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  1. As you might know Greece last year signed a bailout agreement with the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission and the European Stabilization Mechanism (ESM). This is Greece's 3rd bailout agreement so far.

    Part of this agreement is the liberization of Greece's energy sector. The sector is dominated by the Public Power Corporation, or else PPC. It's by far the largest producer and supplier of electricity and has enjoyed for decades a monopoly in the energy sector. Currently the Greek state owns 34% of PPC while another 17% is owned by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (or else TAIPED). TAIPED is a fund created and owned 100% by the Greek state. This means that the Greek state, both directly and indirectly, owns 51% of the PPC.

    The operation of the Greek electricity grid is shared between two companies. ADMIE and DEDDIE. DEDDIE is responsible for delivering electricity to homes and most businesses while ADMIE is responsible for the high-power energy lines that make up the backbone of the Greek electricity grid that connects the Greek grid with other countries or the Greek mainland to the islands and takes electricity directly from large electricity plants and delivers it either directly to large, electricity-intensive, factories or to DEDDIE. ADMIE means "Independent Power Transmission Operator" (of the Greek electricity transmission system). What this means is that ADMIE is responsible for the system's operation, maintenance and development. ADMIE is a 100% subsidiary of the PPC (as is DEDDIE).

    The quartet (ECB, IMF, ESM, EU Commission) insists that the largest electricity producer in Greece, PPC, should not have total ownership or be responsible for the operation of the whole Greek electricity grid because it gives the company the ability to easily deal with any competition and lead to monopolistic practises.

    As thus the PPC (which, as mentioned already, is essentially controlled by the Greek state) has already started the process of privatizing part of ADMIE. It started a bidding process a while ago and just yesterday it was announced that the State Grid Corporation of China placed the highest bid, 320 million euros, for 24% of ADMIE.

    On Monday, October 31st, the PPC's board of directors will decide on whether to approve or reject the bid. If it decides to approve the State Grid's offer, the final decision will be taken by the General Assemply of the PPC's shareowners in November 24th. Then the deal has to be approved by Greek and European regulatory authorities. The transaction, if all goes as planned, will be completed before the end of March.

    The next step is for PPC to sell another 25% of ADMIE, this time to the Greek state. It's expected to get about 320 million euros from that transaction as well, although it'll probably not receive all the money in cash. The PPC has a debt to the Greek state so at least part of the ~320 million euros might be offset by that. The Greek state has already created a company (owned 100% by the Greek state) named DES ADMIE for the purpose of this transaction.
  2. http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/chapter/19954_bleach-chapter-32/page_3

    First of all we need to find how long Ichigo's head is. Luckily I have already found that in an older blog of mine. http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=19771
    25 cm, pretty long. Note how he looks a bit badass there.
    174 cm is his height. 174/25= ~7
    Add 1 more since the measurements include the head. He's 8 heads tall. No problem.

    His head is 45 pixels long here.
    45/25= 0.5555555555555556 (length of a pixel here in cm).
    The Kan'onball has a 6 pixels diameter.
    6*0,5555555555555556= 3,333333333333333
    So it's diameter is ~3 cm.

    In this picture the Kan'onball has a diameter of 5 pixels so every pixel equals 0.6666666666666666 cm.

    The sword has a width of 22 pixels so it's 14,66666666666667 cm wide. In that earlier blog entry with the calc of Ichigo's head it seemed like his sword should be of this size. A bit more than half the length of his head.

    Here the width of the sword seems to be 61 pixels so 1 pixel is 0.2404371584699454 cm.

    Looks pretty hemispherical to me. Volume of a hemisphere: (2/3)*(pi)*(r^3)
    r= 14.06557377049181 cm

    Volume: 5828.15337382 cm^3

    Finally. Looks like pulverization to me. Even the "largest" debris were miniscule.
    Concrete pulverization is 13 J/cc.
    5828.15337382*13 = 75,765.9938597 joules.

    Kan'onji-Style Final Super Attack: Kan'onball: 76 kilojoules. Wall level. Fight the power.

  3. Picture 1: Mayuri's bombs, planted inside his soldiers' bodies go boom. They were pretty much touching Orihime and Ishida.

    Picture 2: As you can see when all the bombs are done exploding we see that Orihime managed to put up her shield up before the explosions hurt her and Ishida.

