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Blog entries by Hero

  1. [IMG] Personal ________________________________________________ Name: Fukuya Hatekeda Age: 16 Rank: Genin Clan: Uchiha Village: Kotogakure Affiliation: Good Height: 5'5 Weight: 115 Blood Type: O+ Ninja Registration: Likes: Dislikes: Appearance...
  2. [IMG] Personal ________________________________________________ Name: Hajime Inoue Age: 16 Rank: Genin Clan: Inoue Village: Kotogakure Affiliation: Good Height: 6'0 Weight: 155 Blood Type: AB Ninja Registration: Prince Likes: Dislikes: Appearance...
  3. [IMG] Personal ________________________________________________ Name: Asa Hatekeda Age: 20 Rank: Jonin Clan: Uchiha Village: Kotogakure Affiliation: Good Height: 6'2 Weight: 175 Blood Type: O+ Ninja Registration: 012606 Likes: Dislikes: Appearance...
  4. [IMG] "Fear is a choice." Personal ________________________________________________ Name: Gyousei Niijima Age: 16 Rank: Genin Clan: None Village: Land of Iron Affiliation: Neutral Good Height: 5'10 Weight: 160 Blood Type: A- Ninja Registration: 012561 Disikes: The Church, King,...
  5. [img] Roleplay Forum: Naruto Shimofuri
  6. [IMG] [IMG] I kinda feel bad for Tenten. Not just because she's so incredibly weak, but mostly because that Infinite Tsukuyomi thing revealed that literally all she wants out of life is for Gai and Lee to act cool. That's all the depth there is to her dream world. Well there's also the fact...
  7. [spoiler] Getting that 10char
  8. TBD

    [IMG] Date: January 2014 Laix
  9. [IMG] Colours How would you kill Sakura First I would force her to watch without blinking Sasuke fucking Naruto bareback Then I'd cut the bitches hair off Then leave her to die in Tsunade's shade :lbj
  10. MVP

  11. Welcome to the: Pokemon Gaming Department Mafia Game: Pocket Monsters:Battle Royale [IMG] Thanks to Frango and Kagura for the banner :salute Rules of the DAY PHASE: ? This is the time of phase, where people are allowed to post and discuss who could potentially be the one's posing as the threat....
  12. [RIGHT][IMG]Scizor funny shit that I found funny [SPOILER]
  13. Genesect's body stood throbbing in the underbrush. The pokemon had just recently been revived and was overjoyed to be making it's first kill in almost 3 million years. Slowly the pokemon took its battle stance and fixed it's aim upon its target. Drayden slowly walked through Pinwheel forest in...
  14. [IMG] Hue: Mei, Kyouhei, you guys ready? Mei: Yup Kyouhei: I'm always ready. Hue: Alright guys, let's head out and do this Day Phase I: Game Start