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  1. I have noticed a trend at other places with blog(ish) articles on various topics; you can't seem to leave a comment on them anymore. I remember a time where there was always a comment section, but for awhile now I have been coming across articles that whenever I might have something add or respond to I see absolutely no option.

    I understand it is likely something that is left to the authors discretion, like we have here, but I just can't understand the point of putting your subjective thoughts out there if you didn't want to start a discussion. Often times it is an provocative article, like many on sports related topics; where the author may or may not have a one-sided view of an athletes career.

    Sure, you are going to run into a fuckton of unhelpful to outright shitty comments, but it is better than just throwing thoughts into a vacuum. Sometimes people only want to leave a simple response addressing a single sentence, not to attack the entire article.

    For example, I came across an article titled Is ‘Jessica Jones’ a Feminist Show?, in the article the author highlights how Jessica Jones is the only female leading character of all the current Marvel television shows. All I wanted to do was comment on the wording of a single sentence, not to have some controversial debate.

    The sentence: "Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and even The Punisher are all led by men, which makes Jessica Jones a uniquely female-led property on air"

    All I wanted to question was the use of 'even' when referring to The Punisher where in the source material, he is no less depicted as a male character than the other three heroes on the list.
  2. Blogs

    I can't really put my finger on the reason why they both infatuate and intimidate me so much. I always fancied myself as this person who had something important to say that everyone would find "deep"; that is usually the point where I actually analyze what it is I plan to say and realize I am not really breaking any new ground.

    The fact is I don't really know anything, all of my insight and opinions on life stem from a very limited understanding of all the things I've seen from a tiny scope of the world. Even the people who shaped the person I am today, the ones who molded my personality since childhood; people who at one long period in life I deemed infallible, started coming to me for advice. It can be fairly disconcerting to find out the people who you thought had all the answers might be even more lost than you are. It makes you think about all of the things they've taught you over the years; things that you've always accepted as true without question. If they didn't have any idea what the hell they were doing what hope did you ever have?

    So, what do I really have to say? Nothing really. Isn't that usually what web diaries are about? I never understood the point of a physical diary, the reason someone would jot something down on a paper anyone could find if they didn't want people to see it. A web diary seems much more straightforward, it cuts the pretense of secrecy and speaks the truth; that all you really want is to be heard... even if you're not particularly insightful.

    However the internet can be a scary place to share your thoughts. On here people don't feel obligated by social stigmas to accept you for who you are--it's basically like middle school all over again. You know, the age where we started realizing just how mean-spirited we all can be and exercised this new found knowledge every chance we got? The internet is a lot like that.

    Well that's it, I don't really think I've succeeded in coming full circle your even lucidly wrote down the thought I was trying to invoke. That's all I got for now though.

    Kinda therapeutic, who'd have thunk it?