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  1. :catroll

    Might as well try planetary curve since it's high enough to view from space and has the curve, which are the two requirements for planetary curvature scaling

    232/5777*49480600 = 1987104m Wide Crater = 2054140000000000000 m^3
    127/5777*49480600 = 1087768m Wide Crater = 336959500000000000m^3
    75/5777*49480600 = 642382.7m Wide Crater = 1.38797e17 m^3

    Total Volume = 2529896500000000000m^3

    Vaporization due to him showing to incinerate mountains with EF

    2529896500000000000*1000*2600 *27050 = 42.5 Exatons

  2. Bored as fuck and need something to do.

    Basically an old feat that's not entirely been done anything besides speed.

    Looking at info for Earth and comparing out planet and the layers of the atmosphere it SHOULD give the ability to do shockwave scaling for the meteor

    Given that out Earth is 12,756km wide and has as much as the other layers going as about as far as the planet width though.

    FT's planet is 49480.6km, making it 3.879 times bigger than our Earth, so the layers of atmosphere should be proportionately the same.

    Making that 1051.71km up

    Which should still well be within FT's thermophere

    Making the shockwave 2554.16km wide

    Which NTF shockwaves gives it an output of 125,000,000 megatons, or 125 Teratons

    Another method is cloud parting

    You CAN"T use a calc'd speed for kinetic energy, but you CAN use it for cloud parting last time I checked.

    How do I know it's cloud parting? Simple.

    Sema has always gathered clouds.

    And parted them when the meteors passed through them

    The only logical thing this can be is water vapor or steam


    38/988*49480.6 = 1903.1km

    Weight = 8530000000000000000kg *Mach 12.6k

    8.7 Petatons
  3. Spoiler:

    Etherion has a radius that can completely envelope an entire country.

    Using Fiore as a basic country size for here ( 5420.5km) the DC of it is 1.2 Petatons with Near total Fatalities.

    And beyond that is the Dragon Cry from the new Movie which IS canon as confirmed by Mashima


    "This is one part that is connected to the last chapter of Fairy Tail. "

    Andi in the movie the Dragon Cry was stated to be composed of highly condensed magic condensate and unleashed was tens of times stronger than Etherion


    Using 20 this makes The DC at least 24 Petatons
    Using 50 is makes it 60 Petatons
    90 is 108 Petatons

    And the big bad guy of that movie, the dragon Animus, absorbed the DC and merged it with his own strength

    Who Half Dragon Natsu crushed.

    And all of this with the Ravines of Time is above the Dragon Cry by a massive amount as its level of power was immeasurable whilst Etherion has a definite number in terms of magic reading.

    Which the Dragon Cry has as well by default.
  4. In Season 2 Episode 28 of The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Zedd travels to the Furthest Galaxy to Stop the Power Rangers from retrieving the Sword of Light in order to transfer the power of 3 of the Rangers into three different people.

    So the FURTHEST KNOWN Galaxy from Earth is 13.3 Billion Light Years away

    Meaning 1.25827715285*10^26 meters


    Zedd was able to return to Earth within 9 minutes after destroying the planet the Rangers were on

    540 Seconds

    Meaning That Serpenterra travels at 777,251,999,997,994.625 times the speed of light while low on Power http://www.[Blocked Domain]/images/smilies/e5041655.gif

  5. 210/25*1.8 = 15.12m

    72/4*15.12 = 272.16m

    Given that a direct side view of where the DC starts and ends the piece of land completely covers up where the GH Ship is, meaning that it has to be AT LEAST as tall as the GH boat so that it covers up its height.

    608/4* = 41.3km
  6. So in the mountain ranges north of Magnolia there was a lady named Irene who wasn't fond of the cold so she got rid of all the snow clouds+ Snow

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/fairy_tail/v38/c484/19.html
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/fairy_tail/v38/c487/9.html
    http://h.[Blocked Domain]/store/man...8b6179f9b9e870b8993ce9d7af3730&ttl=1485907200

    And after she did this there was no long any snowfall that had been present since the fights up North started.