    For a low end for Mayuri's explosives we will use HMTD. Detonation velocity: 4,500 m/s

    Next up is good ol' TNT: 6,900 m/s for a middle value

    For a high end we will use RDX: 8750 m/s

    Also as i said they were pretty much touching the exploding fodder when they went off so there's no need to account for a drop in detonation velocity. In mach that would put Ishida/Orihime (at least Ishida should be near low-VC level by then i guess) at mach 13/20/25. Depending on which explosive Mayuri is assumed to use here.

    More legit than my sub-relativistic Hisagi? :ichigo

  4. 6 pixels: red line (btw i just watched that Redline movie last night, damn pretty awesome)
    347 pixels: green line
    435 pixels: blue line

    If we go by our average 1.5 meters window:
    57.8 meters green line
    72.5 meters blue line
    City block level.

    We know that it's town level already though. :lbj
    or is it small island level? :maybe
  5. :ichigo
    Just wanted more people's opinions about this. :lbj
    Alright. Dis will be short. You tell me if you have any problems.

    1. Ichigo's post-TS GT is calced to be 170.38 kilotons.

    2. Kirge tanks said GT while in base.

    3. Mask De Masculine nearly kills two captains with his casual punches and laser.

    4. Renji effortlesly catches Mask De Masculine's Star Killer Punch with one hand. Said punch is 10 times more powerful than his normal ones.

    It'd be pretty crazy if Kirge could completely tank Mask's punches like he did with Ichigo's GT. Meaning that if Mask's punch is atleast as strong as post-skip GT, his star killer punch should be atleast 10 times stronger than that. Meaning 1.7 megatons for Renji and Mask. :ichigo

    Additional stuff: Note that Kirge also tanked a direct hit from Ichigo's GT while in his Vollstandig without recieving a scratch.

    More stuff:
    At the very least, considering that Komamura's shikai attack 400 chapters ago is weaker than Mask's casual attacks:
    Mask's casual punches: 6 kilotons+
    Mask's star killer punch and Renji's durability/strength: 60 kilotons+

    @Imagine from the first comment on my first blog asking "where is MT Renji?"

    Here. :ichigo
  6. This is a request from someone.

    It's pretty much Hisagi dodging a negacion beam. Yamamoto calls negacion "a beam of light". Light moves at light speed. See where this is going? :maybe

    We need to find the distance the beam traveled. The beams do appear to start from pretty high.

    They should still come from within Seireitei's shield though.

    10-meters-tall Jidanbo was not as tall as the gate (albeit he did have his knees slightly bent here)

    So judging from this:

    36 px = 10 meters wall
    713 px = 198 meters
    I'm using the tallest spot to get a low end.
    So let's find our timeframe.
    Time for light to travel 1 meter:
    0.000000003335640952 seconds
    Time for light to travel 198 meters:
    0.000000660456908496 seconds

    Alright. Hisagi's traveling distance:
    167 px = 176 cm (Tosen)
    149 px = 157 cm

    So he moved 157 cm in 0.000000660456908496 seconds.

    2,377,141 meters per second - mach ~7,000

    Scales well with relativistic Grimmjow. :maybe

  7. Girl's height = 46 pixels
    Assuming that she's 15 years old (if you know who she is and how old/tall she is, please tell me) she should be around 165 cm i guess?

    Side of the object = 198 pixels
    So 7.1 meters. It does appear to have a shape similar to a cube so 7.1*7.1*7.1 for all three dimensions gives us 358 m^3.
    Now from what i heard this thing is supposed to be filled with gold so i'll assume that there's a 20% of hollow space in there, there should be some for people to walk in there and take or put gold i guess??

    Density of gold is 19,320 kg/m^3.
    19,320*358= 7,624 tons
    -20%= 6,099 tons is the weight

    PE=5,532,919 kg*9.81*2
    108 MJs to lift the thing two meters into the air, just because i felt like calcing that too O.o

    Sloth asked for this calc. Also please tell me which anime this is O.o

    Dunno if someone has calced this already but w/e.

