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  1. I remember an incident a couple weeks ago when I almost got hit by a car. I'm pretty sure you guys already know the reason. Maybe you guys are smarter than me because the way I'm moving you might think I want to get hit. The car missed by a couple centimeter. I could've been injured or dead. Please value your life. Don't be like me. Don't jaywalk!
  2. I just woke up from an three hour nap, and it was the worst mistake of my life. So I was psyched after I woke up! My phone is "charging" its at 100% by now! WRONG!!!! You know as I'm typing this its at 24%! I'd rather get my pinky cut off! What is this life? Is this some type of unexplainable paradox? I just wanted to use my phone but of course life didn't want me to. Like I literally just plugged it in but whatever. Now I'm going back to my monotone life. I'm not happy at all.... Life is just one big lie. I've solved what scientist couldn't. Goodbye!

    Also I will be having a professional bitch fit. I don't deserve this. I'm tired and getting so old my hips hurt! So maybe I'm just overreacting or this really is the worst feeling. Now I have really finished my talk!
  3. August/ September the month most elementary students to university students hate. Its time for salty memes and backpack kids. As the president of the late night studying community you will not be seeing much on weekdays.

    Satan's spawns will be waiting for me at the career center. All I can do is smile and pretend I can't see me suffering. I'll look around and see students that look like they got their soul sucked out of them. Teachers/Professors already giving out six page essays or homework. My group ditching me to go get high.

    Us students are suffering and we can't do anything about it! Not if we want a better life. I have been crying day in and out for the past week. "I DONT WANT TO!" I tell myself. I know damn well I have to go anyways. No regrets on this team! Not dropping out.... At least not yet.

    Thank you for engaging in my ridiculous ted talk.

  4. Just wanted to share this post on another blog.

    I wrote this so that even someone who doesn’t know this man can learn his story, he’s from an anime called Naruto. The reason I chose to put his photo here is because out of everyone I know or any show Ive watched he’s one character who’s story has never left my mind.

    Go check it out really inspirational!