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  1. She seems pretty powerful. She posssess all kinds of haxx and created another Universe in the end.

  2. https://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/898/10

    One of Sanji's brothers outspeeds explossion here.
  3. Pls send help.
  4. By the end of Naruto both of them were on the top of the World, they shouldn't have issues dealing with anyone who is not you know Madara-Juubi-whatever stupidly overpowered dude. Just wondering what happened and if mangaka even cared to explain it.

    Not gonna watch / read that of course :maybe
  5. [Spoilers ahead? Well, not really but still.]
  6. I see many people praising Fate / Zero anime, but I disagree, and this is what I think about this anime.

    It is ridden with anime cliches. There is very few (maybe just one) good fight scene. Fights in general are terrible, for example, "Saber vs Lancer" - I cringed so fucking badly, I barely endured watchhing this...they talk too much, they admire each other too much and go too easy on each other (they never go all out), fights are too short as well. Terrible one-dimensional characters (Alexander is a bit better than the rest though) - maniac, character with troubled past, character who enjoy watching other - what is this collection of templates? I also hate that most of the characters have no emotions, their poker faces are so irritating, characters in general are pretty annoying. Dialogues are awful - they are mostly empty and banal, most of the time characters just repeat name of other character - this is extremely lazy writing. Boring average plot.

    So how is this anime riddled with such serious problems and having little to no redeeming qualities is great one?...
  7. I made this 2 years ago in a few minutes, never got to posting this. How yours Tier-list would look like?

    Samurai Jack Tier-list.

    God-tier :


    3 Antic Gods / Primordial Evil

    Other titans / Other Antic Gods

    Top-tier :

    Water spirit (Water crystal episode. It's said that Aku could not beat her.)

    Aku ( I think it's massive PIS that being such powerful character with so many abilities, insane regeneration and stuff, he gets beaten by Jack every time )

    Mondo ( dat robot )

    Mecha Jack

    Seth's minions ( they regenerate, it's hard to kill them without enough AOE)

    Jack's father. He actually beat early Aku.

    Time Portal Guardian.

    Powered-up Samurai Jack ( Strength of Ancestors / Power Arm )

    8 Killer robots (They flat out beat Jack and he had to power-up in order to beat them)

    Samurai Jack / Evil Jack / Scotsman

    High-tier :

    Syrens ( ? ) They beat Jack with their hypnosis. Scotsman still owned them, so he should be stronger than them but I am not sure how to handle it, so just place them here.

    Demongo ( demon with a lot of warriors in the pockets )

    Demon from Haunted House

    Imakandi (hunters from another planet)

    Mid-tier :
    Red-haired Princess / other bounty hunters from that Episode. They were some legendary top dogs bounty hunters of some sort.

    Music-stylized robots who beat Jack in the desert (then cute creature wrecks them). I think it's PIS but I will still put them here.

    3 Biker-robots

    Notable bounty hunters.

    Low-tier :

    Tall robots (I have no idea which ones I meant)



    Arabic style Aku's minions with sworgs.


    First models


  8. For all this years you get nothing, then Blizzard delivers...new paid class for 20$. Necromancer.

    While Path of Exile was getting 2 Major updates each year and 4 Challenge League that introduce new interesting mechanics, items, etc. etc.

    Now we get new expansion called "The Fall of Oriath" that contains whole 6 New Story Acts... Link to announcement - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1833704

    So how does it feel guys?

  9. Do you remember which episodes are fillers?

    I heard series wasn't fully adopted. Which chapter corresponds to the moment where anime ends?
  10. Need a break from good stuff.

    Some easy going series with no more than 50 episodes with superhuman characters (just busting holes in the walls with punches will be enough though). If possible main character should not be pussy / whiney.

    Pls boss.
  11. Chara destroys the Game at the end of the Genocide run to the point that there is literally nothing left and you can't even continue tha game unless you trade your soul to Chara, who will recreate the World. Game contains Game World -> Unvierse, probably Multiple Universes since there is many possible timelines, but we will stick to just one Universe, just to be safe. Let's calc how fast this attack was.

    [Noise alert!] It takes 8 seconds until shaking stops. [Noise alert!]

    In order to destroy the Universe, attack needs to at least cover diameter of observable Universe which is 8.8*10^26 m , most likely it's larger since Universe is constantly expanding, but deep research on this matter will be bothersome and I am not sure whether it will pay off :catwave .

    Speed = 110000000000000000000000000 m/s or 366 920 504 717 967 254.53 c or 3.7e17 c.

    Anime MFTL Undertale is real?
    ✖ No
  12. Feat : https://dropmefiles.com/b5kzZ

    There is no image hosting in the whole Internet (even strongest warrior - Imgur - did fall at this battle) which can actually handle this GIF, so I just uploaded it on dropmefiles.com, so You can just download it and watch.

    S2E2. So random robot tosses rock so fast it ablates. Pretty easy stuff.

