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  1. While Final Fantasy has a well-known multiverse that became apparent due to the Dissidia series, but the series has gone far beyond the Final Fantasy games themselves. The easiest place to begin with is with World of Final Fantasy due to the fact that this not only envelops the multiverse found in the Final Fantasy series but others series and outside forces that aren’t evidently present within any of the latter’s games.

    The best place to begin with is with an explanation of the differing timelines and general setting in Sigma Harmonics. The world of Sigma Harmonics has a number of differing timelines such as Sigma Kurogami’s where Neon Tsukuyumi is alive as well as the original timeline where Nene Kurogami is dead. The number of timelines that we see in whole is very small. In fact, we only see two or three whereas the other alternate timelines are simply rewrites of previous history of Sigma’s timeline. There should, though, be more alternate timelines that we did not see due to the fact that Sigma Hossui, during the ending, indicated that there are other Sigma’s that had been, and could still be, at work. Outside of these timelines is the Void of Time, which is a world where time doesn’t exist because it exists in the void between time itself. Within this void of time where the Void of Times exists roam ouma, who are not necessarily bound to the laws of space-time as is known. Information in regards to the Void of Time can be found in the prelude. While this game isn’t well-known, the setting isn’t complicated to understand and with this basic understanding of it, it’s all right to move onto World of Final Fantasy.

    The “Who’s Who” of The Girl Who Forgot Her Name (Nene Kurogami) in World of Final Fantasy mentions in the passing the idea of the Extraverse: “Before arriving in the strange space adjacent to Grymoire along with her big clock, the Girl had to travel there from the Extraverse. One such pathway was opened after the diabolos-king lost control of his own power over fantasy.” The Extraverse is the world that surrounds Grymoire, but it also surrounds most other worlds in the series as well. It is the alleged home to unreasonable gods. While these portions are part of a prophecy that isn’t completely confirmed, many details match what we do know from the game and the extras outside of the game. Because of this, I’ll say that the Extraverse is the area that surrounds everything that exists, or at least the area that links all worlds together.

    Within the Extraverse are multiple realms. The most commonly referred to realm is the Realms of Fantasy. According to how Enna Kros created her Champion System, the Realms of Fantasy refer to the worlds that make up Final Fantasy. From this game, we can see a number of games including the Crystal Chronicles series connected to Final Fantasy and Sigma Harmonics in some way. A sub-section within the Realms of Fantasy contains Enna Kros’s A-Worlds. According to Tonberry’s profile, these occasionally branch off at divergent points, creating a new parallel world for Enna Kros’s continually expanding domain.

    Interestingly enough, there are worlds that existed before the Realms of Fantasy, meaning that there are worlds that predate the worlds found in the Final Fantasy games. In Enna Kros’s profile, we’re told that Roksanne’s and Aris’s world predate the Realms of Fantasy. In Serafie’s profile, it’s mentioned that her, Tama, and Enna Kros back before Enna became a god. This tells us that the World of Wind Pixies may predate the Realms of Fantasy but guarantees that the World of Alexander. This may also be a similar case for the other worlds for Diabolos and Bahamut. Tama mentions late in the game that there are a googolplex of worlds that were threatened by the Exnine Knights, and they specifically target A-Worlds, which may indicate how many A-Worlds are within the Realm of Fantasy already.

    Finally, we get to Final Fantasy itself. This part of the multiverse is composed of quite a number of universes. The most evident multiverse in this series is that one found in XI. In the Voidwalk story line, a version of Cait Sith from an alternate dimension clarifies that they are not the Cait Sith from the Wings of the Goddess storyline: “Is there a problem of sorts? Something concerning you? … Different, you say? Dear me… it would seem that I’ve wandered into an entirely different plane of existence. Become a stray cait. I am Caith Sith, this is true, but not the Cait Sith you know. They Cait Sith you know is not me. A curious state, yes, but such is the nature of dimensional flux. Parallel worlds—infinite possibilities that might have been, had things only happened differently. Taken another turn. From one such world do I hail.” In XI, the parallel worlds that Cait Sith discusses are the countless possibilities that represent what didn’t happen in the universe where the hero resides. We can see this example come up with various alternate worlds such as Abyssea and the original timeline where the Crystal War never ended. As far as I know, this infinite representation of differing possibilities only applies to XI. This section of the multiverse is connected together in the Walk of Echoes, which is where the true body of Atomos resides.

    There are also various interdimensional worlds that reside within and alongside various Final Fantasy worlds. For example, in Final Fantasy II, heaven and hell both exist as dimensions alongside the main world of II. In Final Fantasy III, the existence of the World of Light and the World of Darkness. VI contains the Esper World, though whether it still exists after the events of the end of the game is questionable. By the end of Lightning’s saga, there are three worlds: the New World, Cosmogenesis, and the Unseen Realm. Crystal Chronicles the only two worlds that are there are the main Earth and the Nest of Memories.

    Of note is Shinryu Versus’s profile in Dissidia 012: “Of the countless futures in existence, Shinryu Versus is born when the cycle and sacrifices reach an apex. The true extent of its strength lies beyond the comprehension of humans.” The world of Dissidia is World B, a mirror image of the world of the first game. As the aforementioned quotation alludes to, along with World B is the alternate timeline for Scenario 000. This also confirms that there are multiple (countless) timelines that spring from World B. The Realms of Fantasy all exist within the Interdimensional Rift. One of the unanswered questions is whether the Extraverse is the same as the Interdimensional Rift or whether the rift is within the Extraverse. From what World of Final Fantasy has shown us, it may be reasonable to assume the latter because of its importance to the worlds outside of the Realms of Fantasy. In V, the Void is sealed inside of the Interdimensional Rift, and in XI, it’s stated that the Void envelopes multiples universes, but the Void is never mentioned in any of the others games outside of the Realms of Fantasy, comfortably limiting its size.

