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  1. I know I shouldn't have written this, I know it's old, I've actually read that when it came out and I had always wanted to respond to it. I know it's petty and I know no one will read it, but for peace of mind, here I go.

    Sure, that excruciating game that has the ball in play, on average, at about half, or 61 minutes, out of 90 minutes plus added time (Although numbers vary greatly from league to league, from competition to competition). I'm sorry, people who like Football just aren't used to having all those 11 minutes on average of ball in play, out of what ? 3 hours ?
    " Because I say so itensifies ".

    Because there isn't a prize for the best player of the world (And this case really I have to stress the word " of the world " as people from the US might not be able to get it that: when you win in a championship inside your own country that only teams from your own country played, you can't declare yourselves " champions of the world "), there isn't a prize for best goalkeeper of competitions such as the World Cup or Premier League (And most leagues also have that award too, of course), and OF COURSE there isn't a the prize for the top scorer. Am I right ? And of course, it's not like there is such thing as talent and individuality, and everything is just a big team effort. Basically, there are no goals that are done by one person, I think there isn't even " solo goals ",people don't give amazing 50 meters passes and assists.

    Yeah, of course. No accountability, there are no players being blamed for their failures. Blame is dispersed.

    Of course. That's not because the US doesn't know Football, at all, it is because mom of children who play football are stay at home moms who have don't want their children to cry, right ?
    Well, of course, there isn't the MVP, because MVP is fundamentally 'MURICAN ! It shows that even when you're talking about something like " Who is the best ? " you gotta add monetary value to it.
    Of course, it's so dumb right ? Why they don't just stand around for 3 hours taking notes from the coach ? I mean, for fucks sake, why even move at all ?
    Of course, by accident. Literally, there's a 50/50% chance of anyone scoring ever. There's no such things as bad teams and good teams, bad players and good players, it is all the same.

    Me too.

    Well, aside from the fact that it is not co-ed and that Ann Coulter just either said that there isn't such a thing as Mind Sports such as chess or that women can't be smarter than men, she just nailed it: FOOTBALL DOESN'T HAVE ANY ATHLETIC TALENT.
    Of course, it is impossible to have a good match with no scoring, am I right ? Oh and Argentina vs Brazil, sooooo boring

    It is certainly a lot harder to score when you can throw a ball with your hands, and use your hands to catch it.

    Now, of coure Ann Coulter isn't making stuff up, she would never do that, she has never made stuff up EVER ! Of course every definition of " Sport " starts with " It has to have personal humiliation or major injury ". But other than that there is no injury or humiliation in football
    Okay ... A historical quote taken out of context. That is ... Nice ?

    THERE IS NO SPEED IN A MOVING FOOTBALL! Not to mention: there's no way to get hurt with a ball moving that slow !
    Of course, those bunch of sissies !
    OF COURSE ! There's no way there's even a position to specifically catch high speed balls with their hands, faces and other bodly parts
    Aside from literally nothing because we are still animals regardless of how much bitching and screaming you might do to try and prove otherwise.

    Who is going to break her the news that we are not the only ones?
    So can elephant trunks.
    It doesn't make the challenge bigger and more exciting.

    It is fascinating how you can one be so dumb in so many subjects. But yeah, I hope the US doesn't get into football either.

    Of course it isn't. Most of the world just is really into some kinky ass shit that we like to torture ourselves.

    Okay, here comes the xenophobia. But I digress, you were saying ?

    Better in each and every conceivable way and US citizens are just too dumb to realize it ?
    Oh yes, the old US historiography that pushes that the US independence is prettiest thing in the world and what changed the world. Not the French Revolution.

    ... Is that a point ?

    Hint: it is.
    Because we all have the same measurements.
    With a ruler of course.

    Okay ?

    Okay ?
    They aren't. They suffer from a very deep lack of investment that keeps them from advancing the game. It's like they're stuck at the 90's football. Hope they can get more money for better coaches and better fields tho.

    Okay ?
    Okay ?

