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  1. So I've been aware of a feat in RW for a long time, one which suggest faster than light, but I was a bit iffy on it all this time. Looking at it, it's kind of hard to deny what is shown

    The feat

    As you can see, Kayura's surekill demonstrates her attack taking the form of a blinking star before being launched at her opponents.

    With that, it appears as if her attack was at said distance too, which only makes sense since she went out of her way to launch her attack from above, instead of from the ground as usual.

    This apparently suggest that her attack crossed a considerable distance, possibly lightyears (given the closest star from earth is lightyears away). And given that her attack is called "Storm Star Cut", it seems to point to that.

    So what would that result in? Well, as I said, the closest star to earth is 4.22 lightyears away (Proxima Centauri). The speed at which her attack reached earth was short; at about 1-3 seconds.

    4.22 lightyears or 3.9924e+16 meters = distance

    1-3 seconds = time

    For one second, that comes out to 3.99234299e16 or 133,170,227.7 c

    For two seconds, that comes out to 1.99617149e16 or 66,585,113.69 c

    For three seconds, that comes out to 1.330781e16 or 44,390,076.017 c

    Even the water form of this attack showed to cross that distance in little time and said attack was dodged by the Yoroi Senshis. But scaling is for another discussion/blog.
  2. Adding this blog so that things could be more official. First up, the findings that PAS (their system of acquiring their power) does mass-energy conversion

    PAS and mass-energy

    "In the case of the (phenomenon) being converted (matter=energy) and (the energy field potential) being realized in the next dimension, there is one proviso..." - Paragraph 2

    "Fundamentally, the completed Zohar's wish for (matter=energy shift) or again (the energy field) would tie together the shifting time plane at 1..." - Paragraph 5

    The glossary for this same segment points out two things that reiterate this

    matter=energy shift placement

    Out of all the matter in the universe, how much of it can be changed into energy? The comparative ratio of this

    and the theory of relativity glossary note, which some of you may know as a group of Einstein's theories that explores the workings of spacetime and gravity. Of these theories is the mass-energy equivalence (or E=mc2 as some know it) that was just previously inferred.

    So what does this mean? Well we know the extension of this power can convert matter into energy, which approximate that the usage of this formula for clear events in XGs is acceptable.

    So what are these events? Let's find out

    Fei vs Calamity

    This one is probably the easiest. We witness Fei tapping into his mojo and he completely decimates Calamity. The interesting thing is that we see Calamity literally turn into energy. So that's pretty straightforward

    PW says that the dude is 50 tons (one thing PW seems to do wrong is stats. At its given height, unless it's made of styrofoam or 99% hollow, 50 tons is unimaginably low.. but that's for another time)

    50 tons = 45359.2 kgs

    Put that into this calculator and it comes out to 4.077e+21 joules or 974 gigatons

    Elly vs Mooks

    Seibzehn vs Achtzehn

    Id. vs Elru

    Id was noted in-game and in PW to have destroyed Elru (annihilated in PW. Annihilation also being regarded as mass to energy conversion). This one I cannot do since I wouldn't know how to acquire the mass of a landmass, especially one I don't have pre-established dimensions for

    Deus planet bust

    Deus was also noted to have annihilated a planet. Probably easier since earth, a safe measuring tool, has its mass known already. PW has him doing so to at least 3 planets, but for now, one is fine.

    Earth's mass = 5.972e+24 kg

    Into the calculator and that's 5.367e+41 joules or small star if I'm correct

    Billy's gear crosses continental distance

    From the orphanage

    In-game showing of the location of the Wel's ship

    Using the map

    Relativistic on foot?

    Throne uses a positron beam. Couple that with her photon brain would allow her quick response, targeting and pinpoint accuracy. So unless the team was getting hit by her all the time (I recall three separate fights with her), I can't imagine they haven't avoided her attacks (this has been incorporated with other games; the assumption that if you fight those with certain type of attack speed, but only available in gameplay, it is assumed they scale. Seen this with Shadow Hearts and Disgaea to name a few)

    Goliath crash

    The crash

    Shipmate informs that dimensional vibrations from a gate reached them all the way at Bledavik from the northeast ocean near Lahan


    There was two rough calcs done for this in the past using shockwaves, both suggesting nothing less than megatons.