    I'm going to create a graph soon perhaps today or next year that details my interpretation of the who shebang
  2. The sun goes out:

    Here's a possibly more accurate look of what is going on:

    All of the suns of all of the worlds will lose their light:


    The Pillar of Light illuminates the entirety of the universe. While the stars seemed to be getting blocked by an eclipse, it's unrealistic to think that an actual eclipse is going. The one star that we see up close it clearly dimming, and it's unlikely that a celestial body is just floating around every star, ready to block them omnidirectionally (however that would work) when the pillar goes out.

    There was a requirement that the pillar needed "light" to help stabilize it, which is why their convergence didn't work. Anyway, Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun, restores it with her Light of Sirenix spell, so we'll see how powerful that is.

    In order to do this, we need to determine the luminosity that the stars lost during this time, which is impossible to do. I figured using the full moon's apparent magnitude, but that value came out to be so low compared to the sun's luminosity that it only served to inflate the final value. Considering that most stars in the universe are red dwarf stars, I'm going to base my calculation around 1/10,000 of their average luminosity, which already only have 1/10,000 of the sun's luminosity. So the number we're going to work with for our wattage is 2.864e18 watts per second. This ensures a conservative low-end.

    A typical galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars, and there are at least a hundred billion galaxies. So I'm going to use 10e22 for my star count.

    Since red dwarfs can live for trillions of years, I will use that as my time. A .16M red dwarf is expected to stay in the main sequence for over two trillion years, so averaging out to 1 trillion shouldn't be unacceptable. We're using this time because they don't appear to be moving the crystals back to the pillars for some reason. Of course, this will be the high-end. The low-end will be something like a week. 85% of known stars are red dwarfs, so we'll extend that to our larger star list since not all stars are not red dwarfs. So we will be using 85% of 10e22, or 8.5e21 stars.

    So the rest is very easy. Joules is watts-seconds, so we need to multiply our watts by the number of seconds in our time frames.

    Low-end: (8.5e22)(60*60*24*7)(2.864e18) = 1.4723e47 joules. That is 1.472 kilofoe. Very consistent with the other convergence feat.

    High-end: (8.5e22)(2.864e18)(60*60*24*365*1,000,000,000) = 7.677e57 joules. 76.67 terafoe.

    So high-solar system-level to mid-galaxy level. This would scale, if accepted, to the Sirenix fairies' strongest moves, Tritannus with the Emperor's Throne, current Sirenix Daphne, current Dark Sirenix Politea. Probably doesn't scale to the Winx durability, but I'd have to check to be honest.
  3. With this whole NT business, it's amazing to see how much of a gap there is in between some of the characters in XI.


    While there's only about six different tiers of universals, it's amazing since Shantotto is in the lowest of those tiers but many place her in the highest tier of the summoned warriors in NT. So the gap is pretty large still since the gap between tiers in XI is also large. It would be interesting to see how large the gaps are in a universal FF tier list.

    Also, with the inclusion of Crystal Chronicles in World of Final Fantasy, I'm going through the games to see if there's anything interesting in them. There might be, but I'll have to go through them myself to see. It'll also be interesting to see some new characters that are mostly ignored during FF threads.
  4. If I were to be conservative, it would essentially go like this????:

    Name: Enna Kros, Aris, Alexander
    Origin: World of Final Fantasy
    Gender: Unknown
    Classification: God
    Age: Immeasurable
    Powers and Abilities: BFR, magic, reality warping, time manipulation, can give powers to people, shape-shifting
    Weaknesses: Can't directly interfere in her own worlds
    Destructive Capacity: Multiverse-level
    Range: Multiversal
    Speed: Unknown, possibly MFTL+
    Durability: At least Country-level, likely higher
    Lifting Strength: Unknown
    Striking Strength: Unknown
    Stamina: Unknowm
    Standard Equipment: Unknown
    Intelligence: Very intelligent, often manipulates cosmic events
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    I may have forgotten some skills. This seems okay.
  5. It's time to organize this more properly. Instead of using things like "bottom tier," "top tier," etc, I will use numbers tiers. Tier 0 being the highest and Tier Infinity being the lowest (if we ever get there). I want to make this as accurate as possible, and I will add more characters later. I will explain positioning within tiers after I list the tier itself.

    Eventually, I want to add every Final Fantasy game to this list. Or at least Dissidia lol

    Tier 0

    Great Crystal
    The Void

    These four are the top of XI. The Great Crystal being the propagator of all the gods and banishing the Void at the beginning of this universe puts it at the very top of this tier. The Void comes second because of Altana's acknowledgment that she could not do much to resist it without another of equal power with her to weaken it. Altana and Promathia are placed in this tier because they are equal to one another; Altana herself being able to drain the energy of the Great Crystal to the point where it lost most of its energy and collapsed to become the five mothercrystals.