    OOOOOH SO WE GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE XENOPHOBIA ! Damn a white person talking about immigrants while in América (América is a continent BTW). But I bet there are plenty. And I hope there are many more Mexicans going to the US ... You know what ? I actually don't. Imagine sharing a country with Ann Coulter.
  2. I was recently looking for a sport to practice that I can do it alone, I'm heavy as fuck right now, and I absolutely hate just training, working out. If you want to make me mad give me dumbbells and say " Work out ", so I was researching on a sport I can do alone that has a clear objective and it is not just training. When I stumbled into this article ... I thought to myself " There's no possible, conceivable way to determine exactly what is the most difficult sport ... But let's have some fun " . So, I read the article, read the "pannel of experts " list who are all on the " United States Olympic Committee of academicians who study the science of muscles and movement, of a star two-sport athlete, and of journalists who spend their professional lives watching athletes succeed and fail". My first and foremost problem with that is the fact that there are sports in the olympics that are featured in the "research" if we can call that(We can't) and then the USA is completely oblivious to sports in the world that are not the mainstream ones in the country, so they don't have the capacity to judge because they not only don't deal with those sports in their work as United States Olympic Committee members, but they don't know shit because it's not a mainstream sport in their country . But, proceeding: "We identified 10 categories, or skills, that go into athleticism, and then asked our eight panelists to assign a number from 1 to 10 to the demands each sport makes of each of those 10 skills", 10 subjective categories, but ok, in this part I'll give them credit because well, somewhere drawing the line of judgement they'd have to pick some aspects that are broad and subjective, because, let's say ... Strength does factor in a sport such as bowling, but does not play a major role in bowling as much as, let's say weightlifting, so it's subjective as fuck, but ok, they would have to draw the line somwehere, and picked 10 categories that are general to most sports. Now, what I have the most problem with, is the "then asked our eight panelists to assign a number from 1 to 10 to the demands each sport makes of each of those 10 skills" part. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS BULLSHIT. Starting from the fact that they did not get scientific data about the sports. They didn't quote a study that says that X sports average a 100 calories per minute, and the sport Y averages just 10 . They just simply guessed "Huum I think that in that sport, they use more strength " and went with it. Even a biomechanics expert's guess is, ultimately, just a guess, it might be a educated guess, but science is KNOWN for being counterintuitive, so a guess, even the best educated guess might fall in line with the things that are intuition and not scientific accurate. Not only that, but, as I said, THEY ARE NOT EXPERTS IN ALL OF THE SPORTS, actually, scratch that, THEY DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT ABOUT MOST OF THE SPORTS . I doubt one of them even watched a competitive bowling or a billiards professional competitive tournament, let alone all of the sports that they are making random guesses. What irritates me the most is the fact that they are trying to pass it off all of that as if it was scientific, and for it to be REMOTELY scientific, they'd need at least a few hundred scientists getting accurate measurements, cooperating and trying to get results while eliminating variables. They could have AT LEAST had a disclaimer " Hey, this is our OPINION, this shit is as far from scientific as it gets, be advised to not take it seriously".

    Now, let's get to the bullshit ratings, differently from the fucking people who assigned said ratings, I won't comment on the ratings in sports I know jack shit about:

    Oh, come on, come the fuck on. It shoudl be at least EQUAL. I know, boxing is tiring as hell, I've done some sparring matches and those 3 minutes look like 3 fucking centuries. But you get a 1 minute rest after each 3 minutes, I do get that the endurance also is about getting punched by the other boxer, getting punched also affects your stamina, I know, occasionally having the wind knocked out of you tires a lot, but rarely there are entire rounds with both men/women duking it out for most of the time. While in football, you gotta be moving almost constantly, even if the ball is not with you(Or on play for that matter), and yes, even if you are the keeper, anyone that has seen a match live, knows that the keeper is also in constant movement, that's how all of those long shots goals happen, they don't stay waiting a little in front of the woodwork, they do move less though. But anyway, you have to move for 45 minutes almost straight, even when the game is paralyzed you gotta go back to your position, move away from the marker, or if you are the marker, try to stay close to the guy you are marking. Simply put: you move a lot. And in boxing, there's the prospect that you will not have to endure all 12 rounds if you knock out or get knocked out. In football, 9 of the 11 players play for 90 minutes. Not to mention 120 minutes match + added time, on both halves and then added time in the overtime itself.

    So, come on, at least both should be equal.


    I'll just refer you to this article:


    And I know, the guy had help from the crew and he probably switched places and took turns to hold the marlin, but there are many many, MANY cases of fishing lasting for 5 hours and longer. I myself, once went 30 minutes straight with a giant fish and didn't catch it. And it is fucking hard to do it. I'm no fishing expert, I only fished for about 10 times in my life, and only one of those wasn't in a sealed environment, and it was hell, 30 minutes and the fish got away. I'm no thin guy, I generally weigh in at about 90 to 120 kg. And at the time I was more physically prepared(At the time, I played football 3 times a week, and went to the gym, so I was about close to 94 kg) . That trip I saw guys that had been fighting for longer than a fucking hour like it was no biggie. Any experienced fisher will have at least a story that goes up from 5 hours.

    And that's just endurance I'm talking about, you need some freakish strength and power too(BTW: the article's definition of power is: " POWER: The ability to produce strength in the shortest possible time ", so basically short bursts of much strength). I want to know why is fishing so low, and american football is 8.13. Have you ever fished ? Have you ever tried to hold down a fish that has even HALF of your body weight rocketing through the water ? Those things are build for endurance and they will outlast most " normal " people easily(Like myself). I wonder if they would all score fishing so low after trying to fish for a marlin.

    I do understand though, that the new techonlogy makes it less hard to fish, but, come on, it's not easy.

    Oh come on, do those fuckers have ever played the sport ? At least a 6 in both, footballers are not muscle tanks but come on, most center forwards and center backs have some real strength. Piqué, Suárez, Ibrahimovic, Lukaku are very, very sturdy not to say " strong as fuck ". Try marking the target man, you'll have a bad day if you think of them as weak. I'm not saying they are fucking powerhouses like american football players, but come on, at least give them a 6, it's only fair.

