I wonder how far in the future this takes place.
    - Is this guy Cecil and Rosa's kid? I guess he is.
    - What's this 'bands' setting in the menu? That wasn't there before
    - This moon phase mechanic seems like it will be annoying
    - Oh, here's the explanation for the bands. Combo moves... at least that's a neat idea. A bit of a convoluted way to do it, though.
    - First boss of the game. And the battle ended when I reached 1 LP? Oh well, DeM powerup, I'll take it.
    - Is this another boss battle? It had the glass shattering effect but these guys look like normal enemies.
    - Normal enemies for a higher-level party, that is. They nearly killed me.
    - Now Cecil is only level 15... I expected at least level 20
    - Finally a new party member, that's useful
    - What's this deal with the two moons?
    - Another new party member!
    - "These guys are like nothing we've fought before"? I distinctly remember fighting a lot of guys like this in the main game...
    - That next boss was really annoying... the guy after him wasn't so tough, though.
    - Oh boy, this doesn't look good... yeah, I didn't think I would win this. But if I had my stats and equipment from the first part of the game...
    - The tower disappeared? I must have forgotten that.
    - Who's this guy?
    - Older Porom looks cool
    - I'm going to grind a bit before going to the next dungeon
    - Dammit, I hate teleporter mazes
    - I'm guessing the guards are hypnotized or something
    - These dungeons are exactly the same as the ones in the first game...
    - Is Cecil brainwashed too?
    - The soldiers are actually monsters again...
    - That boss would have been tough had I not had Float...
    - Was the mist from Rydia's dragon?
    - Challenge Dungeon? Eh, I'll save that for later.
    - Okay, which one to pick next? Rydia seems as good as any.
    - Flashback to Ceodore's birth? Whatever.
    - Here's Rydia's weird doppelganger...
    - Damn, how many times is this girl going to lose her summoning power?
    - Now the dwarf girl joins my party? Sure, I'll take her.
    - Two more party members? Creepy ones, but okay.
    - How exactly do the phases of the moon matter when we're underground?

    - Sealed Cave again? I can guess what the boss is going to be...
    - Is it possible to actually kill these trap doors before they turn into other monsters?
    - Seems it is...
    - Rydia is becoming genre savvy now
    - Well that wasn't hard, despite the RNG not really working in my favor in that battle
    - Flashback to the original game now?
    - If this girl is supposed to be a clone of Rydia or something, how come her hair is a different color?
    - And of course the crystal gets taken, just like it always does
    - I knew we couldn't trust those damn dolls... at least they were easy to beat
    - If the ship is crashing, why did they fly it over the ocean before landing? That makes no sense.
    - This dungeon is annoying, but the healing pot is helpful
    - Fire turtle boss, not that hard despite the gimmick
    - Oh, this ain't good...
    - Damn, I wish I had the float spell right about now
    - A scripted end to the fight? Hey, I'll take it.
    - Well, that's it for Rydia's tale. I'll do Kain's next.
    - I loaded the clear data from Ceodore's tale, I think. Let's see how that impacts the game.
    - At least we start off with decent stats and equipment.
    - Great, now I have to climb all the way back up the mountain...
    - Okay, where am I now? And do I have to fight another evil doppelganger? That's getting pretty old.
    - Well it's not a fight, but now we have the battle music in the main game screen, which is weird.
    - Wow, I wish Kain could do that in the actual game instead of having to attack enemies one at a time...
    - Is Kain being mind controlled again? Sheesh
    - Fuck, I hate this teleporter maze. At least it's fairly straightforward this time.
    - Now this annoying maze again... geez
    - Good thing that I remember where all the secret stuff is from the last time I was here
    - Figures that girl is controlling the castle guards
    - Is Kain contractually obligated to help the villains in every game or something?
    - Now I'm in control of the kid again... whatever
    - Blood Sword? Hope it's as good as it was in II
    - I can't help but wonder why there are treasure chests sitting on ledges of a mountain that just collapsed...
    - Fighting my evil clone again, yawn... Was I supposed to lose that, though?
    - So the controlled soldiers are really zombies? How did that happen?
    - Kain is going to kill Edward now... well, probably not. But it would be funny if he did.
    - I have a feeling that all of these fights with Kain are rigged
    - Another rehashed boss. Yawn.
    - Okay, Cid is in my party now, but why isn't Edward?
    - I have to take Kain on one - on - one. Sheesh...
    - Oh, now I have jump. Calling it now, the hooded guy is Kain's good side and the other Kain is his evil side, or something...
    - Kain's new outfit is cool though. Well, that's that, I guess.
    - Weird, Ceodore and Kain's tales have stars next to them indicating they're completed, but Rydia's doesn't, even though I'm pretty sure I did complete it...
    - Yang's tale next, and it starts with a battle immediately. An easy one, though.

    - Boss battle already? At least I have 4 party members
    - Okay, I think I'm leveled up enough to start heading for the crater now.
    - Why are we fighting fish on dry land?
    - So are the Sylphs the ones who buried those guys and set up the gravestone? Because I don't know who else could have.
    - I notice that these guys aren't classified as zombies like the other soldiers
    - And now they have monsters working for them?
    - So does this take place before Kain overcame his evil side?
    - Honestly at this point we should just let anyone who wants take the crystals, since they always end up doing it anyway even if we beat them
    - Fuel tank? Going by the sprite, isn't this a sailing ship? Just use the wind
    - This dungeon is a lot longer than I expected...
    - So our normal attacks could only do 1 damage to the boss before but now that Ursula learned a new move we can do more damage with them? That makes no sense
    - And we have to walk all the way back through the dungeon...
    - And that's it? Cliffhanger. Fine, I can deal with that.
    - Palom's tale next, arbitrarily.
    - And it seems he's going out of his way to be especially unlikable.
    - I almost didn't find the chocobo forest... it's kind of well-hidden here
    - So in order to get a political position, you just need to be strong enough to climb a tower filled with monsters. I can see no way that would create incompetent rulers...
    - I do like the gradual magic instruction in the tower
    - I wish I had higher level spells for this water area
    - Dammit, do we really have to go back to the magnetic dungeon where you can't have any metal equipment? I hate that place
    - The Dark Elf is back, just because they need to rehash every boss battle from the original game, it seems
    - Okay, where did Leonora just disappear to? And did Palom just turn himself to stone?
    - Pointless boss fight, and the bad guys get the crystal, as always. I'd honestly be shocked if they didn't.
    - Weird, it's showing that Yang's tale also doesn't have a star next to it, like Rydia's...
    - I'll do Edge's tale next, and it starts off with a battle right away. At least it's an easy one, like the one with Yang earlier.
    - A choice of characters? Didn't I just do that? Oh well, let's go with Gekkou.
    - For some reason I can't figure out how to run away from battles, which is really annoying
    - I've used a save state, so I want to see what happens if I try fighting her
    - Yeah, that's pretty much what I expected. Okay, time to do this the right way.
    - Okay, next character. Zangetsu.
    - Man, this guy sucks at disguising himself.
    - Is this boss just a normal enemy from later in the game? Either way, he went down pretty quickly.
    - Izayoi next. I think I'll save at the first opportunity and resume this later.

    - Okay, how come other characters can't just climb the walls when they find a locked door?
    - I killed that boss before it even got to attack me once
    - Okay, last character, Tsukinowa. Let's hope it's as easy as the previous ones.
    - I'll save here and resume later.
    - So a black mage assigned to guard duty is terrified of toads. Great security.
    - No random encounters on the world map... that's suspicious
    - Why didn't Porom grab that chest right there?
    - He can walk on water with pure speed? Never seen that trick in this series before
    - Okay, I'm Edge again. Let's see what we have to do.
    - In-fight backup, that works for me.
    - So how do I avoid this bitch? There doesn't seem to be any other way to go...
    - So it looks like I have to fight her after all. Probably going to lose, but I wonder if I can steal anything from her?
    - It says the Hellfire attack missed, but the cutscene implies it hit us...
    - Okay, I keep getting ambushed by Ifrit, and I'm guessing I'm supposed to run away from him, but again, I can't figure out how to fucking do that! None of the online guides help, and the control mapping thing in the emulator won't help either.
    - I figured out how to make my party members spin back and forth quickly which might be the prelude to running away, but they never actually do, I keep getting the message to run away and then nothing happens
    - Online it says that the M key will do it, but it doesn't, and it isn't mapped to anything in the emulator
    - Okay, I figured out that Edge's smoke ability does the same thing... but still, this is a problem
    - Doesn't one of these guys have a giant kite he can glide on? Why not use that after jumping?
    - Okay, Edge's tale is done. Porom next.
    - I'm playing a flashback as a kid now? Fine, hope it's over soon and something more interesting happens.
    - We're still in a flashback, but a few years ahead. Is this entire story going to take place in the past? I sure hope not.
    - I think that I'm not high level enough to fight this boss... I beat it, though
    - Okay, again another part of the flashback. I hope that it's over soon.
    - Luca and Cid are with me but they're not part of my party for some reason
    - I notice we're not being damaged by the floors like before, which is nice
    - I just noticed that I still have Rydia's summons here. Neat. Too bad she doesn't have that much mana at this point.
    - Weird, Palom is stuck at level 20 and it says he has 0 exp to his next level but he's not leveling up. And I doubt he's capped at there because Porom is at level 21.
    - Finally the flashback's over.
    - Seems the bad guys hijacked the spaceship. Smart move.
    - I also see the frog ninja spy from earlier...
    - So is this before Kain stopped being evil again? He doesn't seem to want to kill Cecil, though...
    - If they're after the crystal, why did they bypass it to fight the elder?
    - Another easy boss
    - And another impossible one...
    - Oh, so it is back before Kain stopped being evil (again)
    - Edward next it seems.
  2. Yeah I saw it. I'll just give a quick overview here.

    The good stuff:

    - I liked a lot of the different environments/backgrounds, especially the crashed Death Star ruins. Very atmospheric
    - Rey being Palpatine's granddaughter and the idea of her struggling against her own inner darkness was a decent idea, although introduced a bit too late in the film trilogy if you ask me
    - Had some epic moments, like the arrival of the fleet
    - Ian Mcdiarmid's performance as Palpatine was one of his best
    - Speaking of Palpatine, his fleet-stunning lightning storm, although it didn't make much sense, was still cool
    - Cameos from Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Billy Dee Williams as Luke, Han, and Lando
    - The way Rey beat Palpatine actually sort of made sense (if you handwave away their sudden ability to channel all the power of every previous Sith and Jedi), because there would have been a lot more Jedi than Sith in the history of the galaxy
    - Chewie finally got his medal

    The bad stuff:

    - Too many plot holes to enumerate. One that particularly annoyed me was everyone seemed to forget that deflector shields were a thing. Also how the fleet had to stay in the atmosphere of the planet and couldn't take off because... reasons
    - Aside from a brief mention of cloning, they never explained how Palpatine returned. Going more into detail with that like in Dark Empire would have been better.
    - Lame chain-reaction planetbusting weapon... a BDZ style bombardment that showed the planet's surface glowing and melting would have been much better IMO
    - Kylo/Rey shipping... just no
    - Leia could have had a much better death scene
    - A lot of pointless new characters were introduced that didn't really impact the plot much (Poe's old girlfriend, that female ex-stormtrooper, that cone droid, etc.)
    - Despite being 141 minutes long, it felt rushed, as every scene just went by so quickly and it felt like they were just trying to get to the next one
    - Every attempt at humor fell flat
    - The ending. So she just decides she's a Skywalker now? IMO it would be better if she answered the question the same way she answered it before - saying she was 'just Rey', no family name.

    Overall I would say it was better than TLJ, but not by that much.
  3. Previous Entry

    Onepunch Man: The odd numbering of chapters makes it hard to find where I left off. Also, I've actually seen/read a lot of spoilers for these, as well as reading the webcomic, so I'll try to pretend like I'm seeing them for the first time, at least a bit. Okay, I think I found where I left off. It's pretty funny when Murata switches from the serious to the chibi/ONE type art style. It's weird reading chapters that aren't even past the second season (which I've already watched). And Sneck gets fodderized, as is typical. The quality of these scans isn't very good, but I can still appreciate Murata's art. Drive Knight is also looking badass. Pig God is also the Kool-Aid Man, confirmed. Bone gets power from drinking milk, like Mr. T. Except he's not nearly as powerful. Taking out the octopus' eyes didn't seem to work. And Tatsumaki has to finish it off. Haragiri's monster design is cool. I have seen attempted calcs for this Atomic Slash feat, but I'm not sure about them. Either way, it's cool. Choze wants to kill, but do you get disqualified if you do that in this tournament? This is one of the many fights that were better in the manga than the rushed anime. I find it kind of odd that Tatsumaki could only lift Saitama a few feet off the ground in the webcomic (for some odd reason), but Suiryu can kick him so much higher. And I think that was the last cool thing we've gotten to see Tanktop Master do. It seems that Suiryu's speech about heroes is one of the few things that can actually get through Saitama's apathy and really upset him. Figures this would happen, as it's the only way Saitama could lose, via disqualification. Suiryu says he lost for the first time ever, does that mean that master he was talking about who trained him also never beat him? Because that doesn't make much sense. Wait, this is the version of the chapter with Gouketsu's original face, I've seen the newer version and it's different. Maybe I should switch to another site to read this... Choze is definitely a Nazi analogue. I wonder if anyone calced that cloud parting feat? Seeing Sneck actually accomplish something and be heroic is a nice change of pace. A bonus chapter about disaster levels, informative. If they don't know who defeated it, won't they just give the credit to King like always? Suiryu should have just played dead and hoped Bakuzan left. I get Suiryu underestimating Saitama's chances against Gouketsu, but Genos should know better. It was always a disappointment that the Gouketsu fight happened off-panel, but at least we did get one panel of it. And of course Prisoner keeps a phone in his ass. King's attempt at an inspirational speech to Saitama was like Saitama's attempt at one to Genos. I have a theory that maybe Watchdog Man's powers only work in Q-City, and if he leaves it he becomes powerless. Creepy pic of Sonic. Of course if he becomes a monster he still won't beat Saitama, but Saitama won't spare his life either. Since Armored Gorilla was created with cybernetics and genetic engineering, does that mean he doesn't have the immorality and bloodlust that most monsters have? I don't get the point of Gyoro-Gyoro trying the peaceful coexistence ruse when all of their actions up until then have been murderous and violent. These kids hide out in a shack in the woods to look at porno mags? Did they just forget that the internet exists or something? With how wounded Garou is, this is one of the best endurance/stamina feats I've seen. Or at least one that personally impressed me a lot. There's the Abandonment technique. I remember in the anime they changed the color of the Death Shower technique to make it look less like a real gun... Now a bonus chapter about Glasses. If that one technique Bang and Bomb used is weaker than the Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist, why not try the latter instead? Loving the art here. Now we finally get to the part where Season 2 of the anime ended. Saitama and King are playing Pokemon now. I think Gyoro-Gyoro misunderstands Garou's true character. Yeah, I don't see submitting to the monsters working. Now it seems to be hinting that Glasses is the next one who will break his limiter. I believe Garou still isn't fully healed at this point. That's why Royal Ripper and Bug God are giving him so much trouble. That dog head monster is just insanely goofy looking. Was that some foreshadowing of God? I believe the theory that G5 is Drive Knight has some basis. Garou just one-shotted Royal Ripper, which was awesome. And he's now using Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist too. I'd say he's definitely level Dragon at this point. That's a pretty dangerous guard dog - I wonder if anyone calced any of those blasts. Now we get the explanation of the zenkai boost like training method. And I believe this is our first glimpse of Psykos in her true form. Now it's Garou vs. Orochi, which I had been waiting for. I can definitely see how his design was inspired by Biollante. How do they make satellites with thermal sensors that only detect monsters? Genos' new arms look cool. Now the invasion begins, the art is gorgeous. Even the lower rank heroes are doing really well. Atomic Samurai is a douche but he can at least back up his boasting to a point. I'm pretty sure the chapter cover calling Flashy Flash FTL is hyperbole. That was still an impressive fight, though. So many monsters thinking they're the strongest, yet they're all weaklings in the big scheme of things. Too bad Child Emperor has to use up all of his best weapons now so he won't have them for later. That melting feat could be calced, probably. Short chapter, compared to many of them around this point. So he brought the Subterraneans back to life, as this was originally their home. Now that's a pretty epic finisher. Redrawn version of the chapter? Sure. Yeah, that was better. Seems even the other monsters hate Pureblood so much they would like to see Zombieman kill him. He bent those metal bars with his bare hands, showing that he does have superhuman strength. Nice bullet cutting feats by Iaian (or however you spell his name). Was that his attempt at an Atomic Slash? Even if I hadn't read the spoilers, I'd know Amai Mask was going to kill all of them. I think Prisoner is clearly stronger than Tanktop Master now. I like four-armed Bug God's design. It's also interesting to see an esper vs. esper fight, which is something I don't think has been done before in the manga. Now this art of Orochi is awesome. Honestly it's a shame to see him go out like that, but there's still the possibility he might return somehow. And King's luck saves him again. Animated cover page? Never seen that before (although there was that animated page in the webcomic). And here's Atomic Samurai vs. the evil Teletubby. I guess he can be killed if he is reduced to dust quickly enough before he can split his body. Now it's our first glimpse of what will probably end up being the final villain of the series. Now we're getting to the part where the Executives start overwhelming the heroes. Looks like Garou got another zenkai. That's a cool side note about the inspiration for the architecture. I like how they draw Nyan here, makes him look very menacing. Gearsper is actually doing something with his powers? So does the mask restrain his powers instead of enhance them? Now maybe we'll finally see what Drive Knight can do... and if he was G5 after all. These chapters were pretty awesome, I give them an 8.4/10. It would have been perhaps even a point higher if the chapter numbering and navigation wasn't so annoying.

