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  1. 38:14
    (Wasn't able to get a gif this time, sorry, but you can see it in the video.)
    During the fight with Lokkestiiz, he summons storm atronachs and frost atronachs. Upon defeating the storm atronachs they leave a circle of electricity, which can then be used to vaporize the frost atronachs by getting them to walk into them. The average height of a woman is 5 feet 3 inches, or 1.6002m.

    326 pixels = 1.6002m
    564 + 230 = 794 pixels
    1 pixel = 1.6002m/326 = 0.00490858896m
    0.00490858896m X 794 = 3.89741963m

    Next to determine the mass of the ice atronach using inverse square law. The average height of a man is 171cm (or 1.71m) and the average weight of a man is 177.5kg (in North America, but given the bulkiness of the ice atronachs this is still likely a lowball).

    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (3.89741963/1.71)^3*177.5
    = 2101.55873kg

    But that's not all; now we switch the mass of flesh for that of ice. The average mass of flesh per m^3 is 1010kg, and the average mass of ice is 919kg per m^3.

    M = 2101.55873/1010 X 919
    = 1912.21037kg
    = 1912210.37g

    Specific heat of water is 4.186 joules per gram.

    E = 1912210.37 X 4.186
    = 8004512.61

    Next we'll add the heat fusion of water, which is 334 kilojoules per kg.

    E = 1912.21037 X 334
    = 638678.264 kilojoules
    = 638678264 joules

    Next, the energy with which to vaporize water, the values of which can be found here.

    E = 1912.21037 X 2.26 X 10^6
    = 4.32159544e9 joules

    Finally, let's add everything together.

    E = 8004512.61 + 638678264 + 4.32159544e9
    = 4.96827822e9 joules
    = 1.187446993308 tons of TNT

    Final Results

    Ice Atronach melts = 1.187 tons of TNT

    I've a feeling I may have messed something up in there. :thunk Still, there you go.

  2. 14:45

    The Altmeri Dominion heroine is used as a conduit by a Ebonheart Pact mage to channel a lighting blast that vaporizes a large number of dremora and blows up a part of the Imperial City Wall. She survives this. The average height of a man is 171cm, or 1.71m.

    30 pixels = 1.71m.
    1 pixel = 1.71/30 = 0.057m
    0.057m X 137 = 7.80900m
    0.057m X 848 = 48.33600m

    248 pixels = 7.80900m
    1 pixel = 7.80900m/248 = 0.0314879032m
    0.0314879032m X 127 = 3.99896371m

    216 pixels = 7.80900m
    1 pixel = 7.80900m/216 = 0.0361527778m
    0.0361527778m X 1959 = 70.8232917m

    Now to add them all together for our volume, as a rectangle.

    V = lhw
    = 70.8232917 X 3.99896371 X 48.33600
    = 13689.711m^3

    Violent fragmentation of rock is 69000000 joules per m^3.

    E = 13689.711 X 69000000
    = 944590059000 joules
    = 225.762442399618 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Lightning destroys Imperial City Wall = 225.762 tons of TNT
  3. It's here at last, the second Ultimania in English! This one covers Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. I haven't played IX yet, but I mean to, so I won't have as much of a look at it than the others...

    Final Fantasy VII
    Information on Cloud.

    Information on Tifa

    Information on Sephiroth

    The Weapons were manifested by the Planet.

    Vincent turns into Chaos, a being who reaps all life on the planet, and makes reference to Dirge of Cerebus.

    The North Cave is where JENOVA crashed into the planet.

    Bahamut ZERO comes in from space and it's tera flare is two levels above megaflare, and Typhon returns from Final Fantasy VI.

    Titan flips the ground over to crush enemies.

    Bizzaro Sephiroth may be the soul of the last boss, and Safer Sephiroth is Sephiroth on his way to becoming a god.

    Cloud defeats the last fragment of Sephiroth from his soul.

    Final Fantasy VIII
    Confirmation of Seifers battle with Odin and Gilgamesh.

    Further reference to the above.

    Laguna entrusts everything to Squall and his friends, as their hearts are connected by faith.

    The Ragnarocks maximum displacement is 3450 tons and its maximum speed is 11.8km/s.