    As I recall ablation speed is 2 km/s.

    This probably scales to everyone and their mother. That's all, folks.

    P.S. Yes, I am still here, still raping English, still being lazy, rude and bad person in general. :maybe
  13. Feat : Jack and Glass Dome of Death (Ralativistc Jack ( 02:37 - 02:38 )

    As you see. Jack casually reacts and dodges sunlight.

    I made GIF where I highlighted feat specially for You :

    Ok, let's extract 2 following frames.


    Looks like Jack traveled roughly same distance as light. Let's find out exact ratio between Jack's and sunlight's speeds. A little bit of Paint will help us wth ratio.


    So, when I connect this 2 pictures, I get this one.

    Let's get our ratio.

    Multiplier = 398 / 508 = 0.7834645669291339 ~ 0.8

    Jack's combat speed and reactions = 80% of lightspeed.

    This directly scales to combat speed and reactions to Top-tiers and above. Dat Jack, :maybe
  14. Feat : Episode 4 Season 4. Jack and the Flying Prince and Princesse.

    Alien SpaceShip has crash landing on Earth. Servan robot tanks it and then Aku casually crushes him with a finger.

    Jack = 102 pix = 1.73 m
    Wheel = 91 pix = 1.5434313725490205


    Wheel = 55 pix = 1.5434313725490205 m
    Length 1 = 275 pix = 7.7171568627451024925 m
    Length 3 = 105 pix = 2.8623636363636380154 m

    Length 3 = 111 pix = 2.8623636363636380154 m
    Length 2 = 171 pix = 4.4095872235872261318255 m
    Height 1 = 114 pix = 2.939724815724817421217 m
    Height 2 = 74 pix = 1.908242424242425343597 m

    Length 1 = 480 pix = 7.7171568627451024925 m
    Height 3 = 77 pix = 1.237960580065360191502 m

    Height 3 = 68 pix = 1.237960580065360191502
    Height 4 = 97 pix = 1.765914356857940273171982 m

    Height 3 = 48 pix = 1.237960580065360191502 m
    Width 1 = 20 pix = 0.51581690836056674645916 m
    Width 2 = 208 pix = 5.364495846949894163175264 m
    Width 3 = 177 pix = 4.564979638991015706163566 m

    Width 2 = 112 pix = 5.364495846949894163175264
    Wudth 4 = 65 pix = 3.11332348260484929112850141 m

    I will ignore glass part and little part which connects to cabine in case of simplicity.

    Volume 1 (cuboid) = 7.7171568627451024925*2.939724815724817421217*0.51581690836056674645916 = 11.702 m^3
    Volume 2 (cuboid) = 4.4095872235872261318255*5.364495846949894163175264*1.908242424242425343597 = 45.14 m^3
    Volume 3 (0.5lwh) = 0.5*2.8623636363636380154*4.564979638991015706163566*0.618980290032680095751 = 4.04 m^3
    Volume 4 (cylinder) = 7.6252380003133 m^3

    Space ship volume = ( v1*2 (there is 2 "wings" )+ v2 + v3*2 (I separated whole part into two forms with volume formulae of 0.5lwh) + v4 ) * 0.2 (hollowness of space ship) = ( 11.702*2 + 45.14 + 4.04*2 + 7.6252380003133 ) * 0.2 = 16.84984760006266 m^3

    Mass = 16.84984760006266 * 7800 (average density for steel) = 131428.811280488748 kg

    KE = 328572.02820122187*2000^2*0.5 = 657144056402.44374 joules or 159.34627943803194471 Ton

    Servant robot takes this and then Aku crushes it with single finger.

    Massive downgrade compared to original result but still not bad for casual Aku physical strength feat and durablity for like everyone who is anything in the series.
  15. Feat : Episode 11. Season 1. Jack and Scotsman.

    Nearest analogue I can think of is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Gun . It's muzzle velocity is 1640 m/s,

    This is bit feat and there is no reason bother with further analysis, so I will trust Willy on this one and will use low-end of speed of sound. Speed = 340.29 m/s

    Jack = 332 pix = 1.73 m
    Scotsman = 338 pix = 2.021807228915672 m


    Scotsman = 208 pix = 2.021807228915672 m
    Shell width = 600 pix = 5.8321362372567462 m
    Shell length 1 (cylinder) = 505 pix = 4.908714666357761385 m
    Shell length 2 (cone) = 257 pix = 2.498098354958306289

    Volume 1 (cylinder) = 131.13329998557 m^3
    Volume 2 (cone) = 22.245054849038 m^

    Giant bullet volume = 153.378354834608 m^
    Giant bullet mass = 153.378354834608 * 7874 (density of iron :zaru) = 1207701.165967703392 kg
    Speed = 340.29 m/s

    KE = 1207701.165967703392*0.5*340.29^2 = 69924257511.7317005539788336 joules or 17 ton