    They defined as "The ability to react quickly to sensory perception " so basically reflex and proprioception? ... Really ? Basketball scored a 7.50 and they USE THEIR HANDS to aid in a dribble. Have you ever tried to dribble (An act performed by your feet) while having to control a ball, WITH YOUR FEET ? Not to mention that goalkeepers have some ridiculous reflexes, I would like to see how they do trying to defend a 2,44m x 7,32m goal from balls going .

    Now, this one is outrageous because, out of the three there, Baseball actually is the one with the most slow moving balls and badminton is the one with the fastest moving balls. And they scored 9.25 for Baseball, out of their asses. They clearly do not know anything about sports other than baseball, american football, boxing and basketball. There are many other bullshit ratings too, like gymnastics having Endurance 5.38 Strength 6.13 Power 6.63, but I do not feel the need to further write about this.

    I would like to note that, apart from football and boxing(I do follow the NBA, but I am more of a watcher than a player), the other sports I talked about I'm also a novice, and that it is a testment to their stupidity the fact that even a novice can attest to the challenges of the other sports, it shows that they never even tried the sport at all.
  3. (First of all, a disclaimer as a mea culpa, I did barely any research on this, I think I went to some pages on Wikipedia on equivalent in TNT and orders of magnitude in energy, also went to the OBD's Comprehensive Energy Scale and I'm not really in the mood to actually research the information, just pretend I'm your average person that does not research on things like this and believes everything they watch, I would honestly do the research on this if the guy in those videos had put the sources, but since he didn't, I'm going to assume all true because fuck it, unscientific as fuck tho)

    So, I was just cruising the internet, you know, I'm from Brazil, carnival, yada yada, I have two more days off and I'm getting bored right now because only in friday I have a samba party to attend(I know, very brazilian of me). And while I was around the internet, I came across some videos that caught my attention:

    And at those videos the guy describes some events with the values of energy that are common within the OBD, let's see what he has to say when he talks about it ?

    In the first video(5:20), the tsunami one, 100 teraton meteor(That's "mid country level" in the OBD) = 5 km high tsunami(Well, mega tsunami), in the second video(1:23), the volcano one, we have a 200 Mt(That's " mid city level" in the OBD) and the claim that the 200 Mt volcano release made people in the radius of 64 km deaf, and said that it could be heard perfectly clear from as far as Perth, Australia, putting in one online calculator, Sumatra(A island near Krakatoa) is 3818.084 km, with 30 meter high tsunami, everything in a near island was killed in the "immediate aftermath", which I don't know if it is the shockwave or the tsunami, it says that a massive ash cloud was raised and it dropped by the temperature 1,2 degrees celsius(Global), moving up a bit(3:48) we see a claim of 400 million tonnes of ash after the explosion of the Tambora Volcano, a year long winter, everything in a 600 km radius was dark for two days, needless to say that all the life in the island was killed, no mention of it's energy value but we can assume it's >200 Mt, then the next noteworthy part is at the 4:45 mark, the super volcano of Toba, claim of being 3,000 times more powerful than the one in Mt. Saint Helens, I found the energy value for Mt. Saint Helens in wikipedia, with 24 Mt being the value, so 3000 x 24 = 72000 Mt(72 Gt, would be in low island level) and moving 100x more ash than the Tambora Volcano, so tonnes of ash, 10 year winter, global temperature dropped in 15 degrees celsius. Now onto the Yellowstone Super Volcano(5:40), could fill the Grand Canyon 11 times, bury the Netherlands with 1 km thick magma, three states in the US gone(Three no one gives a shit about tho) . Now, the third video, asteroid related, now, 2:30 in the video and we get the first noteworthy info, 7 m diameter meteors strike the Earth with Hiroshima bomb(15 Kt, or low town level) every 5 years or so, 20 meters asteroids 100 Kt(Mid town level), the asteroid in Russia exploded 30 km from the ground, with 7200 buildings damaged, a 300 m asteroid would cause a 600 Mt explosion(That's mid city level), a 60-190 m asteroid exploded " a few km " above Siberia, with the explosion between 3-5 Mt(Small city level), 80 million trees destroyed, area of effect of Rhode Island, "the shockwave shattered windows and knocked people down upon hundreds of km away", 1 km meteors with 23000 Mt(23 Gt, low island level), 5 km would be 2,84 Gt, where I think the guy made a mistake with the decimal, because the 1 km was 23 Gt, but he said that it was 56,800 times more powerful than the Tsar Bomb, so if you multiply the value by 50, it gives us 2.840.000 Mt, which is 2840 Gt, that is 2,84 Tt(Which is solid small country level), and finally the 100 Tt asteroid I already mentioned, that killed the dinossaurs ... Well, over time of course, but it killed them, and it was responsible for a mass extinction, being direct or not.