    Information on the Lunar Cry.

    The Lunatic Pandorica moves under its own power, and contains the crystal pillar that can trigger a Lunar Cry.

    Previous Lunar Cries has made craters on the planet.

    Ultimecia is a witch from the future who possesses those in the past, with the intent to merge the past, present and future.

    Ultimecia's final form is capable of absorbing all of space and time, and endless celestial space unfurls in her lower half.

    Final Fantasy IX
    The general story of Final Fantasy IX.

    Kuja's madness puts the entire planet in danger.

    If you fulfill certain criteria you can see a note from Enkidu to Gilgamesh, the same from Final Fantasy V.

    Atomos can control gravity, and sucks up buildings and people.

    Information on the Ark.

    The Ark can move at lightspeed.

    Hero quotes;

    Villain quotes;

    You can find scans of the first Ultimania here. If there's anything you'd like me to check out, I'll give it a look.

  4. 0:08

    The meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs lands right on Garterbelt and he survives it. That at minimum would be 100 teratons, but here it and it's effects look even greater. Diameter of the Earth is 12756.2km, or 12756200m.

    2135 pixels = 12756200m
    1 pixel = 12756200m/2135 = 5974.80094m
    5974.80094m X 677 = 4044940.24m

    Timeframe is 2.96 seconds.

    4044940.24m/670 = 6037.22424m
    6037.22424m X 1195 = 7214482.97m
    7214482.97m/2 = 3607241.48m
    4044940.24m/2 = 2022470.12m

    T = 3607241.48m/2.96s
    = 1218662.66m/s

    Volume as an ellipsoid.

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 2022470.12 X 3607241.48 X 3607241.48
    = 1.10235419e20m^3

    Weight of a dustcloud/air is 1.003kg per m^3.

    M = 1.003 X 1.10235419e20
    = 1.10566125e20kg

    Finally, let's get our energy.

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 1.10566125e20 X 1218662.66^2
    = 8.21030144e31 joules
    = 19.623091395793498037 zettatons

    Final Results
    Meteor hits Garterbelt = 19.623 zettatons

    Consistent with Stocking getting jitzed on by the Moon.
  5. The Elder Scrolls has a ton of insane feats that get overlooked for reasons I still can't fathom.


    Each time you level up, you cause a star to increase in luminosity considerably. Not also the stars are at various points in space. The skill tree constellations are referenced in the Legends: Heroes of Skyrim trailer with a nebula-sized manifestation of Akatosh.


    On top of this, Todd Howard also says that levelling up involves looking to the heavens.

    Finally, the last Black Book grants Dovahkiin the power to alter the skill constellations, and visions of the skill constellations appear in the game (not in the menus), and you can alter them in exchange for a dragon soul. Which would mean that end of game Dovahkiin at least scales.


    It's also of note to point out the constellations as seen in Apocrypha are also 3D.


    Even though the stars are rips to Aetherius, this calc is still valid. First off, to get the original brightness of the stars. They're considerably dimmer, but for now at least I'll go with the apparent magnitude of the closest star, Alpha Centuri (that being 1.519) and a distance of 4.367 light years (or 41315000000000000m).

    M = -26.73 - 2.5log ((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/d)^2)
    (146000000000/(41315000000000000))^2) = 1.24879226e-11
    1.519 - -26.73 = 1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26)
    28.24900 = -2.5Log(1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    28.24900/-2.5 = (1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    10^(-11.2996) = (1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    5.01649057e-12 = (1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    5.01649057e-12 X (3.864*10e26) = 1.24879226e-11
    1.93837196e16/1.24879226e-11 = 1.55219729e27 joules

    Now for the increase in luminousity. Using an apparent magnitude of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky -1.46.

    M = -26.73 - 2.5log ((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/d)^2)
    (146000000000/(41315000000000000))^2) = 1.24879226e-11
    -1.46 - -26.73 = 1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26)
    25.27 = -2.5Log(1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    25.27/-2.5 = (1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    10^(-10.10800) = (1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    7.79830111e-11 = (1.24879226e-11/((L/3.846*10^26))
    7.79830111e-11 X (3.864*10e26) = 1.24879226e-11
    3.01326355e17/1.24879226e-11 = 2.41294221e28 joules

    Subtract the former from the latter and we have our energy.

