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  1. Yes I will be calcualating Cero Oscuras and Lanza, cuz why not. First let's get Las Noches size tho
    Las Noches

    Ulquiorra= 1.69 meters= 9px
    Pillar Width= 271px= 50.88 meters

    Pillar Width= 50.88 meters= 6px
    Las Noches= 855px= 7251.5 meters

    Simple enough. Now Ulquiorra states Espadas ranked 4 and above are not allowed to release becuse they could destroy Las Noches itself. I am assuming their Reiatsu would works sort of like explosion (You know powering up and destroying shit with shockwaves and stuff)
    From this calculator I get 1 Megaton for Wide spread destruction and 19.1 Megatons for near-total fatalities

    Cero Oscuras

    Pillar= 50.88 meters= 4px
    Crater width= 187px= 2379 meters
    Radius= 1189.5 meters
    Crater Depth= 6px= 76.33 meters
    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 339300757314373 cc
    Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc
    E= 72729117330335870 Joules or 17.38 Megatons

    Pillar= 50.88 meters= 4px
    Explosion height= 890px= 11322.5 meters
    CoM= h/4= 2830.6 meters
    Width= 206px= 2620.7 meters
    Radius= 1310.36 meters
    Volume= pi*r^2*(h/3)= 20358864794.9 m^3
    Dry Sand density= 1682 kg/m^3
    Mass= 34243610585150 kg

    PE= mgh= 949924601598129573 Joules or 227 Megatons
    This being a low-end because explosion took place faaaaar away from Las Noches
  2. Deku's first ever punch using One For All
    First Panel

    • Height of the window= 1.5 meters= 53px
    • Face length= 249px= 7.05 meters
    • Width= 132px= 3.74 meters
    • Panel height= 1195px
    • Face length= 193px

    Second Panel

    • Face length= meters= 7.05 meters= 538px
    • Depth= 178px= 2.33 meters
    Volume before punch

    First to find depth

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)

    I got 16.601880732768 and 12.904096872078 degree for outer and inner edge respectively.

    Plug in the value in this calculator, Distance of inner edge and outer edge from the screen is 24.151 meters and 31.158 meters respectively.

    Depth= 7.007 meters

    Volume= lbh= 184.5 m^3

    Volume after punch

    Volume= lbh= 61.4 m^3

    Volume destroyed= 123.1 m^3

    Assuming 40% of it is hollow

    True volume= V*0.6= 73.9 m^3

    • Fragmentation of steel= 208 j/cc
    E= 15361661984 or 3.7 Tons of TNT - Large Building level
  3. During last chapters of Alabasta internal war we see croc making a storm which covers the entire Alubarna city.
    Dimensions of Storm

    • Robin= 1.88 meters= 104px
    • Cobra= 117px= 2.1 meters

    • Cobra= 2.1 meters= 32px
    • Entrance Width= 317px= 21 meters

    • Enterance Width= 21 meters= 32px
    • Dome= 70px= 45.9 meters

    Great. Now to find dimensions of the storm itself

    Dome= 45.9 meters= 40px
    Storm diameter= 728px= 836.0625 meters
    Storm Height= 255px= 292.85 meters

    Mass of Sand
    Volume= Pi*r^2(h/3)= 53591222 m^3
    Density of Dry sand is 1602 kg/m^3
    Mass= Density*Volume= 85853137834 kg

    Now to account for hollowness as it is just a dust storm (not like a thick layer of sand is bopped on them), I think 90% is more than fair for it.
    True Mass of Sand= 8585313783 kg

    Kinetic Energy
    Now according to this article average speed of a tornado is 100 mph which is 44.704 m/s
    KE= (1/2)mv^2= 8578649931564 Joules or 2.05 Kilotons of TNT - Small Town level

    Rotational Kinetic Energy (Not usable)
    I have to assume a timeframe for this one
    I = 3/10*m*r^2= 12580796360845291649.616
    Assuming a time-frame of 10 seconds and 90 degree angle or 1/4th of the rotation, which will be 1.5708 rads in radians
    Why 10 seconds? Because everyone barely were able to react to Kouza being shot and falling on the ground before noticing the sandstorm. Chapter for confirmation
    Angular velocity= theta/t= 0.15708 rad/s
    KEr= (1/2)Iw^2= 155210079810078368Joules or 37.09 Megatons of TNT - City level
  4. Not a speed feat this time:catblink
    Gonna find out explosion diameter of his balls.

