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  1. Since I can't post, or even log out right now, I might as well create a blog post.

    If you see this and leave a comment, you'll get visited by the rep god who will bless you.
  2. The weekend always seems to be the time where I somehow become nostalgic. My thoughts crossed the undoubtedly best SNES game from my point of view, Terranigma. I actually had to google through images and wesbites to satisfy my nostalgia hunger. On top of that I decided to watch some gameplay videos on youtube as well, which got me into the mood to play the game again. I don't know when I will be able to do that timewise, but I'll make sure to catch up with it at some point.

    I love everything about this game, so I have no problem finishing it once again. The story is unmatched for SNES standards and even today it still manages to touch me when I happen to think about it. The graphic perfectly fits the game, while the sound gets you into a daydreaming mood, especially the overworld themes.

    I am not sure why there has never been a new Terranigma game released on the next gen consoles, since it seems to be very popular after all. It's a shame actually, but the hope dies at last. Maybe someday a new Terranigma part will be announced.

    Now I feel like concluding this entry with some great fanarts I found over the last few days.