  8. Japanese people aren't very tall, especially back then. I'll call the guy 1.56 meters tall unless someone has a problem with that.
    So 214 pixels (red line) = 1.56 (assumption)
    503 pixels (green line) = x (distance she travels)
    x= 3.666728971962617 meters

    "The verse is relatively low tier and consists of peak human to superhuman characters with likely faster than the eye can see speed."
    (Source: OBD wiki)

    The guy doesn't seem to react at all to her moving(it even looks like she's completely invisible to both us and him), timeframe must be smaller than his reaction time. I'll use 0.2 seconds for a timeframe like we usually use for peak human reactions.

    Timeframe: 0.2 seconds
    Distance: 3.666728971962617 meters
    Speed: 18.33364485981309 m/s
    or ~66 km/h.
    Not bad.
    By the way i scaled from 2 different panels because on the first one we see the man more clearly, i'm not sure if it's a problem but it doesn't look like one since the second scan is pretty much almost the same with the only difference being the girl moving.

    magina person asked about this feat in the calculations request thread so i calced it.

  9. 1.5 meters window (assumption) = 12 pixels (scaling)
    727 pixels diameter of sphere shaped explosion (we've seen every kind of damage and explosion except from a crater, kubooo!!!) (scaling) = x

    0.125*727= 90.875 meters
    So x=~90 meters

    V=4/3*3.14159265359*45.4375^3(radius is half the diameter)
    392,945.1148320113 m^3

    MCB i guess.
  10. Character's name/Attack's name/results in joules

    Yamamoto - SS busting - 9 zettajoules (ZJ)
    Gremmy - meteor - 489 exajoules (EJ)
    Yamamoto - Ennetsu Jigoku - 560 petajoules (PJ)
    Ulquiorra - Lanza - 75 petajoules
    Ulquiorra - Cero Oscuras - 11 petajoules
    Ichigo (post-skip) - GT - 811 terajoules
    Komamura - Tenken - 26 terajoules
    Ichigo (pre-skip) - Shikai Slash - 1 terajoule
    Poww - Punch - 1 terajoules
    Chad - El Directo - 644 gigajoules (GJ)
    Ichigo (pre-SS) - GT - 411 gigajoules
    Chad (SS arc) - blast - 11 gigajoules
    Menos Grande - Stomp - 350 megajoules (MJ)
    Fishbone D - Punch - 1 megajoule
    Kanoji - Kan'onball - 76 kilojoules (KJ)
    Chad - Throw - 6 kilojoules
    Byakuya - Hado #1 - 110 joules (J)

    Because out of the things i can do and the things that i have to do this is the most enjoyable and easy atm.
  11. I tested out that square cube law thingy but you know what? After i found my results i didn't know how to use the weight. So this calculator comes in handy in knowing the step strength and all that.

    Assuming that the 7 pixels tall window at the bottom right is 1.5 meters tall we can find that the 373 pixels tall Menos is 79.9 meters tall.

    But then we have scans like this putting the Gillians heads at 2.2 meters (really i'm too lazy to re-do the scaling cuz i did it once and lost it but atleast i remember that Kensei is 1.79 and the hollow's head came out at 2.2). Now going back to the first scan we have the hollow's head at 19 pixels. So 43.1 as the height.
    Let's get a 3rd value using the average of these two: 61.5 meters. I'm going to use the average, just bcz. x'D
    If the Menos Grande was an average woman before it grew to this size. So yea, it's a low end. x'D

    Can lift 1,220 tons.
    Step: 27,780,724 j - 0.006 tnt tons
    Stomp: 232,618,561 j - 0.05 tnt tons
    47 meters per second walking speed

    Class M. (lol)
    Small building level step and stomp.

    Cannon fodder strike once more. :maybe

  12. window/1.5 meters/3 pixels/red line.
    explosion's width/177.5 meters/355 pixels/green line
    explosion's height/187 meters/374 pixels/purple line

    Only proof we have that the explosion is directly above the building we got our window scaling off is the way the panel is shown, with our line of sight curving and focusing on the explosion and the buildings bellow it.

    Anyways, the explosion looks to be city block sized. Soifon's bankai was town level already since even pre-skip it injured released Barry.

    I would even go as far as saying that depending on the damage it does to BG9 and the information we get about it on the future we could scale it from Ichigo's ~170 kilotons GT. I wouldn't put Quilge much above BG9 so if we see BG9's Vollstandig which i hope we will and Soifon manages to hurt him in that form with her Bankai (it doesn't need to be a serious wound) i'd say we can put her DC on that level.

