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I am not really sure what a Blog is, I guess this is where I type stuff that personally happens to me, or something about me. So I guess I will give you very, very minimal information on my life.

I am a University Student, programmer, and I enjoy most things to do with entertainment. First I will list my favorite video console games. Before I do that, most of my favorite games are in the genre of Action/Adventure and my favorite is RPG.

Playstation 2

- Final Fantasy (All series)
- Persona (All series)
- Dragonball Z (All of them)
- Naruto (Accel 2, in turn that means I like all of the games made before Accel 2, since it's basically the same system with more characters.)
- Bleach I forgot the actual title but it had 4 verse all
- D.O.N
- Tekken 5
- Dark Cloud 2
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  1. Gai's Speed Revisited

    The problem here Ueharakk, you are not understanding 6th Gate Gai's speed and Gai's base speed. 6th Gated Gai example, Kishimoto couldn't have depicted or drawn Gai going any faster. The next logical step would have been to show an after image but that is obviously Ei's max Shunshin speed.

    He did it in two panels, you see the 'boom' and than you see him appearing infront of Kisame whom was completely surprised and caught off guard considering the double "!!" above him. You also forgot that in all your lesser examples, Gai traveled much more of a distance in a quicker time.

    Here Zetsu is towered over by the spirals.

    While Gai was knocked all the way back, and not even hitting the bed floor in that example, but you can see how deep the ocean Kisame created at that point. Not only that but he had to cross Kisame who was already in the air.

    With the Jiraiya example, Preta path was able to intercept the Odama Rasengan by holding out his arms ready for absorption, secondly Jiraiya didn't even cross the entire Gap since he was about 7 meteres off ground. Plus Preta path was not caught off guard by his speed since no '!!' double explanation marks. Which would have ADDED bonus. You also overrate his speed because Human path was able to catch him without a problem. Now you may say "Oh, shared link vision means everything", tell that to the Hyuuga's.

    Here is Base Gai doing what Sage Mode Naruto pretty much did. Now I already compared this to the Sandaime Raikage example, now I compare it to the Sage Mode Naruto example.

    Naruto had also appeared to know something was up approximately 7 seconds before, that can be attributed to the malice in Chakara growing in the Pains or just one Pain. I think one pain. Considering Sage Mode Naruto is pretty much a sensor in this state. Look at the surprised Naruto in that one panel.

    Also Naruto's running speed is much, much different to his jumping speed, considering he couldn't make it to Preta path quick enough considering it took a couple of pages and panels which I have already shown you, and his striking speed was matched with Preta path. Sage Mode no where was it stated it increased speed. Had it been increased to 6th Gated speed, Pa would have mentioned it, the Databook would have mentioned it. Sage Mode just boosts Taijutsu (Frog Fu and Strength), his Genjutsu and Ninjutsu because you are intaking another form of energy that mixes in with Chakara and Physical energy. Doesn't substantially increase Sage Mode Naruto's speed as the Preta path example. He was also intercepted by the Akichimi's guards when they firstly behind Iruka here whilst he ran at them.

    You also have Gai doing the exact same thing in around about the same motion of speed that RM Naruto did. Considering he was approximately half the distance away from Obito than RM Naruto was.

    Yet while RM Naruto was already running , Gai hadn't even started, and by the time Obito and RM Naruto QUICKLY exchanged in the fight, Gai appeared.