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  1. Astrologian is a job in FFXIV whose practitioners calls upon the power of the stars to perform healing magic. Upon investigating the job's Encyclopaedia Eorzea entry I discovered this bit of flavor text describing its Limit Break 3, Astral Stasis:

    An earlier entry regarding the Twelve, primordial gods to the Eorzeans, lends some context to the seventh heaven:

    The Limit Break 3 in question can be seen here:

    The feat itself is most easily observed at around 0:32 where it is clear that the Astro is calling down light and "favoring the battlefield" with healing magic. This light, according to the excerpts above, comes from the gate of the seventh heaven situated at the pole star.

    Our pole star is Polaris, located some 433Ly away. Not necessarily Hydaelyn's pole star, but given the seventh heaven is farther out than six entire constellations and is considered the "highest of Astral domains", I think relating the two should be fine.

    LB3 is cast roughly 2 seconds before the magic arrives to the battlefield.

  2. Posting here as well 'cause it's easier to keep track of.

    Omega in Final Fantasy XIV is a weapon tasked with acquiring data across the universe. It gets its ass beat by Midgardsormr during the death of the Dragonstar and follows the dude off-planet to the shard the game takes place on.

    Feat is at 3:25. Alpha, being a creation of Omega's, apparently has access to Omega's data logs. In this particular log, Omega notes itself as passing four different stars. Now, 'star' is sometimes used as a colloquial term in Eorzea to describe planets, however Omega in these same logs describes planets as such. It is, as of the recording of this log, not even aware of Eorzean nomenclature. Anyway, average distance between stars is 5Ly.

    As for the time-frame, the fact that the recording cuts out in the reading of the very same data log implies to me that the events of these logs occur in real-time. Set to auto-scroll, this text box remains for roughly 7 seconds.


  3. Sup.

    Spoiler: KH3 spoilers, obviously
    In case anyone was still confused as to whether worlds were actual planets or not. And at this rate, I think it's pretty safe to surmise that each cluster of planets, pictured below, constitutes its own star system at least.

    The feat is Roxas's:

    For some context, the scene takes place in the Keyblade Graveyard. Beginning this scene, Roxas's heart still resides in Sora's. During the course of the game several former members of Organization XIII procure a vessel for his heart which is kept at Ansem the Wise's lab in Radiant Garden. Roxas's heart leaves Sora's body, enters the vessel, and Roxas travels from Radiant Garden to the Keyblade Graveyard within seconds using his light magic. (I'm not putting that shit into Vegas to check the frames. Maybe later. Looks like two seconds for the heart to disappear and the beam of light to breach the atmosphere.)

    We know from Birth by Sleep's world map that Radiant Garden and the Keyblade Graveyard exist in separate star systems. Closest star system to ours is Proxima Centauri, 4.24 Ly away.


    Roxas then enters the fight against Isa in which he cannot take damage and is the only combatant who can interrupt Isa's berserk mode. Ya boy's awake for two minutes and casually chads the entire rest of the cast.
  4. WARNING: This blog contains major spoilers for the ending, middle, beginning, and even events which took place well before the start of Xenoblade Chronicles. If you have not yet played Xenoblade Chronicles and don't wish to be spoiled, exit this blog and play it immediately. Far more important than anything the OBD has to offer :maybe


    At about 31:30, Shulk relinquishes his godhood, destroys Zanza's old universe, and creates it anew. Monado III's ether blast, which forms the new universe, begins at about 31:59 and the scene ends at about 32:23, giving us a time-frame of about 24 seconds. Given the context, it's pretty safe to assume that scene encompassed the creation of the entire new universe, so I'm going to use the radius of the observable universe (46.6 billion light-years) as the distance. If anyone has any reservations with this, I might possibly edit it using the radius of that galaxy. Don't hold your breath, though :cat


    46.6e9*356*24*60*60=1.433e18 light-seconds

  5. Just got Persona 4 Arena and it's pretty cool. Very reminiscent of Street Fighter as far as I can tell, so maybe this will help my Ryu game in Smash. Anyway, I played through Aigis's story and her speed was pretty heavily stressed (as was Labrys's). She's got a feat at about 1:57:00 of the following video.


    The text appears pretty quickly, so be prepared to pause in order to read. I'd screencap for you, but that involves sparse amounts of effort :cat

    In summation, Labrys wants to stay in the TV world to live out her fantasy of being normal, so she attacks Aigis while Aigis confronts Shadow Labrys. Aigis evades the attack which impacts the ground milliseconds after she had been standing there, by Aigis's own account. Of course, Aigis is a robot, so a) she has the means of measuring time so precisely, and b) she's not very prone to hyperbole--it's actually kind of a gag that she takes things too literally.

    Well, considering she uses the plural, I will be using 5 milliseconds. Seems like an acceptable middle ground.

    Now Labrys swung her battleaxe overhead--obviously, if Aigis dodged to the side and the battleaxe impacted exactly where Aigis had been standing. This means that the distance the battleaxe traveled was at least Aigis's own height, which we know from the pre-fight screens to be 1.63m. Because Aigis wasn't touched, this distance had to have been crossed within those milliseconds. So, without further ado...


    or about mach .96.

