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  1. Tierlist of the best anime ever.

    Who the Hell do you think I am? (Super God Tier)
    Simon (movie)
    Anti-Spiral (movie)
    Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens (God Tier)
    Simon (end of series)
    The Anti-Spiral (series)
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Big Bang absorbed)
    Tengen Toppa Brigade
    Lord Gemone (final stand)
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    The lights in the sky are stars (High Tier)
    Cathedral Terra Lazengunn (ancient Lord Genome)
    Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann
    Ashtanga Dreadnaughts
    Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren

    Do-the-impossible-see-the-invisible (low-High Tier)
    King Kittan (final stand)
    Arc Gurren Lagann
    Space King Kittan
    Space Dayakkaiser
    Final Mugann

    Believe in the me that believes in you (high-Mid Tier)
    Gurren Lagann (time-skip)
    Simon (pre-time skip)
    Lazengunn/Lord Genome (idle)

    Once I've dug my way through, that means I've won! (low-Mid Tier)

    This is the story of a man that is yet to realise his destiny (Low Tier)
    Nia (Anti-Spiral)

  2. I've gone over this in my TES respect thread, but I'm going to explain in these blogs the power of TES. Many may think that the Daedric Princes and Divines are only planetary, or solar system level at best. This mistake is understandable, I used to think so too, but you'd be wrong.The Daedric Princes are at least universal in power, likely multiversal for the more powerful Daedra.

    First off, let me quote the cosmology article, that explicitly states that the Aedra are infinite in size & mass.

    Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocryphia stated multiple times to be infinite.

    The Daedric Princes create not just their own realms, but an inumerable number of planes of Oblivion, potentially an infinite number.

    This isn't even going into things like the Daedra's reality warping, time manipulation, immortality, soul manipulation, spacial manipulation, dimensional absorbsion and so on.






  3. Inspired by Darth Niggatrons blog. Seems I read a lot of comics last year. Most of them I read the collected volumes/books of. With the manga read online, I checked how many chapters in a volume then counted that. Without further ado, here is the list of comics I read in 2014, and those that wrote them...

    • MS Paint Adventures: Problem Sleuth
    • Pluto - Volume 2
    • Pluto - Volume 3
    • Nausicaa: Volume 1 - The Valley of the Wind
    • Nausicaa: Volume 2 - Acid Lake
    • Nausicaa: Volume 3 - Dorok War
    • Nausicaa: Volume 4 - Catastrope
    • Vinland Saga: Book 2
    • Nausicaa: Volume 5 - Daikaisho
    • Nausicaa: Volume 6 - The Place Dreamed
    • The Animal Man Omnibus
    • Scott Pilgrim: Book 1 - Scott Pilgrims Precious Little Life
    • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure - Volume 5
    • Nausicaa: Volume 7 - The Crypt
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin - Book 1
    • Parasyte - Volume 1
    • Umineko: When They Cry - Legend of the Golden Witch - Book 2
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 1
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 2
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 3
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 4
    • Good Dog Whiskey
    • Winter City: Book 1
    • American Vampire - Volume 1
    • Pluto - Volume 4
    • Pluto - Volume 5
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 5
    • American Vampire - Volume 2
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 6
    • Preacher - Book 4
    • Saga - Volume 1
    • Serenity - The Shephard's Tale
    • American Vampire - Volume 3
    • Bio-Meat Nectar - Volume 7
    • American Vampire - Volume 4
    • American Vampire - Volume 5
    • Devilman - Volume 1
    • Saga - Volume 2
    • American Vampire- Volume 6
    • Lucifer - Book 1
    • Planetary - Volume 2
    • Planetary - Volume 3
    • Planetary - Volume 4
    • Planetary - Crossing Worlds
    • Arzarch
    • Y: The Last Man - Book 1
    • Hack/Slash - Book 1
    • Hack/Slash - Book 2
    • Preacher - Book 5
    • Dorohedoro - Volume 1
    • Lucifer - Book 2
    • Annihilation Omnibus
    • DMZ - Book 1
    • Amulet: Volume 4 - The Last Council
    • Pluto - Volume 6
    • Zot!
    • Naja
    • Digger - The Complete Omnibus
    • Terraformars - Volume 1
    • Y: The Last Man - Book 2
    • Saga - Volume 3
    • Preacher - Book 6
    • Y: The Last Man - Book 3
    • The Doom Patrol Omnibus
    • Y: The Last Man - Book 4
    • Y: The Last Man - Book 5
    • Vagabond - Book 2
    • The Technopriests: Book 1 - Techno Pre-School

    Who knows what comics I will read in 2015?
  4. Here are some profiles I made for characters for the Keys to the Kingdom series a while back on the respect thread.