    In essence, the list goes Great Crystal > Void > Altana = Promathia

    Tier 1

    Iroha (merged with full-power Phoenix)
    Adventurer (fusion of strongest versions of Metus and his God of Light self)

    This is the second highest tier. Iroha is intentionally placed above the Adventurer here. The Void manifested itself due to feeling her power at this point; it didn't have the same reaction towards the Adventurer or Selh'teus. The Adventurer is basically the combined strength of the two most powerful characters in the tier below it plus the Altana and Promathia boost granted.

    Iroha > Adventurer

    Tier 2

    Adventurer (God of Light - Post-Altana power-up)
    Metus (Post-Sempurne power-up)
    The Void (Partially manifested)
    Adventurer (God of Light)
    Metus (God of Darkness)

    Here is a conglomerate of characters. Advernturer and Metus are at the top after many boosts in power. The partially manifested Void has no real argument here since it was being matched by a weaker God of Light. Sempurne is at the bottom of this tier. It's too strong for the ones below it, and he isn't too far behind these guys to form a separate tier.

    This tier is ordered.

    Tier 3


    Simply speaking, Shinryu is too strong for the characters below it and too weak for the characters above. Absorbing the Adventurer gassed on the light of four mothercrystal and being cleansed by darkness in the five towers along with Selh'teus amped by Phoenix, Abyssean Prishe couldn't do anything to Shinryu and it took a super boosted Adventurer to defeat it. On the other hand, the weakest character in the next tier (Sempurne), has the darkness of every living thing in his universe. So the gap is real.

    Tier 4

    Incarnation of Promathia (second form)
    Incarnation of Promathia (post-absorption of the Keeper of the Apocalypse)
    Prishe (post-cleansing of Emptiness)
    Prishe (Abysssea)
    Selh'teus (merged with Phoenix)
    Selh'teus (Abyssea)
    Adventurer (post-cleansing of Emptiness & infused with all of the light from four mothercrystals)
    Adventurer (Abyssea)

    Here is an outlier crew, strong by the relative early parts of the game. The incarnation of Promathia is placed in this tier as are the Warriors of the Crystal (some of them anyway). Simply speaking, it is from here the best feat in the series comes from; they are here by feats then. Any version of Promathia is above anyone here individually, so he goes up top. The future version of the Adventurer claimed that Prishe had "unmatched prowess" among the warriors he fought with, so she's slightly higher, but all three should be close enough. The Abyssean versions are in similar spots as well.

    Tier 5

    Volto Oscuro
    Odin (Unsealed)
    Alexander (Unsealed)
    Leviathan (Unsealed)
    Titan (Unsealed)
    Ifrit (Unsealed)
    Rumah (Unsealed)
    Garuda (Unsealed)

    Volto Oscuro is on top. Odin admits that his power is on their level, and he's swift to run away when Volto Oscuro comes around.The unsealed Celestial Avatars should all be around each other's level. It was described that a fight between Siren and Volto Oscuro would be uncertain, so she's placed here as well. Atomos is the resident trash compactor and is in here via feats. Volto Oscuro can't be placed higher since he has no feats putting him any higher.

    This tier is basically Volto > Celestials (Unsealed) ~ Siren > Atomos

    Tier 6

    Lilith (Ascendant)
    Hades (Full power)
    Lilith (post-Odin power-up)
    Adventurer (Wing of Altana & fighting with Lilisette)
    Lilisette (Wing of Altana & fighting with Adventurer)
    August Adoulin
    Teodor (Past)
    Morimar (Prime)
    Sajj'aka (Past)

    Here's the beginning of where "normal" people are. Everyone above this tier is either a god, powered-up by a god (or gods), or got power-ups up the wazoo and aren't even mortal at the time (Prishe).

    This tier is one of the most controversial and most difficult to formulate and place (the others being tier 7 and tier 8 and tier 9. Lilith Ascendant and Hades at full power top the list. I simply can't decide who is higher. Lilith has an Odin boost with heightened rage and has an Altana boost on account of absorbing Lilisette. Sajja'aka and Morimar make a dubious claim that nothing on the planet could stop a full-powered Hades. Obviously untrue if only because Prishe has better feats, but it's not like they witnessed her fight. Apparently though, a full-powered Hades makes the one fought at the end off Seekers of Adoulin look weak in comparison. In Hades' favor is that he comes from a later installment.

    "Regular" Liltih has an Odin boost and is much stronger than the ones below her tier. There's a specific condition that allows them to be this high. There's a running thematic about pairs in Wings of a Goddess: two universes, two pairs for characters, two wings, etc. Cait Sith claims numerous times that both the Adventurer Lilisette are needed to beat regular Lilith, so the combination of them is what allows them to be placed here.

    August, Sajj'aka, and Morimor fought Hades at his strongest in the past, and Teodor gave August a really tough fight, so they get placement here. How Sajj'aka compares with anyone is unknown.