    2.41294221e28 - 1.55219729e27 = 2.25772248e28 joules = 5.3960862332695987789 exotons

    Not sure if that scales or not, but altering constellations certainly does. The constellation with the least number of stars is Light Armour with 6 stars, while the constellation with the most stars is Conjuration with 15 stars. Although some of them do involve choosing a constellation twice (including Light Armor), we'll settle with the number of stars for now.

    2.25772248e28 X 6 = 1.35463349e29 joules = 32.37651744741874063 exotons
    2.25772248e28 X 15 = 3.38658372e29 joules = 80.941293499043982592 exotons

    Final Results
    Increasing a skill tree perk = > 5.396 exotons
    Reseting the smallest skill tree constellation = >32.377 exotons
    Reseting the largest skill tree constellation = >80.941 exotons
  6. https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Concept_Art/3

    What looks like a Foresworn witch lifts a massive boulder. The volume is hard to determine, but for now at least I'll go with the volume for a pyrimad frustrum, with the top and bottom areas as triangles. The average height of a Norwegian woman is 167.2cm, or 1.672m.

    56 pixels = 1.672m
    1 pixel = 1.672m/56 = 0.0298571429m
    0.0298571429m X 284 = 8.47942858m
    0.0298571429m X 115 = 3.43357143m
    0.0298571429m X 85 = 2.53785715m
    0.0298571429m X 52 = 1.55257143m
    0.0298571429m X 429 = 12.8087143m
    0.0298571429m X 149 = 4.44871429m
    0.0298571429m X 230 = 6.86714287m
    0.0298571429m X 108 = 3.22457143m
    0.0298571429m X 87 = 2.59757143m
    0.0298571429m X 6 = 0.179142857m

    A = hb/2
    = 3.43357143 X 1.55257143/2
    = 2.66543245m^2

    A = hb/2
    = 4.44871429 X 3.22457143/2
    = 7.1725985m^2

    Entering those values and the height of 8.47942858m through the pyramidal frustrum calculator and we get a volume of 40.165507815095m^3. Granite weighs 2691kg per m^3.

    M = 40.165507815095 X 2691
    = 108085.382kg

    Finally to find our energy using GPE.

    E = 0.179142857 X 9.807 X 1789136100
    = 3.14325091e9 joules
    = 0.7512549976099 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Witch levitates boulder = >0.751 tons of TNT

    The scalings not quite right, but it shows the general level of energy required to pull this off, and ultimately the result would be even higher. Keep in mind this is a nobody witch too, and not even a hagraven.

  7. 0:39

    Several huge fireballs explode, seemingly from Alduin (though perhaps also mages going by the dialogue).


    The average height of a Norwegian man is 179.9cm, or 1.799m (closest equivalent to a Nord I could find).

    184 pixels = 1.799m
    1 pixel = 1.799m/184 = 0.00977717391m
    0.00977717391m X 497 = 4.85925543m

    Timeframe is 0.19 seconds.

    17 pixels = 4.85925543m
    1 pixel = 4.85925543m/17 = 0.285838555m
    0.285838555m X 66 = 18.8653446m
    18.8653446m/2 = 9.4326723m
    0.285838555m X 103 = 29.4413712m
    29.4413712m/2 = 14.7206856m

    T = 14.7206856m/0.19s
    = 77.4772926m/s

    Volume as half an ellipsoid.

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 9.4326723 X 14.7206856 X 14.7206856
    = 8562.08294m^3

    We see dust getting thrown up as the green fire recedes. Weight of a dustcloud/air is 1.003kg per m^3.

    M = 8562.08294 X 1.003
    = 8587.76919kg

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 8587.76919 X 77.4772926^2
    = 25775033.6 joules
    = 0.006160380879541 tons of TNT

    Not the most impressive in firepower. How about speed?

    Timeframe is 0.32 seconds.