    Now, why did I write this, you may be asking, and no, the answer isn't out of boredom but because I was impressed to see the values and figures that we see each and every day here in the OBD in the actual world. A city level guy can wipe our world pretty fast. Let's take a look at base Luffy for example. He is now at city level and should be in the 27 Mt range at the very least. Now, with the values near 27 Mt we saw that Mt. Saint Helen deposited ash in 11 states and 5 Canada provinces. 57 deaths and damage in over a billion. And this was not by any means a "frontal hit". Someone strong enough to exert 1 Gt would be able to decimate Japan's population almost entirely and if not entirely, it would at the very least make them deaf. Thing is that we look at the energy values simply on a fictional basis so much that we just can't see that guys like Whitebeard can one shot the planet. We have the title of "Life wiper" here and we mostly attribute "life wiper" status to country-continent level folks, but Luffy in our planet would certainly be a life wiper, he just has to punch pretty much any continent's general direction to create some effects that would kill much of that continent's population very easily, and that would have catastrophic events following that would actually be able to kill the entire world(I mean if he punches in the right place, it would be a one shot, but if he careslesly punch everything it would take some more than that). AND HE'S CITY LEVEL. Not to mention his speed, that, in the grand scheme of things in the OBD, isn't even remotely considered "fast", that would enable him to one shot every city in the world in less than an hour. One hour to destroy the world(By his direct attacks, not by the byproducts of his attacks) and the man is pretty much nothing in the scale of things even if we just limit ourselves to the energy value for "planet busting". Hell, even "Moon busting" he wouldn't even show up.

    The point I'm trying to make is that the consequences of such energy values being released in real life, would be hilariously bigger than what we picture in our head, " city level" to most countries in the world would be country level in the sense of body count, "country level" is just plain " extintion of most species" event. The mere shockwaves of something like a country busting energy inside our atmosphere is something to worry about for one entire hemisphere, let alone it actually hitting with full force. "Small continent level" is just a plain brutal and overkilling way of destroying with legit sure at least 99% of life in the planet. And I am truly amazed by the fact that I thought because of the OBD I understood what actually was the energy value of something hitting Earth with a 1 Tt energy value, but holy fuck, I really don't, a 1 Tt bomb could ruin the entire planet and cripple life, potentially destroying us(Humans) in the process very easily. Whitebeard would not be even considered a threat in the RL, because if someone with that power ever existed, that person would literally have to want to live by himself/herself if he/she decided to actually go and do just one serious attack. And one half serious would also fuck up the at least an entire country. Not to mention that 90% of our calcs are off the actual mark because we don't calculate the things like air volume displaced(That would be a fuck ton to move something like Pica's upper body, or to stop or create a tornado, or to do a thunderclap). To sum it up: Rejoice at how weak small and fragile we are.
  4. I'll make a new All Star Team, this time I'll try and get it right with my favorite players and the bench(The bench will have almost an equal level level to the main team) .

    Bench: Oliver Kahn(12 - Keeper), Cannavaro(28 - Full Back), Ronald Koeman(13 - Full Back), Cafu(2 - Right Back), Lahm(16 - Left Back, I know he's right back in his origin, but this guy can play every position before the midfield), Xabi Alonso (18 - Defending Midfield), Xavi(6 - Midfielder), Iniesta(8 - Midfielder), Ronaldinho (80 - Midfielder), Laudrup (30 - Midfielder), Luís Figo(7 - Left Winger) and Romário(11 - Striker) .

    Coach: Guardiola .

    Remembering that generally there are 23 players in a football team .

    Sorry for guys like Sócrates, Zico, Bergkamp, Modrić, Nedved, Cantona, Seedorf, Van Basten and many others . They could have been here .
  5. A calc request:

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/537/12
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/537/13

    In Ivankov's perspective that cannon was going so slowly that he/she had the time to joke about it before turning and sending a Death Wink . Also, the Death Wink reached the cannon ball way before the cannon ball was on half of the way AND to top it off Death Wink was fast enough to bring the cannon ball back to the weapon wielder before the cannon ball exploded(Even though it was fired .

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/537/14

    Or maybe this can also be good to calc, since he/she was in front of the guy/girl before the guy/girl could react(Use normal human reaction, since it was a fodder) .

    The rant :

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/537/15

    I'm not denying men are > women in physical strength, but Oda did really had to portrait a bulked up man turning into a woman that IS NOT BULKED ? I mean, women can be bulked up, and although it would quite obviously result in a loss of physical strength, the man should have turned into a woman of the same size/build with the obvious difference being the female anatomy, and even though that woman would be much weaker than a man of her age/height/weight, it is really not a good portrayal of the supposed abilities that the Horu Horu no Mi user would have . I also must say that I don't give a fuck about feminism or some shit, I just only overthink powers, of course Oda has the right to do what the fuck he wants, but I also have the right to ask for consistency and logical application of a power .

    This is a power logic rant, not a social rant, it's not about if Oda sexualizes women or not, or anything related, I couldn't give less fucks if he draws hot women or men with endless abs no matter how much they eat .