    It's hard to place here, so we'll just say that Lilith (Ascendant) ~ Hades (Full power) > Lilith (Odin boost) ~ Adventurer (Wing of Altana & fighting with Lilisette) ~ Lilisette (Wing of Altana & fighting with Adventurer) > August ~ Teodor > Morimar ? Sajj'aka

    Tier 7

    Hades (Weakened)
    Adventurer (End of Seekers of Adoulin)
    Teodor (Present Day)
    Morimar (Old)
    Arciela V Adoulin
    Adventurer (Wing of Altana)
    Lilisette (Wing of Altana)
    Hardule (Spitewarden)
    Aquila (Spitewarden)
    Larzos (Spitewarden)
    Cait Sith (post-Cait Sith fusion, Wings of the Goddess)
    Adventurer (Spitewarden)
    Ragelise (Spitewarden)
    Portia (Spitewarden)

    Another tough tier. The only things I'm fairly certain of is that Regalise and Portia are the weakest here, that the Adventurer is stronger at the end of Seekers of Adoulin than he is as a lone Wing of Altana, and that a weakened Hades is the strongest one in the tier. I give the edge to later characters, so Morimar and Arciela should match up well against Aquila or Adventurer (Spitewarden), for example. It's a tough tier to call. I placed the Adventurer (Wing of Altana) here because I think him defeating Lilith Ascendant by himself is an outlier. He needs Lilisette to defeat a weaker version of her, but beats a seriously amped version of her on his own? Certainly an outlier.

    Hades > Adventurer (End of Seekers of Adoulin) ~ Teodor (Present Day) ~ Sajj'aka, Morimar (Old) ~ Arciela V Adoulin >~ Adventurer (Wing of Altana) ~ Lilisette (Wing of Altana) ~ Hardule (Spitewarden) ~ Aquila (Spitewarden) ~ Larzos (Spitewarden) ~ Cait Sith (post-Cait Sith fusion, Wings of the Goddess) ~ Adventurer (Spitewarden) > Ragelise (Spitewarden) ~ Portia (Spitewarden)

    Tier 8

    Odin Prime
    Luzaf (Odin-possessed)
    Colossus (Alexander-possessed)
    Adventurer (End of Treasures of Aht Urhgan)

    Simple enough. Odin Prime wasn't challenged by the Adventurer by the end of this installment despite multiple fights. Luzaf and the Colossus possessed should also be stronger but not substantially so.

    Odin Prime > Luzaf ~ Colossus >~ Adventurer

    Tier 9

    Fenrir (Prime)
    Tenzen (with Phoenix)

    An easy tier to make but a tough tier to place. So why did I put this tier here? It's on the basis of Bahamut being weaker than Luzaf and the Colossus, if the accounts of Ragnarok are true (which they probably are since things point in that direction). Thus, they're feats are much above the Terrestrials.

    Bahamut ~ Fenrir (Prime) > Diabolos > Tenzen

    Tier 10

    Adventurer (End of Zilart)

    We're winding down and things get easy. This is easy to follow in the story and is A>B>C order. Eald'narche is confirmed to be above all five Warriors of Crystal.

    Tier 11

    Ark Angel Hume
    Ark Angel Galka
    Ark Angel Tarutaru
    Ark Angel Mithra
    Ark Angel Elven

    The five Warriors of Crystal. Easily defeated the Shadow Lord. Easily beat the Adventurer. Make Lion and Aldo piss their pants. They get a tier of their own.

    Tier 12

    Adventurer (End of Vanilla XI)
    Shadow Lord

    Shadow Lord is a beast. He was above any mortal in the five nations during the Crystal War. Adventurer beat him. This is the order.

    Tier 13

    Belle Shantotto
    Domina Shantotto

    Okay, so we finally get to the top tier of present day normal characters. The order is kind of random. Karaha and his otherworld self are the top of this, I believe. They have just done better stuff than Shantotto. Belle and Domina seem weaker than the original, attributable to the split from the dimensional travel.

    Tier 14

    Klara Bester
    Leviathan (Sealed)
    Garuda (Sealed)
    Rumah (Sealed)
    Ifrit (Sealed)
    Titan (Sealed)

    High-end adventurers and fighters. Usually are high in military command. Zeid beat a Shadow Lord who was not serious. Klara is a solid match for Zeid. It's hard to compare current Volker with Klara, and Aldo might have a good argument about going higher. Ayame is probably the weakest of these higher-end guys since she had trouble with the early dragon.

    Sealed Celestials have and do get beaten by strong adventurers. It's a plot in the summoner quest. They go down here, I think.

    Tier 15

    Average adventurer

    The average dude. Gets sent on missions, does stuff, etc.

    Anyway, some notes:

    • I'm aware of the scene where Volto Oscuro is absorbing darkness from Promathia, but I'm unaware as to how to unlock the scene, so I've not included it.
    • Aldo might go higher later on. Maybe to the lowest end of 13 if we go by accolades.
    • Odin Prime (the one at the end of ToAU) is tough to place. I couldn't move him tiers above since he has nothing much going for him apart from being stringer than Adv at the end of ToAU, and everyone in the tiers above are stronger.
    • I want to put in Absolute Virtue, Ultima Weapon, Provenance Watcher, Maat, etc in. I will at some point. Same goes for things like Carbuncle.
    • Anyone in tier 8 and above will get Diabolos scaling. Tier 5 and above get Atomos scaling. Tier 4 and above get the Promathia scaling.
    • Yes, tier 7 is a thing. Arciela is a thing.
    Open to questions, comments, etc. I'll edit this into the respect thread later.
  6. Purpose: To establish the size of Beatrice's Fragment and its relation to other Fragments in terms of size.

    This is the final possible power upgrade for the When They Cry series as it stands now. We will see any later additions by the time that Hotarubi, Trianthology, etc are translated. Or any new Higurashi additions.