    15 pixels = 4.85925543m
    1 pixel = 4.85925543m/15 = 0.323950362m
    0.323950362m X 674 = 218.342544m

    T = 218.342544m/0.32s
    = 682.32045/340.29
    = Mach 2.00511461

    Final Results
    Fireballs explode near Winterhold (energy) = 0.006 tons of TNT
    Fireballs explode near Winterhold (speed) = Mach 2.005
  8. Calc request from @Cipher97 .

    A singluarity threatens to destroy half of the Northern Union, aka the Soviet Union. The Soviet Unionhad a surface area of 22,402,200km^2 (or 2.24022e+13m^2) with Russia having an average elevation above sea level of 600m.

    V = 2.24022e+13 X 600
    = 1.344132e16/2
    = 6.72066e15m^3

    Going with a low end of violent fragmentation and a high end of pulverization

    (Low end)

    E = 6.72066e15 X 69000000
    = 4.6372554e23 joules
    = 110.83306405353728508 teratons

    (High end)

    E = 6.72066e15 X 200000000
    = 1.344132e24 joules
    = 321.25525812619497401 teratons

    Final Result
    Singularities threatens the Northern Union (low end) = 110.833 teratons
    Singularities threatens the Northern Union (high end) = 321.255 teratons

  9. 19:53

    Captain Planet foils Punders dastardly plan to turn the Earths forests into air conditioners by collecting all the glass domes and recycling them. The diameter of the Earth is 12756.2km, or 12756200m.

    1264 pixels = 12756200m
    1 pixel = 12756200m/1264 = 10091.9304m
    10091.9304m X 220 = 2220224.69m
    10091.9304m X 117 = 1180755.86m
    12756200m/2 = 6378100m

    A quick search reveals the average height of a man is 5 feet 9 inches, or 1.7526m.

    1560 pixels = 1.7526m
    1 pixel = 1.7526m/1560 = 0.00112346154m
    0.00112346154m X 64 = 0.0719015386m

    Volume as a demisphere.

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6378100^3
    = 1.08683241e21/2
    = 5.43416205e20m^3

    R = 6378100m - 0.0719015386m
    = 6378099.93m

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6378099.93^3
    = 1.08683238e21/2
    = 5.4341619e20m^3

    Weight of glass is 2579kg/m^3.

    M = 5.4341619e20 X 2579
    = 1.40147035e24kg

    Captain Planet is carrying at least four domes when he zooms around the planet.

    M = 1.40147035e24 X 4
    = 5.6058814e24kg

    Now, how about the timeframe? The circumference of the Earth is 40,075km.

    0.5 seconds.

    T = 40,075km/0.5s
    = 80150000/299792458 X 100
    = 26.7351622% C

    Enter that into the relativistic kinetic energy calculator and we get a result of 4.758E+39 joules, or 1.1371892925430210307 tenatons. Keep in mind he picks up even more of these domes when he zooms around the world.

    Final Results
    Captain Planet flies around the planet with giant domes = 26.735% C
    Captain Planet moves giant domes = >1.137 tenatons
  10. (Episode 11)


    Adam calls down the power of Orion and channels it into Tiki.

    Timeframe is 10 seconds. The furthest star in the constellation of Orion is 2000 lightyears away from the Earth (or 1.89210568e19m).

    T = 1.89210568e19m/10s
    = 1.89210568e18/299792458
    = 6311385190 C

    Final Results
    Adam calls down the power of Orion = 6311385190C
  11. I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up before.

    When Toga drinks blood, said blood turns into energy. She's drunken at least a cup of blood on occasions. One cup of blood weights about 0.25kg.

    E = mc^2
    = 0.25 X 299792458^2
    = 2.24688795e16 joules
    = 5.3701910850860423707 megatons

    Final Results
    Himiko Toga drinks a cup of blood = 5.370 megatons
  12. Vin with the power of Preservation spins the planet around in an incredibly short timeframe, and the Sun is noted to drop below the horizon in less than a second. Using this formula for help.

    Using the values of the Earth for this. The circumference of the Earth is 40075km, and half of that is 20037.5km, or 50% of the circumference of the planet. This calculator gives us a result of 3.1415926535898 radians from that percentage. The mass of the Earth is 5.97219e24kg and its surface area is 5.1 X 10^8 km^2 (or 5.1e14m^2).