    The congrats:

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/537/14
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/537/15

    " Your father wanted to be a woman ... What's wrong with that ? "

    " Two mothers ! One daughter ! That should be fine ! Get along with each other ! "

    " A man, a woman, an okama, you should be whatever you like ! "

    Do I even have to say ? JUST . AWESOME . Oda, not only breaks the prejudice against LGBT people but he goes further and makes the title of Ivankov " Miraculous Worker ", so libertating a man in a woman's body or the opposite is a miracle and says that this kind of thought about gender isn't freedom, WHICH IT IS . Man, just awesome from Oda . Talking about prejudice against the LGBT in a manga, and to my knowledge Japan's society is still very uptight with this (As Brazil is, that' a shame) . Tell me what author of a comic book(Not some "small" comic, like Hellblazer that only comic fans read, but the guys writting something like Superman or Batman) would have the guts to say this ? I'm not inclined to think that of all authors there isn't at least one who thinks this . But would he have the guts to say something like that ? To introduce the idea of normality and freedom being an assumed homossexual ? Of course they do things like Alan Scott reboot, Daken and all but ... Is it on the same level ? Step up your rights game, comic authors, cause I might be more in love with comics, but Oda has been sending this message since Bon Kurei's first appearances in his fight against Sanji(Manly man with honor fight) and after that saving Luffy's, the protagonist, and SH's ass,

    This is a social congrats .

    The crazy feat:

    Have in some pages things that I dislike and things that I like . Like wrong power portrayal and good LGBT activism .
  6. Well, I'm a very strict kind of guy when it comes to watching movies, so I'll see everything, art direction, special effects, actors, ilumination, sound design, script, cinematography, if it's a book/comic I'll see the adaptation, and after all this I'll analyze more simple things about the movie(Not saying they aren't important, they may be the most important part sometimes, even more if it's a low-budget production), like the message, the plot, the tropes in the plot etc .

    But every once in a while I'm entertained by movies that are not really good . Things like nostalgia and my inner 9 year old come into play here A LOT .

    As I said before, my aunt is a movie translator and up until I was like tI19 she had no children, so she loved to have me and my brother come over and spend some time there, and as you can imagine she had A LOT of movies, the collection of movies is increased furthermore by her movie loving husband(I think I'm strict, but this guy, maaaan this guy is waaaaaaay more strict than I could ever hope to be) I watched many things as a kid and, as a kid, I didn't have many standards so I enjoyed both bad and good movies alike, many times my recollection of the movies are like " What are you talking about ? It's really fucking good " . And BAMN, I watch it, I like it, but I can now see the mistakes of the director made, but still that nostalgic feeling gets in the middle . Nostalgia really fucks people's memories over . I'd really like to talk about this more and about things like Juvenoia, but I'm out of time . So, I know there'll probably be zero comments, but if someone wants to address a point, or make a list of their guilty pleasures, be my guest .
  7. Yeah, pretty much the title, I know this shit will probably be ignored by a forum where no one actually gives a fuck about football, but making blogs that no one reads is kinda of my job here . 22 players because I'll add the bench too .

    Oh, keep in mind this will be a 4-3-3 formation(Two center backs, two full backs, three midfielders, all of them can go to attack, but not at once and the central midfielder will be more responsable to the defense, read my definition on " volante " in Mascherano's part, one guy in each wing and a center forward)






    Also this




    Now for the attacking trio ... Well everyone knew this was coming, no surprises here ...




  8. I'm bound to have forgotten things and to keep adding since I didn't watch/read things like Hokuto no Ken . Yeah, Vivi made it cool .
  9. Good ol' hax as fuck .
  10. If you're here to talk about CR7, get the fuck out, here we only talk about real Ronaldo's who are good even old and injured(Although Ronaldinho was shit in his last club, still, you get the picture) and don't score only tap ins or mano-a-mano with the keeper .

    This will be fast without too much of a text because I have little time, but I'm just passing by to remember you guys what Ronaldo(R9) did with both of his knees injured and waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of shape here in Corinthians:


    3:18 more than 5 years later I still don't have words to describe it . I was watching that game home, but I wish I was in the stadium .


    1:39 is my favorite .

    Yeah, my little friends, that's what a real Ronaldo can do in bad condition . Remember: both knees fucked up, overweight, still better than the average striker(Actually Ronaldo in his time for Corinthians either player as a full 9, as in only stays in the front of the field, as a fake 9 coming back to get the game moving, and most interesting is that he played in many ways, as a classical midfielder number 10, yeah my friends, with that much experience he could play everywhere on the field) .

    So, remember when you're asked " Who are the best strikers ever ?" you can say Ronaldo, Rom?rio(This guy said before a WC " you can put the blame on me if we don't win this one", tell me if this generation has guts to do something like this ), and Su?rez(Yes, he is that much of a striker) .
  11. I'd like to say that I do love rainbow flicks(I guess I'm too much brazilian in this regard) and you guys are lucky that I try to use reason and I'll just post the best one here, and the rest will be the creative skills/dribbles .

    Number 15 : Jay Jay Okocha's rainbow flick against Arsenal for Bolton Wanderers .

