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  1. Erza vs erza (FT)

    A Short Calc, about Knight Walker and Scarlet's Clash.
    well, just realized that there are no erza calcs.

    first we need to know the volume of the island.
    Window(Red) = 2px
    Ratio = 1.19m/px (used Dastan's Window Height as Reference)
    Tower Width(Green) = 11px
    Tower Width(Green) = 13.09m
    There's a good chance that the Tower is larger than that, since the window i've used as reference is nearer in our perspective.

    Tower = 5.66px
    Ratio = 2.31272084805654m/px
    Island Diameter(Green) = 315.37px
    Island Diameter(Green) = 729.36m
    the island itself looks like a Half Ellipsoid with two important radius.
    the major radius and the minor radius, where minor radius = height(low end).
    as a low end(again), let's assumie that height of the island is 1/2 the radius of it's width.

    VHEllipsoid = 25,330,999.1381805725m^3

    E = 25,330,999.1381805725m^3*120J/cc*1000000cc
    E = 3,039,719,896,581,668.7J
    E = 726.510491535 Kilotons
    so that gives both Erza at least 363.26 Kilotons worth of TnT as DC(still disregarding the multiple buildings, Hills, etc that's in said island).
    either way, seeing the feat itself, i've expected just as much.

    Hollow Issue:
    Building Hollowness was like 80%, and we all know that this ain't no fucking building.
    also the fact that, the hollowness came from the stairs that is used for means of travel and mobility.
    so it's hollowness shouldn't at least exceed 50%.

    Low-End(50% Hollow):
    Total Energy: 363.26 Kilotons
    Energy Exerted By Scarlet = 181.63 Kilotons

    High End(20% Hollow):
    Total Energy: 581.21 Kilotons

    Energy Exerted By Scarlet = 290.61 Kilotons
    town level.

    Mirajane moves water

    Mira's Height = 117.42px
    Ratio = 0.01490316494350261665m/px

    Helix Height = 731.39px
    Helix Height = 10.90004280099344081295020981m
    Diameter = 453.19px
    Diameter = 6.75401175259884060258666021m

    WaterLength = √[(π*4*6.75)^2 + 10.9^2]
    WaterLength = 85.57m + the part which is not part of the helix(411.62px).
    WaterLength = 91.73m

    Height of Launched Rock = 47.43px
    Height of Launched Rock = 0.71m
    using this ^ (use bro) calculator, we'll know how much time it's take for the water to get there.
    Time is 0.76s divide it by two.
    so we'd get 0.38s.
    Speed of the water is 91.73m/0.38s.
    Speed of The Water is 241.41m/s.
    now, to get the KE and the fucking mass.
    we can't really get the actual fucking mass.
    we can only low ball shit here.
    now, seeing in this panel, and in this.
    we can say that the fucking river is quite wide(there's a fucking house on the left side) and quite long.
    at least 10~15m in width. and around 1000+m in length.
    but it's not too deep. seeing in this panel, it's around 1.5m in depth.

    so, she moved at least 15000m^3 worth of water.
    Density of water is 1000kg/m^3
    Mass of water = 15000000kg
    KE = 437090910750J
    KE = 104.46 tons worth of TnT.

    so, she moved at least 22500m^3 worth of water.
    Density of water is 1000kg/m^3
    Mass of water = 22500000kg
    KE = 655636366125J
    KE = 156.70 tons worth of TnT.

    both are Multi City Block Level anyway.

    Natsu crimson lotus

    Human = 5px
    assume that it is 1m.
    Ratio = 0.2m/px
    Wall Height = 126px
    Wall Heigt = 25.2m

    Wall height = 20px
    Ratio = 1.26px

    assume that the height of the underground is = wall height.
    now, natsu is fighting sting and rouge somewhere inside that crater.
    natsu used CLEFB which goes through those pillar, and the rocks outside the building.
    range of CLEFB = 337.64px

    purple is what the circle looks like.
    it means that, inside those radius, the technique hit some buildings and columns, which was all unquantifiable+.
    yep, sad but we can't do shit about it.
    good thing is, outside of the radius, natsu did pulverize rocks and shit.
    so we can get at least a yield for it.

    Diameter = 385px
    Diameter = 485.1m
    CLEFB that is wasted inside was 94.92px
    so, CLEFB rammed through 365.5008m worth of rock.

    to get the radius of the blast.
    Yellow = 30px
    Ratio = 0.84m/px
    Blast Diameter (Green) = 74px
    Blast Diameter (Green) = 62.16m

    r = 31.08m
    L = 365.5008m
    V(cylinder) = 1109175.38944820554622m^3


    E = 1109175.38944820554622^3*1000000cc*8J/cc
    E = 8873403115585.64436976J
    E = 2.120794244 Kilotons

    E = 1109175.38944820554622m^3*1000000cc*69J/cc
    E = 76533101871926.18268918J
    E = 18.291850352 Kilotons

    what in the actual fuck? :maybe

    town level

    Elfman destroys a tower (FT)

    Feat:http://[Blocked Domain]/Manga-Scan/Fairy-Tail/Fairy-Tail-222/page-15
    read onwards.


    MCB level.

  2. here we go with yet another of those.

