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  1. Here are some speed feats from South Park: The Stick of Truth. They are based on a gameplay mechanic, so some may have an issue with that.


    At 1h37m33s, we see the new kid and the boys (Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters or Jimmy) entering Canada and crossing it in 9 seconds. Canada is 5,514 km across from coast to coast. Adding an extra second assuming no enemies are nearby...

    551km per 10 seconds
    5,514km ?10 = 551.4km per second
    5,514km x 6 = 33,084km a minute
    33,084km x 60 = 1,985,040km an hour

    That means they could run the diameter of the Sun in less than an hour (the Sun is 1,391,000 km in diameter), and way faster than the speed of sound, which is 1,234 kilometres per hour.

    Also Princess Kenny might be faster than light.


    At 0:25, he is moving past stars rapidly and perhaps even blowing them up. Easily FTL. :maybe Also considering this is his Japanesse Princess form it makes it more likely as Japanesse Princesses do that kind of thing all the time.

    EDIT: This is about 1620.4 Mach (the first one)
  2. A Tier List of my favourite games from this generation. Not including other platforms.

    The Best Games
    • Dark Souls
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    • The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
    • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Great Games
    • South Park: The Stick of Truth
    • Halo 4
    • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
    • Metro: 2033
    • Halo 3
    • Rayman Origins
    • Borderlands 2

    Pretty Good Games
    • Dishonoured
    • Far Cry 3
    • Deadspace
    • Injustice: Gods Among Us
    • Bioshock
    • Bioshock: Infinite
    • Lego Lord of the Rings
    • Portal
    • Borderlands
    • Gears Of War
    • Portal 2

    The Worst Games
    • Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    • Final Fantasy XIII
    • Aliens: Colonial Marines

  3. Lovecraft is one of the greatest horror writers of all time, and his Cthulhu Mythos inspired countless other horror writers from around the world. This is a tierlist of characters inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft (or at least what I think is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft).

    Outer God Tier
    • The Crimson King
    • Eldergod Demonbane
    • Liger Legis

    Old Ones Tier
    • Mordread
    • Al Azif
    • Kurou Daijūji
    • Horrorterrors
    • Demonbane
    • Nya
    • Ulyaoth
    • Mantorok
    • Chattur'gha
    • Xel'lotath
    • The Rot
    • Mara

    Elder God Tier
    • Giygas
    • Khorne
    • Tzeentch
    • Nurgle
    • Slaanesh
    • Pennywise
    • The Hempstocks
    • Fendal Predator
    • Shuma Gorath
    • The Great Intelligence
    • Fenric
    • Animus
    • The Other
    • Varmints
    • The Faceless Ones
    • The Profound Darkness
    • Sithis
    • Oglogoth
    • Meta-God
    • The Spiral (lost chapters)

    Unthinkable Evil Tier
    • Hermaeus Mora
    • The Idea of Evil
    • Boethiah
    • Molag Baal
    • Fleas
    • SCP-1548
    • Hellstar Remina
    • SCP-2317
    • Ancient Ones
    • Icthultu
    • Nrub'yiglith
    • The Leviathan
    • The Monster At The End
    • Nyaruko

    Eldritch Horror Tier
    • Spiral Metropolis
    • SCP-169
    • Axos
    • Miraak
    • Apostles
    • Vilgax
    • Fluthlu
    • The Thing
    • The Blob
    • SCP?682
    • Mindflayers
    • Leviathans
    • SCP?058
    • He Who Walks Between The Rows

    Some of them I'm not 100% sure about (both for power evels or if they were actually inspired by Lovecraft). I put them on the list for the concept of cosmic horror, their designs or because the creator themselves stated that they where inspired by Lovecraft. One day I might make an expanded list. Also the tier names may not be acurate in their relation to the pantheons of Lovecraft. If you have any questions just ask.

    Verses featured are The Dark Tower, Demonbane, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Earthbound, Shin Megami Tensei, Hellraiser, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Dr Who, Marvel, DC, Dungeons & Dragons, Phantasy Star, The Cabin in the Woods, SCP Foundation, Dye - Fantasy, Ben 10, Nyaruko, Supernatural, MS Paint Adventures, Skulduggery Pleasant, Hellstar Remina, Uzumaki, The Elder Scrolls, Shadow Hearts, Warhammer 40K and Berserk.
  4. This is a feat from the book Lord Sunday, from Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix. I'll probably upload more feats from this series at a later date. Obviously this contains spoilers.