    Many people talk shit about rainbow flicks, that they are only showboating and humilating, I beg to differ because when you are in a very small space and you have to create space rainbow flick is just useful as fuck . Neymar's rainbow flicks generally aren't in these moments(I think only two or three), but still, fuck it, he dribbles however he wants to, if he does pana, or an elastico, or an elastico-pana, it doesn't matter, BTW, rewatch Douglas Costa rainbow flick if you talked shit about it, you can see he was in a small space and would have been a genius touch if he wasn't fouled . I actually think that Penaldo's famous "dribble" for Man U is waaaaay more showboating and it's as useless as fuck(He didn't got past his defender at all, not even close to it), rewatch it if you don't believe me, it's at 02:59, have fun .

    (It's a shame Jay Jay Okocha never went to play for Bar?a, he'd be a preview for Ronaldinho IMO)


    Number 14: Neymar's simple touch of the ball making a sombrero against Botafogo SP, for Santos . This play was just pure fucking genius, I think 99% of people would have thought of stopping the ball, only someone with a great vision could think " I can get something out of this situation ", so quickly and in a inteligent way .


    Number 13: Zinedine Zidane's dribble against Sweden

    Against Sweden, for France, one of the best dribbles by my favorite player ever . Nothing else to say:


    At 00:50

    Number 12: Zinedine Zidane's dribble against I don't know for Real Madrid, this one is simply awesome and it required a great vision, it's really close to the next one, though:


    At 00:27 .

    Number 11: Ronaldinho for Barcelona against I don't know . Ronaldinho just couldn't stay out of this, really Zidane like, but with a touch of Ronaldinho, almost the same driibble but a little more classy(And I'm talking about more classy than ZIDANE, the classiest ever):


    At 03:53 .

    Number 10: Lucas Moura for PSG against Olympique de Marseille, I just have no words for this one, and the worst thing is that I already fell for one like this when I played as a fullback, oh man, my fullback days, my motto was if the striker can still walk after the game, then I had a poor defending that day .


    Number 9: Ronaldo for Corinthians, against Vasco I remember looking in awe as I saw this live ... Man what a dribble, who else to stand at position 9 ? The 9 of all time .


    Number 8: Ronaldo for Barcelona against I don't know . Just simply R9 .


    At 09:41

    Number 7: Robinho for Brazil against Ecuador . Simply speechless :


    Number 6: Bergkamp for Arsenal against Newcastle . Famous, very famous, love it so damn much, and yeah, he meant that, he knows where to look for the ball after the touch, so it wasn't luck .


    Number 5: Ronaldo for Internazionale, against Shalcke 04, and yes it was a penalty, you can see the guy stoping his left leg in the last angle .


    Number 4: Bolasie flick, for Crystal Palace against Spurs simply amazing, also very alike with the next one .


    Number 3: Berbatov for Manchester United against West Ham . Berbatov's skill was just amazing, and that's where all started for Tap-inaldo . Why did you spoil such a good player Berbatov ? Still love you though .


    Number 2: Riquelme for Boca Juniors against I don't know . This Riquelme skill is to this day my favorite of his whole career, just no words .

    At 00:41

    And last but not least .

    Number 1: The famous Jaycee John . Wait, what the hell, who is Jaycee John ? My dear friends . The skill is so good that I don't know a thing about this guy, nor the club he was playing for nor the club he was going against, I just know that after he made that " Wait " gesture to his team mate I thought " He's gonna fuck up " . And he didn't . Oh my fucking god he didn't . Truly brilliant and astonishing . His gesture was " calm down bitches, Jaycee John is here ", and they were like " Who is Jaycee John ? " and he showed them who is Jaycee John .


    Partially agree ? Totally disagree ? Well tell me your favorite dribbles of all time .
  12. Many, many people say that Cristiano Ronaldo didn't win a World Cup because he is just outnumbered when it comes to good players in World Cups because Portugal National team is supposedly " shit " . The argument follows that is something along the lines of " A bunch of 8,5 guys are better than a team with one 10 and the rest 3 ", boy, OH BOY, do I become mad when they start talking shit just to make CR7 look like a hero that fights a lonely battle against the rest of the wolrd's big bad national teams full of average players . Let's start analyzing the players in the WC's he's been on .

    I think it's one of the best national teams I've ever seen . Deco(Fucking DECO, MAN), Ricardo Carvalho, Nuno Valente, Sim?o, H?lder Postiga, Pauleta, Nuno Gomes, are all at the very least " above average" players . And they got to the semifinals and won 4th place, could've, in my opinion, won the third, Germany wasn't all that, but I think they were not motivated enough .

    Still has wonderful players like Deco, Sim?o, Raul Meireles, Ricardo Carvalho, with the addition of F?bio Coentr?o and Pepe, although we all know that football is not Pepe's favorite sport, it's MMA .

    I'm not even going to touch on this one because it has basically the same as 2010 with the addition of Nani and Moutinho . Of course there were some good players out, still wonderful team .

    So yeah, in conclusion, CR7 wouldn't have to bring the team in his back, his team mates were top notch . Portugal wasn't bad, the other teams were too good, admit it that it wasn't like CR7 was the solely good player on the team and getting in the WC by itself was a big thing conquered by him alone . If you wanna talk about a one man national team, let's talk about Sweden, then you'll know whats up .