  3. Celine's Southern Cross spell

    The Crux constellation should be perfectly acceptable for a distance. The closest star, the Gamma Crucis, is about 88 lightyears from earth (which the game's planet isn't. Only using earth to see what it comes out to). Once Celine makes the cross, it takes about 1 second for it to reach the battlefield

    88 lightyears / 1 second = 8.325265e17 m/s or 2,777,009,487.01 c

    Since Celine isn't only using one star within the Crux constellation, the furthest could be assumed also (will treat as a high-end). The furthest star, Delta Crucis, is about 345 lightyears from earth

    345 lighyears / 1 second = 3.2638823e18 m/s or 10,887,139,462.33 c

    Leon moves a planetoid

    I have not delved in calc regarding joules but from some of the previous calc I've seen of this type, they almost always come out to around planet to large planet level

    Rena sends down flares from the sun

    Similar to Leon's Shadow Flare, both send a form of energy that came from the sun (in Leon's case, after the eclipse--which isn't made apparent his doing in this game)

    Easy one. The sun is 93 million miles (average) from earth and it takes the energy about 2 seconds to reach the battlefield.

    93 mi miles / 2 seconds = 74,834,496,000 m/s or 249.6 c

    Meteor Swarm (SO2 version)

    Can't remember if this is exclusive to Celine or not, but she calls down massive meteors (as seen when they touchdown on the planet Expel). Nothing to work here save maybe speed (if one assumes asteroid belt)

    Lunar Light

    Similar to the Star/Shadow Flare skill, it sends energy from a celestial body. This time, the moon.

    238,900 mi / 3 seconds = 128,157,427 m/s or 373,636.81 mach

    Rena blows up the sun


    Based Rena :mjpls:

    When Celine goes apocalyptic, she goes apocalyptic!


    If it looks like a spiral galaxy, and it.....
  4. I've had an extremely bad month up till now, but this news hitting my inbox single-handedly changed that.

    Seems the beginning of next year, Saiyuki will return in animated form, and from what little I know, will be based on Blast. If we're lucky, maybe two of the biggest event in Reload will be in there (seeing as the anime would need filler due to lack of current material and the anime is notorious for not being in order anyway)

    Hopefully this means a steady release of manga chapters from this point forward, or expect more fillers like the last two (which I don't mind, more Saiyuki for me!)
  5. About

    Legend of the two swords

    Power stat


    Multi-universal (6 in this range)
    Universal (6, possibly 9, in this range)


    Stellar (12 at least)


    Planetary (none)


    City level (anyone else of important)
    Continent level (anyone else not hitting low-end)

    Speed stat


    Blocking lasers/light (feat from a mid-tier)
    Starlight (actual light from a star turned into an attack) hitting target in seconds (around hundreds of million c)
    Flying to another universe
    Attack (hand) reaching another planet in seconds


    Intercepting a lightning bolt
    Catching a meteor
    Dodging several lightning bolts


    Moving at the speed of sound


    Vanishing from sight
    Catching arrows

    Top abilities

    Rey Yan's regen
    Regeneration nullification
    Word of Command
    Buk Du's Shin Goon
    Spirit Gate

    Quick ranking (in order)

    Rey Yan
    Demon Emperor
    Empowered Shiyan
    Pasa Ban-Go
    Heavenly Emperor
    Queen Nafu

    Top feats

    Creates 3 universes (off-panel event) - Ban-Go
    Destroy 3 universes in an instant (claim) - Ban-Go
    Created a universe/multiple universes (off-panel event) - Numa and any creator gods of their universe
    Destroyed a universe (off-panel event/untranslated) - Anu
    Creates a pocket universe (off-panel event) - Hyacia
    Destroyed a portion of a pocket universe - Ban-Go Rey
    Froze a sun (off-panel event/partially demonstrated) - Yeh
    Potentially crushing a planet - Queen Nafu
    Flew to another universe - Queen Nafu
    Flew back to Earth from Demon Realm - Nata
    Blocking light - Shouren and Pasa Ban-Go
    Neautralized Ban-Go - Shin Nong
    Seven Star of Death launching actual star light - Buk Du
    Launching numerous planetoids (and ignited stars) - Anu
    Ate universes (off panel event. Demonstrated numerous galaxies on panel) - The Swallower
  6. About

    The story that follows the iconic Man of Steel through his adolescent years, until he becomes the Earth's greatest hero known as Superman.