    Arthur Penhalligon

    Name: Arthur Penhalligon | The New Architect
    Origin: Keys to the Kingdom
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Lord Arthur Penhaligon, Rightful Heir to the House, the Keys of the Kingdom and the Architect, Master of the Lower House, Lord of the Far Reaches, Duke of the Border Sea, Overlord of the Great Maze, Commander in Chief of the Glorious Army of the Architect, Master of the Middle House, Ruler of the Upper House, Lord of the Incomparable Gardens, and the Secondary Realms, The New Architect
    Age: 12 |Unknown, likely several billion years old
    Powers and Abilities: Reality-warping control over nothing, pyrokenisis, hydrokenisis, control over time to an extent, animate inanimate objects, instantly kill anyone (save the Architect, the Old One and their children), teleportation, access to the Improbable Stair, can increase speed & strength & durability, shielding, create life | Immortality, enhanced speed & durability, regeneration| Cosmic awareness, immune to Nothing, can split other beings out of himself
    Weaknesses: Asthma when he is in the Secondary Realms, Reluctant to use the power of the keys else he becomes a Denizen, exposure to Nothing | Reluctant to use his power, exposure to Nothing | Some things he can't do right, otherwise none
    Destructive Capacity: Street-level+ | At least city-level+ (created an attack that reached into the stratosphere), though likely higher as he is able to unless even more powerful attacks | Universe+ (as strong as the original Architect, who destroyed the Universe in moments; re-created the entire Universe and the house over an unknown period of time)
    Range: Several hundred meters, universal+ with the Improbable Stair | At least several dozen kilometers (able to engulf everything in a fire that stretched from horizon to horizon), Universal+ with the 5th Key and the Improbable Stair | Universe+
    Speed: Below peak human, with wings capable of going 180mph (290kmph) | Super-human+ (can also increase his speed to an unknown extend) | Unknown, possibly FTL (equal to the Architect)
    Durability: That of a regular boy (though he can shield himself) | Well above peak human (can survive injuries and terrain that would prove fatal to ordinary humans; is able to increase his durability using the keys to an unknown extent | At least galaxy+, possibly universe+ (as strong as the original Architect; greater than the Old One, who couldn't be harmed by the combined force of all seven keys)
    Lifting Strength: Average human | Class 5+ (should be comparable to Grim Tuesday) | Unknown, likelly irrelivant
    Striking Strength: Class H | Class KJ+ | Unknown
    Stamina: That of an average human | Superhuman+ (does not need to eat or sleep) | Infinite
    Standard Equipment: The First Key, the Second Key, the Third Key, the Compleat Atlus of the House and it's Immediate Environs, Immaterial Gear | The Fourth Key, The Fifth Key, The Sixth Key, The Seventh Key
    Intelligence: That of an average boy his age, though has access to the Compleat Atlus | Nigh-omniscient (absorbed the knowledge of everything about the Universe from the Compleat Atlus)
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    Human Arthur | Denizen Arthur | The New Architect

    The Architect

    Name: The Architect
    Origin: Keys to the Kingdom
    Gender: Female
    Classification: The Creator of the Universe, the Old Architect, the Original Architect
    Age: 15 billion years old
    Powers and Abilities: Reality-warping, control over Nothing, manipulate the Void, time control, cosmic awareness, telepathy, telekenisis, super strength, immortality, immunity to Nothing
    Weaknesses: Bound to the Universe due to seperating a part of herself (the Old One) and binding him to the Universe forever
    Destructive Capacity: Universal+ (created the Universe over a period of several billion years, as well as the House; destroyed it in only a few moments)
    Range: Universe+
    Speed: Unknown, possibly FTL (created the Improbable Stair, which is omnipresent everywhere in time & space)
    Durability: At least galaxy+ (stronger than the combined power of the Keys), possibly Universal
    Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely irrelivant
    Striking Strength: Unknown
    Stamina: Infinite
    Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
    Intelligence: Nigh-omniscient
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:
    -Nothing Control - Can manipulate Nothing on a cosmic level and is immune to its effects