    This follows up this thread from a couple of years back: http://www.narutoforums.com/threads/are-umineko-characters-megaversal.1056393/

    We are just going to make some inclusions of some known facts first to have everything in one place:

    TTGL's blog post showing that Beatrice's territory is her game board: https://forums.hero-academia.com/xfa-blog-entry/umineko-metaverse.25307/

    Evidence showing that Beatrice's cat box (the possibilities of what occurred on those two days on Rokkenjima) have created infinite tales: "We were told that her magical compendium created the cat box and that the cat box did generate generate an infinite number of tales."

    Possibilities are actual things that exist in the Meta World & there is a cat box larger than Beatrice's: 30:35 @

    Argument: Beatrice's Fragment is smaller than most other Fragments in the Sea of Fragments.

    Evidence of it being a "tiny, tiny" world as said by Bernkastel @17:02+

    I think that a legitimate concern could be the ambiguity of what exactly Beatrice's Fragment is being compared to. At the beginning of the quotation, it clearly refers to all other Fragments in the Sea of Fragments. The next use of Fragment talks about the one that Beatrice created, and this must mean the entire Fragment itself, the territory. The last mention not found above where it mentions that Erika has become the new lord of the Fragment also means the territory itself.

    So is it "tiny, tiny" compared to other Fragments of all kinds or other witch territories, which are synonymous with Fragments as well?

    The text clearly links Beatrice's territory's fate to the other Fragments in the sea as bring gobbled up by voyagers. The use of "tiny, tiny" in this case seems to add to the cruelty of the voyagers toying with her game in the same way as saying "Even this small, out-of-the-way territory is not safe from voyager witches." It suggests that Beatrice's territory is no different from all of the other Fragments they played with. There is no mention or indication that it is comparing her territory to other witch territories.

    I also considered the possibility of "tiny" meaning "importance," but by this point Beatrice's territory is far from being unimportant in the world of witches as noted in EP8 by Erika.

    The interpretation of the comparison being to other territories seems shakier. They are never specifically brought up in conversation and are instead grouped together with all other Fragments. The comparison is between Beatrice's territory and all other Fragments, not just territories.

    Opinion? Thoughts? Alternate interpretations are greatly welcomed. Let's practice what we preach by making the OBD more critical again.

    @iwandesu @TTGL @Sablés @Boomy @Weather @MusubiKazesaru @whoever else read this or even just this blog

    Yes, I did tag some of you again. There is no need to avoid this. If you wish to abstain, just say so.

    Ampchu's proposed possible interpretation:
    Though I don't think this holds up in light of Featherine wanting the game board to add to her collection in EP8 as well as its supposed fame among voyagers and others as well. But it may be the case.
  7. Bernkastel's backstory is from the Higurashi stories. She's trapped in a Logic Error, which is something so devestating and difficult to repair that only three characters have ever gotten out of it as far as we know.

    In Episode 6 of Umineko, we get some story of her tale from Lambdadelta, one of the players of that game.


    Compared to the length of time it would take a random generator to type Hamlet (the Infinite Monkey Theorem), Lambdadelta states that is how long Bernkastel was stuck in there.

    Lambdadelta states that there are about 100 keys on a keyboard. And Hamlet has about 130,000 words. Thus, the probability of typing Hamlet with these conditions is about 100e130000.

    Using logarithms, we can convert this to base 10.

    130,000*Log(100) = 260,000.

    The probability of getting it correct the first time is 1 in 10e260000.

    Time in Umineko is a weird thing. I think the most obvious of the mentions the use of 1000 years. Bernkastel is a 1000-year-old witch as is Beatrice, but we know that Bernkastel is older. This is talked about in Episode 6.

    If we take this age at face value, we can say that it took Bernkastel to get this lucky occurrence within those 1000 years.

    If we assume some variables such as a very high 200 wpm (1000 characters per minute) and the 500,000 minutes in one year, we can get a value of 500,000,000 minutes in 1000 years. We can round these minutes in a year to a billion minutes (which low-balls this some more).

    In those 1000 years, at the rate we describe above, Bernkastel would've written 10e12 characters (10e3 years *10e9 characters per year). The chance that she would've written Hamlet at this point is simply 10e260000/10e12 = 10e259988.

    1 in 10e259988. And yet because she did this, she was able to escape and became the Witch of Miracles. This assume that she's only writing letters and ignoring capitalization and punctuation. Lion's 1 in 2,578,917 chance doesn't seem so bad now, right?

    Since she was alluded to have been there a very long time, even if we assume that the miracle was a 1 in 1,000,000 shot, she would've had to live 10e259982 years.

    Of course probabilities are just that. She could've gotten it after the tenth or twentieth try. If we go by Lambdadelta's claim, she's lived a very long time. It that makes sense since these characters are effectively immortal.

    There are numbers bigger than 10e259982 anyway. Most numbers are.

    This is just an example of why she holds the title of Witch of Miracles. She's always had the other famous impossibility comparison: folding a paper to reach the moon.
  8. 4 years, 6 months, and 149 blogs ago, I graced this site with me radiance and now the time is up. Almost at the 5-year anniversary mark, and that is the time I usually spend on messaging boards before moving on. (My one exception being my first, of which I am nearing my thirteenth year on!)