    The calc is sponsored by DHxCohaco. :maybe
  13. Large building level?

    5 px = 1.5 meters (window)
    867 px (purple line) = 260.1 m
    191 px (red line) = 57.3 m

    Miss me?
  14. Ok, this is for Eminem/B Rabbit.

    1. The guy's epithet is "Pearl the Iron Wall" so his body-shield is probably made out of iron.
    2. Scaling to get his height:
    At the time Sanji was 177 cm. We don't see his full body so we'll go by that his head-body porportions should be around 7.5 to 1. 177/7.5= 23.6 cm (=17 pixels - red line)
    2. Now to get Pear's body shield.
    green line = 8 pixels
    blue line = 115 pixels

    So thickness is 8 pixels so 23.6/17= 1.388235294117647

    1.388235294117647*8= 11.10588235294118 cm

    Now we need the diameter: 1.388235294117647*115= 159.6470588235294 cm.

    Now we need the circumference.
    circumference= π * diameter
    circumference= 3.14159265 * 159.6470588235294 = 501.5460265941176 cm

    Ok now we need to find the radius.
    Radius is half the diameter so 79.8235294117647 cm.

    Now we multiply π times the thickness by the sqare of the radius to get the volume.
    3.14159265*11.10588235294118*79,8235294117647^2 = 3.14159265*11.10588235294118*6371.795847750864= 222312.9662405805 cm^3

    Using fragmentation as type of destruction, now i have no idea what the values for iron fragmentation are...
    I read this: http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=19765b=19765
    and well iron is supposed to be "harder" than rock so using 8 j/cc is kindda low-balling it so if you have a more accurate value of what to use that'd be good. I'll use 8 j/cc for now.
    222312.9662405805 * 8 = 1,778,503.729924644 joules.
    So about 2 million joules.
    Wall level starts at 5k joules while small building level starts at 20 million.
    (http://outskirtsbattledome.wikispaces.com/Comprehensive+Energy+Scale and http://www.kylesconverter.com/energy,-work,-and-heat/joules-to-tons-of-tnt)
    So now you might say "hey man we know that his DC is wall level, no need calc this feat beacause it kindda speaks for itself".
    But noooo. Look: http://outskirtsbattledome.wikispaces.com/Character+Profile+-+Gin
    His striking strength was in the kilojoules range (KJ) but with this feat we can put him in the megajoules class. No need to thank me.

    hmm now that i see it again, why did i calc the circumference...? O.o
  15. Hello there. :maybe

    Spoiler: Scaling
    First i put my thumb on the screen.
    nah jk x'D


    258.5 cm = 411 pixels (him)
    37 pixels = 23.27 cm (his head)

    Spoiler: Calc
    We get from zenieth's calc that BG9's height is 258.5 cm so i scaled his head to be 23.27 cm. So we know this and we'll have to measure how deep the crater is from that.

    11 pixels (green-head) = 20 cm (since he's a bit behind what we're measuring)
    1.8181 cm = 1 pixel
    18 pixels (green-crater) = 32.7258 cm
    94 pixels (purple) = 170.904 cm

    Copying what i see here:
    Dimensions: 869x648
    Horizontial View = 2*arctan(tan(70/2)*(868/648)= 86.331 degrees
    Width Size = 2*arctan(94/(868/tan(86.331 /2))) = 11.599 degrees
    The crater's width is 170.904 cm.

    We get 8.4133 meters for the length. Wow. Wow. I don't even care if this is correct, just finding a result using this complicated thing is good enough. x'D

    So pretty much what we have is half a cylinder, we'll use:

    77.2316780310028 m^3
    38.6158390155014 m^3 when we cut it in half.
    38,615,839.0155014 cm^3
    Wow we're almost done...

    Spoiler: almost over
    We multiply this with 214 J/cc to find pulverization values for this.

    38,615,839.0155014*214= 8,263,789,549.3172996 J which is 1.98 tnt tons
    So large building lvl. Now let's add vaporization too since that is also possible:
    38,615,839.0155014*25,700= 992,427,062,698.38598 joules
    237.2 tnt tons

    Spoiler: results
    So large building level-MCB level (2 tons or 237 tons) for her DC and BG9's durability.