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  1. Before people say that the Last Movie was a filler. Google Kishimoto Last Movie Interview where says that it is despite the inconsistencies.

    To start things off NaruHina was planned from the beginning and here's the link that proves this


    Oh and before NS fans make a big stint this is for you


    Amongst her peers Hinata was the first person to believe in him

    Hinata stuck up for him for Naruto when everyone had their suspicions about him being in KCM and if anyone wants to know the chapter it's 559

    In chapter 76 she stated that Kiba was wrong because he had no one to help him when he was Kurama was put in him

    In chapter 98 you can see Hinata cheering for Naruto before he fights Neji

    Now I'm aware in the manga she was quickly defeated as opposed to the anime, but in both cases she put her life on the line for him

    Hinata was willing to let Naruto copy off her paper as shown in the end of chapter 41 & as well the next chapter

    In chapter 615 Hinata snaps Naruto out of the guilt of Neji's death

    Oh and before people blame Hinata for Neji's death and could've token Naruto to a medical ninja

    1. Neji made the decision to sacrifice himself as shown in chapter 614

    2. Neji wasn't the only one who died right there and then as shown in chapter 615.

    3. Naruto asked for a medical ninja & the fact that no one came to his aid indicates that there wasn't one available

    Even if Hinata did take Naruto to a medical ninja if the spikes hit Naruto you would blame her for that as well.

    Back on topic


    A lot of NS fans will say that Naruto didn't care for Hinata, which is false and once again I discuss the NS situation here



    The statement that Naruto never cared about Hinata is false.

    In chapter 81 he grabs Hinata's blood and says that he'll avenge her

    In chapter 98 he says that he likes girls like her

    In chapter 103 he sticks up for her after Neji uses the 88-Trigram Rotation on him.

    In chapter 559 he encourages her and says that she's strong after she feels down about herself.

    In chapter 441 he wonders if he killed Hinata after going 6 Tails against him

    In chapter 615 he thanks her after snapping him out of the guilt of Neji's death.

    Then for kicks her in The Last Movie they kiss

    There was also the wedding as well,
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  3. The answer is no!

    In chapter 670 the Bijuu were just created and he was only made the successor.

    Hagomoro gave him RSM in the anime not the manga and he confirms that the avatar was Ashura's power in that same chapter

  4. Going to Karate with a sprained ankle.
  5. Naruto is nothing without Kurama.

    This is what Naruto has without Kurama

    Ashura's Chakra

    This was confirmed by Hagomoro when Naruto had his first conversation with him

    4x the chakra as Kakashi

    This was confirmed by Kakashi during the Rasenshurikin Training after Yamato literally told him not to rely on Kurama after going 4 Tails against Orochimaru


    For anyone who says that he needs the Bijuu for that, read chapter 672 where he kicks away the TSO without them

    Sage Mode

    These are the feats that Sage Mode has

    Super strength

    Sensory awareness

    Frog Kumite

    The bad thing about it is that you have to sit perfectly still to get the full effects of it and you need a high amount of chakra.

    However, Naruto doesn't need to worry about either because his shadow clones can gather senjutsu for and he has a high amount of chakra without

    Keep in mind that Kurama tried to prevent him from using it in chapter 425 and gives explanation in chapter 645.

    Uzumaki Bloodline

    I know that a lot of like to say that he isn't because of the extraction and Uzumaki Sealings.

    1. Kurama and both confirm that he was alive in chapters 662-3

    2. The reason he doesn't know all of the sealings is because it has to be taught to you.

    3. Kurama confirms that he has Kushina's Uzumaki DNA.

    Naruto only a high amount of chakra because of Kurama.

    This is false and the only ones are Sasuke fans who don't pay attention to the show.

    Once again Kakashi confirms that Naruto has 4x the chakra he does during the Rasenshurikin Training.

    In fact that's why he can contain Kurama in the first place. Kushina explains the reason that she was able to contain Kurama for that reason and Kurama confirms that he has Kushina's Uzumaki DNA in chapter 617.

    Jiraya confirms when Kurama gives chakra it's red and in the manga Naruto's is yellow in chapter 92.

    Kakashi also confirms that Naruto's chakra is higher than his during the tree climbing exercise and nowhere does he mention Kurama throughout the entire training.

    If you watched the entire training with Ebisu you'll know that Naruto was getting the hang of the chakra control


    He did 1,000 SC in chapter 62 after Orochimaru messed with the sealing in the Chunin Exams.

    Ashura was a Jinchuraki

    This isn't necessarily a dumb statement because the Kurama Avatar and Ashura's look a lot like.

    However, Hagomoro states that the Avatar was Ashura's power and keep in mind that the Bijuu were just born when the fight happened with him and Indura.
  6. I didn't create the petition. I'm just sharing it.

  7. If anyone's wondering what Hinata has done aside from the Pein Battle in the manga I'll gladly give details.

    1.In chapter 526 she saves Neji from a WZ

    2. In chapter 614 she protects Naruto twice.

    3. In chapter 633 she develops 32-64 Palms, while doing Twin Lion Fist all in the same chapter.
  8. 1. Naruto without Kurama has Ashura's Chakra according to Hagomoro in chapter 670.

    2. He has 4x the chakra as Kakashi who states this during the Rasenshurikin and keep in mind that Yamato told Naruto not to rely on Kurama after going 4 Tails against Orochimaru in chapter 299.