    I was going to write a blog about the things that happened and stuff, but I'm lazy. so to wrap it up:

    I will be popping up on Spacebattles to finish my posts in the madoka thread. And I will finish XI's feats on here too. I will also update feats for the series that I already have respect threads for. Other than that, I will not log on or come onto the site (since I only joined for the power levelz). If I am on updating a thread, don't expect me to debate. Don't tag me, for even if you are challenging some point I brought up, I won't respond.

    sorry for dropping my debate midway on the calcs, em. but i can't be bothered to argue angles and fuzzy light anymore.

    Nothing amazing happened. A few moths during the last summer, I got to the point where I couldn't find any reason to see fictional power levelz as an effective time killer. Not even a fun exercise for high school physics now that i know basic college physics (aka high school+). i tried to push some interest into random debates for myself but couldn't do it. so yeah.

    I will just post feats in my respect threads, which is a fitting retirement. pick a final avy and fly on. byez
  9. Three PMMM rough calcs:

    Homura's influence spreads across the universe.

    This is a very straightforward calculation. After absorbing a part of Goddess Madoka's power, Homura spreads her influence over the entire universe.


    Diameter of the observable universe: 8.8e26 meters (407 pixels)
    Red line: 251.4 pixels (543,567,567,567,567,567,567,567,567.567 meters)

    According to the video, it took .76 seconds to cross this distance.


    Now for speed with the good, old velocity formula.

    V = 543,567,567,567,567,567,567,567,567.567 meters/.76 seconds
    = 715,220,483,641,536,273,115,220,483.64 m/s

    Or 2,385,718,734,930,737,560.83c

    2.3 centillion times the speed of light.

    Should honestly scale to Goddess Madoka's arrow speed. No reason her attacks wouldn't go at least this fast.

    Also note that the magical girls reacted to the expansion of her power after it began expanding (as in the time it began moving out and before it passed them), giving them stupidly quick reaction speed. This is also known as an outlier. If you want to argue it's not an outlier for Sayaka and Bebe, then be my guest. The feat was done, though, so maybe you want to give it to Madoka's and Homura's reaction speed? It should also be noted that there are no FTL feats in the Wraith Arc.

    The second calculation is one that was already done in 2012, but my problem with it is that there is a galaxy in the background, so its low-end distance is an unnecessary. I can't see why it was used.

    Here is the calculation: http://www.narutoforums.com/xfa-blo...ddess-madokas-arrows-speed-destruction.18032/


    The closest spiral galaxy of any kind is Andromeda. This doesn't look like any of the clouds either. I will use Andromeda here.

    Unfortunately, the best picture we get is this one. We can't see the whole thing.

    According to this to-scale image, we pretty much have to be right there to get an image of Andromeda like we do in the anime, so I'm just going to use the complete distance. As a result, take this as a rough estimate instead of some definitive number.

    Distance between the Milky Way and Andromeda is about 2.36e22 meters.

    Amae already got us a time frame in the previous calculation: (1/8) of a second.

    Thus, our speed is about 188,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 m/s

    Or 629,769,011,734,111.069c

    About 629 trillion times the speed of light. Of course this is higher than the real figure, but the speed should be in the trillions.

    The last feat I will post is the luminosity of the Goddess Madoka's blast itself:


    I'm getting kind of lazy now.

    Citing Endles Mike's third calculation here: http://forums.hero-academia.com/xfa-blog-entry/redoing-various-luminosity-calcs.36197/

    He argued, unchallenged, that a whiting out can be reasonably considered as 66,000 lux. We can see that in fiull effect here, so I don't believe there should be any issue with using such a figure in this blog.

    According to the same blog, the apparent magnitude of this lux is -26.2489

    Now we must get the distance. I will use this picture, the first frame we get after we zoom out.

    We are unable to see the Milky Way galaxy, so I will assume the blast's brightest areas is the entirety of the Milky Way.

    This measurement is 33 pixels.

    The image width is 1377 pixels, so we'll use the angsize formula:

    object degree size = 2*atan(Object_Size/(Panel_Height/tan(70/2)))

    = 2*atan(33/(1377/tan(70/2)))
    = 1.92273154086

    Plugging this into the calculator: http://www.1728.org/angsize.htm

    We get a distance of 5.0654e+22 meters.

    In parsecs, this is 1641584.34

    I will use this formula to solve for absolute magnitude:

    M=m+5-(5log(distance in parasecs))

    This is just a reorganized version of another formula.

    Log is in base 10.
    M is absolute magnitude.
    m is apparent magnitude.


    M= -26.2489+5-(5log(1641584.34))
    = -52.3252160023559

    To get luminosity, we just need use the luminosity formula: L = n^(4.83-M)

    L being luminosity
    n being the 5th root of 100
    4.83 being the sun's absolute magnitude
    M being our own absolute magnitude

    L = 5th-root-of-100^(4.83-(-52.3252160023559)) [NF will mess up the 5th root of 100 character lol]
    = 72,792,460,747,333,544,000,000

    72 sextillion times brighter than the sun.

    7.2e22 times brighter.

    The sun's luminosity is 3.846e26 W

    To get the luminosity of the blast, we will multiply the two value together:

    = 27,691,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    = 27.6912e48
    = 2.76912e49 W

    It looks like it last 2 seconds.

    Joules = Watts * time in seconds
    = 5.5e49 joules (or whatever the unit I'm too tired for this)
    = 553 kilofoe

    Galaxy-level. Outshine a galaxy and get galaxy-level. Who would've guessed?

