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  1. Feel the excitement of the game.Break your fingers by button mashing. This blog is about video games. Started way back tons of years ago video games are very famous and have been played by lots of people and video games is talked by alot of people. In my opinion video games are very fun. Video games could be bad for you but some studies show that it can be good for you. In my opinion video games are the most fun things i have done. My favourite video game is canis canem edit and i loved playing it all the time as a kid. However the best video game is probably the last of us or GTA. GTA is so good and it sold many copies around the world. Rock star games are such a good company. Rock star games are my favourite company. To sum this up VIDEO GAMES ROCK!!!!!!
  2. Hear the roar of the crowd as the goals pass in to the net. Feel the ache of all the running. Hereby today I am typing this short blog on behalf of what I love doing. I love going to the Park and running around and doing skills and kicking the ball on the wall and back. It is super fun and I will always love football and play no matter what. I love CR7 and Messi and I think they are really good. I love running and feeling the breeze to my face. I love walking to the park and doing a 15 minute juggling session. My highest record is 400+ and I will always try to defeat it.
    Hope you guys enjoyed this very short blog.
    FC Barcelona