    Gunnm Mars Chronicle: This scientist guy creeps me out. I wonder if Erica is going to use this poison on Muster. She used it on the scientist first... he should have expected that, with being asked to show her exactly how it works. Wonder where those piles of bodies are from. Using corpses for building materials? That's kind of gruesome. Practical, though. Now we're back to treasure hunting. It's a shame the story summary paragraph in this chapter wasn't translated, as I could use it after so long of a break. Haboob? Sure it means dust storm, but it's a funny word. Can weather like this actually exist on Mars, or is it because terraforming has altered it somewhat, even though this is supposed to be the unmodified surface? I figured the code involved latitude and longitude coordinates. Isn't this just a copy of a previous chapter? Back to Yoko now... Uh, you know that's not actually how Kafka's Metamorphosis ends, right? So now they found the real treasure location. This is like Indiana Jones in space. So he just shoots the guy who helped him. I like when they use and explain real-world scientific and mathematical concepts in manga like this. So this guy wants to take the treasure and leave everyone else to die. There's always someone like that in these situations. LMAO@ that face. Yeah, I figured something like that would happen to him. Is everyone in this universe a bloodthirsty backstabber? And every buried treasure has a deadly trap. A nasty cancer trap, at that. And everyone here also seems to be a torture fanatic. If you ask me, the author is trying too hard to be grimdark, with everyone being pointlessly cruel to each other for no logical reason. The art is good, though. And here we go with the betrayal again. Okay, so we got Muster's backstory, but is it really all that important? Odd philosophy... Wait, Yoko was born from Kagura's mask tumor? I thought they tried to create bodies for those faces and failed? I wouldn't trust Erica if I were them... Seems they're escaping but an assassin is after them. That's... an amusing weapon. This guy seems to have a lot of prep against this assassin. He's still alive and fighting back, though. Oh, that explains the Elton John reference in the chapter title. Looks like he finally beat him, but then he gets gunned down by an airship. Yeah, I thought so - shouldn't have trusted Erica. Shouldn't Kagura be dead by now, if the disease is that advanced in her? So was Yoko born from one of Muster's tumors then? Or who? I never saw the BAA movie which is being advertised here - heard it was good though. So Yoko was born from a tumor on Muster's sister. But what was the treasure, if it wasn't a cure? I guess that makes Yoko technically a clone of that woman. Also, you know you're fucked up when Erica calls you cruel. Now the giant robot is going berserk. Well, that was interesting. Now a timeskip to see what happens to the girls next. Seems like Erica's still up to her old tricks. I'm guessing she's going to end up killing this fat lady too. This next one is the final chapter? Does that mean of this arc or of the entire manga? Well, looks like more detective work next. These chapters were pretty good, I give them 7.7/10.

    Dragonball Super: A disclaimer first, I've watched the entire anime (including the Broly movie, you can find my review of it on my blog too), and I've read some of the manga, and seen lots of spoilers for it (similar to OPM) but I haven't actually sat down and read through it past chapter 2, so I'll also be pretending that I am seeing this stuff for the first time, to some extent. So they're skipping right to the fight here instead of going with all of the party hijinks first, I guess this manga is more concise story-wise. Whoever is translating this is really going overboard with the swears. At least they didn't overdo Vegeta's reaction to Beerus hitting Bulma like they did in the anime. Champa can tell that the Kaioshins are spying on him? I mean I would accept that Vados could because the angels are DeM incarnate, but why Champa? I remember someone tried to calc this feat of them reaching the Kaioshin planet, but it looks unquantifiable to me as we have no idea how distant their starting location was, just being somewhere in space (and also making the trip cross-dimensional). Okay, that is some freaky-looking Beerus fanart right there. Yeah, they're definitely rushing this, they went through an entire episode or so in 1 page. They're rushing the fight too, although the part about the Kaioshins collecting the Namekian Dragonballs wasn't in the anime. It's interesting though that, instead of creating those strange shockwaves, in this case the fight is physically shaking the Kaioshin planet (and presumably many others). Still not following the inverse-square law, but a calc could actually be done by just multiplying the seismic energy of shaking all of the planets in the universe. Judging by the art, that's way above the stratosphere, but whatever. Yeah, this was way too short of a fight compared to the anime or even the movie. I'm also guessing that's a mistranslation when Beerus says he's the sixth universe's god of destruction. I see they tied the Dragonball search into Kibitoshin defusing though, that was clever. Wait, how did one of Freeza's ships get to another universe (the 6th, I presume?) I thought you needed a special technique or vehicle to do that. Did Goku just use a Kawarimi no Jutsu? Ah, the horribly unwieldy name before they changed it to 'Super Saiyan Blue'. Even the writer acknowledges it. Oh what, we're completely skipping over the Resurrection F saga? Well, considering how rushed the Battle of Gods arc was, I suppose that's for the best. I remember that someone once asked me to calc the speed of this Beerus vs. Champa fight, but I couldn't find an accurate method to get a timeframe. I see a picture of Jaco and Beerus in the background, I guess that's the one they took in Resurrection F. Zuno's planet looks different in the manga. Whis mentions his 'home planet', is that the planet where all of the Angels come from? I'd like to learn more about that. I guess instead of transferring damage to another dimension like in the anime, Botamo is just super stretchy and absorbent here. The Goku vs. Frost fight is lasting longer than the Goku vs. Beerus fight did. The narration refers to Frost as 'the Emperor of the 6th universe' but does he really hold an equivalent title to Freeza there? I thought he was just like a space pirate or something. I guess they're skipping the whole part with him putting on the good guy act and then explaining that he faked his good deeds. And surprisingly, Frost lasted longer against Vegeta than he did in the anime. I wonder if they'll ever actually follow up on the suggestion of there being Metal Men in the 7th universe. So even in SSJ1, Vegeta can't lift close to 1000 tons... that's actually way below the physical strength I estimated for even Freeza Saga characters back in the old days of the OBD. Vegeta completely failed to overpower Magetta here, making the latter come off a lot more formidable than he was in the anime. Now here's the part where it's made clear that the Galactic King is dumbing down the explanation of timeskip to explain it to Goku, by saying it's stopping time, yet so many OBDers kept insisting it was literally stopping time - because I guess they're no smarter than Goku and can't go past the dumbed-down explanation. And then even Goku figures out that he is jumping forward in time rather than stopping time, as his prediction strategy would be useless if it was the latter. So the OBDers who kept insisting Hit could stop time are literally dumber than Goku. (Okay, I'll stop harping on this now... it's just funny). I just realized I haven't commented on the art yet. It's pretty good, but nothing to write home about. I also see Toyotaro is giving a more reasonable explanation for Goku moving in the timeskip than the non-explanation we got in the anime. Yeah, this is quite different from the anime, where he couldn't power up like this, but he could extend his timeskip. Although, TBH, I enjoyed the fight in the anime more. It's also implied that Goku could have won here, whereas in the anime he would have inevitably lost. And now they're calling Zeno 'The King of All Cosmos' - Katamari Damacy reference? And Beerus now says that Zeno has the power to instantly erase a universe... implying that such power is way beyond him or the other Hakaishin. They could only hollow out the universe gradually. Now we're immediately starting the Future Trunks arc. Trunks says "they" - are Black and Zamasu both here already? How does the teacher know that time travel works that way without any practical evidence? I doubt the events of the Cell Saga are public knowledge. Has Black not seen Trunks use SSJ2 before? And he has to use IT to dodge a rock? Now it's stated that present and future Trunks have the same hair color, even though they made it different in the anime for some reason. Trunks says he wouldn't be able to touch Black no matter how hard he trained, but he got some hits in on him in the last chapter... Goku's still blocking the sword with his finger despite the fact that in SSJ2, Trunks is stronger? The future Dabura fight is longer here, which I like. Is Black implying that he can willingly travel between timelines and was looking for a specific one? Is that a view of Universe 10 from outside, based on the Daizenshuu map? Zamasu vs. Kibito now? I like the way Zamasu's introduction was done better in the anime. I notice these chapters are getting longer. Mario Kart now? Now it says Daishinkan is 'completely unparalleled in power across all universes' - I assume they're not counting Zeno. It seems Goku and Zamasu's fight isn't going to happen in the manga, and also they're revealing the twist way too soon with the exchanging bodies thing, it was done much better in the anime where Goku Black's nature was kept a mystery for many episodes. I see they're also skipping the Goku vs. Black fight in the main timeline, but that doesn't really matter that much. Black here also has the normal SSJ form. What's this about a 'northern universe'? I've never heard that term before. They also seem to be limiting the possibilities in the other timelines by having Future Zamasu say he investigated them and found nothing threatening, which kind of cuts off later plot possibilities. They're also completely dropping the part about Beerus saying that if a god kills someone it will alter the timeline rather than creating a new one. This version is doing a better job of explaining Black's power growth than the anime IMO. Apparently this version of future Zamasu is a lot weaker than his anime counterpart. He also got impaled by a streetlight pole. But he does have the ability to teleport the senzu beans out of Goku's pocket somehow... Here's something new, apparently they can only make one more trip to Trunks' timeline. Much different than the multiple trips they made in the anime. That was an interesting attack - reminds me of Hisoka's bungee gum from HxH. Now the two have killed off all of the remaining humans... they survived a lot longer in the anime. I like the more liberal use of the original SSJG form in the manga. Clever strategy by Vegeta, but if he only switched to Blue when he directly attacks, wouldn't his speed when he's trying to close the distance be slower and easily avoidable? Interesting how it's implied that Future Zamasu's paralysis can stop characters much stronger than him. Now a narrative hyperbole for Merged Zamasu... and a pretty obvious one too. Of course with the manga's version of Future Zamasu being so much weaker than the anime's version, this fusion should be weaker as well. Force Choke time now. Kind of odd but also interesting that Toyotaro has him using the Katchin blocks as an attack. The Vegeto vs. Zamasu fight was also a lot more competitive in the anime. Here's the scene where Kaioshin says Vegeto is stronger than Beerus, although I'm not sure how accurate that is. And I don't get why they have Zamasu now doing the portal punch thing, but it's always fun to see. Kind of a DeM that Trunks now has these healing powers, but it's better than the anime where he instantly mastered Mafuba, got a new form out of nowhere, and had a ridiculous Genki Dama sword attack. Goku shouldn't have told Zamasu how he got healed... The mastered SSJB is another idea that would have made the anime version better. When I heard about Goku using Hakai in the manga, I thought it didn't make sense, but now reading it in context it makes even less sense, because in this version Goku wasn't even there when Beerus used it on Zamasu, so he never even saw it before, or called it a dangerous technique, like he claims, unless I missed an entire chapter or something... He also had to focus all of his SSJB power into his arm to use it for some reason. Trunks slicing Zamasu makes a lot more sense here than in the anime. So instead of the fusion weakening his immortality, it gave it to Black too and made him into another Merged Zamasu. Gamma Burst Flash? That's a new one. I think the anime version of Infinite Zamasu was more intimidating. This one does have a time machine, though. This is a lot similar to the events of the Return of Cooler movie. So healing Goku fully nearly depleted Trunks' stamina, but Kibito can do it casually and then move on to heal Vegeta too? It doesn't really make sense that they can go to where the future Zeno is in this version, if the time ring and thus the timeline was destroyed. Now Beerus says that his Hakai couldn't have killed an immortal, so I guess Zamasu just didn't know that and took Mai as insurance anyway. I still find the Mai/Trunks shipping kind of creepy. Something strange happens to Pilaf in the future? Well it's a very different future, so it might not happen here. So the scene with Goku getting hurt by a bullet was in the manga too? That means it was part of Toriyama's original outline... It's been a few years since the BoG saga? That seems odd. The Vegeta vs. Beerus fight is a nice touch that wasn't in the anime. Sorry Vegeta, that's yet another thing that Goku is going to master before you. And the manga even states that Goku is a horrible father. Wow. Here the Zenos are playing some strange version of chess rather than the marble game they were playing in the anime. It's interesting here that Daishinkan refers to the universe with the highest mortal level as "the mightiest", as it was emphasized in the anime that it didn't have all that much to do with power. This Hakaishin battle is better than the exhibition match we had in the anime IMO. Beerus gets to show off a lot which is cool, also him using Ultra Instinct. Liquir's tail cannon just looks silly, though. Too bad we didn't get to see who would win between Beerus and Quitela. I like how Toppo beat Goku this time. This crab is a different monster from the one in the anime. What's with that weird shrinking device Jiren has? And interstellar flight under one's own power seems to be something outside of the norm for even Toppo and Dyspo. Jiren seems like a nicer guy in this continuity than the anime. Weird, a copy chapter, guess I have to find the real one on another site. Cell? A more accurate recreation than the filler scene where they re-enacted Mr. Satan beating him. Fake News? Did the translator add that or was that term used in the original? I thought 17 and 18 were originally delinquent criminals and reformed later, now they're saying they were good from the beginning and Dr. Gero made them evil? 'The evil Majin Buu was the most powerful enemy you ever faced'... except Beerus, Golden Freeza, Goku Black, Zamasu, etc. It's silly how Goku thought that guy was 17 but I like how it serves as a misunderstanding that causes their fight. I couldn't really tell what happened in that one panel, I had to read it twice to realize he headbutted him. Does this version of Kale have super pickpocketing powers or something? Goku wasn't using his full strength when fighting Toppo? I guess because he wasn't using the mastered SSJB form. They skipped the Freeza vs. the assassins fight, which is a shame. 'The one with the spiked black hair is Vegeta'... not a very useful description. Nice group shot of the team. They're really rushing the tournament, a lot of characters who got to show off their moves and gimmicks in the anime are just getting knocked out super quickly here. It's weird how I actually remember the names of like 90% of these fighters. We learn that Dr. Rota had magic, but we still don't know what kind (other than 'something that would prevent him from falling off the arena'). 'Chi Kung Pao'? That's a weird translation. The Trio de Dangers were also a lot more formidable in the anime. Dyspo stealing Sonic's catchphrase... Hit and Goku working together against Jiren is something we didn't get in the anime, and I like it. So earlier in the manga, Hit couldn't even approach SSJG power without seriously exerting himself, but now he's stronger than mastered SSJB Goku? The Time Lag technique and how Jiren overcame it makes a lot more sense than the Time Cage in the anime. It's pretty silly to complain about dignity and honor when your entire universe is on the line. The thing about Ribrianne having different standards of beauty doesn't really make sense, because I'm assuming that she considers her two sidekicks and her Hakaishin to be beautiful, and they're pretty conventionally attractive, same as 18 is. So far Krillin and Piccolo are the only team members who were eliminated the same way in the anime and the manga. IMO the art here is getting kind of lazy. Freeza knows what Legos are? TBH I'm rooting for Freeza against Caulifla here. Why is Dercori fighting HtH and not using her magic? Anilaza getting one-shotted was lame. I do like how they are going more in-depth on the secret to Kale's power, though. In general the manga has been better about powerscaling than the anime was, but the idea that Gohan = Kefla > 7 Pride Troopers > Kale > SSJB Goku and Golden Freeza is just silly. So is Goku finally using Kaio-ken or is it just being compared to it? This is the Ultra Instinct Roshi part that I heard about, and a lot of people complained about, and I can see why. I also see they're suggesting here that Ultra Instinct doesn't have anything to do with actually boosting your power. I guess Vegeta gets his powerup in the manga too, but Toppo doesn't get to use Hakaishin powers. So Dyspo and Toppo aren't even strong enough to jump that short distance after being exhausted from fighting? Freeza just namedropped a song from the anime... was that intentional? Weird how 18 doesn't care about 17 killing himself, unless she knows what really happened. This fight is really rushed, I liked the longer one in the anime. So instead of attacking the audience on purpose, one of Jiren's blasts meant for Goku just hit the stands? That doesn't have quite the impact. It's nice how they go more in-depth on Jiren's wish and motivation here, though. Goku and Vegeta's teamwork is also well-done. I heard the thing about Jiren's master being killed by a demon meaning he couldn't be revived by the normal Dragonballs, but apparently he can't be revived by angels either. I liked the way the fight concluded better in the anime. So 18 did know he was faking in this version. So 17's wish alone increased Universe 7's mortal ranking so much? Interesting how Whis takes Freeza home here. Is this statement that 17 is around the same strength as SSJB Goku and Vegeta? So they just skip over the Broly movie like they did with Resurrection F. I'm fine with that. Herculopolis? And Vegeta says he needs 5 seconds to fly there. Here's where Goku and Vegeta get taken out by a stun gun. Lots of low-end stuff here. I still want to see how they reconcile the Daikaioshin existing with each universe only having 1 Kaioshin nowadays. That looks a bit small to be an 'actual comet', but whatever. Why didn't they just have Beerus execute him? Is this material the same thing that was used to power Jaco's spaceship? Speaking of Jaco, lifting those carts is a decent strength feat for him. Interesting how Goku needs a direction pointed out to him to start searching for Moro's ki. Star Wars moment there. I like this new arc, it has an interesting premise, even if it does rely on revealing another new villain who's been around forever but we've never heard of before. The only issue is that I thought New Namek was so far away Goku couldn't even easily IT to it, so it should be way out of range of Freeza's spaceships. I'm guessing Toyotaro is a fan of Star Wars, because he often has characters using telekinesis similar to how it's used there. So the energy of the planet is that powerful compared to SSJG Vegeta? 'Shouldn't we just attack while he's charging up' - yeah, you're a few decades and series late to be asking that question. If the two of them had charged him with full power right off the bat they probably would have won, but of course that would be massively OOC. So Goku didn't have enough ki left to use IT but Moro was still amazed by how much ki he drained from him afterward? And he makes the typical villain mistake of letting them live. He's also taking his time going after the Dragonballs. I'm pretty sure they're going to have to tone down the violence in that scene if they ever make an anime version of this. I guess Buu with Daikaioshin's memories is immune to Moro's powers. He also seems to have a power boost from it. He's also fighting more creatively. Now they're doing the upper atmosphere/outer space distinction clearly. At least it's nice to know where the manga stands on this. If Moro's energy absorption doesn't work on Buu/Daikaioshin, shouldn't that also mean he shouldn't be able to eat his ki blasts? I guess Kid Buu just didn't know how to use that power when he fought. Does that mean Uub has it now? It kind of bugs me that they're treating the physics here as if this tiny asteroid had the same gravity as Earth, but I know that's a minor nitpick. I don't see why Moro can't just drain Goku and Vegeta's ki again. He wished to free all the prisoners. Is that a Metal Man there? If this guy can use TK, why couldn't he use it inside his cell? So Merus and Jaco can hold off an army of SSJ3 level guys... more bad powerscaling. Does Vegeta want to learn IT or something? Now Puipui's planet is next on the chopping block. Of course with so few planets left Moro is going to run out of food soon. Their ship is so fast it can reach planets Goku can't sense? Do we get to find out Merus' secret now? Ultra Instinct will prevent Moro from absorbing his ki? I don't see the reasoning behind that, but if it works, whatever. I thought the Ginyus were heading to Yardrat next after Namek but never actually got there. I guess Moro didn't power up these criminals Piccolo is fighting all that much, or his powerup wore off. I wonder if he can absorb 17 and 18's power. Another ROSAT? Interesting. Overall I think I liked the anime better, but these chapters had lots of good stuff, so I give them 7.9/10.
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    Kamen Rider Spirits:
    Let's see if I can remember what was going on here. I guess they're trying to repair V3's cybernetic components. So Shikoku was transported to the moon. Why blockade the bridges to the mainland then? They're not even connected anymore. ZX is doing pretty good despite being limited to only 20% of his power. This must be that tiger they were talking about. It's some kind of illusion created by this guy's killing intent or something. Is this some kind of sonic voice attack? OH SHIT, IT'S STARFISH HITLER! THINGS JUST GOT REAL. This Mikage guy is pretty strong. Looks like they beat him in the end, though. Giant Mecha time now. I wonder, is there any official explanation why they made the Heisei Riders just normal people wearing armor as opposed to cyborgs like the Showa Riders? So I guess G.O.D. and Destron are both subordinate to Badan. And they're all working to try to release some villain sealed on the dark side of the moon. Why is ZX kicking the whirlpool? Weird training method. Well, he beat the monsters, but completely destroyed that bridge in the process. These kaijin lack style... makes me miss Starfish Hitler. Who's this chick now? I'm confused as to what's going on now. There are apparently a lot more chapters of this, as well as a followup series, but they're not available anywhere I can find. I give these chapters 6.9/10.

    Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: I forget why Takao is playing the role of a schoolgirl now. She looks cute doing it, though. Seems the government is on to her, too. Uh-oh, attack of Hyuuga's robots. So Kongou survived and is being rebuilt at this Fog base? Looks like Gunzou's body is being genetically rebuilt from the ground up. I knew he wasn't really dead. They're letting Hyuuga back into the fleet? Did I miss something? Is this a flashback now? If Gunzou is seemingly so irresistible to every single Fog girl, then that seems like the best way to defeat them. Now I'm getting confused keeping track of all of these different Fog factions and their goals. I like how Iona gives the briefing and makes her and Gunzou's intentions clear. So some of the Mental Models are trying to retrieve something that the government has hidden... perhaps something relating to the Admiralty Code? And Yamato doesn't want them to get it. Takao can be scary when she wants to. So she's showing the other two these memories, to try to teach them something I guess. Now this is a rather ridiculous attitude - don't learn about or use superior technology if it belongs to an enemy... so I guess if this guy led a medieval army with bows and arrows against people with guns he wouldn't ever try to use guns himself? Retarded. Yoda? He's gotten awfully tall since I last saw him... Takao is working for Yamato now? And it seems Yamato is subtly trying to defy the Admiralty Code. So they're recreated Gunzou's body but he's a kid now, is he artificially aging faster? And he still doesn't have his mind/memories yet. This is interesting, but there should be more battles IMO. 10 Downing Street? Is it bad that the only reason I know that's where the UK government is based is from watching Doctor Who? If all of these Fog factions are going to end up fighting each other, isn't that nothing but good news for humanity? At this rate, they'll get that warhead to the US sometime around the next millennium. So now they're giving the humans energy as well as food? And the Admiralty Code doesn't have anything to say about this? They've transferred Gunzou's knowledge to his new body but not his consciousness? Odd. And speaking of the Admiralty Code... is he talking about souls literally or metaphorically? So nanomaterial has been used in the past when it was known as magic? Admiralty Code face reveal... and it means nothing. And we also have a second Gunzou for some reason. If there was a space elevator, wouldn't it have been spotted before now? Seems like mini-me Gunzou is a big deal, somehow. The Admiralty Code has a master of its own? And it's been around for thousands of years? Is she like an alien or something? Now one of the Fog owes the Hakugei's captain a favor. That could be useful. So Takao is being affected by these implanted memories too, huh? Three picosecond hacking time, that's impressive. Oh, so it was a trick and it wasn't actually that fast. Mental Models were created when some girl died in a fire? What? All of these burn victims are in some kind of stasis... I don't get it. I'm completely lost as to what's going on here now. Why does Kirishima need to breathe? Uh-oh, Iona and her crew are in trouble. Does Mutsu have 2 Mental Models? It's been a while since we've had a bona fide naval battle here, so I like this. Gunzou can sense the 'will of the Fog'? How does that work? Did I just see a character wearing a Miku Hatsune shirt? How are those plasma weapons invisible to everyone? I wish they would stop beating around the bush and just reveal the Facility 4 secret already. Iona is so good at commanding that she pretty much doesn't need Gunzou anymore. These chapters were pretty confusing, but they had some good parts and character moments, so I give them 6.1/10.

    Jaco the Galactic Patrolman: I had found the first two chapters of this years ago but now I just found the rest, so let's look at it. I think this was the first appearance of the Galactic King before he appeared in DBS. I heard someone say that he has a PL comparable to Zarbon or Dodoria, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. Yen? Is that just a mistake or did they switch to Zeni later? You'd also think an alien from a more technologically advanced civilization would be able to easily earn that money in a lot of ways. Man, Jaco is way more of a murder-happy asshole than he was in the main series... So is Jaco ever actually going to fight someone that can give him a run for his money? I know there are at least a few people that strong on Earth even at this time. Attacked by Godzilla? Well, considering that there's a baby Gamera that exists in this universe, I suppose that's not too far-fetched of an excuse. So Jaco is willing to kill earthlings for minor offenses or even wipe them all out, yet he's willing to break galactic laws and manipulate time just to save one of them? That makes no sense. You know, if they still had this time stopping machine later on, they could use it and then take the time to charge up attacks or use Mafuba or something on any given villain... TBH most of the gags here really aren't doing much for me. I guess this goes with the Dragonball Minus/Broly retcon where Goku came to Earth as a toddler instead of a baby. Also, if Omori is an 'authority on space-time engineering', why did he say that gravity control was way out of his area of expertise? Probably just because Toriyama doesn't know how closely linked gravity and spacetime are. Oh, so Yen and Zeni are used in different regions? Is that still true later on? And it looks like the 12th and final chapter is just Dragonball Minus, which I've already read. This series was nice and succinct, so I give it a 7.5/10.

    UQ Holder: So now we're revisiting the earliest (aka worst) scenes of Negima, except with a noncorporeal, naked Touta watching them. Is this Hell? Because it seems like it would qualify. And this one chapter has 60 pages, and there are dozens of more chapters to get through. What makes it worse is that the art is goddamn fantastic, but it's being wasted on this shit. I'd like the fact that they just basically stated that Negi and Eva never had any kind of romantic feelings for each other, if it wasn't done in the context of Touta being jealous. FFS. Albireo casually creating the gravity of the sun, a white dwarf, and a black hole would be impressive... if this wasn't all an illusory flashback. Some flashbacks to how Nagi met Eva, well this might actually be interesting. I remember this scene from a previous flashback in Negima. So what is this, just a pointless recap of all of the early Negima arcs? At least they seem to be condensing it a lot. Now more weird time breaking shenanigans, and MotB shows up for some reason. Her real name is Ialdabaoth... my brother is going to hate that, as he always liked that name, so now he'll get a huge Raigen Effect, or something similar. At least she just ripped Eva in half.... that tends to happen to people a lot in this franchise. Well Touta vs. MotB might be good, if only to see the former get his ass handed to him. I'd say something about it being bad writing when your story makes you want to root for the villain, but then I remembered Saitama vs. Garou. Cutting to a flashback before the fight starts? I hope it's short. I still don't see how anyone could possibly think that shipping Eva with Negi's grandson, who also happens to practically be her adopted son in the early chapters, is in any way a good idea. So MotB is using Phantasmagoria too... "This will be the final battle" - Unfortunately, I doubt that. Oh, come on, how could Eva fall for such a lame trick as changing into Nagi's form? And then Negi's. She should be way smarter than that. Well, at least the fighting here is great, and Touta is getting his ass kicked. That's a plus. Illusions of all of his naked friends crawling all over him? Is this supposed to be torture or fanservice? And he is randomly saved by Asuna? What? Apparently her soul was inside his consciousness or something. Asuna says she wasn't in a relationship with Negi, but then she says she's Touta's grandmother... Ability-wise? WTF does that mean? Her mind has merged with that of her ancestor the princess, or something... Touta got his powers from Asuna, and her powers are the only thing that can beat MotB. That's awfully convenient. I think reading this is actually more painful for me than it would be for people who hated Negima. Just try to imagine the following: There's a series you really like, with a great story, worldbuilding, a great cast of mostly likable characters, but then it ends with a disappointing anticlimax. You then hear there's going to be a sequel, but your hopes are dashed when you find out that it focuses on an obnoxiously terrible protagonist and a cast of thoroughly unlikable hangers-on, and to make it worse, all of the good characters you liked from the original are either turned into villains, hopelessly derailed and OOC, or barely even appear. The only thing to maintain consistent quality is the art. And now a mechanic where time stoppers are immune to each other's powers. That seems awfully familiar *cough*JotarovsDioripoff*cough* Is this literally a lightspeed attack? Rakan says it is and that he can't dodge it, but he can tank it. Now a temporary glimpse of the original Negi, freed from the brainwashed evil one. A plan to make all of humanity immortal is actually kind of interesting. This fight is getting kind of good. I'd love Yue and Nodoka kicking so much ass here, if they weren't pointlessly made evil. Apparently people controlled by the MotB can't be possessed. Rakan just lost an arm and reattached it like no big deal. At least as a villain he's still enjoyable to watch in action. Touta is such a Gary Stu now, actually beating Negi so much that Rakan needed to save him. Dammit, and here I was hoping Kirie would be kept to the background like she has been so far. I fucking hate that bitch. Nice to see her get stabbed, even though she won't die. Asuna/Princess appears and makes evil Negi leave because... whatever. Evacuating all of those people in a split second seems like a decent speed feat. Kirie is the worst of every tsundere trope all merged together. I also did not need to see that dream sequence. Even Kirie is breaking the fourth wall to insult the author for it... that's actually kind of funny. Oh, so that's how he saved those people... not so much of a speed feat, then. An interstellar spaceship? Great job giving us hints of things we would much rather be reading about than this shipping garbage. I think I'm beginning to understand many of the complaints about the fanservice in Negima - when it's a cast of characters I genuinely like and care about, and it doesn't interfere with the plot, I can just gloss over it. But in this series, with a bunch of characters I hate, and a nonsensical plot that I don't give a fuck about, it becomes nigh-intolerable. At least if they ship Touta with Kirie then he won't be shipped with Eva. But I have a feeling they're going to both just be part of his harem. At least Kirie got punched there. This Touta/Kirie shit is mind-numbingly awful. I haven't hated a character so much in years. This is not funny, cute, sexy, or entertaining in any way. And Chamo is back, but I never much cared for him anyway. At least Dana is back, one of the only interesting new characters introduced in this series. So now we're seeing what happened in Chao's timeline? Negi ended up with Chisame? Never would have seen that coming. And she rejected him. That was expected. Now this space fleet part is interesting, and the magical world extends beyond Mars? The entire universe has an alternate Mundus Magicus dimension? Wow, after so long we are finally getting something epic. This is the ending Negima should have had. Too bad we don't see the conclusion of the fight, though. Now that MotB lackey girl whose name I forget is going to make her move. Nice bullet dodge. A complete space and time freeze and he just escapes it even though his body is still there? So this girl was one of the MotB's failed immortality experiments. Now we're flashing back to the final battle against MotB/Nagi? The art here is astounding, and it's actually being used on something worthwhile. Damn, why couldn't Akamatsu have just ended Negima with this battle and not bothered with this sequel bullshit? Wow, he literally impaled Nagi through the chest and ripped out his bleeding heart. That's just... how the fuck can there be so many chapters of bullshit and then suddenly something this awesome happens? And there goes the 50-km asteroid. Calc fodder maybe. And Negi and Chisame eventually did hook up, which means that Chao is her descendant. Man, why couldn't they have just ended Negima like this and never made this annoying thing? Wait, are we now just getting a repeat of a previous chapter? So this guy has a limited amount of lives, it seems. But he gets video game - like invincibility after revival - of course that's a NLF when it says he's immune to all attacks. Dana is immune to timestop? And did she just use a power that I invented in the OBD a long time ago (perspective control)? Now a terrorist attack in space. This is actually getting quite good now. So they are actually bringing nuclear weapons into this. So Kirie's ability changes the past without creating a new timeline, like Whis. Except Whis is actually a good character. Running up that space elevator would be a good speed and stamina feat. And now they're actually doing the calculations for us, on-panel... reminds me of the old Akamatsu the OBD lurker theory. Hey Akamatsu, if you're reading this, kill off Kirie for good, would you? I wonder if we're going to get nuke tanking feats via pure durability now. Instead of running up the spiral staircase, wouldn't it be faster to just jump from each flight of stairs to the next through the center? And he's actually doing that now... I feel like Linkara when he reviewed the first 5 episodes of Gokaiger. Also, if he fails to stop the missile now, he can just go back and try again, can't he? This time using full speed from the beginning. But it looks like someone is trying to ruin Kirie's save point. Good, if it leads to her dying. So in RT2 mode, a 10km/s missile looks frozen. That does support the higher-end calcs. Now this is the kind of awesome scene that I loved Negima for. I see Akamatsu also did his research, as he didn't make the common mistake of having nukes explode when damaged externally. Kirie's save point is now broken so they can't rely on that anymore. Now now it's like Speed, if the train goes below a certain velocity the bomb goes off. And they even give the yield. Okay, Kirie's save point is ruined and the villain has her at swordpoint. SLIT HER DAMN THROAT! And Kirie pulls another power out of her ass, or at least claims she does. I say she's bluffing - call her bluff and kill her! Oh, so she's telling the truth, but she'll go back more than 10 years. I still say do it and undo this series. Goddammit, you almost got her. Why didn't they use that kind of detonator on the first nuke? So Gengoro gives up multiple lives to set up multiple barriers and dampen the blast. That is a decent feat. Yeah, I figured he's survive, it would have been better if he died, but oh well. And random Dragonball reference. And after that excellent arc, we get what is shaping up to be another awful fanservice chapter. What is the point of showing these memories? Oh, we're back to the Touta/Eva shipping. Sigh. And right after that show a memory of her holding him as a baby - that's not creepy at all. Now here are some flashbacks from the main timeline. Heh, Rakan making up random silly new moves. MotB is also immune to timestop, which is expected. Chisame sacrificed herself to save Negi but he still got possessed eventually, I guess in this next battle. Touta is a clone of Negi who can use these two forms of magic... too bad he got none of the likability. This is starting to drag, but at least we get to see what really happened in the time gap. We see the founding of UQ Holder, which I really don't care about. And yet another 'final' epic battle? Meh, the art is good at least. So Touta was one of many male and female Negi clones who all look different for some reason, and the only one who successfully got immortality and his powers. Meh. And Fate is using the clones as mercenary soldiers to gain data. That's actually a pretty interesting plot. Well the flashback is over, and now it seems we have a Kuromaru-focused chapter, which is likely going to suck. Oh great, and now we're going to have Touta forming pactios with all of his useless friends. These scenes were barely tolerable in Negima when they involved characters I liked, but now... I recall you could also do it by sharing blood, why not just do that? Less embarrassment for the characters and less pain for the readers. Well, the Kuromaru chapter is out of the way, and next it seems we have Karin. At least we get a cool flashback to her fighting with Eva 600 years ago. And they're railroading Karin into forming a Pactio with Touta. Typical. No, Karin, you're not the worst. That would be Kirie. But you're pretty close. Nice conclusion to the flashback fight - of course Eva won. Some decent backstory here. Random evil vampire chick? This is kind of interesting. Now we get to see how Eva got her evil reputation. Now that was an epic cross counter - they punched each others' heads into pulp. Now the evil chick is going all Alucard. Eva just kicks ass in this chapter. But now we're back to the lame shit with Touta. Okay, that was the most gratuitously unnecessary Pactio scene in the history of the franchise. And of course they keep it ambiguous whether God really exists or not, even though Karin is supposedly Judas Iscariot. And more Kirie trash. Cunt needs to die. Timeskip and now he's challenging Fate? Hope Touta gets his ass kicked again. If only those gunshots to the mouth could have been permanently effective... Okay, this fight is pretty good. But if he actually beats Fate I'm calling BS. So immortality (at least Touta's type) drains energy from the solar system. Well, that one way to beat him then. Who's this now, some guy who shows up and chops off Fate's head? There are a lot of decapitations and mutilations in this manga... Am I supposed to remember who this guy is? Because I don't. Come to think of it, in all the years they were searching for the MotB, couldn't they have just used Ayaka's artifact to directly go to wherever she was? Or is she conveniently immune to that, too? The return of Library Island is welcome. Wonderful art. So Library Island is actually a multiversal nexus that contains every possible book from every possible world? You'd figure the vast majority of them would be gibberish, or just plain illegible, then. Now we see the flashback to how we met this Lapis guy. Actually a smart plan by Touta... I'm sure it's a fluke. More interesting worldbuilding - High Daylight Walker vampires, the originals, were from a prehuman civilization on Venus? And Ba'al is back. IMO a much worse case of a cool mythological name being wasted on a lame character. Lapis is doing the Freeza/Toguro thing with his percentages of power. TBH I'd like to see a parody/lampshade of that trope some time, like someone saying 'I'm only using negative five percent of my power!' 0.1% is enough to 'rotate the Earth for a year'? Well the length of a day increases an average of 0.000002 seconds/year. That's 1.32e-10, so apply that to the Earth's total RKE to get around 3.87 gigatons, so his total power would be ~3.87 teratons. Not bad. Nice cross counter too. At least it's explained how he's getting these powerups now. And this is the second manga in a row I'm reviewing to namedrop Godzilla. And Lapis implies he could kill Touta permanently... if only. So these other UQH members are forced to serve Ba'al. Whatever. Another good fight. And Karin just blocked a colony drop. I have to say, the power scale here is getting pretty damn high, in both power and hax, beyond what Negima had. This Shishimi guy is actually pretty awesome. And Gengoro's respawn invincibility fails. And he even cut through Karin? He can cut through concepts? Apparently he can't cut through the control Ba'al has over him, though. I thought Gengoro only had 1 life left, where did he get 9 from? And this other guy can go all Kizaru, except he seems to have better control and maneuverability. So spacetime rifts can block his sword... good to know. I have to say, the style of fighting this series does where everyone is constantly losing limbs, heads, and being sliced in half but continuously coming back is kind of neat. I know Jinbei is going to miraculously survive this somehow... Shishido shook off the control, at least. Or did he? Jinbei got his dimensional powers from being hit by the A-Bomb in WW2... okay then... So if his head is destroyed he can regenerate, but it's a gamble. It also uses a lot of stamina. Ba'al is controlling Dana? I thought she was supposed to be invincible to everyone. Even Kirie has a hax fighting ability now? Geez. And I know it was set up like he was forced into a certain direction, but Kuromaru just cut a lightspeed being as it passed him... TBH I'm not sure how to rate this. When it was bad, it was horrible, but when it was good, it was great. The ratio of good to bad seems to be increasing as well, although I still hate most of the protagonists. So I guess 4.4/10.
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    Toradora: A baseball? In a foot race? What? The art style and dialogue is treating this like some kind of serious drama, but the actual events occurring are more like a slapstick comedy. All's well that ends well, I guess. A few gags in this next chapter were funny. Kitamura is going crazy and bleached his hair. I have no idea why, nor do I really care. And despite not caring myself, I still manage to somehow be pissed at Ami when she says she doesn't care either. I'm not feeling the whole Kitamura/Taiga ship, and I'm surprised that Ryuji is. Now this is getting good, Taiga is trying to take over the school. Even if it's just acting, she's good at it. It would be funny if this turned into a 'Springtime for Hitler' situation and she ended up winning. I'm beginning to dislike Kaichou almost as much as Ami. Wow, Taiga kicked that door with easily superhuman strength there. Now I'm surprised we're actually getting a fight. Eh, maybe Kaichou is not that bad. I forget, did this series already have a Christmas chapter/arc? I vaguely recall one but maybe I'm confusing it with some other manga. Does Taiga actually believe in Santa or is she just joking around? So first we had Kitamura acting weird and now Kushieda is. Is this shit contagious or something? Anyway it seems kind of obvious to me that Ryuji and Taiga are going to end up together in the end so I don't see the point of all of this shipping/love triangle stuff. So she doesn't really believe in Santa, that was expected. Some okay character stuff here but it's getting kind of boring. Wow, tough break there. Meh, some good stuff in these chapters but they were mostly tedious. I give them 4/10.