    Final Results
    Homura's spreads her influence over the universe, Magical girl Wraith Arc/Rebellion reaction speed: 2e18c
    Goddess Madoka arrow speed: 6.29e14c
    Goddess Madoka's arrow illumination: 553 kilofoe (Galaxy-level)
  10. Need to blog this.


    So I'm going to calculate some speed for the Void. This is a placeholder until I can get to SoA and RoV expansions, which I can't get to right now since I'm too busy with school. And I'm stuck in CoP. Anyway, let's get some facts straight.

    This is how the world looks as the Cloud of Darkness is covering it:

    Very dark, very cloudy. Here's another visual:

    I want you to take note that the cloud is visible. It's not an invisible object, but completely visible. When surrounded by the Void, everything is black.

    Here's something interesting to take note of. In CoP, when Prishe arrives at the paradox, the sky is filled with stars:

    And now let's look at the sky in RoV:

    Not many stars at all. The bands of stars that we were able to see before are now gone (for the most part, I suppose). Just a lot of black. Just as the Void is coming to consume Vana'diel. Hint hint.

    According to the wiki, the time between the beginning of the game and the beginning of RoV is thirteen years apart. I don't know how they got that, but why not? This is just rough stuff.

    There are 4.1e8 seconds in thirteen years.

    According to this interactive map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orion_Arm#Interactive_maps

    We are about 1000 lightyears from the nearest arm (too lazy to scale), so I'll just go with that since we see two arms in the CoP video.

    1000 ly = 9.461e+18 meters

    So ((9.461e18)/(4.1e8))/299792458

    So distance divided by the time. And then we divide by the speed of light to get: 76.971c

    About 77 times faster than the speed of light. Underwhelming.

    So now let's look at this feat.

    This is the view of the universe from WoG:

    We know this isn't from Altana's dimension since it doesn't look like this: http://imgur.com/Af3l5rh

    We can see that the Void has yet to enter the universe from the fact that clouds have not closely surrounded the universe (and we know that the Void surrounds the FF multiverse), so we can use this as a mid-ed placeholder.

    WoG takes 20 years prior to the start of the game. So thirty-three years is what we're working with.

    There are 1.041e+9 seconds in thirty-three years.

    Presuming Vana'diel is in the center of the universe (basic assumption), we will take this to mean that it crossed 4.4e26 meters.

    So we'll repeat the above:



    About one billion times faster than the speed of light.

    This last calc is a high-end, though it may be dubious.

    We know that the Void surrounds the entire multiverse, and in the above shot we see the multiverse (at least XI's multiverse). But we notice that we see no black in the shot above. Instead, we mostly see a cloud of purple smoke. We also see a dull light within this cloud. It's to the left of the player character. In fact, considering that a completely black being that surrounds the entire multivese can't be seen, it's likely that it isn't near. In fact, we know how it would look like from the opening animation in the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TGe6PC-Tk4

    It's totally dark. No light from other universes penetrating the darkness to shine upon the light.

    We also see in the scene (sine the camera spins around a lot), the the entire dimension they are in is purple. With that said, I think we can conclude that the Void isn't anywhere near them at the moment. At least not close enough to stop the light from other universes from reaching them. Since we know of nothing else that could exist there, we can only conclude that that light is another universe.

    So I'm going to get a distance by angsizing to the other universe. The other universe can only be seen by its light, so I'm going to assume its diameter is roughly as large as the area of concentration of the light.


    Size of the main FFXI universe: 129.1 pixels (8.8e26 meters)

    Angsize formula: 2*atan(Object_Size/(Panel_Width/tan(70/2)))

    = 2*atan(129.1/(768/tan70/2)))
    = 13.426127307316 degrees

    Now inputting our degrees and size onto here: http://www.1728.org/angsize.htm

    We get a distance of 3.7382e27 meters from the camera.

    Now to find the distance of the second light.

    Size of the second light: 35.5 pixels

    Angsize: 2*atan(35.5/(768/tan70/2)))

    = 3.707617803068

    Now repeating the above step to find the distance, we get a distance of 1.3594e28 meters.

    Subtracting the two distances, the universe are 9.855e27 meters apart.

    Using the thirty-three year timeframe from the mid-end calculation: we get ((9.855e27)/(1.041e9))/299792458

    This gives us a speed of 31,578,041,865.3 times the speed of light.

    Well, that's what happens when you take years to cross distances.

    Final Results

    Void speed: 77c - 1,409,877,059.435c - 31,578,041,865.3c - flies-around-a-countless-multiverse-c

    Though, of course, it's always difficult to get a speed grasp for characters whose job is to fly throughout a countless multiverse, but this is a good enough rough job. Yes?
  11. http://www.narutoforums.com/threads/puella-magi-tier-list.952499/

    Current list is outdated. And I disagree with some of it. There's a distinct lack of taking into account special abilities of the characters themselves.

    Homura belongs in tier A. Even her pre-Wraith Arc self. Only reason Mami won that easily was due to nullifying her ability before the fight even began; we already saw how (poorly) Mami would fare against a time stopper when she battled the wraiths. Wraith Arc!Homura is at minimum Tier A. Shes's simply stronger than anyone else. Probably as strong as Madoka in some timelines.

    The strongest Wraiths belong in at least Tier A. Since Mami was using some of her strongest attacks against it and was unable to even touch the thing due to its power.

    A distinct lack of Tart characters as well. They straight up have better DC feats than any Madoka besides the final timeline and the Mami's super shot in the movie. Not to mention magical girls more experienced than Mami with better hax skills that can down her pretty quickly.