    Grim Tuesday

    Name: Grim Tuesday
    Origin: Keys to the Kingdom
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Latter Day, Trustee, Superior Denizen, Lord of the Far Reaches
    Age: Over 10,000 years old
    Powers and Abilities: Reality-warping, control over Nothing, time control, telepathy, telekenisis, super strength, creation, instantly kill any lesser being, access to the Improbable Stair, regeneration, immortality
    Weaknesses: Cannot create objects of his own invention, and instead copy from the Secondary Realms; Greed; exposure to Nothing
    Destructive Capacity: Solar System+
    Range: Solar system level, Universal+ with the Second Key
    Speed: Unknown
    Durability: Standardly superhuman, can enhance his durability with the Key, potentially up to Star-level+ (was able to put a pocket universe in the middle of a star)
    Lifting Strength: Class 5+
    Striking Strength: Class KJ
    Stamina: Superhuman+
    Standard Equipment: The Second Key
    Intelligence: Controls most the enterprise of the House and can trick others into being his slaves
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    -Replication - Upon having a good look at something just once, Grim Tuesday can perfectly recreate it, as well as combining various different objects together

    -Worldet Creation - Can create pocket universes by stealing parts of the Secondary Realms away to another location

    Drowned Wednesday

    Name: Drowned Wednesday
    Origin: Keys to the Kingdom
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Latter Day, Trustee, Superior Denizen, Leviathan, Duchess of the Border Sea, Lady Wednesday, Whale Wednesday
    Age: Over 10,000 years old
    Powers and Abilities: Reality-warping, control over Nothing, time control, telepathy, telekenisis, super strength, move between dimensions, hydrokenisis, instantly kill any lesser being, access to the Improbable Stair, regeneration, size control, immortality, regeneration
    Weaknesses: Immense hunger to the extent that she can never stop eating or it hurts, lost most the power of her Key; exposure to Nothing
    Destructive Capacity: Small country level by sheer virtue of size, potentually a life-wiper (if she looses the last of her control over the key, she would devour "everything in the Border Sea and beyond"), solar system+ through power scaling (in Lady Friday, it's shown that each Key is more powerful than the last)
    Range: Planetary, Universal+ with the Key
    Speed: Well above peak human, but otherwise unknown
    Durability: Country+, potentially higher
    Lifting Strength: Class T+
    Striking Strength: Class EJ+, potentially class ZJ
    Stamina: Very High
    Standard Equipment: The Third Key
    Intelligence: Refered to by the other Trustees as a fool, though they could be prejudice against her
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:
    -Hydrokenisis - Control over liquids in any form, as well as being able to travel anywhere there is water

    -Size control - Able to control her size and mass and briefly turn back into a Denizen

    If you want feats, here's the respect thread.
  5. Maxwell has always had some hax abilities, but the scope of his power was until recently unknown. In the crossover comic with DC, A Crisis of Imagination, this changes however. The comic isn't exactly Brian K. Vaughan material (still better than Archie Sonic), but at least it gives us some good feats.

    In the last issue, the entire multiverse is destroyed. Maxwell & his friends survive because they come from outside the multiverse.

    The Scribblenauts Anti-Monitor, though not as strong as the real-deal, is still formiddable, having destroyed & absorbed the entire multiverse and having become "Everything."

    The Scribblenauts fight the Anti-Monitor, occassionally surviving getting hit by his beams (that counts for something, right?)

    Eventually, Maxwell decideds to make an Anti-Anti-Monitor (The Monitor) to combat the Anti-Monitor. The Monitor is the same Monitor brought back from the dead, and is just as strong as the Anti-Monitor.

    As the Monitor is made of mater and the Anti-Monitor is made of anti-matter, the two cancel each other out (pretty sure it took more than that to win COIE, and this Anti-Monitor had come into contact with possitive matter before). Anyway, this produces infinite energy, which Maxwell converts into Starites and absorbs (somehow).

    Maxwell uses this power to completely remake the entire multiverse.

    That should be it for now. Not sure how cannon it is within DCs existance. It's a big boost for Scribblenauts, anyway.
  6. Time to attempt to explain Wakfu's cosmology. A map of it can be seem below...