    E = 1/2Iw^2
    = 1/2 (5.97219e24 X 5.1e14) X 3.1415926535898^2
    = 1.50305039e40 joules
    = 3.5923766491395793855 tenatons

    That's energy. What about speed? Timeframe is less than a second, but we'll go with a second.

    T = 20037.5km/1s
    = 20037500/340.29
    = Mach 58883.5993

    Final Results
    Vin rotates the planet (energy) = 3.592 tenatons
    Vin rotates the planet (speed) = Mach 58883.599
  13. There's a few good feats from Symphogear G. To start with...

    The Symphogears channel the songs of the people of the world, punch Nephilim in the face and create a huge cyclone of energy into space in the span of a second. The diameter of the Earth is 12,756.2km.

    = 2*atan(336/(1434/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.221133154 rad
    = 12.6699964346479081 degrees

    Enter that through the angscaler and we have a distance of 57450km.

    Timeframe is 1 second.

    T = 57450km/1s
    = 57450000/299792458 X 100
    = 19.1632573% C

    Pretty good all in all. Next up...

    The Frontier's hand reaches up and grabs the Moon. The Moon is 384,400km away from the Earth.

    Timeframe is 5 seconds.

    T = 384,400km/5s
    = 76880000/299792458 X 100
    = 25.6444076% C

    Finall for the dustclouds created when the giant hand hits the Moon. Diameter of the Moon is 3474.8km.

    Timeframe is 2 seconds.

    1031 pixels = 3474.8km
    1 pixel = 3474.8km/1031 = 3.37032008km (3370.32008m)
    3370.32008m X 105 = 353.883608km (353883.608m)
    353883.608m/2 = 176941.804m
    3370.32008m X 240 = 808876.819m
    3370.32008m X 246 = 829098.74m
    3370.32008m X 121 = 407808.73m
    407808.73m/2 = 203904.365m
    3370.32008m X 262 = 883023.861m
    3370.32008m X 113 = 380846.169m
    380846.169m/2 = 190423.084m
    3370.32008m X 350 = 1179612.03m
    3370.32008m X 129 = 434771.29m
    434771.29m/2 = 217385.645m
    3370.32008m X 337 = 1135797.87m
    3370.32008m X 88 = 296588.167m
    296588.167m/2 = 148294.084m
    3370.32008m X 399 = 1344757.71m
    1344757.71m/2 = 672378.855m
    3370.32008m X 240 = 808876.819m
    808876.819m/2 = 404438.41m
    3370.32008m X 204 = 687545.296m
    687545.296m/2 = 343772.648m
    343772.648m/2 = 171886.324m
    3370.32008m X 97 = 326921.048m
    326921.048m/2 = 163460.524m
    3370.32008m X 297 = 1000985.06m
    1000985.06m/2 = 500492.53m
    3370.32008m X 381 = 642045.975m
    642045.975m/2 = 321022.987m

    Volumes of the 3 on the left as ellipsoids and the other 5 as cones.

    V = πr^2h/3
    = π X 176941.804^2 X 808876.819/3
    = 2.65199016e16m^3

    V = πr^2h/3
    = π X 829098.74^2 X 203904.365/3
    = 1.46780259e17m^3

    V = πr^2h/3
    = π X 883023.861^2 X 190423.084/3
    = 1.55486644e17m^3

    V = πr^2h/3
    = π X 1179612.03^2 X 217385.645/3
    = 3.16765493e17m^3

    V = πr^2h/3
    = π X 1135797.87^2 X 148294.084/3
    = 2.00333945e17m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 672378.855 X 404438.41 X 404438.41
    = 4.60688579e17m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 171886.324 X 163460.524 X 163460.524
    = 1.92378133e16m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 500492.53 X 321022.987 X 321022.987
    = 2.1605209e17m^3

    V = 2.65199016e16m^3 + 1.46780259e17m^3 + 1.55486644e17m^3 + 3.16765493e17m^3 + 2.00333945e17m^3 + 4.60688579e17m^3 + 1.92378133e16m^3 + 2.1605209e17m^3
    = 1.54186473e18m^3

    Weight of a dustcloud is 1.003kg/m^3.