    Guestimating that the HoE is 100m from this panel with OS on a large hill and you can see a clear night sky past those mountains

    http://h.[Blocked Domain]/store/man...11de184b3aad3db0415b3ae83b06f7&ttl=1485903600

    And the width of the FT planet ( 42993.272 km ) And the Distance to Horizon formula is

    (Using DoT since it went as far as the sky was visible in every panel shown)

    65569.331km Radius

    3km thick for snow clouds

    Water Cloud vaping

    Pretty sure water vaping is 2615810j/cm

    25 Teratons

    Cloud Dispersing

    4.05 × 10^16kg

    And assuming it took 30seconds to clear the 65km Gives a speed of Mach 6.3

    Result: 21 Gigatons

    Dunno if it's right, but I can at least get the ball rolling.

    Her magic focuses around putting magic into things which has shown can generate heat.

  7. Could any of this warrant a shockwave?

    The clouds are curving around it. In the top middle of the page it's cut off but the cloud is unnaturally curving along with the one beside it.
  8. https://[Blocked Domain]/reader/read/fairy-tail/en/0/518/page/14

    Can I justify a 1 minute time frame?

    A 1 minute time frame was used for the dragons speed last time I checked and this happened in a far faster sequence of events.
  9. Tartarus Cube



    244/65*0.91 = Giving Mard a wingspan of 3.42m

    403/18*3.42 = 76.6m Tall outer Wall for the Castle

    238.3/56.5*76.6 = 323m wide Castle

    272/5.6*323 = 15688.57m Wide

    CSK Flies through it


    103/240.7*15688.57 = 6713.43m Wide hole

    346.5/245*15688.57 = 22188.12m From one corner to the other

    Volume Calc volume 785413000000 m^3

    785413000000 *1000000*214.35

    40.24 Gigatons

    Mard and the MeteoBlade


    307/330*15688.57 = 14595.12m long Tentacle

    698.62/334*14595.12 = 30.5km up

    The height of eye in this scan is at least that

    Distance to Horizon calculator


    Distance to the Horizon is 624.5km

    530.55/114*1.78 = Mard Geer is 8.28m up

    Given the amount of talking and actions in between them I'm going to make the height he was probably at when the CSK used his MeteoBlade 5m up into the air.

    Using 80kg for Mard

    Time Frame is 1.01

    Making the feat Mach 1818.57

    And for the DC of MeteoBlade

    First off, the slash went to at least the Horizon

    As gotten before with the formula to get the distance to the horizon we got it to be 624.5km

    And just as the Iku slash feat the slash was sent downwards mainly. It's at least as deep as the tallest thing the height cut at the end, which is a mountain at the end of the Horizon

    427/334*14595.12 = 18659m for the lower not spiked parts of the slash.

    Meaning at the very edge of the Horizon 85px = 18659m

    Meaning the height of that mountain is 60/85*18659 = 13171m

    Meaning the depth is at least that, so total DC of said move is 26342m from Top to bottom

    It's a pyramid shape as it was skinny where Mard started it out at but grew bigger as shown here


    107.5/15*10 71.7m Width

    So a volume of 1.02?10^12

    1.18*10^12*1000000*214.35 = 60.45 Gigatons

    100% consistent with his feat of going through the Tartarus cube.
  10. So the dragons raced across all of Ishgar to destroy a total of 3,000 Face structures

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/fairy-tail-chapter-420-page-18.html

    So from what we got now is Dimaria and Wahl were 30km off the shores of Hargeon and they were all together 400km away from Magnolia

    http://i996.[Blocked Domain]/fairy-tail/461/fairy-tail-6473035.jpg


    661.9/55.7*370 = 4396.82km from North to South of Fiore

    The number of Face bombs vary in how many are shown per area.

    We've seen the lowest as 1 around an area and 10 as the most around the area. I will use 5 Face bombs as per dot on the Maps.

    http://img.[Blocked Domain]/manga/fairy-tail/412/22.png

    Gonna get the total area of the rectangle then use 60% as the total kilometers squared.


    248/17* 4396.82 = 64141.84km
    177/17* 4396.82 = 45778.65km

    So the area of the rectangle is


    60% of that is 1764000000000000m^2

    1764000000000000/600 = 2940000000000m^2

    sqrt(2940000000000) = 1714.64km between each Face bomb proportionately

    There's 600 of them

    So the total area covered in the feat is 1028785.7km / divided by 4 cause it was done by four dragons spreading out

    So 257196.42km covered by each of them

    Gonna use a 60s, 30s, and 15s time frame

    60s = Mach 12607.66
    30s = Mach 25215.33
    15s = Mach 50430.67