    Continued below...
  5. This is a real thing that is actually going to happen. If you live in Japan, you can even go now to audition for a role. It will be out in October this year, and will have new cannon material.



    I'm a fan of Gurren Lagann, but this is really weird. How does it even fit? What do you make of this news?
  6. I felt this series deserves more respect. A feat listing is not quite a respect thread, but it shows breifly what they're capable of. The Old Kingdom Chronicles (consisting of Sabriel, Liraell, Abhorsen, Nicolas Sayre and the Creature in the Case and the upcoming Clariel) is a series wwritten by Garth Nix. It's a fairly powerful/hax verse, with the top tiers being at least casual lifewipers. It's been a while since I read the series, so I looked over the books again a bit (as well as looking at Wikipedia/wikis) for feats/important events that happened. No doubt there's still alot I'm missing or got wrong. I'm hoping others will have more to add (please?).

    • The Seven Bells of the Abhorsen grant different powers over death. From raising and controlling the dead, returning their memories to them and so on. The most powerful bell, Astarael, sends everything that hears it and its ringer into death.
    • There are 9 gates of Death. The spirits of the dead are meant to pass through all 9 gates to whatever lies beyond. However, often the dead escape. This ranges from weak wisps to zombies to powerful demons. The further a gate something comes back from, the stronger it is. There is no return beyond the 9th gate. Greater Undead, necromancers and Abhorsens can banish undead through all 9 gates.
    • Mogget, appears to be an ordinary white talking cat. But when you take his colar off, he transforms into a terrifying berserker demon. Swords not only go straight through him, but melt due to his extreme heat. He is actually Yrael, one of the Nine Bright Shiners. As punishment for not helping seal away Orannis, he was trapped in that form (he can also take the form of a small man). His goal is to kill the Abhorsen, for locking him away long ago. However it is possible for an Abhorsen to control Mogget/Yrael in their released form (to defeat Kerrigor long ago, to bind Orranis).
    • Seven of the Nine Bright Shiners also reside in every bell and pipe in existance.
    • Tech levels are around WWI era Earth (I think).
    • Needless to say, soulf**k is a normal thing to do in this verse.
    • Orannis is the strongest character in the series. He is at least a lifewiper, and has killed all life on at least 6 planets. It took 7 of the other 9 to trap Orannis in the end. Orannis possessed Nicolas Sayre and was shown to be able to control the dead.
    • Necromancers use Free Magic (magic not controlled by the Charter) to control the dead and live for ages in order to escape death. They can resurrect the dead as their servants (Dead Hands) and summon powerful Greater Undead (Hish). They can be hard to kill permanently, and often have to be sealed away or banished into death (where they can return, like Kerrigor did). A way to permanently kill a necromancer is to make them look at the 9th Gate (Hedge).
    • The Abhorsens have many powers other than their bells, such as transforming into a an animal (eg. a giant owl) and knowledge of the Undead.
    • The Greater Undead has powerful creatures such as Stilken, Mordicants, Hrule that can cross between life and death. Many of these creatures can't be killed, and have to be trapped in certain metals or banished (for instance, the Hrule had no problem dealing with fire and bullets, but was sealed away again by, of all things, getting stabbed by a thorn).
    • Notable characters include Sabriel, Lirael, Mogget, Orannis, Hedge, Kerrigor, Nicolas Sayre, Samath, Touchstone, the other Seven Bright Shiners, the Hrule, the Dirasputable Dog and Chlorr of the Mask.

    Also written by Garth Nix is the Keys to the Kingdom. It's easily more powerful and more hax than The Old Kingdom Chronicles.