    Vinland Saga: Is Vagn just crazy, or does he actually know what he's talking about? Floki had Askeladd assassinate Thors... apparently. And Thorfinn is having trouble turning the other cheek. Hild demands that Thorfinn refuse violence yet she so quickly indulges in it... Badass pose by Thorkell on the longboat. Warriors reference? Nice double KO by Thorfinn. Who's this guy now? Welp, Vagn's dead. Garm and the others are still treating Thorfinn as if he's a shounen protagonist when he's clearly retired from that lifestyle. Ow, that has to hurt. If Garm wants to fight someone strong so badly, he should fight Thorkell. Instead he has to do this whole hostage plan. This guy's bluff is ridiculous - only King from OPM could pull that off. A flashback now? Whatever. I hope they're not teasing a Garm vs. Thorkell fight just to not deliver on it. Alright, seems like it's happening. Looks like they're both pretty bruised and cut up so far. Are they really even though? So Thorkell was holding back, but was Garm doing the same? Well, that scene played the 'one day before retirement' trope pretty straight. Damn, I hope Thorkell doesn't die here. Oh, so he's alive, but injured. And he still wants to fight, too. I'm really enjoying the art here. Sigurd actually getting to be badass for once... surprising. Decent arrow-dodging feats by Garm there. Don't tell me he's going to solo the entire fortress? Those two guards became genre savvy a bit too late. There's going to be an anime? I think I've actually heard of it already. Uh-oh, Floki and Thorfinn have come face to face... Thorfinn stopped himself, I'm impressed. Seems like Garm is now finally going to force him to fight, though. What a creepy fucker. Heh, Gudrid just smacks Sigurd like that. Some pretty gruesome scenes right here. Thorkell tossing a tree trunk like a boomerang... this guy belongs in a higher-powered manga, I swear. For some reason this website doesn't have chapter 156, so I'm reading it on another site. A flashback to Garm's childhood? So that's how he got that name, I was wondering about that. Wow, that was an incredibly blatant reference. What's this, a giant gorilla man? The Hell? They fought all night but of course Thorkell won in the end. That confession scene was funny... and Thorkell once again proves to be one of my favorite characters in all of manga. Seems this arc is finally over. Now we see the falling out between Sigurd and Halfdan. Man, Sigurd is really the butt monkey of this series, isn't he? Now his own father is trying to kill him. Did they just lampshade the trope of characters having detailed conversations in the middle of intense battles? Sigurd actually won, surprising. These chapters were excellent, I give them 8.7/10.

    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid: This festival stuff is pretty boring. I wish they would get back to the tournament. What's this, magical massage? The background art here is pretty good. A 3-page chapter? It's nothing but two pinups and a credits page... Okay, now we're back to regular length chapters. If they're going to show Vivio's panties, they could at least have her in her adult form... at least the school festival thing is over now. Finally we're back to the tournament. You just know Miura is going to come from behind and win somehow. Yep, called it. Some nice color pages. I'm guessing that Lufen is based on China. Wow, that was pretty badass right there. Are we getting a treasure hunt arc now? That could be good. A rock golem, huh? Seems that all of the different trials for the 3 paths are just different types of golems. Corona summoned some type of giant Iron Man glove blaster... So Rinna was controlling the golems - are there any actual magical dangers from the caves themselves then? Wow, Nove looks great like that. For some reason I had to find chapter 73 on another site as the one I was using skipped it. The fights here are pretty good. Nove kicks ass, too. So what, Tao has like Medusa hair or something? Damn, not more loli fanservice... Why did her hair change colors? Is she a Super Saiyan now? I'm surprised Miura and Vivio actually won that match with Irene. Hey, the old guy is actually fighting. I hope we get to see something impressive, for all the hype he's gotten. Oh, I did not need to see that cover page... And how a hotspring chapter with all of these lolis. At least there are some... other body types here, too. The old guy is impressive, blitzing Vivio like that. He was actually intending to kill her as part of the training? Geez. Looks like this little arc is over for now - it was pretty good IMO. So Miura and Vivio are going to have another match in two months. This part is starting to get boring now. Finally, we're back to the tournament. These chapters were okay, I give them 4.9/10.

    Toriko: So Setsuno's barrier has been protecting the human world the whole time. Does it extend underground too? Because you would figure that damage to the planet itself would also propagate through the mantle and crust. Impressive that she can tank multiple planetbusters. Starjun absorbed Joei's Gourmet Luck and turned it into an ingredient? What? Another power boost for Toriko - he certainly needs it at least. I forget if it was already confirmed that Starjun and Toriko were brothers. Ah shit, Acacia's going to eat the Earth with a bunch of giant Pac-Men... Midora's still alive and he stopped it? Why are there pages from Seven Deadly Sins at the end of the chapter here? It's been so long, so I forget if it was actually explained just why Acacia is evil now. So Froese ate the full course and then became male from eating PAIR and became Joie... Okay, the seismic shockwaves from that attack alone should have destroyed the human world. Can they really trust the Nitro? Did Midora just dodge that at point-blank range? So is he using Gourmet Luck to survive all of these attacks? Toriko saved Midora from Acacia, didn't expect that. Looks like Froese/Joie is dead now. Or rather, Acacia preserved him with knocking? So now it's Midora, Toriko, and Starjun vs. Acacia. This should be good. I guess Acacia is exploiting the weakness of Minority World like Midora did earlier. Now every random attack they're doing is causing global effects like Saitama's punch against Boros - I love it. Starjun sacrificed himself to save Toriko? Or is he somehow still alive? So Neo can negate the ability to be healed by cure water. So Toriko and Starjun were the children of Acacia and Froese - I kind of expected that. Starjun fed GOD to Toriko? How? I guess those ghost things are manifestations of his Gourmet Luck? I guess Toriko is fully merged with his Appetite demon now, or at least one of them. So a few of the 8 Kings are back and they have more reinforcements. Is Acacia implying that he didn't have sex with Froese to get her pregnant but she got pregnant via some magical method? Is Area 0 the core of the meteor that hit Earth and expanded it? And Acacia's got the whole world in his hand. Impressive how Midora repelled it. Geesh, now Acacia is omnomnomming the Battle Wolves. I'd figure the opposite of despair would be hope, not anger. Now that's a hell of a punch right there. I'm surprised anyone on Earth is still alive after all that. This is reminding me of Goku vs. Freeza, with the battle on a planet that's about to explode. Now the 8 Kings are back and combining their attacks again. Seems it wasn't enough though. Well at least we have an explanation for why everyone isn't dying - the Gourmet Luck is taking the damage in their place. But that can only last for so long... I guess the White Demon is going to save the day, then. Kind of a DeM ending, but what else could have beaten him? So Teppei is going to use knocking to save the Earth and become the new Knocking Master. Doesn't make much sense scientifically, but not much here does. So is this mammoth even more tasty than GOD? Zonge's Gourmet Luck saved them all in the end? That's just ridiculous enough to be brilliant. Now Midora regenerates all the life on Earth by sacrificing himself. And the release of all of the ingredients that Neo ever ate could create 'countless new galaxies'? That's a hell of a feat. So now they're just serving Toriko's full course with flashbacks to how they first found each ingredient. Seems kind of unnecessary if you ask me. It's too bad the manga is ending and we don't get a new arc that takes place in outer space. A galaxy 10 light-years in diameter? That's a pretty damn small galaxy. Food luck is really the embodiment of these Gourmet Gods... makes as much sense as anything else. I had heard about the Space Taipan but I thought it had a stated Capture Level... I don't see one here. Maybe it's in a databook or something. Anyway, I give these chapters 8.9/10, and for Toriko the series overall, I give it an 8.5/10.
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    Hunter X Hunter: Not nearly as many new chapters as OP, but the chapters of this series tend to be a lot wordier. I actually forget why Kurapika was fighting this guy. That's a weird-looking Nen beast. Also, I don't mean to hate on Togashi's art, but some of the OPM webcomic drawn by ONE actually looks better than some of this. I'm also forgetting many of the details of Kurapika's powers. Honestly I'm just hoping this succession war arc ends quickly as it doesn't really interest me that much. That gun in that one panel looks like it was photoshopped in. Just put all of them on conference call together? The grammar in some of these pages is pretty bad, too. The art is getting better again, though. Are they smoking pot? LOL. Honestly I hate being teased with this awesome-sounding Dark Continent stuff only to have to deal with dozens upon dozens of chapters of royal intrigue among characters I don't care about beforehand. I guess Kurapica has to keep using his ability that shortens his lifespan until they're done with the cockroach? Murder Yashihiro Togashi? That's a weird chapter title. It looks like we've finally moved to something off of the ship, which is a relief. Is that Chrollo there? Or does this actually also take place on the ship? Either way, it's more interesting than the cloak and dagger stuff between the princes. What are these, some kind of stasis capsules? The art is actually getting a lot better now. A lot of the designs for these Nen Beasts and abilities and such are also pretty interesting-looking. Does this chick's resurrection ability work even if her body is completely destroyed? Random Dragonball reference... implying it exists as a fictional franchise in the world of HxH? Huh? Now the Genei Ryodan have somehow appeared. And Death Note is also a fictional franchise within this universe? 'Things are about to get real complicated' - as if they weren't already. What's with the duplicate pages in this chapter? So now we have a bunch of people going on killing sprees just for the heck of it. Now they're referencing the human sacrifice of the Aztecs... does this world share history with RL? Nice map of the ship... And one of the princes escaped to a lower deck. So now that one guy is finally confronting the king to try to stop the succession war. I hope he succeeds - this arc bores me. Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be that easy. When Togashi is sick he draws like crap, but man, when he is on his game, he is amazing. So what, some kind of Nen ability kills anyone who leaves the ship? So one of the sisters actually died and her ability created a clone of her or something. Weird. This prodigy prince guy is scary, especially since his ability hasn't been revealed yet. A lot of people sure are getting shot here. So this guy can see 10 seconds into the future, and if he decides to do something differently everyone has to react as they did in the original timeline? This is like a Jojo Stand ability. So that's how he avoided getting shot. I think Togashi should maybe just switch to writing novels, as there is so much damn text in this manga. What the hell is going on now? A fight between the different mafia gangs? Maybe they're finally going to put an end to that group of mass serial killers on the lower decks. Well, that was a slog to get through. There were some interesting parts but overall it was tedious, so I give these chapters 5.6/10.

    Bastard!!: Turns out I found raws of one more chapter, and a translated script, so let's have at it. Continuing from the Dark Schneider vs. Porno Diane fight, the art is of course great. Seems like DS is just toying with her. So they're damaging Hell and even Satan is troubled by it? She has some power that can destroy the glaciers that even Satan couldn't? Wait, I thought Satan and Lucifer were two separate beings in this series, why are they being referred to as one here? Now there's the corpse of an angel. And he meets up with Gabriel. Apparently this was the last chapter of Volume 27, and I don't know if there is a volume 28. So I will just give this chapter a 9/10.