    BOS Magi feats

    A Short Calc Regarding the Early Parts of Magi.
    I Don't Really know if there's already a calc for this.
    well, anyways, here goes.
    In This Panel, we see that Alibaba(Green Line) is 37.1255028352313px tall.
    He Has an Official Height of 1.68m so i'll be using that.
    so, Height/Pixel Ratio is 0.0452519123432778478m/px.
    The Crater Diameter(Red Line) is 473.02642632309667px Long.
    so Multiplying it with our Ratio, we'll know that the Crater is 21.4053503800267476590509323m long.
    since the crater looks like it's pretty deep(the side doesn't cave much).
    i feel like i can get away with a 1/3rd D as it's depth.
    so, Using The Equation for Ellipsoids, we'll get the Volume as 3414.9731309924073m^3.
    or simply input the values in this online calculator.

    so our Actual Volume is 1707.48656549620365m^3 (because it's a half ellipsoid).



    Total Energy:

    Yep, i'm gonna do a compilation calc for Psyren just as promised.


    The Size of Astral:
    Uranus' Speed:
    Uranus' Blast:

    Part two of my Psyren Compilation Calc.
    Grana's Nichirin Tentsui:

    i'm going to calc Grana's Sunfall here.
    the pipes diameter is 21.21px(1566.63m).
    and the Blast Radius of each Sunfall is 250.26px or 18484.90m.
    from what we can see, there's at least two rows of those pipes.
    so, Vcylinder = 3,363,417,101,578.48m^3 for each beam.
    E(Melting) = 245,86,141,768,315,485,056,979.68J or 5.88 Teratons.
    now since that is not a pure compact solid object(there are gaps, the pipes are hollow. well, not really much.
    more like, a few dozen of meters tops.
    so hollowness is prettY much a none factor.)
    so, we're gonna take 30% off of our total energy.
    so E = 4.116 Teratons.
    but we're still not finished yet.
    it also produces enough Pressure to topple those neuro towers(Bigger than any modern Mega Structures).
    using Total Fatalities, E = 330 Megatons.
    so, The Total Energy for all the beams is, (.33 + 4.116)*4 = 17.784 Teratons.

    Quat Nevas: Pierce Through the Heavens: (:maybe)
    Grana and Miroku's Combination Attack:

  3. Again i'm just recovering some calcs zenith did years ago.
    given he hasnt been online for years i doubt he even cares anymore.

    Jin mori oh Ryugi jin speed

    Another GoH calc.
    Destructive Capacity:

  4. Old calcs that were "deleted"
    nothing here is done by me
    Jin mori's tsunami

    chapter link:

    1033px is the diameter of the earth in this scan.
    ratio of km/px is 12.33494675701839303000968054211.
    Ruyi Jingu is 23px long and 5px wide.
    283.704km is its length while its width is 61.675km.

    Ruyi Jingu is 194.62px here. (ratio is 1.46km/px)
    Length of Tsunami is 356.98px or 521.191km.
    width is kind of hard to tell, some are longer, some are shorter.
    i'll just pick the middle one. width is 54.57px or 79.67km.
    i'll assume that it's height is equal to the splash near the end of ruyi jingu.
    well the height of the wave at the end is already obscuring ruyi jingu itself so it's height is easily > radius of ruyi jingu.
    height is 29.21px or 42.65km.
    .5*l*w*h = 885484.0946km^3 or 8.855*10^14 m^3.
    Mass = 8.855*10^17kg.

    Mori is 65.02px here.
    ratio is 0.02614585605m/px.
    the highest fucker here is 1200px high or 31.38m from the ground.
    going to assume that the time frame for that fucker to fall to the ground is the timeframe for the wave to reach this distance.
    -fuckers are still free falling anyways, so this is a low-end if anything.
    -time for ruyi jingu to hit ground is ignored here, so another low end.
    time = 2.53s.
    distance is 127.77px or 186.54km.
    speed is 73,732.89m/s or Mach 217(God Form Kal Taek was also able to manipulate this tsunami and it looks like the wave barely moved while he lift his arm.
    so that kinda applies to their reaction/combat speed).
    KE = (.5)(8.855*10^17kg)(73732.89m/s)^2
    KE = 575.3 Petatons.
    *Kal Taek was able to manipulate this side of the Tsunami, so this kinda applies to him as well.

    this is basically, an omnidirectional wave.
    there's another on in both the upper and lower side, there should be in the other off panel side.´

    KE(4) = 2.3 exatons of tnt.
    and to think that this is just a side effect of Riyu Jingu Falling Down.

    Kal Taek Reaction Time:

    apparently, this method was not calc stacking.
    Kal Taek was struck by an extending Ruyi Jingu.
    though he noticed it when the ruyi jingu has already expanded as long as 283.704km at most. (it was still extending at that point, until mo ri ordered the ruyi jingu to expand.)
    anyways, Ruyi Jingu's Extension Speed is 57332999436.86m/s.
    Kal Taek's Reaction Time is 0.0000049483543995s.
    or roughly Mach 593.87/m.
    he also moved a lot in between the time the ruyi jingu expanded.
    so his movement speed is probably in the same ballpark if not faster.

    Moon jin strikes back (GOH)

    Moon Gi-Joo is being chased by the people from the organization.
    when he learned that there are priest class personnel within the ones chasing him, he knew that it wouldn't be an easy fight.
    so he was forced to fight back.

    the farthest building in this scan has a floor height of 2px tall.
    3m/2px = 1.5m/px.
    Length of blast is 620px(930m).