  13. I'm here to talk about an idol, not only because he played, and was hella good, in the club of my heart, but because he showed what is love for football, and most importantly, love for a club . As you all probably know he made a fucking awesome season for La Vecchia Signora(The Old Lady, Juventus' nickname) and is now one of the top players in action on a worldwide scale but as some of you may also know he came to Boca Juniors, his youth team, the team that found him out, and the team that he was raised into loving .

    I'm here not to talk about his quality of play(That is hella good), nor his style of play, nor anything related to this part of him, it's all about his heart, that he also puts to use when he plays . T?vez is one of the big shots today, and he could've probably signed a really expensive contract with any club he wanted to but he came back to his club . Not past his prime, but in his absolute prime . Not in a tough time, but after his second best season in scoring goals for a hella big club . What strikes me the most is that he perfected his technique only to come back to his beloved club, people who have love for their clubs will understand his act and people who know football will undestand just how much of a big thing is T?vez coming to a club not so well known world wide, he surely is the MVP, but not only because of his talent, but because of his heart, and that we know that he gives 110% of himself for the club he's playing for, no matter which one, it was like this for Boca, it was like this for my beloved Corinthians, it was like this for Juventus and it will be like this until he stops playing .

    Also, although Corinthians has a slight rivalry with Boca Juniors(Because we were eliminated by them so many times), I, for one, like Boca Juniors a lot, it had incredible players like Maradona, Riquelme and Batistuta .
  14. [YOUTUBE]oUfsmK8oy8w[/YOUTUBE]​

    So, these days I was just looking for some videos on some players to put on my on going series of blogs about football and I saw a massive battle between American Football fans and Football fans, of course the sheer number of Football fans was overwhelming because good old soccer is played every fucking where in the world, poor or rich, black or white(That's what I like about football actually, it makes no distinction, I mean, tennis is awesome but you're never finding someone very poor playing world level tennis, correct me if I'm wrong) .

    The battle had it's most used arguments for both sides:

    Football is boring because one point might not even happen(From American Football fans): Well, football is a game of tatics, it's not the one who has the best individual stars on them who will ALWAYS win, some legendary coaches show this so fucknig much, examples include Guus Hiddink who is used to coach teams with weak casts and still do some pretty amazing things . I mean, even Germany 2014 wasn't that much of a team full of legends, I, as a personal opinion, think that they won because of team work, as most of them is from Bayern Munchen, and some others others from Borussia Dortmund, so they are more deeply connected and have a way better team play, of course they all have high level football, but that means nothing if you are not trained together . What I'm trying to say is that you'll hardly see a team with a great stars steamrolling one with great tatics . Tatics is the ultimate way around this sport, so if you may not see so much goals, it means that one team is either lucky or it's just using the tatic.

    One team can just wait to win in penalties while the other one is trying to make goals, it's just unfair(American Football fans): As I explained earlier, football is a game won by tatics ultimately, not by individual brillance, of course when you have a genius like Messi for example you can just give a basic formation and let him do his magic, but when you don't have that, you just need to learn to fight with what you got . Saying that is unfair to give the victory for the team who only defended, but try 120+ minutes holding Messi, Ronaldinho, Robben, Rooney, and these kinds of guys, a hint: you can't . So the team that tries hard only in their defense and waits for penalties is just as worthy of the win as the team that attacked 120+ minutes .

    It's only famous because poor people can play(American Football fans): As I said earlier in the introduction: that's what I like about football, it makes no distinctions, you can play with a ball(Not even a ball, you can use a crushed can of soda or something) and four rocks or something to be the goalposts . It's why this is fun to play in the first place, anyone can, and I don't know about other countries and all that, but I've been to various pitches around my country in my youth and it's always fun to play, you can perceive when enters someone more rich but they give the same amount of sweat and blood to the game as someone poor playing, and there's no wallets in football, just skills .

    It is bad because it's not world wide famous(Football fans): I'm sorry to break your expectations, my dear football fans, but that means shit . I mean, if popularity was an indicator of importance or something like that, the theory of relativity was everyday on the TV .

    It is boring because it has 10 seconds of play and 1 minute of commercials and sponsoring(Football fans): Actually, this one I quite agree with, I know the basics about american football, the rules and some tatics, but god fucking damm it is just boring when you want to see the game but every 30 seconds or so you're interrupted . I mean, with no interruptions I'd watch it, no problems, I actually recognize the skills and tatics that are behind the game but, for crying out loud, one time I tried to watch the super bowl, maaan, I gave up and went to see painting of period blood dry on a wall, it was that bad .

    It has the most complete players in all sports(Both): I know for a fact that this is certainly not taking us to anywhere, we can't decide EVER what is the sport with the best, complete, athletes . I myself think it's MMA, but everyone knows that a guy who runs more than 8 km's a match like Robben can outrun Jones before he even lays a finger on that bald ugly man that I love .