    Berserk: The art is amazing, as is par for the course. So are they implying that gravity in this world works literally by magic? So the 'king' is a girl... either that or an incredibly feminine-looking guy. I guess the name is based on the Tuatha De Danann from Celtic mythology. This is some Inception stuff here. Seems we're revisiting the Eclipse in Casca's memories. Or some symbolic manifestation of her inner turmoil. So they have to collect these fragments to restore her psyche I guess. What's with all the spider things that keep attacking them? Now it seems they're reaching the memories of the Eclipse. What's this light novel that's being advertised? Is it a canon part of the story? I know it's supposed to be a tree, but it looks like Schierke just summoned Cthulhu. DeM summon of the spirit of Schierke's master, but it makes sense here so I'll let it slide. Are they trying to imply that Casca is pregnant? You'd figure there would be physical signs of that by now. So much phallic imagery... So does she finally have her memories back now? I always liked her old self better anyway. Seems she still has some bad memories she associates with Guts, though. Now we see Griffith and the Apostles fighting some demons. The art here is just gorgeous. Griffith seems to just be showing off his powers for the fun of it now. This pic of Guts' face partially obscured by the Berserker armor makes him look a little bit like Batman. Griffith is actually a really competent ruler, too bad he's evil. Puck lampshading how long this manga takes to come out... It's nice to see Casca fight again, even if it's just practice. Now Puck literally turned into Yoda. Casca had another bad flashback... those seem to happen to her around Guts. Now what's Skull Knight doing here? These chapters were excellent, they get a 9.1/10

    Jojolion: I think what is going to end up happening is that Joshuu gets so much money that he eventually gets buried in it. Hell of a way to go, really. Now he's finally figuring out it's a Stand ability. If this other guy was just a victim of the Stand, how does he know all of its backstory? Wait, how did Joshuu return the curse back to him? He tricked him into taking a bottle which he fused with the money using his Stand? Okay wait, Holly isn't getting hospital care because her insurance doesn't cover it? I thought this took place in Japan, not America. Now the mother is back from jail. I suspect she might be the next enemy. You'd figure child murder would get you more than 15 years... The background art is great here. So is this entire part of the manga just going to be Josuke following up on a bunch of false leads to get the branch before he finally gets it? 30th Anniversary and 100 million volumes sold - and that was 2 years ago. Is this a new Rock Human with a new Stand? Now this is pretty gruesome here. I don't get it, what did he just do? This is why I don't like Soft and Wet as the protagonist's Stand - its abilities are too vaguely defined. Paisley Park can do cyberspace style hacking now? And Joubin has to appear and fuck everything up. So can he touch the infected enemies with his Stand? Now a flashback to Joubin's past? Is this really necessary? Well I guess if it explains why the mom went to jail. When did this turn into a cooking show? That's an... interesting Stand name. Are we finally going to find out about this tree manipulating Stand now? So I'm guessing this guy is a Rock Human, moving underground and manipulating trees like that. Oh, there are two of them... Well, that was an interesting fight. I'm surprised Josuke and Yasuho aren't more badly injured, though. What's with the creepy midget? This appraiser guy is also really a dick. Yasuho was also really a brat as a kid. So is the hair clip actually a Stand or something? Oh, a rock creature. I seem to remember this architect guy, but it's been so long that I don't remember if he's an ally or an enemy. Enemy I guess, judging from this dialogue. And a dog just gruesomely died - I was starting to worry about Araki as he hadn't done that for a while. Is it just me, or does that Stand's face look like Marshie from Homestar Runner? That's some quick-thinking chemistry work there. The dog survived? And would a paper crane really be able to fly under all of that pressure? Josuke is really determined. And in the end, the bad guys get away with the branch. Or rather, Joubin seems to have it. Same thing basically. And how the hell is the plant appraiser guy still alive? This doctor guy with the pineapple - looking head is obviously up to no good. Now we're getting some weird fanservice... This manga makes me say 'what the hell' more often than any other. So this guy is a shapeshifter? Well this is pretty gross. Are they saying she miscarried in order to heal her skin? Why is Tsurugi's mom only now using her Stand? If he can stop it from affecting the brain, it could still affect the heart or some other vital part of the body. Well, looks like they finally found some of the fruits. I give these chapters 7.2/10.
  7. As is customary, my reviews of the manga chapters I have caught up with. WARNING: Spoilers within, read at your own risk.

    Yeah, it's been a while, and this could take a very long time. But here we go.

    Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Pretty much the only reason I'm still reading this is because of inertia - I read the original Naruto manga and this is the continuation. I might drop it if it gets too insufferable, but for all I know, I might actually be pleasantly surprised and it might be good. So far, 20+ pages with nothing much happening, but now Chuunin Exam 1v1 fights, which has potential. Bubblegum powers, that's kind of original. Oh, I remember now, the kid was using those performance enhancer things. This next page is right out of DBZ - two guys flying through the air leaving trails and talking about sensing powers. Naruto was better when this stuff wasn't everywhere. Maybe Kishimoto is trying to ripoff Toriyama by making these two guys stand-ins for Nappa and Vegeta, with Naruto as Goku and Boruto as Gohan. What is with all these ads for hentai games I'm getting mixed in with the fanart? Okay, now I'm remembering these characters and plots from the movie. I'm wondering, which version is canon, though? Now the hentai ad appears right in the middle of the chapter itself... Even though this seems a bit rushed compared to what I recall of the movie, it's still starting to drag somehow. These fight scenes are sort of lifeless. Momoshiki's new form looks emo AF. This fight is actually kind of good now. Spoke too soon though, the art is getting so it's hard to even tell what's going on. Well now that the movie retelling is over, I'll hopefully have more to talk about. Boruto looks creepy in the title page for this chapter. What is this now, an illusion or something? "What do you think the most important thing is for a ninja?" How about - stealth? Something this franchise has never seemed to understand. So Momoshiki's ghost stopped time, except for Boruto, but Sauce was able to see what happened but not move because of the Rinnegan? Making up new powers for these eyeballs as always. Now we're fighting fodder bank robbers - real downgrade in threat from the last arc. So the scientist guy who created the performance enhancers was under mind control. Are they implying that no type of mind control can completely control many people at once? Is this going to turn into Yugioh now, with the cards? TBH, that would probably be better. I know the Daimyo's son is supposed to be annoying, but he's not any more so than Boruto himself from where I'm sitting. It's been so long but I forget, can normal people in this world learn to use chakra, or do you have to be born with the capability? Wait, isn't henge no jutsu a super basic skill that any ninja can do, so what makes this mob boss guy so impressive? Seems like anyone could do a similar infiltration with enough info. So he can reflect 'any attack he is aware of'. I think I see where this is going. The proportions here are also almost Liefeldian in their awfulness. So whatever this seal thing is, it seems to be his equivalent of the Kyuubi, I'm guessing. Stop trying to make Sasuke badass - he never will be anything other than lame as hell. Who are these guys now, the Neo-Akatsuki? I guess they were the guys who were mind controlling that other guy (I can't bother to remember most names here). What, he's sparring with his dad now? I can't remember the last time I was rooting for Naruto to win a fight against someone other than Sauce. Oh come on, brat, do you really think you could have beaten him even if he hadn't been using that device? Why are there duplicate pages in some of these chapters? I have a feeling this old cyborg guy is supposed to be someone we know from the last series. Unless it's Zabuza or someone interesting, I just can't bring myself to care. To eliminate sounds by using exact opposite frequencies you'd need a computer to calculate and adapt to each one, so it makes no sense that they can't choose what sounds to suppress and which ones not to. And I remember that guy who responded to my movie review disputing that they're ripping off Star Wars, I wonder what he thinks now, with the blatant lightsaber knockoff. Are you really surprised that your Katon had no effect? When do they ever? So is this gun going to fire actual bullets or artificial jutsus? I'm feeling like I skipped a chapter here - this seems to be implying they already fought him and lost, and are now strategizing for the next fight. Short chapter now. Drone attacks? That's kind of interesting. So the Kage Bunshin can't even copy the appearance of the device? So far this guy they're building up as the big villain is just forgettable. I have to admit, though, they're doing a decent job of building up a mystery with the seal and such. Garou? Did Saitama beat him so badly he got knocked to an entirely different manga? Thanks for that random dictionary excerpt... what. I'm starting to suspect that these damn hentai ads are actually covering up pages of the manga. If this was a manga I cared about that might be even more annoying. And we have the villains making typical villain mistakes. Also the way this cyborg guy was modified sounds a lot like the explanation given for 17 and 18 in DBZ. Either that or Nanomachines, Son. LOL@ Hokage Naruto not being fast enough to catch a vase before it hits the ground. This day on the town stuff is just boring and annoying. And Naruto failed to catch another vase. LMAO. Here it says that they keep track of people "based on whether they have chakra or not", so does this confirm not everyone has it? But now they're saying it exists in everyone. So much for consistency. And if that drone doesn't have any chakra, how is it flying? There is no visible means of propulsion, and I'm pretty sure Naruto Earth doesn't have anti-gravity technology. For how powerful EoS Naruto is supposed to be, this fight isn't impressing me. Where's all the continent/planet level stuff everyone is always talking about? And once again, Boruto fucks it up for everyone. So apparently that attack didn't actually kill Kawaki, just gave him a non-regeneratable injury. That's one of the goofiest-looking cross counter fighting panels I've ever seen. Naruto's doing the Goku vs. Yakon thing now. Seems like he exhausted himself with just a few Rasengans, the largest of which only created a relatively small crater. And if she was just going to kill herself anyway, why the insistence on finishing her off? It's not like that explosion was very big. What, she has a new body? Was it cloned from her original one or something? And why is he still trying to put that vase back together? So yet another Ootsutsuki (or however you spell it) family member for a villain. This is getting tiresome. This mysterious dimension with a chained-up unknown Bijuu is kind of interesting, though. Now the kid is growing horns? Whatever. This Jigen guy can't even BFR people without going there himself along with them? And his fighting style is basically just Ant-Man. This fight is actually kind of interesting though. These chapters were better than the last ones because there was actually new material, and some of it even managed to hold my interest, so I give them 5.9/10.

    Bleach: Apparently there are still 2 chapters of this I haven't read yet. Go figure. Seems like a timeskip after the end and there's a huge structure in Soul Society that wasn't there before. This seems to just be a 'where are they now' epilogue. At least it's short. So Rukia is the new overall Captain, replacing Yamamoto? Now they're actually throwing in another potential danger/conflict. There's only one more chapter left, so either it will be resolved quickly or it will be a really long chapter, which will annoy me to no end. 28 pages, that's not so bad. Wait, Chad is competing in professional combat sports? Isn't that cheating, since he has superhuman powers? Okay, what just happened? Yhwach's power mysteriously appeared 10 years later and then vanished. And now we have a sequel hook with Ichigo and Rukia's kids, but luckily, according to my research, Kubo never continued the series, so that means I am finally done with Bleach forever! I give these chapters 5/10, because they were short and easy to get through, but didn't really hold anything of worth. And I give Bleach as a series overall 4.1/10 - it's mostly that high due to the earlier parts.

    One Piece: Hoo boy, 120 chapters. And by the time I'm through with them all, there will probably be even more. Well, let's get started. I also forget what had been happening previously, even after rereading my last review. Seems like Nami and the furry girl are fighting some witch in the forest. This Mirror Fruit seems like a fairly broken ability, assuming it can't be shattered like Nami plans to do. So now we finally know Big Mom's ability. She can make objects, plants, and animals into minions by putting the soul energy she takes into them. Is this implying that Big Mom is Nami's mother? Oh, she's the mother of Nami's 'sworn sister', whoever that is. I tend to forget these details after so many years. Looks like we're going to get a good fight now, if the chapter title is any indication. Yeah, this guy's pretty strong. And Urouge took down a commander, huh? Luffy finally hurt this guy with Gear 4. I kind of forget that form's abilities. So this guy was just wearing a giant armor suit, then. I forget if we've seen or heard about Sanji's older brothers before. That's some Nazi-like imagery there. Cloning tanks? If they're going to use a made-up term like 'Lineage Factor' for DNA, why mix that with real terms like 'gene mutations'? Sanji is genetically engineered and a clone? Or just the former? I don't care if this is supposed to be touching or something, but eating dirty food from off the floor and in the garbage is just gross, and also unsanitary and dangerous. Mountain climbing snail castles... now that's original. Luffy and Cracker have been fighting for 11 hours? Impressive. Luffy finally won the fight. Is this weather control somehow related to her Devil Fruit or a separate ability, maybe like a better version of Nami's weapon? It looks like we're rehashing the arc where Robin was captured and didn't want to be rescued for similar reasons. Come to think of it, where is Robin? I forget what she's doing at this point, as she is my favorite of the main cast. Luffy vs. Sanji should be good. Sanji might win considering the beating that Luffy just took. Now he's just letting Sanji wail on him. Is it bad that I don't remember this Lola character at all? Is Pudding going to kill herself or something? So Big Mom took 50 years from that one guy - did she do it all at once? If so, I wonder if she can take someone's entire lifespan at once, insta-killing them. So Pudding is evil after all, I suspected that might be the case. Jinbei is here now, that's convenient. I wonder if anyone is going to wank this line to say that Jinbei destroyed an infinite dimension. It annoys me when fictional stories depict people with 'no emotions' as being cruel monsters. Apparently they never took into account the fact that cruelty is an emotion. They've also shown pride, anger, amusement, etc. At most you can say Sanji's brothers just don't have positive emotions. So Big Mom's weather manipulation is due to putting a lot of her soul into those cloud and sun things. I can see her doing it to a cloud, but where did she get a miniature sun from? So Brooke got the Ponegylph, but he should hide the scrolls again before they get stolen or destroyed. Luffy: 'I hate Bege!' Luffy, literally 2 pages later: 'Sure, I'll team up with him'... Katakuri - I've seen some spoilers and I know that this is the next big enemy that Luffy fights, and I've heard he's pretty strong. Also if he has precog it makes me wonder if the future in this universe is deterministic or not. I also wonder how 4kids would have dealt with his Devil Fruit, giving their localization nonsense. So Big Mom can't take someone's soul if they're not afraid of her? Ah, so the future isn't deterministic, at least according to Bege. Somehow I doubt they're actually going to succeed in killing her now. I could do without a flashback to her past, though. What, did she accidentally eat Mother Caramel and the other kids? And after she ate her or whatever, she got her Devil Fruit power... can that just happen with any instance of cannibalism in this world? It's now getting hard to tell what's going on. Oda's 20th anniversary message is pretty optimistic. What kind of explosive was that? So powerful for such a small volume. Even if that thing was fully transmuted into whipped cream and sponge cake, its sheer mass would still crush the village. That's an impressive attack from Big Mom. I wonder if anyone calced it. So Armament Haki can only hurt logias who have real bodies - against true elementals, it's useless. That was suspected for a long time, but it's good to see confirmation. I'm now also wondering whose lightning is stronger - Zeus or Enel's. Okay, now the Luffy vs. Katakuri fight is beginning. All I know from the spoilers is that Luffy uses a new form and eventually wins. I think I liked Pudding better when she was just plain evil, not this weird tsundere version. It's kind of off-putting how they're treating bounties as power levels now. Katakuri never lost to anyone? Does that include Big Mom herself? Or has he just never tried to fight her? Odd for Luffy to make a strategic retreat. Talk about out of the frying pan... Decent speed feat for Sanji, I wonder if it's quantifiable. Boiling the sea like that probably is, though. Did a character just get killed outside of a flashback? That's rare. I guess that's the downside of using living cannonballs... Furry chick has a transformation? Why not just tell Big Mom that the cake is on Bege's ship? I didn't know Jinbei was that strong, taking on a Yonkou head on like that. Wait, how is she riding on Prometheus? I thought before she couldn't do that. Luffy is gaining precog now? Is this going to be something that everyone has from here on? People who were reading this as it comes out were probably annoyed by the amount of times it would go on break, but for me it's helpful, as I can't bare to think of how many chapters I would have to catch up on if it came out every week. The villains here are actually using pretty competent strategies. Except for Katakuri - injuring himself just to even up the fight since someone was helping him. I see why he's going to end up losing now. Especially since Luffy's now going all Ultra Instinct. I'm starting to wonder, would it even be possible for Big Mom to have so many kids in only 60 or so years? She'd have to be continuously pregnant, unless she had multiple sets of octuplets or something. Here comes Luffy's new form, which I've seen a bit of in spoilers. Yeah, kind of an anticlimactic end to the fight if you ask me. 'Tachyon Blade'? I wonder if anyone will try to take that literally. Fishmen showing up to help them? Convenient DeM. Reading this is making me hungry for cake now. Jinbei's probably not going to die here, but I'm wondering if some of his crew might. Last chapter of the arc? That's neat, but I still have over 50 left to go. Zeus is going to stay with them now? How many crew members will they have by the end of the series? If the birds can find the ship to deliver the newspaper to it, why can't the World Government use that same system to track down wanted pirates? And how is Luffy the 5th Yonkou (Gokou?) now, but his bounty is lower? Coby is probably stronger than Luffy was at the start of the series now. Oh, the bounty is 1.5 billion, that makes more sense. Wow, that's one of the most over-the-top Mexican caricatures I've ever seen. A cactus on a sombrero? Really? I can understand that the intent of using manual labor this way is to show how cruel the rulers are, but when there are so many more practical ways to do it (hydro power, steam, even animals) it just seems silly. I'm betting that someone is going to sit on that throne sooner or later. Maybe Blackbeard. Rob Lucci is back? Neat, haven't seen him for a while. Why is Shanks there with the 5 Elders? Even if they arranged to meet, you'd figure they would try to capture one of the most wanted men in the world, or at least have some kind of defense if he tried to kill them. Someone's already on the throne, and the 5 Elders are bowing to them? Secret final villain? And Zoro just straight-up murdered a guy. I like how Oda is doing the traditional Japanese art style here. It will be nice to see Zoro fight again. What's the point of using fake names if they're so similar to their real names? So Luffy and Zoro have trouble catching up to a guy running at only 200 kmh? In the beginning of this arc the art was really good, but now it looks like Oda is starting to get lazy again. Now I'm hoping we'll get to see Luffy fight Jack. We're doing a time travel plot now? Well, it has been over 900 chapters, so you'd figure that eventually Oda would do it. Oh, so it's one-way time travel. I guess allowing travel back through time would be too broken/convoluted. So just after narrowly escaping from one Yonkou, they're going to take on another one. If not for shounen plot armor this would be certain suicide. Now Jack finally appears. Too bad we didn't get to see him fight much before Kaidou showed up. Kaidou's dragon form is cool, though. I'm confused about the powerscaling here. Against Cracker, Luffy couldn't even budge him with anything less than Gear 4th, but a Gear 3 Elephant Gun seemed to knock down Kaidou for a minute or so. Is it because he's drunk or what? He looks like he got beaten pretty badly before he finally one-shotted Luffy. Nice to see Mihawk, if only for a page or two. This arc is starting to get boring now. Well X Drake showed up so maybe something interesting will happen. Big Mom vs. Kaidou also seems promising, but I hope they just don't tease it and then cut to something else for 20 chapters. Seems that Kaidou is the only one with a dragon type Devil Fruit that actually turns into a dragon, rather than a dinosaur or other extinct creature. And was Big Mom's crew really defeated so easily? So Sanji's Germa suit works like a magical girl transformation? LOL. Seems he also finally got his wish of becoming invisible. Big Mom lost her memory just from that fall off the waterfall? It figures Orochi has a Yamata no Orochi Devil Fruit. Surprised Komurasaki is dead so soon after being introduced. Can Big Mom still use her skills and abilities with amnesia? If she is acting friendly, they could maybe convince her to fight Kaidou for them. I'd be a bit more suspicious about letting an octopus so close to naked women in a manga... So Luffy is basically learning how to use a haki kiai, and he thinks that will let him beat Kaidou? Wow, a lot of people are dying here. Oda seems to be doing that a lot more often these days. So what, these Smile Fruits are like a milder version of Joker Venom, making people unable to have any expression other than a smile? So the Smile Fruits actually taste good, but real Devil Fruits are supposed to taste disgusting, IIRC. It's nice to see all (well, most of) the Strawhats all fighting together again. "Every single human being can still drown in just 5 cm of water" - Except Brooke. And several others who mysteriously survived when they should have drowned. Advertisement for another upcoming movie. Doing some research it doesn't seem to be canon so I guess I don't have to watch it. I must have just forgotten that Basil had the ability to link his life to others like that. Queen doesn't know that Big Mom lost her memories, so why is he picking a fight with her? So is this new Haki move Luffy's trying to learn some Alita Hertza Haeon type shit? Big Mom got her memories back, but she passed out... So is Luffy immune to that plague somehow? Or is it just taking longer to affect him? Seems it was the latter. Big Mom and Kaidou are going to fight now? I hope this doesn't disappoint. There's a clash similar to the Shanks/Whitebeard one from much earlier, but I hope that's not all we get to see of the fight. That little girl can control any animal or anyone with animal-type powers? Would that include Kaidou with his dragon fruit? Seems kind of a DeM that Chopper cured the plague so quickly. The way Oda draws the women of Wano is very generic and makes it hard to tell them apart. Kaidou and Big Mom are allying? That's not good. What's happening with Zoro's new sword? It drains his haki? Looks like these chapters are ending just before the big battle. Overall there were some boring and confusing parts, but I'd give the chapters I read this time a 6.9/10.
  8. Previous part