    The entire cosmology, called the Krosmoz, consists of several layers. Outside everything is the eternal dance of the goddess Eliatrope and the Great Dragon, representing creation & destruction respectively. At the edge of the Universe is the Incarnam, where souls are incarnated and reincarnated. This is where Wakfu enters the Universe. Externam seems to be the realm of permanent death or something similar. Stasis enters the universe through here.

    In the outer plain you can also find the Ingloriom (realm of the gods) and the Shukrute (realm of demons). These are seperated by the Astral Plane, which contains the Aether Plane. Inside the Aether Plain is the Material Plane. The Material plane is the mortal universe, and consists of numberless galaxies & solar systems, of which the World of Twelve is one.

    The creation story of the Krosmoz can be seen here...


    World of Twelve is the main planet in Wakfu. Other planets also exist (as said before and shown in the series & games). World of Twelve may also refer to the solar system, but mainly refers to the planet.

    More can be read here...


    It should also be noted that there's a difference between Universe and universe in the world of Wakfu. The sources are from Dofus Artbook Session 2 andDofus Mag 1 (which I don't have - I used the wiki, so sue me). Universe (capital U) may refer to the multiverse, due to some evidence. There's a quote about one of the gods, Osamondas, that implies there may be parrallel universes.

    Much of this depends on the infomation available, much of which is still in French. More will no doubt follow in the future when I find it or it's translated (or I try to translate it myself). Interesting stuff though for an awesome series. Similar to The Elder Scrolls lore books.

  7. Others seem to be doing profiles, so here's one from me...

    Name: Hermaeus Mora, Demon of Knowledge
    Origin: The Elder Scrolls
    Gender: None (though refered to as male)
    Classification: Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge
    Age: Nearly as old as the Universe
    Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, casualty manipulation, reality warping, immortality, time manipulation, telepathy, telekenisis, mindfuck, soul fuck, spacial manipulation
    Weaknesses: Cannot manifest his full power in Mundus or other protected realms
    Destructive Capacity: Multiversal (created Apocrythia, an infinite Universe, should be comparable to Aedra, who are infinite in size & mass, said to have created countless realms of Oblivion at the start of the world along with the other Princes)
    Range: Multiverse+
    Speed: Omnipresent in his own realm
    Durability: Multiversal
    Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely immserable
    Stamina: Infinite
    Standard Equipment: Oghma Infinium
    Intelligence: Prince of Forbidden knowledge, Apocryphia is an infinite library
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    - Plane Absorbsion - Can absorb unprotected planes of existance into his own.

    -Soul Drain - Consumes the victims soul & memories by stabbing them with one of his tentacles

    If you want conformation of feats, just ask me.
  8. The most popular view of the multiverse is an infinite amount of parrallel universes next to each other. But what if said universes weren't next to each other, but above each other? And each higher dimension is greater than the last? Say that 1-D space is a Universe and 2-D space is a universe and 3-D space is a universe and 4-D space is a universe and so on. Like 5-D Imps & the Ultimator from DC, & the Chousin from Tenchi Muyo! But that doesn't mean a being from the higher 3-D world can instantly beat a being from the lower 2-D world. A 3-D cannon fodder wouldn't be able to beat a 2-D universal. In Adventure Time, one of the most powerful beings is Prismo, a 2-D multiversial reality warper. If however a 2-D universal and a 3-D universal were to fight, I feel the 3-D universal would probably win due to having greater dimensions which bring power (or something). And if in each dimensional level there is not one universe, but an entire multiverse. And what if there are endless dimensions? Would a 4-D multiversial reality warper get one-shotted by a 438975423895894230570423572438905-D passerby because the latter just happens to exist on a greater level of existance?
  9. Before I get started, I should point out that the following is out of game content from Michael Kirkbride after he left Bethesda, so it's cannocity is questionable (Bethesda said that it "depends" if his OOG post-Bethesda works are cannon, though much of it ended up in The Elder Scrolls Online).

    Some may think that Anu & Padomay are the strongest beings in The Elder Scrolls (Padomay being a seperate entity to Sithis, I'll just point out), though a few months ago I learned about the existance of Satakal, who is the fused concepts of both Padomay and Anu. However, it seems like there is a being far above even Satakal. A being known only as the Godhead. Apparently there were always plans for a Godhead in the lore, but only vague hints of it exist. Michael Kirkbride wrote about just what the Godhead is, as follows...