    Fits nicely with Akihiko's bullet-timing, I suppose. There's also a feat of Aigis moving so fast she completely disappears from an SAT Captain's view (7:30 or so of the video), but I dunno if I'm comfortable using human FPS for that given the narration :hmm
  6. Damn all of these JRPGs I have lined up to play :catprone


    You can watch Lavos start fucking everything at about 50 seconds in.

    I've seen people do calcs for this feat before (Nevermind? :hmm) but far as I can tell it was never for the KE of the giant rocks Lavos raises up by emerging from the ground.

    Protip: The relevant scaling is on the left side of the center continent.

    This is the CT world map in the year 1999 A.D., which is the year Lavos initiates Armageddon. No reason not to emply standard assumption that CT Earth is as large as ours AFAIK. However, I'm still less than halfway done, so if I'm wrong about anything at all in this blog then feel free to correct me.

    As for the scaling, those pathways between the domes and shit are likely not at all to scale, but they are consistent between the map and the cutscene with Lavos, so it wouldn't matter anyway.

    The width of the above map is 1536px, so...




    Those bottom two rocks look vaguely spherical :catnoworries



    So add those up for the total volume.


    Now for density. Considering the size of these things, I don't think crust density is going to cut it. Upper mantle density of 3400kg/m^3, I guess?


    Now, the black 44px line is the distance these things crossed at approximately the same time.


    I'm personally more comfortable going with KE over PE in this case because of how a bunch of the rocks are just left floating, implying some TK or whatever. If you disagree, feel free to comment and I'll make the appropriate edits.

    Anyway, those rocks crossed that distance in a single frame, and the video runs at 30 frames per second. Our time-frame is then 1/30th of a second.


    Now to just plug the mass and velocities into the KE equation.


    or about 1.6 yottatons.

    ...I feel as if I've fucked that up horribly :sanji

    Also note that there are obviously far more rocks and I went only with that which was the least work to calc :noworries
  7. http://www.watchdigimonepisodes.com/digimon-adventure-02-episode-49/

    Feat is at about 18:50. MaloMyotismon opens up space and spreads his darkness all over the Real World.

    Fuck drawing circles. We'll just use the radius equation.





    Now let's angsize. Frame width is 1069px.


    Put that in the angsize calculator along with Earth's radius of 6,371km and we get a distance of 7844.9km.

    Shit happens in about 10 seconds, so...


    or about mach 2884.

    This shit would apply to DNA Digivolutions like Shakkoumon and Silpymon, so about Ultimate/Perfect level.
  8. Been snooping around some Digimon Reference Book profiles and found a bunch of interesting entries. This one says KendoGarurumon's Lupine Laser (or, in the original canon, Garummon's Solar Laser) is actually natural light being stored and fired. Considering we already have LS statements from other Spirit of Light Digimon (albeit stronger ones), seems pretty logical that Solar Laser would be LS.


    At about 17:50, Takuya initiates his plan to defeat Duskmon, which entails Takuya holding him down while the rest dish out their most powerful shit. Duskmon lolnopes their joint attack, but not before Takuya gets out of the way...relative to a Lupine Laser/Solar Laser.

    Figured it'd be better to scale off of Zephyrmon than Duskmon considering it's from a bird's-eye-view and she doesn't necessarily have to be straight up. I dunno.

    Anyway, Zephyrmon should be average lady height, so 1.6m.


    So Agunimon peaced before Kouji's attack could cross 6.3 meters. I can't really say he jumped that high before then, though, considering that weird rainbow explosion was already expanding when by that time. Most I can say is, during the time-frame, Agunimon moved a little more distance than his height, which should be at least 1.8m, considering he's rather taller than the kids. So we'll say about 2 meters.


  9. http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=21737

    I figure this would boost the figures for Dio's and Jotaro's time-stop Oras and Mudas?


    1.0929e11/1.6=68306250000 punches/s

    68306250000*25.8=1762301250000 tons/s

    Dio's TS is 11 seconds, so...

    1762301250000*11=19.4 teratons

    Jotaro's is 5 seconds, so...

    1762301250000*5=8.8 teratons

    Not the most spectacular boost in the world, but hey...
  10. http://www.watchdigimonepisodes.com/digimon-adventure-episode-39/

    At about 10 minutes in, VenomMyotismon's defeat brings both worlds into the same space. At about 15 minutes in, Kuwagamon shows up in the Real World and starts messing with shit, I guess.


    So Japan is 1967km long, I guess.

    In the foreground is the Dark Masters' observatory lair which resides atop Spiral Mountain, the reformatted Digital World. So let's angsize the distance from here to Japan.

    Frame width would be 640px.


    Put it in the calculator and we get 3965.9km.


    or about mach 65.
  11. Regi Hero, reminding me that radiation energy is a thing :blinditachi


    Glad I didn't delete this calc after all. In this version I calculated Aldamon's Solarwind Destroyer under the premise that they outpaced Velgemon. Obviously that was met with dispute, and that's perfectly understandable. However, I completely ignored the fact that the data entry says the attack is not only as dense as the core of the Sun, but the same temperature, too.