    Gi-Joo is 16px(.11875m/px) tall in this panel.
    Depth is 32px(3.8m).
    Width is 236px(28.025m).
    V = 99040.35m^3.
    Basically, White Smoke present all over the place.
    So, Another Concrete vaporization feat.
    E = 2173935682500000J
    E = 520 Kilotons.
    by using pulverization it is 42 j/cc
    or 4159694700000 joules
    so 994.190894 tons of tnt

    Small town to town level

    Super saiyan ran elegant strike (TOG)

    Ran Basically Punched Anak, and anak got sent flying.
    leaving a trail of hopelessness for lee soo's team.
    Ran is probably as tall as pre skip anak.(1.54m)

    Ran is 112.16 px here.
    ratio would be 0.0137303851640514m/px.
    the diameter of the crevice is 383px or 5.26m.
    the diameter of the crevice at the top is 11px while the diameter of the stadium is 471px.
    making the diameter of the stadium equal to 225.17m.
    2*atan(11/(853/tan(70/2))) = 1.03469240469
    Distance is 291.26m.

    Volume = (1/2)(pi)(291.26)(2.63^2)
    Volume = 3164.5518745163475251m^3.
    white smoke present, no debri, vaping sounds about right.
    Concrete vaping is 21,950 J/cc.
    Pulverization is 42 j/cc
    E = 69461913650000j.
    E1=1.32911179e11 joules
    E = 31.7665342 tons of tnt-16.601795805 Kilotons.

    so multi-cityblock to town level
  5. old calcs that were "deleted"
    no. this is not an iwan calc, try again next year.
    Grandpa stop missiles (GOH)

    a random guy's height is 19px.
    while, the width of the head of the spirit is 154.74px
    basic comparison. (average height/pixel height guy* pixel height spirit)
    so, the head of the Spirit is (1.75/19)*154.74 = 14.3m wide.

    in this panel, the width of the head of the spirit is 4px, so the ratio is 3.6m/px.
    while the meteor is 842px.
    i know the meteor isn't fully round, but whatever.

    Meteor's diameter is 3031.21m.
    Meteor's Volume is 14582994008.0043316810597286m^3.
    Meteor's Mass is 51040479028015.1608837090501kg.
    since this was teleported directly from space, then its speed would be 10-70km/s.
    Average is 40km/s.
    KE = .5*(51040479028015.1608837090501)*(40000m/s)^2
    KE = 40832383222412128706967.24008J or 9.6 Teratons.

    that's just for the meteor though.

    the large Nuke is supposed to be able to wipe korea.
    and it's all targeted at the spirit(in seoul), so we know that it's not gonna be done carpet bomb style.

    distance from Seoul to the edge of korea is 663.4px.
    ratio is 1km/px so, distance is 663.4km.
    according to SD.nets nuke calc, to wipe out an area with that radius needs to have an energy of 16.8 Teratons(Near Total Fatalities).

    Crown Prince cuts a planet (GOH)


    So, basically the Crown Prince tried to cut Mo Ri and the Planet they are in was also cut in the process.
    Radius = 6371km (earth radius)
    He only managed to cut half because mo ri stopped it, so Area = PI*r^2/2.
    Area = 63758058988723.534407 m^2.
    Pressure at the earth's core is 330-360GPa, i'll use 345 GPa. (I imagine anything less than that would simply not faze it or something)
    P = F/A
    F = PA
    F = 21996530351109619370315999.979624N
    Work = Force * Distance
    Distance is Basically the radius of the planet which is 6371000m.
    Work = 140139894866919385008283235870184.504J or 33.50 zetatons

    or bordeline planet level.

    Frankestein cut (Noblesses)


    radius of the blast(red line) is 58px.
    distance to horizon from a height of 1.9m is 4.9km.
    so now we know the minimum distance from the nearest mountain is 4.9km or 82.8794304999738762px(black line).
    ratio is 59.1220278715783947385m/px.
    we can now get the radius of the crater by multiplying the length of the blast(in px) to our ratio multiplier.
    R = 3429.08m.
    V = 84448407741.0360787987373625m^3.
    Energy to Vaporize it is 619.8 Gigatons.(input 5443.35m as radius)

    Raizel Casually Blocked it with his Hand

    Casually Island level Raizel
  6. 1.Fat elder zombie goes boom


    One of yomi youkais self destructs itself

    random exorcist is 347.48 px (1.7m)
    elder demon height is 312px (1.52641879 m)
    elder diameter is 400 px (1.95694716 m)
    as you can see the elder is a fucking meat stick so i will calc this as an ellipsoid of flesh
    V=(1.95694716 x 1.52641879 x 1.52641879 x pi)/6
    elder volume=2.38739967 m^3
    elder pretty much vaped himself
    human vaping is 45362.551 j/cc
    E=2387399.67 x 45362.551
    E=1.08298539e11 joules
    the thing also caused a huge explosion

    window is 8px (1.5m)
    explosion is 474px (88.87500 m)
    so we have a radius of 44.4375
    r_thermal = Y^0.41 * constant_th
    r_blast = Y^0.33 * constant_bl
    5000 tons = 476m R air blast, 100% fatalities
    44.4375/476= 0.0933560924
    E=0.00075721672 x 5000
    E=3.7860836 tons of tnt
    TE=25.883972 + 3.7860836

    so city block+ to multicityblockish

    2.The storm of the Freedoom

    the immortal one creates a huge typhoon as an aftereffect of its awakening
    let's take a look at that i guess

    this map has 10km= 73px
    the diameter of an explosion that would cover the enterity of tokyo would have 669px (91.6438356 km)
    nuke radius is then 45.8219178 kilometers
    implugging this on widespread destruction and near total fatalities we have