    - So I don't keep my levels, items, and equipment from the first game? I guess it would be too easy if that were the case
    - The two moons became one? Say what now?
    - Okay, I'm Rydia now, and for some reason I can't access my stat screen...
    - The people here are giving off a creepy stalker vibe
    - Is there any particular reason I can't just take the airship to Mount Hobs?
    - Boss time. At least there are two new allies to help me.
    - He wasn't so hard, and thankfully the self-destruct didn't too too much damage
    - I'll save here and do more later
    - Godfather? Sure, why not. Too bad that I didn't actually get to pick the name.
    - How come this airship didn't have a free inn and equipment stores in the first part of the game?
    - The monsters will be even stronger after this? I need to take some time to grind, then
    - So my current twincast ability is less powerful than a firaga from Palom alone, by about an order of magnitude.
    - The Demon wall again? Didn't we kill this guy last time?
    - Well with all the grinding I did he wasn't that hard
    - And now we have to walk all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon. Great. At least we have a new party member.
    - Yes or no question? I guess yes
    - Now I'm Edge? Whatever
    - Why are there abandoned underground inns and shops?
    - Boss time. That guy wasn't hard at all.
    - Now I finally got one of the summons I should have had from the beginning...
    - This next boss was even easier. I guess we get a new summon each time we defeat one.
    - This guy hits hard, but he went down fast
    - Developer's room? Sure
    - There's a hidden boss? Is that for the overall game or just the Interlude part?
    - And I just got randomly turned into a pig. Great.
    - Well, that was an interesting diversion.
    - This next guy went down easy too.
    - Another boss, and we lose Rydia too. Geez.
    - Ow...
    - Glad Edge is here at least. He went down quickly after that.
    - Okay, Rydia's here. I have a feeling I should heal up before talking to her.
    - Yeah, some kind of imposter and a gauntlet of bosses. Should have expected this. Also I seemingly can't hurt her directly.
    - Well yeah, she is even more powerful than the real one - considering the real one lost almost all of her levels, summons, and abilities since the last game...
    - At least we're fully healed for this battle. I see Rydia also has all (well, most) of her summons back as well.
    - Wow, that was easy, way too easy for a final boss if you ask me.
    - So is this kid they're going to have going to be one of the protagonists in The After Years part? Or does it not take place far enough into the future for that?
    - Well, that's that. I didn't get the full bestiary, though. The final boss isn't listed on it either.

    Next is FFIV: The After Years
  9. #302. The explosion of Super-Nova's ship, on the far side of the moon, lights up the sky in the daytime on Earth:


    There's no real way to scale how far from the moon it was, so I'll just use the moon's average orbital distance, 384,400 km.

    The explosion is clearly visible in the daytime sky and is shown to be very bright, so 25,000 lux for full daylight seems conservative.

    Now let's see if I can remember how to do this.

    Conversion from Lux to apparent magnitude is m = -2.5(log i) - 14.2, where I is luminosity in lux.

    This gives us an apparent magnitude of -25.19485002

    Now we have to plug these into the following equation:

    M= -26.73 - 2.5log ((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/d)^2) (M = apparent magnitude, and d = distance to light source in meters)

    -25.19485002 = -26.73 - 2.5log((x/(3.846*10^26))(146000000000/384400000)^2)

    Solving for x gets us 6.48351222887894351872e20 Watts.

    Now we need a timeframe. The comic says that the explosion lasted a long time:

    (This was after several events had happened). So I think a timeframe of one hour is a reasonable low-end. That gives us a yield of 2.334064402e24j, or 557.8547807 teratons.

    Sue's shield tanked this and she protected the other Avengers with it.

    Annual #18. The Fantasticar travels from Manhattan to the Shoreham nuclear power plant in 'a matter of minutes':


    Using the coordinates of the Baxter Building I found previously (40.75281 N, 73.97929 W), latlong calculator gives a distance of 96.53 km.

    For timeframe, 'a matter of minutes', we'll use a range from 2 to 10 minutes (they seem to have arrived before even finishing their conversation so it might be even less. We'll just say the high-end is more likely).

    Low-end: 160.89 m/s
    High-end: 804.42 m/s (Mach 2.364)

    Annual #18
    . Quasar (still a rookie with his powers) flies to the moon, retrieves a moon rock, and returns in a conveniently stated timeframe:


    Simple as can be. Average Earth-Moon distance: 384,400 km. Multiply by two and divide by time and we get an average speed of 1287.772194 km/s, or Mach 3784.33746.

    We can go a little deeper, though. It should be pointed out that Quasar said in these pages that he didn't like to go too fast (i.e. faster than sound) in the atmosphere, so it's likely he was flying much slower when exiting and leaving the Earth's atmosphere, which would make his speed in space higher. He also said that he flew from NYC to Chicago in 15 minutes - 1149 km distance, which would be a speed of 1276.666667 m/s, or Mach 3.75170198.

    Assuming he maintained this speed until he cleared the stratosphere (maximum altitude of 50 km) and then went faster, that means we can subtract a total of 78.3289817 seconds from his total flight time (for both the trip there and back). So he crossed ~768,700 km in 518.6710183 seconds, for a speed of 1482.056974 km/s, or Mach 4355.276306.

    I'm not sure if this counts as calc stacking though, so let's try it with the assumption that he only flew at Mach 1 before leaving the stratosphere. That lets us subtract a total of 293.8669958 seconds from his trip, giving him a speed of 2535.850565 m/s, or Mach 7452.027873.

    #316. The Avengers' Quinjet's photon drive can accelerate it to half the speed of light:


    We need to find the mass of the Quinjet to get the KE. There are no official stats for them (and they tend to vary in shape with each model anyway), so we'll scale the one from this particular issue, to be as accurate as possible.

    The best way to do so seems to be from this panel where the Vision and Iron Man exit the craft:


    The wings are very thin and it would be annoying to add them so I'll ignore them as they don't make that much difference. I'll model the Quinjet's body as a rectangle attached to an elliptical half disk.

    Vision's official height: 6' 3" (1.905 m)

    Quinjet height: 2.005773482 m
    Quinjet width: 12.05934658 m
    Quinjet (rectangle portion) length: 5.563582344 m
    Quinjet (half disk portion) length: 5.305617317 m

    Quinjet (rectangle portion) volume: 134.5736966 m^3

    Quinjet (half disk portion) volume: ((12.05934658/2) * 5.305617317 * pi)/2 * 2.005773482 = 100.7932538 m^3.

    Quinjet total volume: 235.3669504 m^3.

    Applying 80% hollowness gets us 47.07339009 m^3. Iron density = 7.874 g/cm^3, so our mass is 370,655.8735 kg. We might as well add the weights of the Vision and Iron Man (with his armor) for an extra 329 kg, so our total mass is 370,984.8735 kg.

    Using the RKE calculator at Wolfram Alpha, the KE is 5.158e21j, or 1.232791587 teratons. Not bad at all.

    #319. Quinjet flies from Avengers Mansion to Groton, CT, in 10 minutes.


    Scaling the distance on Google Maps, we get 171 km:


    For a speed of 285 m/s. A fairly leisurely pace.

    #323. A nuclear submarine's complement of bombs detonates in St. John's Bay in Newfoundland, and the explosion reaches Port Au Port Bay on the other side of the island:


    Scaling on Google Maps:


    So our blast radius is (at least) 459.91 km.

    We can also see that the blast took four seconds to cross this distance, so it was moving at a speed of 114.9775 km/s, or Mach 337.8809251. Sersi was able to react to this from point-blank range.

    Going to the nuke calculator, I think that the minimum needed to create the observed effects would be air blast radius (widespread destruction). That equates to a yield of ~292.9 gigatons. This was divided between 16 missiles, so they have a yield of ~18.30625 gigatons each. Actually fairly reasonable, considering many of the overpowered nuclear weapons we've seen on Marvel Earth.

    Sersi was able to shield everyone against this, and Shaman of Alpha Flight was able to transfer the explosion and all of the land it affected into multiple different dimensions.

    Annual #19. Terminus crashes at FTL speed into a planetoid, shattering it.


    (This is also a reaction feat for Thor as on the previous page it was stated that they had already left the solar system after being on Earth just a few seconds ago)

    Previously, Thor had lost his Mjolnir enchantments and was weakened from fighting Terminus, so he crashed on this planetoid, allowing us to learn some details about it:


    It has "meagre gravity", but it's large enough to have formed into a sphere, and it has its own atmosphere.

    I figure comparing it with the various bodies in the solar system that have atmospheres is the best way to go. The smallest body in the solar system to have at atmosphere in Enceladus, a moon of Saturn.

    Applying the GBE formula:

    3 * 6.674e-11 * 1.8022e20^2/5 * 252100 = 1.85e384825e24j, or 442.9935051 teratons. This is a low-end, as the planetoid obviously exploded much more violently than the minimum GBE energy would cause it to, but there's no real way to quantify that without using assumed timeframes. Quasar was able to create forcefields to protect all of the Avengers from this.

    Annual #19. The Sons of the Serpent terrorist group gets their hands on some SHIELD pocket nukes, which have a destructive capacity of "three Hiroshimas each":


    With an estimated yield around 16 kilotons, that makes each of these bombs 48 kilotons.

    This is not all of them, I will do more later.

    #328. She-Hulk throws monster


    Although this is a fictional creature from another dimension, its design and body shape is obviously based on that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or similar theropod dinosaur, so I figure using the dimensions and estimate weight of Sue, the largest intact T-Rex fossil discovered, as a guide would be a good start.

    Sue has a length of 12.3 meters and is estimated to have weighed from 8.4 - 14 metric tons, so I'll use the mean, 11,200 kg. Now to scale the creature from the comic:

    She-Hulk's official height: 6' 7" (2.0066 m).
    Creature length: 13.13709991 m

    Assuming a similar length/weight ratio, its weight would thus be 11962.23716 kg.

    Now I'll measure the angle the monster was thrown at (see the above image). It comes out to 18.25 degrees.

    For distance, we will use 2 miles (3.218688 km), as that would be the minimum for 'miles away'. There's no indication that the gravity was different in this dimension, I'll use the Earth standard of 9.8065 m/s^2.

    Putting these values into the initial velocity calculator, I get an initial velocity of 230.35765991419 m/s.

    0.5 * 11962.23716 * 230.35765991419^2 = 317,385,972.9 joules of KE, or 0.0758570681 tons. A lot of work for an underwhelming result.

    #347. Shi'ar Nega-Bomb detonation


    The way this weapon seems to work is that it uses some kind of FTL mechanism to devastate a galactic volume of space, although it doesn't operate according to the inverse-square law (it delivers effectively life-wiping damage to every planet in the galaxy but doesn't actually destroy any of them, possibly spreading it through some kind of higher dimension). Although the way the energy is distributed is weird, I figure I can get a fairly accurate calc of the total energy by using luminosity.

    First let's scale the blast enveloping the Large Magellanic Cloud:

    The diameter of this galaxy is 14,000 light-years.

    Panel width: 844 px
    Panel height: 503 px


    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(844/503) = 99.195421827338

    2*atan(784/(844/tan(99.195421827338/2))) = 95.003590726686 degrees

    Using the angsize calculator, we get a distance of 6413.9 light-years, which makes sense as the narration says they were on the far outer fringes of the galaxy. In meters, that's 6.068018e19

    The Shi'ar were able to look directly at it, though they had to squint, so I figure using 25,000 lux for full daylight (not direct sun) will work.

    Apparent magnitude is -25.19485002.

    Using the equation from before:

    -25.19485002 = -26.73 - 2.5log((x/(3.846*10^26))(146000000000/6.068018e19)^2)

    Luminosity is 1.6156128440185369990031204881053688463884288e43 Watts.

    The timeframe is a bit hard to get, but from the narration and the way the events were framed, I figure it couldn't have taken longer than about 5 minutes. That gives us a total yield of 4.846838532e45j, or 48.46838532 Foe. I guess this makes sense for delivering evenly spread-out damage that will devastate but not destroy a small galaxy.

    Quasar's forcefield tanked the blast at a range of only 1.5 million miles, but considering the way this thing works, he probably took a lot less than he would have if it was a conventional explosion that could be calced with the inverse-square law, so it's unquantifiable. Eric Masterson Thor also survived with no visible injuries a bit further away, and the Vision and Wonder Man actually tanked the thing from point-blank range, although they said the damage wasn't as great as it would have been because it created some kind of vacuum at the center of the blast where the energy wasn't quite as intense. Either way, unquantifiable.

    #347. Quasar flies hundreds of thousands of miles in the blink of an eye


    For 'several' we'll use a minimum of 3, so 300,000 miles (482803.2).

    Average blink time = 350 milliseconds.

    Speed is thus 1,379,437.714 km/s, or 4.60130893c. Pretty good.

    I think that's pretty much all the calcs worth doing in these issues.

    Final Tally:


    - She-Hulk throws monster: ~0.076 tons
    - SHIELD pocket nukes: 48 kilotons each
    - Waterwind nukes: ~18.31 gigatons each
    - Waterwind nukes combined detonation: ~292.2 gigatons
    - Avengers' Quinjet KE using Photon Drive: ~1.23 teratons
    - Terminus shatters planetoid: >442.99 teratons
    - Super-Nova's ship explosion (tanked by Sue's forcefield): ~557.85 teratons
    - Shi'ar Nega-Bomb irradiates galaxy: 48.47 Foe


    - Fantasticar flies to Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant: 160.89 m/s - Mach 2.364
    - She-Hulk throws monster: ~230.36 m/s
    - Avengers' Quinjet flies to Groton, CT: 285 m/s
    - Rookie Quasar flies from NYC to Chicago: ~Mach 3.75
    - Sersi reacts to nuclear explosions: ~Mach 337.88
    - Rookie Quasar retrieves moon rock: ~Mach 3784.34 - 7452.03 (mid-end Mach 4355.28)
    - Avengers' Quinjet Photon Drive speed: 0.5c
    - Quasar rushes to check on Avengers: ~4.6c
  10. I see many movies these days, but I just had to see this one.