    Power stat


    Universal (not by character admission)


    Galactic (1)


    Planetary (anyone worth a damn after the main series)


    City level (any non-recurring foe that has fought season 7+ Clark)

    Speed stat


    Exiting the solar system/galaxy/whatever in a few seconds


    A couple of sun reaching trips in seconds
    Circling the globe while being in almost every part of the earth


    Outrunning a camera's flash
    Running at speeds where electrons come to a standstill


    Metropolis to Honduras in 5 sec
    Rain comes to a halt
    Phasing through solid via speed

    Top abilities

    Soon to come

    Quick ranking (in order)

    Omega Monitor
    Clark Kent
    John Stewart
    Black Flash
    Bart Allen
    Wonder Woman
    Martian Manhunter

    Note: The first 2 and the last 2 are too close to give accurate positioning. Could switch depending on how you view their showings

    Top feats

    The Bleed destroys a universe
    Survives being dumped into the bleed - Clark
    Endures the blue bleed and repels the reboot - Clark
    Pushes the planet Apokolips
    Omega Monitor pod overpowers Clark, Kara and J'onn
    Drew blood from Clark (pre-Bleed dump) - Supergirl, Hades and Doomsday
    Parallax wrecks Oa
    Numerous sector crossing in a day or less
    Outrunning Clark's flight speed - Bart
    Watchtower registers omnipresence (for lack of better description) on the planet via speed - Bart
    Clark threatens that he can toss Hades across the 28 known galaxies
    Lanterns open a rift to the Source from Earth
    Lanterns cross the universe is a short time
    Jor-El causes an eclipse
    Clark heatvisions the Black Box
  7. About

    5 young boys in mystical armor fight back against the evil Dynasty.

    Power stat


    Galactic-Universal (2 in this range)


    Stellar (2 in this range)


    Planetary (4 in this range, durability = more)


    City level (anyone worth a damn)

    Speed stat


    Crossing the distance of earth/space in a few seconds


    Kaos tagging the death ball


    Shuten runs to Mt. Fuji
    Running at invisible speeds through Manhattan
    Naaza's arm speed
    Ichigo-esque afterimages


    Blocking arrows

    Top abilities

    Arago and Kuroi's porting ability
    Shikaisen's form (including phasing)
    Sand Striker logia form
    Naaza's poison
    Rajura's illusions
    Light manipulation
    Life manipulation
    Mind and body possession
    Portal creation
    Heart of the Ancient and Staff of the Kaos overall

    Quick ranking (in order)

    Shiroi & Kuroi Kikoutei
    Ryo & Mukara in Kikoutei
    Empowered Arago
    Mukara unarmed
    Shutendouji Kaos
    Original Kaos
    Shikaisen (true form)

    Top feats

    Voiding the universe - Shiroi Kikoutei
    Strength of the big bang (statement) - Kuroi/Shiroi
    Merging the Netherworld and Ningenkai - Nine yoroi
    Moving the sun and moon - Shiroi
    Tearing through the dimensional wall of the Netherealm and causing damage in Ningenkai - Ryo in Kikoutei
    Destroying the first Netherworld - Ryo in Kikoutei
    Death ball # 2 overpowering Kikoutei
    Neutralizing death ball #1 - Original Kaos
    Destroying death ball #1 redux - Ryo in Rekka
    Tanking death ball #2 - Kayura
    Destroying armor with physical strength - Mukara
  8. About

    Originally meant to be the fifth story of a six story saga, Xenogears is a game created by Monolith Soft. Its strong theme of religion has made it a hot topic at the time, almost keeping it on Japan's shores. It stars a boy who was given the power of god during his search for his parents aboard a starship. He is destined to free god from its worldly cage and return it to its home

    Power stat


    Megaversal (2 in this range)
    Multiversal (3 in this range)


    Universal (1 in this range)


    Galactic (3 in this range, possibly 4 or 5)


    Planetary (Anyone relevant below high-end Omnigear class)
    City-Continental (Everyone else, with Kahn being the highest represented)

    Speed stat


    Fei's laser (3,855,940,800,000,000c, 5, possibly 6, in this range)


    Eldridge travel the stars (18,750 -39,990,000c, )


    Emigrant fleet's space trek (37.53c)


    Blitzes 3 gears with combat speed of 550m/s
    Bart pulls a meteor from space

    Top abilities

    Hiding behind spacetime
    Trans-dimensional teleportation
    Black hole creation
    Time manipulation
    Manipulation of infinite energy
    Creation of new realities
    Spacetime barriers
    Probability manipulation
    Wide-scale petrification