    The immortal one theoretical tokyo destruction=270.583 megatons-5.124368 gigatons of tnt
    so the immortal one can potentially be city+ to island level

    4.you shall not underestimate the exorcists

    the sealing ritual for immortal one disperses the storm he had created before the destroyed zombies parts fall to the ground
    starts here
    so basically the zombies the old man destroys when the seal is shorted are yet to completely fall when the sealing is already done
    freefall of human height is 0.59 seconds
    the storm radius is 39754.9697 meters
    dispersion speed is 67381.3046 m/s
    storm mass is 9.96009899e12 kg
    KE=67381.3046^2 x 9.96009899e12 x 0.5
    KE=2.2610621e22 joules

    Exorcist department sealing energy=5.40406812 teratons of tnt
    this only applies for sealing and it takes a decent amount of prep but nice i guess
    and well, guess this does the volume 3
  7. requested by titil
    invel basically froze a mountain range of ice on magnolia

    it was brought into my attention that we have more realiable panel (actual humans) to scalle off, so i'd suggest to forgot the window but will let the end just in case.

    random joe 32px (1.7m)
    fairy tail guild first floor 328px (17.42m)

    fairy tail guild first floor is 117px (17.42m)
    fairy fail guild is 390px (58.0666667 m)
    low end (cut off pillar)

    guild is 39px (58.0666667)
    ice pillar low end is 236px (351.377778 m)
    Mid-high end (entire pillar and zoomed out guild)

    guild is 3 (mid end)-2 (high end) px
    pillar is 42 px (351.377-812.934-1219.4 m)
    main mountain height is 130px (1087.595-2516.223-3774.334 m)
    main mountain diameter is 145 px (1213.08726-2806.556-4209.834 m)
    mountain range lenght 1 is 218 px (1823.81395-4219.511-6329.267 m)
    mountain range height 1 is 31 px (259.34969-600.023-900.034 m)
    mountain range lenght 2 is 318 px (2660.42586-6155.067-9232.600 m)
    mountain range height 2 is 51px (426.672071-987.133334-1480.7 m)
    shaping the mountain as a cone and the remaining ones as prisms
    Main Mountain volume(LE)= 419006000 m^3
    Mountain R1 volume(LE)=1823.81395 x 259.34969 x 259.34969
    MR1V(LE)=122673851 m^3
    Mountain R2 volume(LE)=2660.42586 x 426.672071 x 426.672071
    MR2V(LE0=484328017 m^3
    TV(LE)=419006000 + 122673851 + 484328017
    TV(LE)=1026007868 m^3
    Mid end Volume (3px guild)
    MMV(ME)=5188780000 M^3
    TV(ME)=12705616020 m^3
    High end Volume (2 px guild)
    MMV(HE)=17512100000 m^3
    TV(HE)=17512100000+ 5.12709363e9 + 2.02422215e10
    TV(HE)=42881415130 m^3

    Energy of Invel attack
    ice density is 917 kg/m^3
    air is 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen
    frozen nitrogen density is 1026.5 kg/m^3
    density of solid oxygen is 1426 kg/m^3
    OM (LE)=1426 X 1026007868 X 0.2
    OM LE=2.92617444e11 kg
    NM LE=1026.5 X 0.8 X 1026007868
    NM LE=8.42557661e11 kg
    OM (ME)=1426 X 12705616020 X 0.2
    OM (ME)=3623641688904 kg
    NM (ME)=12705616020 x 1026.5 X 0.8
    NM ME=1.04338519e13 kg
    OM(HE)=1426 X 42881415130 X 0.2
    OM(HE)=1.22297796e13 kg
    NM(HE)=1026.5 X 42881415130 X 0.8
    NM(HE)=3.52142181e13 kg
    Oxygen Mass=2.92617444e11-3623641688904-1.22297796e13kg
    Nitrogen Mass=8.42557661e11-1.04338519e13 -3.52142181e13 kg

    air temperature is 293 degrees kelvin
    oxygen specific heat is 918 j/kgk
    boiling temperature of oxygen is 90.2 k
    OQ= Mct
    OQ=2.92617444e11 x 918 x (293-90.2)
    OQ=5.44767066e16 joules
    Heat of vaporization of oxygen is 214000 j/kg
    OV= ML
    OV=2.92617444e11 x 214000
    melting temperature of oxygen is 54,75 kelvin
    OQ= Mct
    OQ=2.92617444e11 x 918 x (90.2-54.75)
    OQ=9.52267874e15 joules
    fusion energy of oxygen is 13875 j/kg
    OS= ML
    OS= 13875 x 2.92617444e11
    OS=4.06006704e15 joules
    Oxygen freezing low end=1.30679585e17 joules

    boiling point of nitrogen is 77,36 K
    nitrogen specific heat 1040 j/kg
    NQ= mct
    NQ=8.42557661e11 x 1040 x (293-77.36)
    NQ=1.88956699e17 joules
    nitrogen vaporization is 199000 j/kg
    Nv= ML
    NV=199000 x 8.42557661e11
    NV=1.67668975e17 joules
    melting temperature of nitrogen is 63,15 kelvins
    NQ=8.42557661e11 x 1040 x (77.36-63,15)
    NQ=1.24516541e16 joules
    fusion of nitrogen is 25800 j/kg
    NF=8.42557661e11 x 25800
    NF= 2.17379877e16 joules
    Nitrogen Freezing low end=3.90815316e17 joules
    Total energy low end is 3.90815316e17 + 1.30679585e17
    TELE=5.21494901e17 joules