    M = 1.54186473e18 X 1.003
    = 1.54649032e18kg

    T = 642045.975m/2s
    = 321022.987m/s

    At last, for our kinetic energy.

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 1.54649032e18 X 321022.987^2
    = 7.96873662e28 joules

    That's not all though; the Moon visibly rocks when the hand grabs it, considerably in the space of just a frame. First off, we need the radius of the Moon (that being 1737.4km) from it's curvature.

    R = (h/2) + c^2/(8h)
    = (253/2) + 2250^2/(8 X 253)
    = 2627.73518

    2627.73518 pixels = 1737.4km
    1 pixel = 1737.4km/2627.73518 = 0.661177737km

    0.661177737km X 374 = 247.280474km
    0.661177737km X 396 = 261.826384km
    261.826384km - 247.280474km = 14.54591km

    T = 1s/25
    = 14.54591km/40ms
    = 363647.75m/s

    Weight of the Moon is 7.35e22kg.

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 7.35e22 X 363647.75^2
    = 4.85980846e33 + 7.96873662e28
    = 4.85988815e33 joules
    = 1.1615411448374759473 yottatons

    Final Results
    Symphogear's cyclone = 19.1632573% C
    Frontier hand reaches to the Moon = 25.6444076% C
    Frontier hand whacks the Moon = 1.162 yottatons
  14. Calc request for @GiveRobert20dollars and @Cipher97 .

    The Warrior of Light blasts a Sin Eater hard enough to part infront and behind him. Average height of a man is 176.1cm, or 1.761m. That would mean at least 4.7km to the horizon, or 4700m. How wide is the gap though?

    = 2*atan(234/(673/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.326554592 rad
    = 18.7101999022629677 degrees
    Using the angscaler, the gap in the clouds is 1548.6m across.

    234 pixels = 1548.6m
    1 pixel = 1548.6m/234 = 6.61794872m
    6.61794872m X 90 = 595.615385m

    Volume as a rectangle.

    V = 4700 X 595.615385 X 1548.6
    = 4.33513893e9m^3

    Density of a cloud is 1.003kg/m^3.

    M = 4.33513893e9 X 1.003
    = 4.34814435e9kg

    Next we need the timeframe.

    1.02 seconds.

    T = 4700m/1.02s
    = 4607.84314/340.29
    = Mach 13.5409302

    Finally for the KE.

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 4.34814435e9 X 4607.84314^2
    = 4.61603752e16 joules

    Given it goes both ways, let's times that by two.

    E = 4.61603752e16 X 2
    = 9.23207504e16 joules
    = 22.065188910133844757 megatons

    Final Results
    Warrior of Light parts clouds (speed) = Mach 13.541
    Warrior of Light parts clouds (energy) = 22.0652 megatons
  15. Calc request from @John Wayne.

    Kiss Shot destroys Antartica just by jumping. First off, what are the dimensions of Antartica's rocky and icy parts. The ice shelf covering Antartica is 14000000km^2, or 1.4e+13m^2. The ice shelf is on average 1.9km thick, or 1900m.

    V = Ah
    = 1.4e+13 X 1900
    = 2.66e16m^3

    The fragmentation looks pretty violent. Violent fragmentation of ice is 0.825 joules per cm^3, or 825000 joules per m^3.

    E = 2.66e16 X 825000
    = 2.1945e22 joules

    Save that for the end. What about the rocky bit? The average elevation in Antartica is 2500m above sea level.

    H = 2500m - 1900m
    = 600m

    V = 1.4e+13 X 600
    = 8.4e15m^3

    Violent fragmentation of rock is 69000000 joules per m^3.

    E = 8.4e15 X 69000000
    = 5.79600e23 joules

    Finally, to add them both together.

    E = 2.1945e22 + 5.79600e23
    = 6.01545e23 joules
    = 143.77270554493307486 teratons

    Let's also get the speed. It takes 12 seconds in that shot to get from Antartica to Japan. Distance from Antartica to Japan is 13,930km.

    T = 13,930km/12s
    = 1160833.33/340.29
    = Mach 3411.30603

    Final Results
    Kiss Shot destroys Antartica = >143.773 teratons
    Kiss Shot jumps from Antartica to Japan = Mach 3411.306