    The Sun's core is about 15.7 million K.

    Now, as far as I understand, the Sun is a black body, which has a perfect emissivity of 1. I would tend to think the core would be the same.

    All that's left is surface area. The Solarwind Destroyer I scaled in the previous calc was 35.14m in diameter.




    P=radiation energy
    A=surface area
    sigma=Stefan-Boltzmann constant (5.67e-8)

    P=1.34e25 J/s

    or about 3.2 petatons/s.

    Better? :hmm

    Anyway, more Digimon calcs will be on their way shortly.
  12. I know Vicious mentioned something about there possibly being an infinite number of universes in Digimon. But at least this will be a conclusive number if that goes unconfirmed, I suppose.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/digimon-adventure-season-1-episode-28

    At around 6 minutes in Gennai shows the kids a handful of cards that, when placed in the pedestal in Myotismon's castle, will open a door leading to the Real World. Tai suggests they just pick the cards at random, but Gennai says a specific permutation must be used or they could wind up in another world. (In this case he means universe, considering universes are often referred to as worlds in Digimon and the door's function was to send them back to their own universe in the first place.) Mimi even asks if there are so many worlds in reference to the numerous permutations of the cards, and Gennai confirms it.

    Now, there are 10 cards but only 9 spaces in the pedestal. I haven't done permutation or combination shit in forever, but as far as I recall this means the entire set (n) is 10 cards and the number of samples used for each permutation (r) is 9.

    P(n,r)=n!/(n - r)!

    Meaning there are at least 3,628,800 universes in Digimon canon.

    Er...right? :hmm

    Dunno if this does anything for the verse, but I've seen people ask how many universes Digiverse comprises of, so :distracted
  13. Y'all know what this is.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/778/8
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/778/10
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/778/11

    Zoro cut Pica up so bad that fucker was floating.

    Pretty rough scaling, but it's something.


    Here I got the 2nd level of Pica's landmass to be 605.65m in height.

    First and foremost I'm gonna need the head for scaling between different panels.


    Tuck that in the back pocket.

    Let's do his arms next.

    Upper arm

    Inner arm-elbow width


    Shoulder width

    Gonna calc the upper arm as a conical frustum and the forearm as a cylinder.



    Multiply by two because...you know.


    Now for the body.



    Seeing as I'm going to calc this as a trapezoidal prism because I'm lazy as fuck, I'm going to average this.

    Height of prism (l)

    Height of trapezoid (h)

    Base 1 of trapezoid (a)

    Base 2 of trapezoid (b)


    Add 'em all up...


    And find mass...


    Width I got for his waist was 975.1m, so...


    That's our height for PE.


    or about 11.5 megatons.

    Might add in the head later. Might not. Who knows? :distracted
  14. God damn. I still remember getting my first Bionicles at the Disney World LEGO store for my seventh birthday. One of 'em was Tahu, too. Shit, man...

    Anyway, I just re-watched the Mask of Light movie on Netflix and it inspired me to get more into the lore. Started watching the other movies and reading the DC comic series, and I figured I might as well calc shit while I'm at it.

    Here's the relevant feat:

    Makuta senses that the Toa are beginning to rise against him, so he sends a bunch of monsters and natural disasters their way. In the scan above, we can see Tahu instantly turning "a few thousand tons" of sand into glass with "a fraction of [his] power".

    According to this, sand must be heated upward of 3200 degrees F to turn it into glass. To glass it instantly? Fuck if I know. And I know it's not the most scientific source, but it was a quick Google search, and it seemed to me that that shit would have to be hot, anyway, so let's roll with it.

    3200 degrees F=1760 degrees C. Gonna go ahead and say the sand is 25 degrees C on average...or something, which means the change in temp would be 1735 degrees.

    Specific heat capacity for sand is, apparently, 890 J/kg*degrees C.

    Also, Makuta says he's dumping a few thousand tons of sand on Tahu. Gonna take a few to mean 3, and I'll assume tons would refer to short tons 'cause DC. In which case, mass would be 2721554kg.

    Q=mass*specific heat capacity*delta temp

    or about 1 kiloton.
  15. The first of the year. At Black Leg's request, let us commence.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/771/19
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/772/5

    Seems kind of like a...trapezoidal pyramid to me :hmm So let's go with that. We need the area of the base and the length (or height of the volume) that the attack traveled.

    They're on the 2nd Level, so let's get some dimensions.


    Dastan has the red line at 139 pixels and 1683.706m. Green line is the 2nd Level of the structure Pica created.


    The 2nd Level is then 605.65m in height.

    So let's start with the base.



    The height of the base is, obviously, the height of the 2nd Level, i.e. 605.65m.


    Now for the height of the pyramid.

    A little awkward, but manageable nonetheless.


    Now for the volume of the pyramid itself.


    Gonna go with 69J/cc.


    or about 1.46 megatons.

    Don Sai's kick>Sanji's confirmed :maybe

    On the real, though, that seems kind of big :hmm