    now for the mid and high end i will just get a ratio between the mass because im not bothering typing all of this again
    if you dont understand what this means basically mass is the only thing changing here and thus the ratio is directly proportional as a multiplier
    OMLE=2.92617444e11 kg
    OMME=3623641688904 kg
    ratio for mid end is 3623641688904/2.92617444e11=12.3835464
    ratio for high end is 1.22297796e13/2.92617444e11 =41.7944311
    OELE=1.30679585e17 joules
    OEME=12.3835464 x 1.30679585e17
    OE(ME)=1.6182767e18 joules
    OEHE=41.7941987 x 1.30679585e17
    OE(HE)=5.46164854e18 joules
    NELE=1.88956699e17 joules
    NEME=1.88956699e17 x 12.3835464
    NE(ME)=2.33995405e18 joules
    TEME=2.33995405e18 + 1.6182767e18
    TE(ME)=3.95823075e18 joules
    NEHE=41.7941984 x 1.88956699e17
    NEHE=7.89729377e18 joules
    Total freezing energy high end=7.89729377e18 + 5.46164854e18
    TFEHE=1.33589423e19 joules

    so we have city level to island for invel ?
    i suppose at least the small island middle ground should be pretty safe
  8. 1. Thou not spy a lady on their bath


    kagura killed a snowman waifu so he tried to freeze her on the bath
    it didnt go well and she melted it back and throwed against him

    kagura head is 123px (0.25m)
    the pool deepth is 236px (0.479674797 m)

    here kagura head is 30.48px
    the pool is 492.54px (4.0398622 m)
    now let's see the volume
    V=4.0398622 x 4.0398622 x 0.479674797
    pool volume=7.82852609 m^3
    water density is 1000 kg/m^3
    water specific heat is 1000 j/kg
    a thermal pool averages at 45 celsius deegrees
    so we have the energy to freeze it into 0 degrees and then melt it back as
    Q1=7.82852609 x 1000 x 1000 x 45
    Q1=352283674 joules
    water latent heat of fusion is 334000 j/kg
    Q2=7.82852609 x 1000 x 334000
    Q2=2.61472771e9 joules
    TQ=352283674 + 2.61472771e9
    TQ=2967011384 joules

    so kagura herself is building level+

    Way to cut expenses


    Kensuke cuts through a monster that is basically a bunch of compact metal furniture put together and destroys it
    now let's see how much of the monster did ken cut through

    ken is 95.34 px (1,7m)
    trash monster height is 157px (2.79945458 m)
    trash monster lenght is 284px (5.06398154 m)
    trash monster eye is 10.5px (0.18722467 m)
    now lets see the size of the cut

    eye is 150 px
    the hole is 390.8 px (0.487782674 m)
    now let's get the volume of this prism
    V=0.487782674 x 5.06398154 x 2.79945458
    V=6.91499562 m^3
    pulverization of steel is 1000 j/cc
    E=6914995.62 x 1000
    E=6914995620 joules

    Kensuke cuts the trash monster=1.65272362 tons of tnt
    so borderline large building level for serious bos kensuke

    random bitches give random feats


    the not so secondary ohmyou is capable of summoning lightings from the sky
    a lighting bolt has apparently 5 billions of joules
    5 billions= 5 gigajoules

    Lighting energy=1.19502868 tons of tnt
    so another building level+ feat i guess
    this finishes volume 2 really
  9. i really liked ga-rei when i was a teenager so why the fuck not i guess
    this thing is bos so it is going to be really shit but meh

    1.eating baby heads

    Kagura summons garei and he start an eating spree smacking all the zombie babies into a blood pool

    kagura head is 113 px (0.25 m)
    garei diameter is 345 px (0.763274336 m)

    garei is 23px here
    panel height is 423 px
    2*atan(23/(423/tan((70/2deg))=4.36070963 deg
    or around 10.024 meters
    doubling this because garei is clearly going on zigzags
    we get a destroyed volume of a cylinder with lenght of 20.048 and radius of 0.381637168 m
    or 9.17322942 m^3
    human body total destruction is 12.9 j/cc
    E=9173229.42 x 12.9
    E=118334660 joules

    Garei eats a bunch of zombie babies=0.0282826625 tons of tnt
    so small building level+
    2. eating beggars

    no scalling involved here
    garei wrecks 17 humans apart
    they arent completely wrecked (there are remaining body parts) so i will use human body fragmentation of 4.4 j/cc
    according to bang, the average human volume is 65913.4 cc
    pretty easy lol
    E=65913.4 x 4.4 x 17
    E=4930322.32 joules

    Garei eats a bunch of zombies=1.17837532 kilogram of tnt
    bordering the small building range