    My sport takes more skill than yours(From both): Now this shit's just subjective as fuck but I'm going to tackle . First, as we all know American Football needs a lot the coach, so individual abilities being the center of the game is is quite rare . But let's take this to a case-by-case debate and compare how the raw stats are and how they would fare against each other:

    Speed: Actually I'm split on this decision, but I think American Football has this on their side, I mean, one guy was even a professional runner . But one thing is to run with a ball in your hand, another, totally different I might add, is running with a ball on your feet and not losing control over it . I mean, if you never played Football, my dear American Football friend, try today, and try not to put the ball too much in front of you, because if you do defenders will just tackle the ball out of you with ease or even the goalkeeper will just take out of of you, it is hard as fuck, I know this and I don't even do that, I'm a goalkeeper .

    I mean, look at this fucker running:


    It might be funny, but this is how he learned to keep the ball AND run fast . It is hard I just say that . Well, for comparinson how both would fare better while playing the other game, I'd say that Football using raw speed would be quite good, but American Footall would just be useless since you have no ball control and you'd have to adapt a lot of your running itself . So I'll give this a split decision for both Football and American Football as, American Football has the raw speed win part but doesn't have the being good at Football part .

    Pure Skill: I'm gonna give Football this one quite easily actually, and don't think I'm dennying that monsters jumps that NFL players do when dodging a tackle, this shit is amazing to see and eveytime I see something like that I'm like " That man deserves a cookie" but sliding off tackles is also an important part of Football too, of course the defender in Football case is trying to get the ball(Technically in American Football too but ... Well we know that he's going for your body not the ball that you're holding), but still requires a lot maestry to get away from someone while keeping the ball in your feet and all, while the skills are not only defined by this in Football, but also by having ball control(Check the video bellow and my last blog about it), so in this part I'm giving it to Football easily because an American Football player would just have no technique in Football world, while a footballer would be at least average in this part . Some great technique for both bellow:

    For American Football:


    For Football:


    Now moving on:

    Strength: Really ? You had a doubt ? Even though I'm a little bit biased towards Football, I'm trying to write a not biased article here as much as I can, but this is not even a contest . American Football .

    Stamina: Again, you had a doubt ? Football, not even close for American Football .

    Arguments I didn't cover and why: " Handegg " or " Why isn't it called handegg ? ", because the foot is for the ball or something, not the actuall foot, also, I don't feel like debating why 'Muricans love to be different from the rest of the wolrd, they just do . " American Football is Rugby for pussies " because I'm not discussing American Football vs Rugby, but Football vs American Football, also, American Football uses pads but have more rough tackles(Although Rugby hurts more, from experience) .

    Yeah, that's pretty much it . Thanks for reading, I know I was biased towards football somehow, but I really tried and I'd like to note that . Also, I'd like to remember that everyone is free to love the sport they want to, not the ones they are imposed .

    But football is better because Zidane
  15. So, I'm gonna talk about some key factors in football, all these things in the title are at least slightly different, some use others to exist and some are just a little bit different .

    Ball Control: The ball control requires you to have a good sense of proprioception, a good sense of the space you're in(Your surroundings, this may be called spatial notion or spatial perception), the timing, and, of course, motor coordination . You need good proprioception so you can tell exactly what you're doing with your body parts and where they are in relation to each other(Motor coordination also comes into play in this part, as you need good motor coordination to do what you want), the spatial percepetion is really important in the sense of where in the field, where are the people trying to tackle you and take away the ball from you and where are your team mates, also it's very important in small places, like when you're cornered into the line, so you don't let the ball get to the adversery nor out, and the timing also comes into play, once you know where they are you have to sorta guess how they'll be moving, it's not that difficult, our brains do it for us, and once all these abilities are brought together we have a good ball control (This is how, people like Messi, Zidane, Ronaldinho and others can dribble people tackling from behind without seemingly not looking).

    There's also another concept that we call here in Brazil " Vis?o de Jogo "(Would translate to " Game Vision " or, less literally " Field Vision "), that is the ability to put all that I described into action and see that one of your team mates is in a good position and just launching the ball so they can run, generating some crazy as hell passes, best examples include Pirlo, Ronaldinho and Zidane .


    This video is filled with good ball control but I want you to take a look at some examples of what I said:

    2:41 : Is what I wanted to say when I said " Field Vision " . See that he has great ball control, and only in a fast glance he manages to see where his team mate is at and successfully pass the ball, also he had to predict a little that his team mate would get what he's trying to do and where he was now that he changed some postion, so he wouldn't need to run so much .
    3:40: the same thing(Field Vision) .

    3:42: See that ? He just got a glance at what the situation was like and did that incredible pass to Henry(I think it was Henry) .
    3:52: This one is just insane, his guessing(Call it guessing or calculating, it just works) was just spot on .

    And now you're(If someone at all is reading this) gonna ask " What's the best in ball control ?" or " What's your favorite in ball control ?" . The answer to the first I don't know, and I can't possibly do . But to the other, I say that my top three ranking is Zidane, Ronaldinho and Messi . Messi is in third because although he has showed multiple times in air abilities with freestyle and some crazy ball control, he doesn't do in air tricks with the ball in the game, I don't remember any, if someone wants t o correct me, please do . Ronaldinho was just awesome in his heyday, but Zidane's elegant style just settles for me, the dude is a beast .

    After this, I'm gonna go ham and talk about American Football and Football(Soccer) . Thanks for reading .