    Good points:

    - Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah
    - Ghidorah's weather control abilities made him come off as a truly godlike threat
    - Lots of references to the older movies (the Oxygen Destroyer, Burning Godzilla, the theme song, the nuclear pulse, Infant Island, etc.)
    - Godzilla's atomic breath looked better than it did in the 2014 version
    - More monster scenes and fights than the 2014 version
    - Some of the new monsters were cool looking
    - Continuity with King Kong
    - Great special effects
    - Dr. Serizawa's sacrifice

    Bad points:

    - Too many of the fights were in dark conditions where not much could be seen
    - Although I liked the new monsters, I felt they should have used more of the classic ones like Anguirus, Baragon, Manda, King Caesar, etc.
    - The human plot was kind of silly (really, she thought helping a terrorist kill people and release the monsters was the best idea?)
    - The after credits scene possibly implies a resurrected Ghidorah, or even Mecha King Ghidorah in a new movie, but I was expecting something more

    Overall I liked it, better than the 2014 one, although I think Kong: Skull Island was actually the best of the Legendary monsterverse movies so far.
  11. Fairly enjoyable experience. A few notes:

    - I'm guessing the destruction of planet Vegeta scene in this movie overrides/retcons the one in the DBS series, so say goodbye to that 'small star level' Freeza calc (in here we get an obvious delayed effect chain reaction with a slow explosion).
    - I don't like Freeza in pink. It doesn't look good on him.
    - The fighting animation was amazing, of course, as was the choreography
    - Whis trolling Broly was great too
    - I'm disappointed that Beerus didn't do anything
    - The soundtrack was okay, but nothing nearly as intense or memorable as Ultimate Battle
    - In the scenes where Goku and Vegeta were arguing about fusing next to Piccolo, the animation and character models suddenly looked really ugly for some reason
    - I can't wait to see how people are going to wank that dimension feat... don't get me wrong, it's a great feat (breaking holes into different dimensions and back while fighting) but I've already heard some people claim it's a universe-busting or a dimension-creating feat or something.
    - I have no idea how Bulma managed to survive the entire landscape around her being melted and basically turned into Mustafar - while wearing a heavy winter coat, as well
    - Gohan fans are going to hate this movie
    - Chris Ayres did an amazing job as Freeza, easily the best performance in the movie
    - It may be a weeb complaint, but it annoyed me that they kept saying 'Great Ape' instead of 'Oozaru'. It's not like most of the audience who came to see this movie wouldn't know what that meant.
    - Also (and this is probably the silliest thing to nitpick about, but indulge me here), I was annoyed when Whis said that the arctic continent wasn't as cold as the vacuum of space, since while that's technically true, space is an insulator so you wouldn't actually feel cold until you had lost a lot of body heat from radiation, which is a lot slower than conduction and convection
    - Were the failed fusion attempts really necessary? Just inserting them for the sake of a gag and having Broly beat on Freeza for an hour straight seemed ridiculous from a narrative standpoint. From a feats-based perspective, it's actually really impressive that Freeza managed to not only survive that but get through it with little to no visible damage. Although it's baffling as to why the Earth wasn't destroyed, if Broly was out of control and rampaging like that for a full hour.
    - I saw some visual references to movie 12, among others
    - At one point, I could swear that Goku used a Rasengan
    - The new characters (other than Broly) didn't really do much for me.
    - I guess Tarble is canon again... if he ever wasn't in the first place
    - I don't get why people with PLs in the multi thousand range were using guns...
    - If Broly ever finds out the truth about how his dad died, I feel sorry for Freeza. His ruse wasn't even that good - you could easily tell that the hole in Paragus' body was from a narrow attack like the death beam and not any of the attacks Broly or Goku were throwing around
    - Some people were saying that the movie retconned Goku and Vegeta's ages to be the same, but it actually said Goku was around 5 years younger.
    - One thing that I forgot to mention was that the speed of Freeza's ships was actually quite impressive, travelling from outside the galaxy to Earth in what couldn't have been more than a few minutes. An eyeball estimate puts the speed somewhere around the area of tens of billions of times c. I don't believe that this directly scales to any characters, but I'd imagine that the likes of Whis and such should be faster, at least when using their warp technique.
  12. As I had never played any of these games before (except Mystic Quest, which sucked except for the music), I figured I might as well give the main series a shot. So I recently decided to play all of the games in order (except for the MMOs). I already got past I, II, and III, and now I'm starting on IV (The Complete Collection). Keep in mind I have never played any of these games before so I'm going into them almost completely blind. I thought that some people here might be interested in my reaction as I go through the game. I'm playing on an emulator with save states so I can chronicle things here as they happen.

    Intro CGI cutscene - Looks nice, but I have no idea who any of these characters are or what is supposed to be going on.

    - Just starting off - wait, we get an airship to begin with? And not just one, but five of them? Seems too good to be true...
    - So can I actually fight these battles myself at any point?
    - Wait, that crystal in the first scene was huge, but now it's small enough to fit in his pocket?
    - I'm guessing the king is the bad guy. And so much for my airships.
    - Okay, I can actually do stuff now. Let's check my stats: No items except for that plot coupon, no magic, I've got some weapons and armor... I start at level 10? Neat.
    - Talking to these guys, seems the king is acting unusual. Probably possessed or something.
    - Hey, free stuff! Don't mind if I do.
    - World map, new party member. No magic for him either, but he's got some equipment and is also at level 10. I'll take what I can get.
    - Secret room in the inn? Kind of obvious IMO.
    - Okay, this guy says he won't take money from me, but I figured that meant he would give me stuff for free. Unfortunately not.
    - Does going in the water here do anything? Apparently not.
    - First battle - decent music. What does this 'darkness' command do? I thought I didn't have any magic. Well, that was easy.
    - Oh, now we can ride those giant chicken things again... might as well explore.
    - Maybe we should grind a bit before the first dungeon... is it just me, or are none of the enemies actually fighting back? Am I too high level for them or is this some kind of bug?
    - Oh, one of them finally attacked me. Hurt a bit, too.
    - Now that both of us have gained a level, let's heal up, buy some items, and head to the cave.
    - Geez, the encounter rate in here is insane! Or maybe I got really unlucky as it seems to have dropped now...
    - Turn back? Maybe later...
    - More free stuff. I'll take what I can get.
    - First time I'm encountering enemies that don't go down in one hit. They still didn't manage to hurt me, though.
    - Choose to ignore the warnings? Well I have so far... let's see
    - That's a neat effect. Boss battle time now...
    - Jump seems to work well against this boss. Its attacks also don't do much damage.
    - Okay, it's doing something funky now... Ouch, didn't expect that. Where's the defend command? If I can't attack and I don't want to waste items, what do I do? Oh wait, found it. Weird how it's hidden like that.
    - Beat it! That wasn't so hard.

    - What's all this, then?
    - The town is on fire but we're not hurt. Is that a durability feat or something?
    - So we have to beat up a little girl now? Sure, why not.
    - What, the battle ended before anyone even died? And there goes my second party member...
    - Let's explore a bit. There's a cave up there, but something tells me I shouldn't go in it yet.
    - Why exactly am I trying to help this creepy girl who almost killed me again?
    - Oh, because she gets us a free stay at the inn. I guess that's a good reason. But how do you know she won't just attack again when she wakes up? Summon another earthquake and destroy this town too?
    - At least I get healed before going into this next battle. Well, that wasn't too hard.
    - Now she joins my party, and, of course, she can't do the same summon she used earlier...
    - And his girlfriend is here, how convenient. I'm guessing that cave from earlier is where I'm supposed to go next.
    - Going to do some leveling up first
    - Oh, so we learn magic automatically as we level up, instead of having to buy spells? This is the first game in the series that I've played where it's worked like that
    - Hey, new party member. Level 20, lots of good magic... not much equipment though. Better go back and get him some. Also, how do you switch rows for individual characters? Every time I hit the row command it just swaps the rows of every character. I want the knight in the front row and the casters in back but I can't get that to happen...
    - This dungeon is kind of big... at least the enemies aren't that tough.
    - A save point and healing area? I'm guessing that means a boss fight is coming up.
    - Okay, I guess I was wrong. Seems it's just a midpoint in the dungeon.
    - Hey, new sword! Neat
    - We get another chance to heal and save before the boss? Fine, I'm not complaining.
    - So we have to go through more dungeons before reaching the boss. Sigh...
    - Goddammit, what is with these midget assholes stealing my mana?
    - I think I'm finally at the boss now. Guess I've got to use potions and ethers to prepare.
    - That's a freaky-looking octopus... wasn't too hard to beat, though.
    - Okay... that happened. Come to think of it, castles IRL were made obsolete as defensive structures by gunpowder cannons, so in a world with bombs and air strikes why do they still exist?
    - They took the crystal? Looks like they just bombed the castle to me, I didn't see anyone actually enter the castle...
    - All of those chests and only one has something it
    - Another cutscene battle - and here comes the infamous scene that Noah Antwiler got his internet name from
    - Golbez - I've heard that name before
    - "The gem forms from the fluid that the antlion secretes when it lays its eggs" Gross, TMI
    - Lost the old guy, but got a new party member. No magic, weak stats, and I can't even switch him to the back row. Great.
    - Oh, these pots are like the healing springs in the last game. That's convenient.
    - The encounter rate in this game is just weird. Sometimes I can walk around the map for minutes at a time and find nothing, other times I can't take two steps before running into an enemy.
    - Hovercraft, huh? All this anachronous technology...
    - New dungeon, not much to remark on here. Save point is nice but I don't want to waste a tent yet.
    - Boss battle time. It doesn't attack? Guess he spoke too soon. I wonder when I'll run into a boss that's actually hard.

    - Wait, so it's the light from the thing that cures her? She doesn't eat it or lick it or anything? Weird.
    - Here we go with the four crystals again... getting a bit tired of this repeated gimmick
    - So one of these fish guys sneaks into the town, wearing a cloak, and hides in a bush just to ambush a guy who he somehow knows is going to be playing a harp near the water in the middle of the night?
    - Now let's check out the new party member. Her magic sucks but at least it's there, she has a weapon with limited ammo which is annoying, but her stats and level are decent. I also want to put Edward in the back row again but it won't let me...
    - We can't just break through the ice? Well, at least we get a new spell.
    - Who's this guy now? A new party member? And we're immediately put into a boss battle. This is the first time in the series I've had 5 party members fighting at once.
    - Jesus, WTF is that thing?
    - Crap, my bard guy died. If only I could have put him in the back row like I wanted to...
    - I try to use raise on him and it misses? What?
    - Okay, now it works when I use it outside of combat, at least there's that.
    - I also don't have any spare equipment for the new guy... might as well go back and get some.
    - The enemies on this mountain are really annoying...
    - Funny how it costs the same to stay in the inn regardless of how many party members I have...
    - Okay, I think I finally figured out how to get all of the characters in the row I want, but it involves a convoluted combination of the order and row commands. Hardly intuitive.
    - Let's see what we can do in this castle.
    - Nice music.
    - Also, better equipment for sale, which is always a plus.
    - "Did you manage to pull through?" What kind of a question is that? I'm right here in front of you, aren't I?
    - So if I select 'no', does that mean - eh, what the hell, savestate it
    - So wait, that monk was a gargoyle in disguise? How the fuck does that work?
    - I think I've heard about this part before - this is one of those unwinnable battles. I don't get why I have to fight him alone, though.
    - Weird, his first jump attack did only 12 damage, but after I defended the next one did over 2400 damage...
    - Well, that could have gone better. Could have gone worse too, come to think of it.
    - Is there some reason the airships can't just bomb any boat that tries to get near?
    - New sword? Sure, I'll take it.
    - Oh, that doesn't look good... do we have to fight this thing now?
    - CGI cutscene - looks kind of crappy, though
    - Well at least I didn't have to fight the Leviathan, but there goes the rest of my party...
    - I saved so I'm going to ignore this town nearby and go exploring a bit
    - What's this mountain? Better save before going in.
    - Seems like a dead end. Tough enemies, too - time to use a tent.
    - Okay, back to the town. Mysidia - definitely heard of that before.
    - Wow, rude.
    - Now CT123 said something about leveling these kids up once they join my party.
    - Crap, now my inventory is full and I don't have a fat bird to store shit...
    - I first read the 'twincast' command as 'twincest' :twitch
    - Okay, I think I've leveled up enough. I'll stop for now before entering the mountain.

    - Finally got the twincast command to work. Kind of an underwhelming result for such a large charge up time.
    - Somehow I have a feeling they aren't actually dead, despite what Cecil seems to think
    - Nice to have this guy back in the party again, although I heard he gets weaker...
    - I know my current sword isn't supposed to be effective against the enemies here, but I'm still one-shotting them... maybe I just leveled up too much
    - Weird... now my attacks are only doing 1 damage each. Maybe different enemies are more or less vulnerable?
    - Boss battle time again. That wasn't so hard.
    - Now we have to fight this guy again? He went down quickly at least.
    - Okay, that evil twin thing took a bit of trial and error but I guess I win now.
    - And I'm back to level 1. I was warned about this.
    - Wow, I gained 5 levels in one battle. Not bad.
    - Teleport doesn't do the same thing it did in II... guess I should have read the description before trying it
    - "One born of a dragon" - great, now I've got the Skyrim theme song in my head
    - With all that talk about how dangerous the Devil's Road is, I was expecting it to be a dungeon with enemies we'd have to fight our way through
    - Now this guy wants to fight us? Geez, how many hitpoints does he freaking have?
    - Finally beat him. At least his attacks didn't do too much damage.
    - So they gave a guy with no memories who they had never seen before command of soldiers and a key to restricted areas? Really?
    - Some of the attack animations in this version of the game are pretty neat to look at
    - Do we know this guy? Oh well, another boss battle
    - Weird, I killed him and one of his arms was still there and fighting, lol.
    - Despite his bragging, that guy went down fast.
    - At first I thought this would be like Live A Live where you kill the monster impersonating the king and then the entire kingdom is after you...
    - What, do we have to fight this guy again? Are we going to have to fight all of these guys twice?
    - No, it's just some wall trap. We do have the teleport spell but I'm betting that's going to be conveniently forgotten...
    - Wait, how does that stop the walls from closing together again?
    - Awesome, we finally have an airship that we can actually use. Also a new party member. His equipment and stats aren't that great, though.

    - Guess I'll go exploring with the airship
    - A talking pig... what?
    - Dammit, I hate it when my inventory is full and I have to store stuff in that damn bird. I hoped that annoying mechanic would be over with after the last game.
    - I do like how the airship can go over mountains in this one, though
    - New equipment is expensive...
    - TBH I have no idea where I'm supposed to go here. So I'll just try a few things.
    - Well here's a familiar face... kind of a useless party member though so I'm glad he's not rejoining us
    - So wait, I just upgraded to mythril stuff but I can't use it in the next dungeon? Geez...
    - Do I need to buy this 'members' writ' for anything? It's expensive so I'm going to pass now, and hope I don't regret it later...
    - I had to look at a guide to figure out where to go next... but I found it. No metal equipment either.
    - Wait, why can I take the metal equipment with me into the cave and be fine as long as I don't equip it? Is it in a magical bag of holding or something?
    - This guy gets 3 attacks in a row? WTF?
    - Now we're fully healed and get to switch weapons. Okay, I'll take it.
    - Wow, that was easier than I expected.
    - They say they're just lending us the crystal - do they know we plan to give it over to the bad guys?
    - Wow, a permanent stat-boosting item, I love those.
    - Well that was a... rather short and pointless CGI cutscene.
    - Okay, if he wants the crystal so badly, why is he making me climb a tower full of monsters to give it to him? What would he do if the monsters killed us and broke/lost the crystal?
    - The character designs of these 3 sisters look out of place here... they weren't hard to beat, either.
    - Sheesh, at least confirm she's safe before giving him the thing he wants...
    - Isn't that insult reserved for Donald Trump?
    - If meteor requires so much power to cast that it might kill him, why did he waste his power with those weaker spells first?
    - I have to admit, that's pretty cool-looking
    - Wait, I thought he was just beaten, why is he still up and talking?
    - There was a giant guillotine over her head that was set to drop at that random specific time for no reason - the hell?
    - Well, new party members. Let's make sure everything is set up correctly.
    - Great, another boss. Seems like a tough one, too.
    - Eh, she (it is a she, right?) wasn't that tough
    - Dark crystals - some would say this came out of nowhere, but they probably didn't play the previous game then
    - Wow, that's sure convenient...
    - Drop a small stone in a well and a volcano erupts? That's kind of crazy. Are we really supposed to descend down through an erupting volcano?
    - So this underworld is big enough for the airship to fly around in - makes you wonder what keeps the ground from collapsing above it.
    - Crap, so much for the airship. Then again they do tend to get destroyed in these games so I should have probably expected this.
    - What was all of that money doing just sitting in a pot?
    - Oh, that's just freaky looking...
    - How does this guy always get to these places before we do?
    - All of my attacks are missing him - is this another battle I'm supposed to lose?
    - I had heard Rydia comes back but I wasn't expecting it now. I'm not complaining, though.
    - Okay, that was the first (winnable) boss battle in this game that I'd actually not consider to be easy. Most of the difficulty came from having to revive and heal my party members after they were taken out though.
    - Uh... you going to do anything to stop that hand? Guess not.
    - Lots of stuff in this castle...