    3.Chopping a zombie oji-san
    yomi summons a kamaitachi that completely blitz a bunch of zombies
    let's see how fast the thing is

    zombie head is 13px (0.25m)
    kei head is 42px (0.25m)
    panel height is 497px
    2*atan(13/(497/tan((70/2)deg)=2.09854275 deg
    or 6.8249 m
    2*atan(42/(497/tan((70/2)deg)=6.77276805 deg
    or 2.1125 m
    giving a distance till our mcs of 6.8249-2.1125=4.7124 m

    kamaitachi face is 65.74 px (0.25 m)
    kamaitachi fur diameter is 136.65px (0.519660785m)
    on the following panel with an height of 551px
    kei head is 176px (0.25m)
    the fur then is 10px (0.519660785 m)
    2*atan(176/(551/tan((70/2)deg)=25.2145451 deg
    or 0.55888 m
    2*atan(10/(551/tan((70/2)deg)=1.45614437 deg
    or around 20.46 meters
    so the total distance moved by kamaitachi is
    4.7124 + 20.46-0.55888=24.61352 meters
    now we are off to the timeframe
    the ojii san zombie was completely speechless from the moment the dash happened till his head was cut apart
    this is an utter and complete blitz. however...zombies are addmitedly a weird area regarding blitz time, i mean, maybe the thing has some short of lag time ? afterall even if keisuke merely aimdodged it he still did fucking dodge this and he shouldnt be a superhuman jut yet (then again, the fucker matched kamaitachi later on the fight, so i guess he just is an enchanted human since BOS because...hell if i remember)
    well for previous reasons i will do some short of range for the feat going from peak human reaction, freefall and fps.
    first off let's use the lowest end, the freefall of ojii san tie.

    ojii san head is 122px (0.25px)
    his tie has fallen 54px (0.11 m)
    which gives us 0.15 seconds for the feat
    Kamaitachi lowest end=24.61352/0.15
    Kamaitachi lowest end=164.090133 m/s
    now lets use human reaction time of 0.1 seconds
    Kamaitachi Low end=24.61352/0.1
    Kamaitachi LE=246.1352
    now let's use a decent blitz time i think we can all agree
    a zombie with glasses sounds pretty much in touch with this bull dont you guys think ?
    1/24=0.0416666667 seconds
    Kamaitachi speed mid end=24.61352/0.0416666667
    Kamaitachi speed ME=590.72448 m/s
    now it blitz many other younger zombies so let's do a high end with normal blitz time for the sake of existing
    Kamaitachi speed high end=24.61352/0.00832
    Kamaitachi speed HE=2958.35577 m/s

    I'd be leaning towards the transonic+ ending but yeah this should be fine
    and this covers volume 1 i guess
  10. Satan is a pretty nice guy,i'm sure you know about it
    one of Satan most famous feats is when he pretty much erases russia from the map, but the truth is, Ryo has many awesome shenanigans to back him up, i'll take care of some of them here.
    on the final battle against satan, earth got royally fucked and lost a good deal of its mass as you can see here
    sadly this happens off panel so i will mostly focus on this sphere of raw power that satan has

    this is the same attack that destroyed russia by covering it and arguable fucked up all over earth so i guess it is doable say that it could near total fatalities its own diameter of effect if satan decided to use it offensively
    earth diameter is 475px (12742000 meters)
    sphere diameter is 223 px (5982033.68 meters)
    so near total fatalities radius would be 2991016.84 meters
    or around
    1.61464742 petatons of tnt
    this was regarding the expansive attack form we saw being used to waste over russia
    now i'll be assuming this sphere compact form is what satan previously used to destroy chunks of earth like it apparently did offpanel as it at least is somewhat smaller than the spread version

    here earth chord is 154px
    chord height is 24px
    the sphere is 85px
    and the distance the sphere crossed is 108.6px
    R= (h/2)+c^2/(8h)
    R= (24/2) + 154^2/(8 x 24)
    R=135.520833 px (6371000 m)
    Distance crossed=5105418.73 meters
    assuming a timeframe of 60 seconds for the lack of a better context
    Sphere speed=5105418.73/60
    Sphere speed=85090.3122 m/s
    Sphere size=3995953.89 meters
    Sphere volume is 3.34087346e19 m^3
    rock pulverization is 200 j/cc
    E=3.34087346e25 x 200
    E=6.68174692e27 joules

    so satan should be at very least easily around small continent level to potentially large continent level and MHS on classic devilman
  11. Emperor teigu's activate its feral mode and then throws a huge nuke that packed enough heat to vap a crowd of folks from dozens of meters away
    let's calc the power of this nuke i guess
    the distance range we have on this calc
    keep in mind that this is an extreme low end as the nuke went far past the battlefield and could be seen from the other side of the country by wave and kurome
    so i will just go with the high end distance at once
    50927.52 m

    panel height is 320 px
    nuke diameter is 137px
    compact angscalling go
    2*atan(137/(320/tan((70/2)deg)) 33.374975 deg
    30534 meters for nuke diameter
    now this is using what angsizing gave me
    we have on panel statements that the capital area is 200000 km^2
    http://i5.[Blocked Domain]/akame-ga-kiru/4/akame-ga-kiru-3280555.jpg
    R=252.313252 km
    which using the 33.374975 degrees we have gives us
    151280 meters for the nuke diameter
    now this is a mushroom cloud that comprovadely irradiates heat and vaps humans even without touching them
    so i will use near total fatalities as a low end and nuke radius airburst as a high end
    nuke radius via angscalling is 15.267 km
    nuke radius via statements is 75.640 km
    also there is this awesome mid end from a poster on the commentaries below
    so feral teigu is either city level+ or island level+
  12. btw we may as well turn this on the official toriko calc thread
    Dragon king deuros creates a energy blasts that covers a helluvia huge distance in nearly no time at all
    first off i need to get acacia size and for that i will compare him to wolf king

    toriko height is 97.85px (2.2m)
    his nose is 28px (0.629535m)