    To make things clear, an Amaranth is a being capable of casually creating an entire infinite multiverse. The Godhead created an infinite amount of Amaranths. Therefore, the Godhead can casually create an infinite amount of multiverses.
  10. Here I will discuss Azrael, the most powerful known being in Discworld by Terry Pratchett (mostly from Reaper Man). Firstly, Death travels ridiculously faster than light.

    Now time for Azrael to show his face.

    Azraels cock tells Time what time is. Note that Time in Discworld is an immensly powerful entity that destroys the entire universe and remakes it every plank second.
    Infact, his clock is the source of time, and all the other Deaths may (or may not) be aspects of him.
    Some infomation on Azraels size.

    Azraels power is not just of one universe.

  11. Here I've attempted to made a "family tree" of the Gods in The Elder Scrolls. Dobt it's perfect, but it's a start. May redo it later.

  12. From The Fall Of Hyperion, second book in Hyperion Cantos. The Machine Ultimate Intelligence is the God of Machines, and it's pretty awesome. Here is Ummons monologue on its capabilities...

  13. More rambling about the Universe, just to clear some things up. This time, I shall discuss the astronomy schools of ancient China, to ascertain the size of the Universe in Journey to the West. Earlier, it was argued by some that the Universe in Journey to the West was not a Universe, the stars weren't real stars but just lights and so on. Before I get over it, first I must make some things clear.

    Firstly, there were three main schools of astronomy in Ancient China - the Gai Tan school, the Hun Tian school and the Xuan Ye school. The first school, the Gai Tan school, was the belief that the Sky and the Earth where divided into two hemispheres. Judging by the sources I've looked at, this school was dead by the 5th century AD. This left the Hun Tian school and the Xuan Ye school. Both remaining schools believed that the Earth was round, though the Hun Tian school said that the Earth floated in water.


    The belief in China that the Earth is round goes back to the Han Dynasty in the 2nd Century BC. Taoist artworks from a similar time also hinted that there where some who believed in a heliocentric system. Though many Chinese cosmological theories where terracentric, there wasn't anything in their religion or culture to say that it wasn't terracentric, so the belief of heliocentrism was taken in well when it arrived in China. Much better than it did in Europe.

    But most of all is the Xuan Ye school. The Xuan Ye system is one of the most advanced ancient astronomy systems out there. Here are their three main beliefs...

    The Xuan Ye believed in an infinite Universe with celestial bodies (such as stars, planets & moons) floating in them on their natural paths (not connected to any kind of Celestial spheres, as was thought in the West). This is incredibly advanced. The Hun Tian school also believed the Universe to be infinite (unfortunately I can't tell you more, because the Google Books didn't have that page for some stupid reason; the book in question being Early Chinese Work in Natural Science: A Re-Examination).


    Some may still try to argue that the planets, stars and moons were still not that big, but there is another point that disproves this. I'm not sure if it's from the Hun Tian School or the Xuan ye school, but it supports the belief of other worlds like Earth in the Universe in Ancient China (from Bo Ya Quin, or The Lute of Bo Ya, written in the 13th Century AD). This shows that they belived in other planets just as big as the Earth.

    And to finally confirm it all, Journey to the West was written in the 16th Century AD (1500s), long after all these beliefs become common.

    Long story short, Ancient Chinese Astronomers believed in an infinite Universe filled with countless other planets like our own round one. Thus the Universe in Journey to the West is infinite.
  14. Here you will find a my attempt at detailed map of the cosmology of The Elder Scrolls series. There are many complicated and convoluted parts of the lore that may not make sense, so to help outline it all, here is a map and description of The Elder Scrolls multiverse.

    Most of the sources where taken from in-game; the one about the size of the planets was first created in 1999, when Michael Kirkbride was the main writer for The Elder Scrolls. The only one that I'm not completly sure about is Imperial Census on Daedra Lords, and even then, most of that is backed up by what appears in the game.

    Sources are down below.












  15. Many thought that making a trilogy of the Hobbit is ridiculous. They haven't seen nothing yet. Obviously, a book that's just 42 pages long warrents a trilogy as well.

    This is no rumur; it is 100% official, confirmed by many reliable resources and J.K. Rowling herself; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is going to become a trilogy of movies.

    The trilogy is to be set 70 years before Harry Potter, staring Newt Scamander, searching the World for magical creatures. and also involves New York somehow. It will come out on the 18th of November, 2016. J.K. Rowling is helping to write the script.