    3. Has Sage Mode, which Kurama tried to prevent him from using in chapter 425 and explains why in 645.

    4. Naruto wouldn't have died without because Kurama was inside of him because of Obito as shown when Kushina survived the extraction.

    5. Uzumaki Bloodline!

    Kurama makes this clear in chapter 617 and before anyone mentions the extraction read chapters 662-63 where Kurama and the WZ both confirm that he was alive after the extraction.

    6. Sage of Six Paths

    Oh and before anyone says that he needs the Bijuu for that. Read chapter 672 where he kicks away Juudara's TSO without them.
  9. Exaggeration 1

    Sasuke was able to move as fast as weightless Lee.

    Fact 1.

    He copied Lee's Taijutsu and trained for a month to do so. You can either watch the fight here and/or read chapter 112.

    He was never shown to that fast again until the Final Valley Part 1 and his fight against Itachi was proof of this as well and this is also shown in chapter 146 as well.

    Exaggeration 2

    Sasuke had the stamina to fight the Kages and still won against Danzo

    Fact 2

    Sasuke had his chakra restored by the WZ who saved him from Mizu and this was also shown in chapters 465-66

    Exaggeration 3

    Sasuke is undefeated against Naruto.

    Anyone who's not a Sasuke fan knows that this is false.

    Rooftop battle

    Oh and before Sasuke fans mention number of hits, injuries, cancellation and location.

    1.In the manga Sasuke only hit the SC and anyone who thinks that number of hits matter has never been in a fight before.

    2. Naruto had just came back from fighting Kabuto in chapter 168 where Kurama was cut off and once again the chapter for the Rooftop Battle is chapter 175.

    3. Sasuke admits that he was juiced in his base form in chapter 219 and all the other ones happened much later because he was getting stronger.

    4. Sasuke fans like to use this as an excuse of why Naruto surrounded him with the SC, when he's done it in a consistent basis in chapter 62, Kimimaru, and Neji not to mention that Sasuke was the one who picked the location.

    I know that a lot of Sasuke fans like to say that he was going to evade it. No he wasn't.

    Naruto and Sasuke both said that they couldn't stop as you can see here.


    Keep in mind that Sasuke slammed his fist at the water tank wondering how far Naruto went and thinking about the Rasengan/Chidori exchange in chapter 176


    Exaggeration 4

    Sasuke almost killed Itachi with the Kirin and Itachi even said that if he didn't activate the Susanoo he'd be dead and broke out of Tsukuyomi by himself according to the databooks.

    Fact 4

    Sasuke didn't come close to killing Itachi with the Kirin and Itachi was acting when he said that. It only appeared that way in the fight, but Obito literally that if Itachi wanted him dead then he would be and Itachi let him get out as you can see in these next two links.



    Exaggeration 5

    Sasuke's Rinnegan has all the abilities that Nagato has.

    Fact 5

    There's literally no proof of this. The only Rinnegan abilities that Sasuke has been able to do like Nagato's are Planetary Devastation and chakra absorption despite what Sasuke fans like to say.

    Exaggeration 6

    Sasuke awoken the Amaterasu on his own and Itachi implanting it in him was a 1 time trap.

    Fact 6

    This is false and here's the evidence.

    Exaggeration 7

    Sasuke sliced Madara in the war.

    Fact 7

    Madara still regenerated from that slash and usually I don't use the caught off guard argument, but Sasuke only sliced him because if that reason.


    Before anyone mentions Universal Pull that was a filler.

    Edit Sasuke was juiced in his base form in the Final Valley Part 1, which he admits in chapter 219.
  10. Fukkasaku confirms this in the end of chapter 430 that Naruto surpassed Jiraya.
    Oh and for the Intel excuse Naruto didn't have that much on him. He knew three things about him.

    1. Visual Link

    2. Preta Path chakra absorption

    3. Tendo needing 5 seconds to recharge.

    All of Kohana had more information than he did and that did nothing for them.

    Oh and for summonings Pein used them too with the Rinnegan Obito gave him as well.

    Naruto took out 2 summonings by Pein and 4/6 of them by himself.





    He nearly took them out with one shot as well, which a lot of people seem to forget as well in chapter 432


    In the very next chapter Naruto came close to taking out Tendo twice before Hinata's interference



    Another bad argument is that Pein was there longer than Naruto was therefore he was exhausted not to mention Nagato was injured as well.

    1. Nagato's injures was his fault because he used the Gedo Statue on his back.

    2. Pein wasn't there that much longer than Naruto was. He showed up in chapter 415, while Naruto showed up in chapter 430 and he actually would been there sooner if Danzo didn't kill the messenger frog in the end of chapter 421, so even if Pein was there much longer that's not Naruto's fault for that exact reason.

    Naruto had a week to master Sage Mode, which he did and once again according to Fukkasaku he surpassed Jiraya in the end of chapter 430.

    I know that a lot of people like to say that Pein used the statement that if Jiraya had full Intel on him then Pein would've been defeated.

    This is indeed true, but Pein also said that Naruto had pushed him further than anyone he's fought before.


    I made a slight mistake. Pein showed up in chapter 418 not 415.


    I could use the same logic that if Sage Mode didn't have a time limit then Naruto would've defeated Pein easily as well. ​