    Quick ranking (in order)


    Top feats

    Destroying the Path of Sephirot - Fei, Uroborus
    Planet busting - Deus & Zohar
    Galaxy encompassing blast - Fei and Deus (?)
    Singularity creation + enduring it - Elly/Deus and Fei
    Destroying Zohar - Fei
    Tanking the big bang - Zohar
    Crossed into the Path of Sephirot and retained his self - Fei
    Creating the 3rd dimension - Har
    Wrecked Solaris - Id
    Massive destruction to the surface, potentially destroying the planet - Graf & Diablos Corp
    Annihilating Elru - Id
    Surviving the destruction of a country - Dominia
    Tanking the destruction of a starship - Abel
    Converting gears into energy - Fei in Weltall & Maria in Seibzehn
  9. About

    Shadow Hearts follows the journey of a young man named Yuri Hyuga who has been hearing voices in his head instructing him on a mission. What's unique about Yuri is that he's a harmonixer; a people that can take in monsters and transform into them. He eventually meets a young girl named Alice Eliot, who has her own problems to bring to the fray. Their journey is of mythical proportion, where they must fight against beings straight out of a Lovecraft novel

    Power stat


    Universal (4, maybe 5 if you count non-beings)
    Star, possibly Small Galaxy (possibly 5 in this range)


    Planetary (possibly 3 (5 if you factor in weapons))


    Country level (4 in this range, scaling = more)


    City level (anyone worth a damn)

    Speed stat


    Yuri's galactic round trip and ascending to the heavens (2,524,000,000,000 and 47,330,000,000,000,000c respectively)


    Meta makes its way to earth (250,400,000c)
    Hilda galactic home run


    Combating foes that can reach lightspeed


    Reacting to gunfire

    Top abilities

    Yuri's control over death and rebirth
    Astaroth manipulating the evil in man
    Halley/Kouldelka black hole creation
    Harmonixing in general
    Somnion power of the abyss
    Atman curse
    Tirawa sun manipulation
    Susano-O reality/time manipulation
    Wugui death magic

    Quick ranking (in order)

    Seraphic Radiance
    The Awaker
    Limiter Amon

    Top feats

    Blast encompassing a quasar? - Seraphic!Yuri
    Celestial renovation + Supernova - Meta-God
    Shanghai removed off the face of the earth - Seraphic
    Annihilate a planet with a stray thought - Amon (may not be planet)
    Intergalactic travel - Meta-God & Seraphic!Yuri
    Destroying the present and remaking the past - Kato/Yamato
    Hilda punts enemy out of the galaxy
    A tower full of malice capable of destroying the planet
    The world of malice potentially ending the universe
    Joachim possibly creating a pocket dimension
  10. I'd like to add more to my blog besides Saiyuki (RIP)


    Suikoden is based on the Water Margin and incorporates the 108 stars destined to unite. The series power revolves around runes. These runes are said to have been adorned on the Sword and Shield brothers of time immemorial. The series is a confirmed multiverse, but primarily centers around a single unnamed planet.

    Power stat


    Multiversal (3, 4 if you count durability)
    Universal (around 2)


    Continental-Planetary (around 27 in this range)


    Island-country (possibly 4 in this range)


    Town-city (anyone worth a dam with a rune)

    Speed stat


    Bright shield hits target from outside the galaxy
    Beast rune pulls the moon to earth
    Zerase ignites stars


    Luc blocks a lightning attack from behind
    Gadget Z exits the atmosphere


    Stallion outruns an explosion
    Bright and Gadget Z blast cross half the distance of earth/space in a few seconds


    Soldiers create a sonicboom
    Nash blocks bullets
    Nanami blocks multiple arrows

    Top abilities

    Sovereign's magic immunity
    Viki time traveling rune
    Life and death control from rune with same name
    Moon rune nigh-perfect immortality
    Gate runes control of dimensions
    Merging segments of a world with another via False Chronicle
    The One King ability to reside throughout all reality

    Quick ranking (in order)

    One King
    Chaos/Dharma (if you count future events)
    Sierra Mikain
    Tir McDohl
    Windy (possibly higher)