    - These security eye things are fucking annoying. You'd think they'd be weak to lightning, but no...
    - This place also seems awfully high-tech for a medieval world... then again, there were some anachronistic things like that in the first game too IIRC
    - Now it's Frankenstein and Doctor Insano...
    - He turned into a skeleton robot? Weird
    - I'm finally using the chance to check out some of Rydia's summons. Nice animations for underwhelming results, though.
    - Using cannons is cowardly? Couldn't the same be said about using swords, armor, and magic?
    - Uh, if the cannons can fire automatically why did they even need operators in the first place?
    - And there goes another party member...
    - Now how do we get out of this place? Guess I'll just go back the way I came
    - Golbez just used the original form of the cliche that one of my favorite video game villains, Javi from Tyrian, so cleverly inverted.
    - Crap, we're going to lose yet another party member? Could he have not just thrown the bomb down instead of blowing himself up with it?
    - "How did they defeat our ninjutsu so easily?" - maybe they were pirates?
    - Blood sword? Hope it's as effective as it was in II
    - Why would you use fire magic on the fire element guy? Only Dark Schneider can get away with that
    - New party member, meh, he doesn't seem all that great. His fire attack is decent against all of these skeletons, though.
    - How exactly can that monster use 'stone gaze' when it's blinded? If only game mechanics made rational sense...
    - I'm pretty sure those aren't actually your parents, kid. At least not anymore.
    - This guy wasn't as tough as he was hyped up to be. Maybe I'm just overleveled.
    - Did we even beat him though? Seems like he just retreated and is fine.
    - New airship, neat
    - How did this guy survive being a suicide bomber again?
    - I find it kind of amusing that Kain's jump command isn't available when he's a frog... you know, since frogs are known for jumping... yeah, it was funnier in my head
    - Huh, everybody we thought was dead actually seems to have survived
    - Rat tail? Are we redoing this thing from the first game?
    - Oh, now we finally get to fight the Leviathan. Is it the same one that sunk our ship earlier?
    - These trap doors aren't that bad TBH, I heard people complaining about them before
    - I finally got one of these crystals, but the way things have been going I bet it's going to be taken from me pretty soon
    - Or maybe it was this boss people were complaining about...
    - Well that wasn't hard - he didn't even get close.

    Now let us continue:

    - Oh, of course, figures we had to lose the crystal somehow.
    - "Mwahahaha" - really? Could you have picked a more generic evil laugh?
    - Okay, so we don't get Cid back in the party. Meh, I didn't want to bother finding/buying upgraded equipment for him anyway.
    - The airship collapsed an entire mountain by drilling through it? Geez
    - The idea of having an airship that can switch between the underground and overworld maps is pretty cool
    - So this is what we do with the rat tail? Give it to some guy who enjoys collecting the tails of animals? Hopefully already dead ones... And is a rat tail really so rare?
    - Wait, the ghost of the king is Odin? That makes no sense
    - This guy was praying for this thing to appear for who knows how long, but then those other guys join in and it suddenly appears?
    - How are we able to breathe on the moon again?
    - I guess we're supposed to get into this weird building but I'm having trouble finding the way in...
    - They put their entire species to sleep because they were 'still evolving'? How can you evolve when you're asleep?
    - So our hero is really a space alien. Whatever...
    - New party member though, and his spell repertoire is amazing
    - So when the new guy dies, he turns into a puddle on the ground with only his head left? Weird
    - Why do all of the enemies get me with back attacks in this damn place?
    - Wow, that was a tough dungeon. Got the summon finally.
    - This thing looks kind of like an Evangelion mecha, at least from a distance
    - Seems like none of our party members permanently die in this game...
    - A robot dragon - well that's new
    - I thought we beat these guys already. Damn rehashed boss encounters...
    - Okay, I think that's enough for now. I'll fight the next boss later.

    - So we're fighting, what, a floating computer now?
    - Okay, beating that thing took a bit of trial and error
    - Maybe this plot twist wasn't quite as cliche back when the game was first made? I'll give it the benefit of the doubt
    - Actually, with their healing and summoning abilities, I think they'd be a lot of help... don't tell me we have to fight the final boss without them
    - I'm glad they finally saw some sense, but I guess that makes the scene of the girls being left behind completely pointless then
    - Don't tell me I'm going to have to level up all of my old party members now...
    - The encounter rate in this cave of trials place is brutal
    - Finally got to the top, good thing I could heal before trying these bosses
    - At first I was confused as to why I couldn't equip this hammer, but then I realized I needed to unequip Cid's shield. That's annoying.
    - Apparently I have to go through this annoying dungeon twice with my other party members...
    - That boss you had to beat to get Yang's (presumably) ultimate weapon was annoying but I did beat it on the first try
    - This next boss wasn't so hard. Now I've beaten all of the bosses in this room and acquired all of the weapons.
    - I just noticed that Edge's sprite looks like he's dabbing when he takes damage...
    - That White Dragon boss was annoying to deal with
    - Oh boy, another sword... that means another boss. Well, he wasn't as hard as I thought he might be... I guess because I'm overleveled.
    - Another boss battle? I think I'll save here and resume later.

    - This next boss seems like he would be tough, but I beat him one turn before the countdown ended
    - These next two guys weren't that strong
    - Another sword laying there - probably means another boss...
    - Jesus, this guy does a lot of damage. He also didn't give much EXP when defeated...
    - What the hell? I got a random encounter with a red dragon, except there were 3 of them stacked on top of each other... is that a glitch, or is that supposed to happen?
    - And it just happened again
    - Wow, Golbez and Fusoya's stats are pitiful compared to mine... I guess that's what happens when you overlevel
    - I was hoping the 'twin meteor' attack had a special animation, but unfortunately it's just the normal one
    - Yeah, he's not fooling anyone, trying to make us think he's dead
    - Funny how that blast knocks back all of us but not the other two, since we're all so much stronger than them now. Gameplay and story segregation.
    - One does wonder how you can summon meteors underground, in the middle of the moon...
    - This thing with all of the supporting characters powering us back up before the final battle with their wishes and prayers and stuff is really such a cliche... It's also annoying because it means I healed and fully restored my MP before going to this floor for nothing
    - Of the first four games, this is probably the most creative boss design yet
    - That wasn't too hard
    - Cutscene time. Hope this doesn't take too long.
    - Kain has his helmet off, but his portrait shows it still being on
    - Did we just see an entire year pass, judging by that solar system cutscene?
    - Okay, now we're at the credits. Again, hope this doesn't take too long.
    - At least that's over. Also, isn't that the face on Mars? What's it doing on the moon?
    - A Bonus dungeon? I thought we had all parted ways by now. Eh, I'll check it out later.

    Okay, doing the post-game bonus content now.

    - I see that my other party members have leveled up along with my main party - that's useful.
    - I don't get why we have to beat the boss multiple times with every character in our party... that just seems pointless and annoying
    - We have to go through the whole credit sequence again? Really?
    - Finally done with that. Now let's see what this bonus dungeon is like.
    - Bonus dungeon time. I see a new enemy. Unfortunately, it's another palette swap.
    - Nice that we get a savepoint at least
    - What is this 'Floor of Remembrance' place?
    - I was hoping for something better than an elixir in that strangely colored treasure chest
    - Oh, is this supposed to be like a rehash of previous dungeon areas?
    - Okay, that was an interesting diversion
    - A new weapon? Somehow I doubt it will be that easy
    - What the hell is this now? A scripted battle with an 'apparition' that keeps respawning, and I can't quit? Okay, that was weird.
    - I think I accidentally skipped Yang's trial...
    - It's nice that there are some healing points here
    - Oh FFS, they're going to break my new weapon right before I fight the boss? That's just dirty
    - Welp, Edward died. Still beat it though.
    - Okay, let's try getting through Yang's trial again.
    - Is it just me, or is the encounter rate a lot higher here the second time through?
    - My MC just maxed out his level.
    - Okay, finally, let's get this thing over with
    - Where did these guys come from? And wow, that's a lot of enemies to fight at once
    - More of them, huh? Not a problem
    - So is this whole ordeal just fighting a bunch of guys in a row?
    - Jesus, how many of these guys are there?
    - Finally it's the boss. He had a lot of HP but he went down pretty easily.
    - New stuff, cool.
    - I find it annoying how we have to trudge through all of the levels of this dungeon multiple times (although I recall doing something similar in the bonus dungeons in FF1)
    - What's this, a puzzle?
    - Wow, an actual upgrade to our equipment. Neat.
    - Oh great, I've been de-aged. Somehow I doubt it will work out the same as when it happened to Jotaro. At least it seems that I still have my stats.
    - What, I have to fight all of these guys to get the summons again? That seems pointless, tedious, and annoying.
    - Okay, that boss was just annoying to deal with.
    - Catching that toad was easier than I thought it would be... and I got a megalixir from it too. Although for some reason the guy isn't acknowledging that I've caught it once I talk to him...
    - Okay, I got it now after beating it a second time. Weird.
    - Maybe if the dead person had actually used the megalixir, they wouldn't be dead now...
    - New sword, great

    - Why is there a random Holy spell being cast on my enemies in battles sometimes? I'm not complaining though
    - Damn, not the Platinum Toad level again... I hate this one.
    - At least my luck paid off and I captured it easily this time
    - I can't get back into Cecil's trial? Why not?
    - Another floor of remembrance section, ugh.
    - So wait, if this all takes place underground on the moon, why are there these normal villages and such? There was similar stuff in the FF1 Bonus Dungeons too IIRC
    - It took me 5 tries to beat that thing before the time limit ran out...
    - Wow, that was the toughest boss in a while
    - Another floor of remembrance - they're running out of ideas
    - This maze is annoying
    - Finally got to the boss. He went down pretty easily compared to the last one.
    - I'm getting a lot of megalixirs, but I haven't even used one yet...
    - A quiz minigame? I hate these
    - I have to take Kain in alone? This wasn't the case with any of the other trials...
    - What, we're being framed for murder now? Is this some murder mystery puzzle thing?
    - Is it my evil side that's doing this?
    - Uh, no, I'm obviously not going to fight him... (although I am kind of curious to see what happens if I do)
    - Uh-oh, this looks a bit tougher than the evil twin battle I was expecting...
    - Okay, that was over quicker than I expected
    - Ow... that thing hurt
    - These enemies that also take me down to single digit HP are fucking obnoxious
    - Cool, shops with new stuff! Expensive, though
    - Geez, I hate timed missions like this
    - That boss wasn't hard
    - WTF? These teleporters have caught me in an infinite loop! There's no way out! I have to reload...
    - Okay, I finally got out of that loop, but now the teleporters are just randomly taking me places. I finally got out but I never want to go back to that floor again.
    - Now I've noticed that in addition to the random Holy spells hitting my enemies sometimes, random Flare spells are too...
    - Should've figured it would be one of these puzzles where they have to split up and I switch control between them...
    - We have to make ourselves into toads? I'm getting flashbacks from the third game...
    - So now I'm a pig and a toad simultaneously. How does that work?
    - I'm lucky the special effect of my Assassin's Dagger still works while I'm a toad...
    - I'm glad that's over, I was all out of attack items to use when transformed
    - I had to use my first megalixir in that boss battle, but overall it wasn't so tough
    - Okay, that's enough for now, I think I'm almost done with the bonus dungeon so I'll finish it later.

    - Okay, I think this is near the end of this bonus dungeon.
    - Run from the dragon? Sure. I'll fight him later, I guess.
    - Crap, I ran into him, now I have to fight...
    - Damn, I died. Time to reload and try to evade him again.
    - Same floor, now let's try this again
    - Yes, got away
    - That one enemy that reflected all of my magic was annoying
    - Dammit, I didn't want to fight the final boss now, I wanted to save and go back to the surface... Guess I have no choice
    - Hey, I beat him, and I only had to use two of those special Lunar summon books to do it!
    - I've still got more stuff to do in this bonus dungeon, so I'll just prepare and head in again
    - Is it just me, or have all of the enemies on these floors been replaced with tougher enemies now?
    - Why does it seem like I always get the Platinum Toad level every damn time?
    - Weird, I got the glitch again where I killed the toad but it didn't register me as capturing it
    - I guess now I'm doing Edge's trial again... probably the most annoying one
    - Finally got out of that mess and beat the boss again
    - Hey, new weapon! Too bad none of my current party can equip it
    - And I now have 99 megalixirs. I wonder if I'll need them...
    - Okay, let's take on this boss again
    - Hah, got him! The tornado was handy
    - Guess I have to take on the final bonus boss again now...
    - He was harder this time since I didn't have all of the same Lunar summon books, but I still beat him
    - I've also now fully completed the bestiary. I guess I'll go through the bonus dungeon one more time just to get anything I missed, then it's on to the Interlude.
    - Oh great, we're now doing Rydia's trial again. I remember this one being annoying.
    - At least the bosses are a lot easier to beat now
    - What is even the point of this damn random teleporter maze? It's like they had to think of ideas for floors, so they just threw together the laziest and most annoying thing possible
    - You know what? I think I'll just skip Edge's trial this time. I can do without that lunar summon book.
    - Hey, a floor I haven't been to before. Neat.
    - The mystic whip isn't as good as the assassin's dagger I already have...
    - Okay, here we are at the dragon boss level again. Let's try to beat him another time.
    - That was close, but I beat him the conventional way this time... it helped that he damaged himself with a lot of his attacks at one point
    - Damn, he came back. I don't want to fight him again so I'm going to avoid him for now.
    - Fuck, I bumped into him. Oh well, here it goes again...
    - Beat him again, this time with the tornado. At least that means that I get another shield.
    - Okay, time to take on the final bonus boss again, hopefully for the last time.
    - Beat him with only using one lunar summon book this time. I might come back to this later but for now I think I'll move on to the Interlude.

    Next Part
  13. Yeah, you heard it right - as of today I'm officially quitting NF. That means no more calcs, no more analyzing and approving others' calcs (someone else will have to do that from now on), no more respect threads or updates to my current respect threads, etc. I might still do manga reviews, but even that isn't certain.

    I suppose this was a long time coming - I stopped really debating several years ago already, so this is just the next logical step.

    This has nothing to do with any posters here or anything going on in the forums (I haven't even been around the forums for months). Basically I'm just way too busy with RL stuff right now, and I don't have the time to do this anymore. I've been trying to visit the forums for months but I've never gotten the chance (all I was able to do was post a few quick updates). And things are just getting more and more busy, so I realize that this just isn't going to work anymore.

    I've been posting here for more than 1/3rd of my entire life - and it's been a great 12 years. But you probably won't see me again, unfortunately.
  14. Unfortunately I'm going to have to cancel my Stargate calc series as I have lost access to high quality versions of the episodes. So if anyone else wants to calc the stuff from season 5 and onwards, be my guest (I have a guideline of various things to look at in the season along with timestamps from the episodes if anyone is interested).
  15. Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6

    Ace uses her wish to change the past so that she saves the Brigadier, hoping to also save the Monk by making it so that she couldn't have released Artemis since she would now have been saving the Brigadier instead. However, Artemis arranges it so that Pike saves her instead, allowing her to get her revenge on the Monk.

    Artemis had actually been protecting Ace from the Monk's mind control, even while imprisoned.

    The Doctor explains how he escaped the Monk's trap. Also, we see how TARDISes can still be functional and connected even when parts are separated over vast distances, how the Doctor (and presumably other Time Lords) can sense the presence of a nearby TARDIS, and a bit more on what the Monk could do with Artemis' power.

    The Doctor erases the Brigadier's memories.

    Pulls a rabbit out of his hat, literally.

    The TARDIS has a room that holds a jungle and possibly an entire planet orbiting a sun.

    Possibly an implication that the Doctor can control his sweating.

    Implication that the Doctor is the inspiration for the Navajo mythological figure Nayenezgani. Slayer of Alien Gods - sounds about right.

    Strong implication that the Doctor is essentially a humanoid Lovecraftian abomination beyond the true comprehension of humans, and that he manipulates their thoughts or uses a kind of personal perception filter to make them see him the way he wants them to.

    More on the size of the TARDIS, as well as the Doctor levitating, juggling plasma balls, and singing with 3 voices at once.

    Reference to the interior of the TARDIS as being potentially infinite in size.

    The TARDIS contains many environments and ecosystems, which are suggested to be created from the thoughts of the TARDIS as it observes the universe.

    Confirmation that the jungle environment from earlier is part of the TARDIS, also the Doctor has yet another dimensionally transcendental bag.

    The TARDIS can alter an organism's body to transform it into a different species and back.

    A note on how the early Time Lords erased potential competitors from time.

    Info on 'reality bombs' (of course these are quite different from and unrelated to the Reality Bomb seen in the finale of Season 4 of the new series).