    Speaking of hax, Kagari's ability should put her really on the list. She's not as DC oriented as the stronger girls, but her ability would allow her to one-shot most anybody considering that she goes for the soul gem in-character. Tier B at least. Suzune and a Full Boosted Arisa in the lower Tier B along with Kagari's sister. The others should be Tier C. Jyubey isn't a proper fighter so yeah. Neither is Kyubey.

    Hyades upgrades are overrated for Niko and Kanna. Kanna was getting beaten by Kazumi even before Kazumi made a wish. Niko? Come on. Kanna's feats are pitiful even after the power up since it amounted to "getting owned by Kazumi." I forgot most of these names. Cause they're unimportant and terribly fleshed out.

    Margot needs to go down a tier. She was taken out fairly easily once the magical girls got over themselves and their sadness about turning into witches. Oriko needs to go up a tier. I dare say Kirika is overrated since she relies on trapping people in her spell before actually engaging them.

    That's all for this year. That I can remember. Fix it up.

    Comments are on. I suppose. Will reply next year. Or once tomorrow.
  12. Here in case people ask me again.

    It's because I wanted to keep the rep title "User is Luminary." Check the date of my sealing: August 11, 2013.

    Let's look at my reps:

    All pos reps besides one form es when I said that I didn't care about the points.

    My last rep was on August 11, 2013. Because I finally got enough points to get the rep title.
  13. I've finally finsihed season 7 of Winx. Since Season 8 (World of Winx) comes out later this year, I've decided to start a new list with a lot of the fat trimmed out of it. And by trimming of the fat, I mean that I'm going to split the list in two because I'm going run too far down the letters or add too many S tiers. I'm going to split the tier in two: the bottom half belongs to the Enchantix and prior feats and the second half belongs to the season four Enchantix and later feats. Some characters (only a few) belong to both. I will try to limit hype placing.

    Dreamix is the next transformation, btw.

    Top Tier: Universe-level+

    The Great Dragon
    Infinity Swan

    High Tier: Universe-level

    Dark Witch Icy post-Wild Magic Absorption
    Dark Witch Stormy post-Wild Magic Absorption
    Dark Witch Darcy post-Wild Magic Absorption
    Butterflix/Tynix Bloom
    Butterflix/Tynix Flora
    Butterflix/Tynix Stella
    Butterflix/Tynix Tecna
    Butterflix/Tynix Musa
    Butterflix/Tynix Aisha
    Bloomix/Mythix Bloom

    Mid Tier: Universe level

    Dark Witch Icy
    Dark Witch Stormy
    Dark Witch Darcy
    Bloomix/Mythix Flora (Word of God says that she's the second strongest Winx)
    Bloomix/Mythix Stella
    Bloomix/Mythix Musa
    Bloomix/Mythix Aisha/Layla
    Bloomix/Mythix Tecna
    Sirenix Daphne (Season 7)
    Kalshara (Tentative)

    Low Tier: Solar System-level

    Sirenix Daphne (she is likely higher, and this may then scale to Sirenix Politea)
    Ancestral Witches [Belladonna, Lysslis, Tharma] (Able to fight Sirenix Daphne and Sirenix Politea)
    Dark Sirenix Politea*
    [Power Gap]
    Emperor Throne Tritannus

    Bottom Tier: Multi-city block - low town-level+

    Beast of the Depths* (via feats)
    Sirenix Bloom**
    Sirenix Flora**
    Sirenix Stella**
    Sirenix Musa**
    Sirenix Tecna**
    Sirenix Aisha/Layla**
    Dark Sirenix Icy**
    Dark Sirenix Stormy**
    Dark Sirenix Darcy**
    Nebula (season four)
    Roxy w/White Circle
    Nabu (note that he has town-level+ durability)

    Top Tier: Universe-level+

    Great Dragon

    High Tier: Below+

    Enchantix Bloom
    Demon-form Valtor

    Mid Tier: Below+

    Enchantix Flora
    Enchantix Musa
    Enchantix Stella
    Enchantix Tecna
    Enchantix Aisha/Layla

    Low Tier: MCB - low town-level

    Disenchantix Icy
    Disenchantix Stormy
    Disenchantix Darcy
    Darkar (via feats)
    Dark/Charmix Bloom
    Charmix Stella
    Charmix Musa
    Charmix Tecna
    Charmix Aisha/Layla
    Charmix Flora
    Gloomix Icy
    Gloomix Darcy
    Gloomix Stormy
    Fairy-form Bloom

    Bottom Tier: Building-level-ish

    Icy w/ Dragon Flame
    Stormy w/ Dragon Flame
    Darcy w/ Dragon Flame*
    Fairy-form Flora
    Base Stormy
    Fairy-form Stella
    Base Darcy
    Fairy-form Musa
    Fairy-form Aisha/Layla
    Fairy-form Tecna
    Everyone else in general

    Unknown Tier:

    Darkar (via hype)
    Faragonda (Prime)
    Saladin (Prime)
    Oritel (Prime)
    Marion (Prime)
    Griffin (Prime)
    Hagen (Prime)
    Sirenix Politea

    Depends on the Episode Tier:

    The Specialists
  14. I've announced it because I don't like surprise attacks. Bloggers have been warned. I am coming for your sphere of blogfluence.
  15. Like literally dead. This is how the dead feel as they are dead. Like holy shit.