    Top feats

    Nuking universes - One King
    Residing across the multiverse - One King
    Moving the moon - Beast rune
    Enduring 4 TRs - Hugo
    Attack from outside galaxy - Bright Shield
    Razing a continent - Sun rune
    Desertification - Mazus and Crowley
    Overpowering out of control Rune cannon - Lazlo
    Stopping a berserk Sun rune - Dawn and Twilight
    Blocking a dual TR attack - Luc
    Scaring Leknaat - Tir
    Holding back the collateral of a TR battle - Sasarai
    Lifewiping on 2 different occasions - Tiekeris and S3

    There's probably some other stat or information I can put, but I can't think of anything right now
  11. (Decided not to write it off as hypotethical due to being consistent within the series. Only thing debatable is the power of the sutra, but that's lined below)

    Edit: Can no longer come into question. The ikkou recently endured an attack that destroyed a sutra completely.

    Originally had hypothesized using the sutras actual upper, but it seems more reasonable to go with current assessment
    Can even use the upper with recent feats, but we'll continue to surmise from here

    So the ikkou have with them a feat of tanking/enduring an attack from the Maten sutra, which would suggest an inane level of durability for them

    First the feat
    http://i.imgur.com/tRGcb.png (Gojyo confirming they were hit. His exact lines in the official trans were: "Look you pretentious dick! You're the one who had to blow shit up! Your little show-off move knocked us way the hell downstream!)

    With the power they have as a single part, there's really no disputing star level being in the realm of possibility (based off Ukoku proclamation)

    So OBD tells me that the GBE of the sun is 164.916 (round it to 165 for aesthetic) tenatons. Given how the mantra is important, this value will be reduced. Since Genjyo was in distress, I'll assume around %1 of its power

    165 x .01 = 1.65 tenatons

    Edit: It's wrong to believe that an unchanted Maten is downgraded from star level when the power of a single sutra can reach upward to universal depending on how you view Saiyuki's universe. An unchanted Maten should be scalable to star level Muten.

    Maten tanking happened again, this time Genjyo was not in distress. So it stays consistent within this supposition

    There's also country and continent level scaling if we need to go lower, but that's suggesting the sutras somehow loses power in the hands of a human, along with having varying strength between the sutras, when nothing points to that (in fact, latest narrator statements seems to point that the entire power is usable. Only concentration has been confirmed to affect power)
    All this was proven to not be a thing with recent events. Sutra users can output the total energy of the sutra through concentration

  12. "Shaka Nyorai disseminated a scripture from heaven"

    This wasn't an instant creation feat, so speed can be derived. Using some unrealistic timeframe of say 1 millennium

    93 billion light years / 1000 years = 2.78806986 x 10^16 m/s

    The 5 sutras get some of that action, but for the sake of lolends, if they only account for 1% of the Tenchi Kaigen, that would still amount to hundreds of times light (930,000 to be exact)

    Ukoku sun hype also accounts for possible faster than light speeds, depending on the possible timeframe. With the values above, a short timeframe looks far more believable.

    Interesting note

    Nuking the world description of the sutra does not hint at, or even realistically make sense, with a timeframe of even a year, let alone that long (unless one believes a threat of destroying the universe happening over 1000 years is really threatening. Wouldn't even be threatening in a years time with the verse having Buddha active in the series. Even Kannon can dwarf a threat that takes that long)

    93 billion lightyears / 1 year = 2.78806986 x 10^19

    93 billion lightyears / 1 month = 3.34568383 x 10^20 (more realistic)

    Ukoku's possible sutra speed

    So this is simple, we got the distance (93 million miles to sun), but we lack a timeframe. It's relatively safe to assume the assumed timeframe since with the speeds above, it's more unbelieveable if it isn't shorter

    Distance: 149,597,870,700 meters
    Timeframe: 1 minute

    149,597,870,700 meters / 1 minute = 2,493,297,845 m / s or 8.316c

    I'll add other timeframes for the heck of it (hard to argue against one minute, but meh)

    149,597,870,700 meters / 30 minute = 83,109,928.2 m / s or 244,400 mach

    149,597,870,700 meters / 1 hour = 41,554,964.1 m / s or 122,200 mach

    149,597,870,700 meters / 1 day = 1,731,456.84 m / s or 5,091 mach
  13. Characters I debate and their ranking, title be damned