    Mr. 4 height is accepted as 2.5 meters here so we gonna roll with that.
    Mr. 4= 2.5 meters= 99px
    Pillar Width= 192px= 4.5 meters

    Pillar width= 4.85 meters= 10px
    Explosion diameter= 592px= 287 meters
    Well aint this something :hitbatman
  5. Another simple yet overlooked feat. This one is from Drum Island. Luffy stretches his hands and punches Wapol to Shadow realm.

    Mountain height= 5000 meters= 161px

    Panel height= 853px

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 15.057284206808 degree

    Distance = 18916 meters

    As for Timeframe, I can only go with a (reasonable) assumption becuase there is no other way to calc it. Luffy in no time stretches his hand and retracts and punches Wapol almost instantly. I think 5 second assumption is reasonable according to context, but it can be increased (or decreased) as per discussion. Feat takes place in 151 in-case you want to confirm it

    Speed= Distance/Time= 3783.2 m/s - Mach 11 - Hypersonic+
  6. Another speed feat via FPS method :catblush

    This is pretty simple one. Zoro vanishes from everyone's line of sight and appears behind Igaram

    • Zoro= 1.78 meters= 14px
    • Panel height= 436px
    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 2.576011462682
    Distance between Igaram and Zoro= 39.584 meters

    Again I am not sure which FPS value is used here, but going with 60 FPS our timeframe is 0.0166666666666667 sec

    Speed= D/T= 2375.03999999999524992 m/s or Mach 6.9243148688046508744 - Hypersonic

    I think FPS value should be higher considering they some of them were peak human characters. Can always change it if others agree with me on this anyways

    Edit: I noticed Iwandesu using 0.0082 sec here so we gonna roll with that too

    Speed= D/T= 4827 m/s or Mach ~14 - Hypersonic+
  7. Kuro moves so fast that he "dissapears" from everyone's sight. Gonna find his speed via FPS method.

    Kuro was standing on the crater made by Buchi, and his followers were standing a bit behind the slope. So he at least crossed the slope to hurt them.

    Assuming Buchi to be as tall as Zoro. his height would be 1.78 meters
    • Buchi= 1.78 meters= 16px
    • Luffy= 1.72 meters= 55px
    • Panel height= 494px

    We will find the distance of Buchi and luffy from screen, and then subtract it to find distance between Buchi and start of slope.

    Angle= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)

    For Buchi
    Angle= 2.598352113714 degree
    Distance= 39.244 meters

    For Luffy
    Angle= 8.915334669362 degree
    Distance= 11.032 meters

    Buchi's distance from slope= 28.212 meters
    Kuro at least crosed this much distance to slice through his companions.

    Idk what value of FPS is used here, but lowest is 60 FPS iirc, which makes our timeframe 0.0166666666666667 sec
    Speed= D/T= 1692.71999999999661456 m/s or Mach~5 - Hypersonic
  8. Prolly done before, but let's see this one.

    We see the distance between Itachi and Naruto here

    Naruto=1.66 meters= 22px
    Panel height= 965px
    Itachi= 1.78 meters= 147px

    Object= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)

    Angle Sizing both, For Itachi I got 12.176724594414 degrees and for Nardo I got 1.829101861228 degree

    For Itachi I got 8.344 meters and for Nardo I got 51.994 meters

    So distance between Itachi and Nardo is 43.65 meters. Actually a bit more since Nardo and team actually needed to get away from the Fireball's path, so this is the minimum distance the fireball covered.
    h= 43.65 meters

    Next for width

    Sakura= 1.61 meters= 1281px
    Dat leg= 807px= 1.01.... meters

    Dat leg= 1 meter= 78px
    Katons' width= 409px= 5.23 meters
    a= 2.6 meters
    That should also be the crater's width

    For depth

    Itachi= 1.78 meters= 39px
    Crater's width= 5.7 meters= 265px
    Depth= 53px= 1.1400000000000026 meters
    So b= 1.1400000000000026 meters

    Volume= (Pi*abh)/2 = 204429958 cc
    Vaporization Value= 25700 j/cc
    E= 5253849941554 or 1.25 Kilotons of TNT - Multi block+/High city block/Small Town or whatever it is called here.

    Reason for Taking Vaporization is because
    Its a fire based technique (duh)
    This technique has said to vaporize stuff in Databook, and has multiple on-panel showings of vaporization
    We also see small fumes from all over the crater