    wolf king nose is 29px
    acacia beaten to a pulp is 73.5px (1.5955456 m)
    thats quite weird tbh but i guess he is kinda just a mess of blood and meat...
    now we qet to the main part

    acacia is 39.11 px (1.5955456 m)
    beam is 239px (9.75032986 m)
    toriko planet is 89px (70063690 m)
    crossed distance is 400.5 px (315286605 m)
    now for timeframe acacia is touching the beam but on the next panel he has freefalled a bit
    panel height is 334px
    size of the remainings of the beam are 409 px
    he is 68.97 px (1.5955456 m)
    compact but accurated angsize formula go
    2*atan((size of object in pixels/panel height) * tan(70/2))= degrees
    2*atan((68.97/334) * tan(70/2 deg))= 16.454842 deg
    or around 5.5175 meters
    now lets see the blast
    2*atan((409/334) * tan(70/2 deg)) 81.2222001 deg
    or 5.6857 meters
    freefalled distance is 5.6857-5.575=0.1682 meters
    using splat calculator i get 0.19 seconds
    S=1.65940318e9 m/s
    Dragon king blast speed=5.5351732 c
    so this is actually an upgrade i guess
  13. so basically admirals are the top tiers of op verse who can even somehow tangle WB but without being exactly equal to his Allmighty quake, thus being forever chinjao++++++
    till now
    akainu was able to ignite a WB quake with his helldog
    Said quake exploded on both him and WB
    WB survived the explosion with little injury and so did Akainu
    but how much of the quake explosion did akainu who was a couple meters away tank ?
    admirals are all around the same height
    doflamingo is 3.05 m (165.85px)
    kuzan is 138px (2.53783539 m)
    now i need wb size
    teach is 3.44 m and 215px
    wb is 314px (5.024m)
    his waist and head makes for 117px (1.872m)
    now let's go back to akainu
    panel height is 555px
    panel lenght is 1056
    obviously pov is obvious
    2*atan(tan(70/2deg))*(1056/555) 133.189189 deg for pov
    wb waist + head is 399px
    2*atan(399/(555/tan(133.189189/2 deg))) =117.896927 deg
    2*atan(399/(1056/tan(133.189189/2 deg))) 82.2362523 deg
    which gives me around 1.0723 m till beard
    now it is akainu turn
    he is around 121 px tall and 2.53783539 meters
    2*atan(121/(1056/tan(133.189189/2 deg))) 53.4669206 deg
    4.7976 meters
    making the total distance till akainu
    4.7976-1.0723=3.7253 m
    well this actually sounds pretty good
    the surface area of a sphere with 3.7253 meters as its radius is 174 m^2
    akainu surface area will be gooten via cubic law
    Akainu area=(akainu height/human height)^2 x human area
    Aa=(2.53783539/1.7)^2 x 1.9
    Aa=4.23431 m^2
    however only half of his body tanks this as he is still visible on the next panel instead of completely engulfed by the explosion
    so the ratio of damage becomes 174/(4.23431/2)=82.1857634
    thats how much weaker wb quake got before being meaningless against akainu
    wb quake is worthy 1.17 petatons
    1170 teratons/82.1857634=14.2360422 teratons

    thats how strong and durable akainu can be normally
  14. keeping up with the pokemon feats i shall calc some feats coming from the tecnique called rain dance

    Goodra vs traumas

    let's take a look i guess

    panel height is 362px
    panel width is 640 px
    Cloud size=492 px
    2*atan(tan(70/2 deg))*(640/362) 123.756906 deg for pov
    2*atan(492/(640/tan((123.756906 deg)/2)))110.386082 deg
    or around 695.2 meters assuming a distance of 2000 meters
    this would give me a volume of 759170640 m^3
    mass=759170640 x 1.225
    Mass=929984034 kg
    As for speed it takes about 6.78 seconds
    S= 102.536 m/s
    KE=102.536^2 x 929984034 x 0.5
    KE=4.8887546e+12 joules

    Sliggo makes rain=1.168 kilotons of tnt
    small town sliggo

    Delayed weather

    from pokemon episode 144 17:33
    Slowpokes makes rain all over azalea city in around 2.3 seconds
    azalea city is akin to the manabe village
    manabe village area is 120.3 km^2
    this would mean the radius of the cloud is square root (120,3/pi) or 6,18810789 km
    which makes the volume around 240.6 km^3 or 240600000000 m^3
    Mass=240600000000 x 1.225
    Mass=294735000000 kg
    S= 2690.48169 m/s
    KE=294735000000 x 0.5 x 2690.48169^2
    KE=1.0667479e+18 joules
    there were around 25 slowpokes performing the feat
    Energy of each slowpoke=4.2669916e+16 joules

    Individual energy of each slowpoke stopping the drought=10.198 megatons
    Welp another city level feat that applies to ash pokes just fine

    Parenthood problems

    lugia gets mad as fuck and creates a storm all over whirl islands
    whirl island is actually awaji-shima
    area of awajishima=592.6 km^2
    radius of the cloud based on said area=13.7342797 km
    volume of the cloud 1185200000000 m^3
    Mass=1185200000000 x 1.225
    Mass=1451870000000 kg
    timeframe is around 4.29 seconds
    S=3201.4638 m/s
    KE=1451870000000 x 0.5 x 3201.4638^2
    KE=7.44037675e18 joules

    Lugia causes a storm=1.77829272 gigatons of tnt
    which means anime lugia is around small island level give or take
  15. well i was asked to do the RTV profiles on the obd wiki by our subscribbers so i guess i may as well finish some requests i received from ER regarding it i guess