    (Two max to a verse) - Highest stat added

    Fei Fong Wong (Megaversal)
    Rey Yan (Multiversal)
    Mao (Disgaea) (Potentially multiversal)
    Yuri Hyuga (Universal)
    Ryo Sanada (Universal)
    Grahf (Galactic)
    Smallville Clark (Galactic in durability)
    God (DCH) (Planetary)
    Laharl (Galactic)
    Kyoya Izayoi (Planetary)
    Burori (Solar System)
    Eiko Magami (Small Galaxy)
    Goku (Star)
    Tir McDohl/Hugo (Suikoden) (Large Star)
    Gabriel/Claude Kenni (SO2) (Small Planet)
    Kayura (Planetary)
    Kurohime (Planetary)
    Rena Sayers/Arika Yumemiya (Continental-Planetary)
    Kazuki Shikimori (Planetary)
    Elyon Brown (Planetary range)
    Rudy Roughknight (Planetary)
    Ayato's Rah (Country/Multi-Universal)
    Elle Ragu (Potentially continent level)
    Shunsui (City level)
    Sanji (City level)
    Mink (Town-City)
    Cheryl/Alessa (Town)
    Gamma Akutabi (Multiblock)


    Not sure

    Samus (planetary canon, universal non-canon)
    Ukoku (Idunno)

    More when/if I remember
  14. [[File:DPwuB.jpg|thumb]]


    The main character of the series. His past is mysterious and full of heartache. He wields the PaSa Sword which has a similarly mysterious a past. His true sister disappeared long ago and now he travels with Shyao Lin , a girl he both pictures as his older sister and his one true love, though he's never going to admit it. Rey is hot tempered and hard to reason with, and though his skills are extraordinary, he has a long way to go. His combat skills are raw and heavily dependent on his sword. Inside him is the power of Ban Go (Pan Gu), the progenitor god of the universe, and is partly unleashed during the battle with the Sorcerer King, Rey Yan does not have complete control of him. As such he can be defeated by a heavenly god with more control of their powers.

    ==Powers and Stats==
    '''[[Character Tiering|Tier]]:''' '''2-C'''

    '''Name:''' Rey Yan

    '''Origin:''' Chronicles of the Cursed Sword

    '''Gender:''' Male

    '''Age:''' Unknown

    '''Classification:''' Human, Vessel of Ban-Go

    '''Attack Potency: '''At least '''Large City Level ''', possibly '''Star Level''' (''was able to hurt Jukwol; Jukwol can tank an attack capable of freezing suns'') | '''Small City Level''' (''made massive craters and pulverized some mountains in base'') | '''Multi-universal''' (''Ban-Go told his son he will wipe out his creations and remake them (the human, demon and heaven realm), but had lacked his full power then. Anu awakened Ban-Go's full power for Rey right before he got it stolen'') | At least '''Star Level''', quite possibly '''Multi-Universal''' (''Beat Pasa Ban-Go after a fierce battle'') | At least '''Multi-Universal'''

    '''Range: ''' Varies

    '''Speed: '''At least '''Massively Hypersonic''' with '''Relativistic''' reactions (intercepted lightning and should be as fast as Shouren, who can block laser/light) | '''Supersonic''' (can react to an opponent who can move faster than sound) | At least '''Massively Hypersonic''' with '''Relativistic''' reactions | At least '''Relativistic''' (Can combat with Pasa Ban-Go on equal footing; Pasa Ban-Go did Shouren's feat, [http://i.imgur.com/Sxu5kcH.jpg but much better]) | At least '''Relativistic'''

    '''Durability: '''At least '''Country level''' (relatively unharmed after being bit into by something that ate a large chunk out of a moon) | '''Small City level''' (Pasa couldn't hurt him once he went serious) | At least '''Universal''' (Ban-Go is not in the slightest concerned about being affected when he brings down his creation so he can start anew) | '''Universal''' (manage to endure and regen from some of Pasa Ban-Go most devastating attacks) | At least '''Universal''' (the strongest being outside of Anu at this point)

    '''Stamina: '''Near limitless

    '''Lifting Strength: '''At least '''Superhuman''', Likely much higher (does not specialize in this, though has flipped boulders over his head before)

    '''Striking Strength: '''At least '''Class PJ''', likely '''Class XGJ'''☻ (see attack potency) | '''Class PJ''' (bare-handed a city level attack) | At least '''Class XGJ''' (would be able to harm beings superior to Jukwol) | At least '''Class XTJ''' (someone who decimated Jukwol could not even harm someone Rey destroyed) | At least '''Class XTJ''', potentially '''Universal '''(has destroyed, along with Demon Emperor, Anu-empowered Shiyan. Anu itself is stronger than Ban-Go, and it has already survived it nuking its own universe)☻ |