    1.Tsukune the blitz hooker
    Requested by someone

    basically tsukune got tired of getting blitzed and decided to blitz some thugs as well

    first of tsukune states he can dodge and return it around 3 times which he indeed does, punching each of them 3 times before they even realized what was happening
    first of tsukune makes a dodge motion
    tsukune head is 49p x(0.236 m)
    the path of his dodge is 113 px (0.544244898 m)
    his arm is 122.39px (0.589470204 m)
    then he croaches a little
    tsukune head 290px
    croached body bit 417px (0.339351724 m)
    now we get to the punches
    basically here we multiply arm lenght by 3 and then by the 90 degrees he needed to move to position his arm on a punch esque
    Distance moved by the arms=0.589470204 x 3 x 1.57079633
    D=2.7778129 meters
    TD=2.7778129 + 0.544244898 + 0.339351724
    TD=3.66140952 meters
    the human fps we use around here is 1/120 seconds which is half of what trained pilots can achieve but twice what the average human has so let's go with it as a middle ground i guess
    at any rate yakuzas are trained humans so if anything this is lowball
    S=439.369142 m/s

    tsukune blitz some yakuzas=1.2911609 mach
    so another transonic feat, nothing impressive i guess

    2.The speed of sound that will surpass the speed of sound


    San's song pretty much outspeed kamiya's

    marin is 199.81 px (1.60)
    crossed distance by kamiya's voice is 99px (0.792753115 m)
    kamiya's voice is obviously sound speed
    T=0.00232963976 seconds
    san voice crossed 252px (2.01791702 m)
    S=866.192728 m/s

    San intercepts kamiya's song=2.54545455 mach
    oh look a supersonic feat at least

    3.Playing with water guns
    requested by ER


    there are some fish monsters who compress water into bullets
    many characters react and dodge it so i will calc it and the bullets speed
    first of let's get the fishes head size

    kamiya is a tall man so a head of 0.25m(32px)will fit
    fish head is 45px (0.362903226 m)
    now let's get to the feats

    kokoa blocks a water bullet


    fish head is 22px (0.363 m)
    here one of the fishes compresses water at 8.5px(0.14025m) into a 4.25 px (0.070125 m) beam
    to get what speed such beam will have we need to apply the god and old thermodynamics
    volume of the smaller beam is 0.000181 m^3
    volume of the initial sphere is 0.00144 m^3
    initial pressure is 1 atm pressure of 101325 pascals
    0.000181 x P=0.00144 x 101325
    P=(0.00144 x 101325)/0.000181
    P=806121.547 pascals
    now to get speed we just adapt it to the formula
    P=0.5 x water density x v^2
    which basically means
    V^2=806121.547/(1000 x 0.5)
    V=40.15 m/s
    kokoa is 162px (1.49m)
    Beam crossed distance is 56.3px(0.518 m)
    kokoa arm is 57.14px (52.55 m)
    she crossed her body so i guess she moved it around 120 degrees
    D=52.55 x 2.0943951
    D=1.10 meters
    T=0.0129016189 seconds
    S=85.26 m/s

    Water bullet speed= 40.15 m/s
    kokoa speed= 85.26 m/s

    Mizore intercepts a water bullet

    fish head 72px (0.363m)
    panel height is 281px
    or around 0.98976 meters
    water sphere 35px (0.1764 m)
    water beam 6px (0.03025 m)
    kurumu head is 22px (153/6=0.255 m)
    2*tan(22/(281/tan((70/2 deg)))=6.28826938 deg
    or around 2.3211 meters
    which means the blast crossed about 2.3211-0.98976=1.33134 meters
    now let's see how fast was this water blast
    the bullet radius is 0.015125 m
    the water sphere radius is 0.0882 m
    making their volume respectively 1.45E-5 and 0.00287 m^3
    P x 1.45E-5= 0.00287 x 101325
    P=(0.00287 x 101325)/1.45E-5
    P=20055362.1 pascals
    V^2=20055362.1/(0.5 x 1000)
    V=200.276619 m/s
    well thats a bit better i guess
    T=0.00664750587 seconds
    mizore ice crossed around 272px (3.1527 m)
    S=474.268103 m/s

    Water bullet speed=200.276619 m/s
    Mizore intercepts a water bullet=474.268103 m/s

    Water bullet speed=0.118-0.588 mach
    kokoa blocks a water bullet=0.25 mach
    Mizore intercepts a water bullet=1.39 mach

    So still transonic shenanigans for mid tiers i guess

    4.Chronicles of a hypersonic lolicon

    haiji basically compress the air around him to keep it the size of his punch and then unleashes it at incredible speeds and thus with incredible power
    well let's get the air in each time

    haiji hand is 25.632 px (0.09365 m)
    ginei head is 68.425 px(0.25m)
    making the volume of his hand 0.000430 m^3

    ginei height is 1.8 meters (346px)
    the base of the pressurized air is 161px(0.837572254 m)
    the height of the pressurized air is 247px (1.2849711 m)
    or around 0.2360920261132612 m^3 on a cone calculator
    P x 0.000430=101325 x 0.2360920261132612
    P= (101325 x 0.2360920261132612)/0.000430
    V^2=55632615.2( 1.225 x 0.5 )
    V=5837.37756274 m/s

    Haiji punch speed=17.154 mach
    just kill me:catpathy