    '''Standard Equipment: '''Pasa sword, Spirit sword (later fused with Pasa Ban-Go), and Gauntlets

    '''Intelligence: '''Quick tempered, shortsighted (in terms of assessing danger, which could be an overconfidence thing) and often lack finesse, this does not stop him from being a master of combat. What he lacks in finesse, he more than makes up in on-the-fly ingenuity and adaption, quickly changing bad situations in his favor.

    '''Powers and Abilities:''' Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, flight, immortality via Godhood, Fire and Earth techniques, high resistance to extreme temperatures, paralysis, poisons and sound-based attacks, teleportation, telekinesis, can cut through dimensional walls, can protect himself from reality warping, illusions and gravity attacks to some extent in Ban-Go form, can kill immortal beings using Ban-Go (can do so to high level regen beings with standard attacks by final power), seals and trap barriers

    '''Weakness:''' See Intelligence, was susceptible to mind tampering prior to his final power up

    '''Notable Attacks/Techniques:'''

    === Ban-Go ===

    * [[File:3839253-0126316160-z5ECT.png|thumb|220px|Rey in fully released Ban-Go]]'''Ban-Go release''': Being the vessel that holds Ban-Go remaining spirit, Rey is able to take on a transformed form that is given to him by Ban-Go's power. As with all manga of this type, every new release brings about more power and control for Rey, but also, more obstacles. Rey is granted more gifts in this form, which extends to not only his growing repertoire of skills, but his body. Added defense, immunity and survivability are among the notable, but he also gains a level of immortality that even surprises the gods. As the story goes, Rey never utilize the fully released form of Ban-Go, but he did acquire it, and a greater power, later on.
    '''Ban-Go Ability''': Ban-Go actively grants Rey some of his unique techniques in order to take down his opposition.

    *[[File:Fourstars.png|thumb|200px|Using Star of Destruction against Chuko]] '''Four Stars of Destruction''': Sometimes shortened to just Star of Destruction, it is one of Ban-Go's ultimate attack. This technique allows Rey to directly attack the soul, destroying it in the process. It is usually used to destroy the godly spirit of divinities, since they are normally difficult to kill otherwise.

    * '''Heavenly Duke's Shield''': An ability that temporarily renders the power of lower divinities null. Can be coupled with the Cosmic Thread to make them bend to his will.

    * '''Armor of Creation''': Never really explained, but it seems to do what the Heavenly Duke's Shield do, but proactively. This ability becomes his base later on when transforming into Ban-Go.

    * '''Heavenly Fist''': Also called '''Fist of Heavenly Sky''', it is a variation of the Heavenly Duke's Shield. It literally does the same thing, but in the form of an attack, rather than defensively. Due to how the manwha seem to switch gears on some things so quickly, it could possibly be Heavenly Duke from that point onward.

    *[[File:Chaos.png|thumb|200px|The Hungry Fiend Chaos]] '''Chaos''': An ability born from one of his later releases, Rey can call on the Chaos power of Ban-Go to serve him. Wtih this power, a beast is called, and it allows Rey to absorb the power and abilities of his foe, even a power as great as an Original (the true body of a god, which has power equal to a Divine Heavenly Formation without having to evoke it). This Original, which was used against Wansun in Original Light form, was able to overwhelm even Jukwol's Black Hole. Using Chaos, Rey was able to completely absorb Wansun and make him his own power.

    * '''Branches''': A technique he actually stole from another god, this ability allows Rey to root branches into his foe, draining them of their essence. It was specifically made to be able to kill immortals.

    === Pasa Sword ===

    === Chen Kaihu Techniques ===


    '''Key: Base (Pre-Anu) '''|''' Demon form'''|''' Ban-Go'''|''' Anu-Gifted (new base) | Pasa/Ban-Go fused''''' |

    '''Note: '''
  15. Now this one is pretty clear. No interpretation needed.



    This is in line with the rest of the game, as the penultimate boss is a universe. Zephyr is also know as the strongest guardian in the Wild Arms series, and is its strongest when the hope of mankind is at its highest (it is received late in the game, and the people of Filgaia are very hopeful during that time)

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