    • The series is set between the House and the Outer Realms as well as many other dimensions. The House is said to be the Nexus of existance, and the Outer Realms consist of at least one mortal universe. The inhabitants of the House are Immortal, immune to all sickness, but they can be killed (with difficulty, as cutting them apart won't kill them). Each part of the House is a different dimension. Outside this lies Nothing.
    • The Nothing is a liquid-like substance that exists outside existance. From it anything can be created, and from it anything can be destroyed. Existance was made from Nothing by the Old Architect. Beings created from Nothing are called Nithlings.
    • The Will to existance was split between 7 Trusties. Each part of the will is embodied by a different creature. Each of the trusties represent a different day of the week, as well as a ddifferent deadly sin. The 7 Trusties range in power, Drowned Wednesday being country level from sheer size and Lord Sunday being Universal+.
    • One part of the House is the Border Seas, which is an immesibly large ocean in which resides a 120km long whale. Inside the whale (Drowned Wednesday) is a Worldlet (or pocket universe) ruled by pirates. The Worldet is destroyed when the pirate master Feverfew is killed.
    • Techlevel outside the House is modern day Earth.
    • Many of the different parts of the Will are guarded in extreme ways. The second part of the Will is guarded by the Mariner in the heart of a star and the 5th part of the Will was split into a million pieces and put into countless different raindrops.
    • There are several characters/beings in the series who are at least Universal+; the Old Architect, Nothing, Lord Sunday and the New Architect.. The Old Architect created the Universe and the House originally; Lord Sunday holds the final key, which grants paramount power over all creation; the Nothing destroyed the Gardens and the Outer Realms in an instant, and the new Architect recreated existance. The Piper was thrown out of existance and created his own universe out of Nothing as well as an army of Nithlings (it's unknown how big the universe of his was), so possibly him too.
    • As well as space, the inhabitants of the house can mess with time too. The Improbable Stairs exist everywhere there is something to exist, going from modern times back to dinosaurs to other planets. The first part of the Will was originally locked on the surface of a dying star at the end of time.
    • Notable characters include Arthur, the Architect, Mister Monday, Nothing, Grim Tuesday, The Mariner, Drowned Wednesday, Captain Feverfew, Sir Tursday, The Piper, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday.

  7. Here is a tier list of Earthbound & Mother characters.

    • The Dark Dragon
    • Giygas (Earthbound)
    • Pokey Minch (Mother 3)

    • The Masked Man
    • Paula
    • Ness
    • Pokey Minch (Earthbound)
    • Lucas
    • Kumatora
    • Poo
    • Final Starman (power-scaling)
    • Starman Deluxe (power-scaling)

    • Giygas (Mother 1)
    • Maria
    • R7038XX
    • EVE
    • Starman
    • Ana
    • Ninten
    • Blue Starman

    Bottom Tier
    • The Sanctuary Guardians
    • The Kraken of the Seas
    • Duster
    • Jeff
    • Boney
    • Loid
    • Starman Junior
    • Buzz Buzz
    • Flint

  8. Just because. These are the top 10 strongest vampires out there (that I know of).

    1. Mandrakk - The most powerful known vampire. A Dark Monitor bigger than the Universe and potentially the DC multiverse. Not only is it the strongest Vampire, but one of the top 10 strongest comic villains.
    2. D - His feats show ridiculous hax such as getting power from the rotation of the galaxy, defeated a Universal Destroyer God and (if I heard it right) broke a Big Bang Machine merely by looking beautiful. That may not be right, but I remeber the feat was that he broke something with his beauty.
    3. Candy Corn Vampire - A form Problem Sleuth took on to fight Demonhead Mobster Kingpin, who is capable of ripping the Universe in two. He might not be a real vampire, just a hard-boiled detective dressed as one.
    4. Dmitri Maximoff - He once absorbed Pyron, a cosmic being who can destroy planets by smiling at them and who's true form is a sentient galaxy 4 times the size of the Milky Way.
    5. Molag Bal - The Daedric Prince of Vampires and Rape. In the upcoming Online he plans to drag the entire planet of Nirn into his own dimension.
    6. Arcrueid Brunstone - Also known as Archtype Earth. She can reality warp on a planetary level (not sure if she can destroy the Earth, though), go intangible. She's even stronger when the Moon is out.
    7. Dio Brando - Can turn people into ice and shatter them at his weakest. With The World he can freeze time and go faster than light.
    8. Evengeline - Has none of the weaknesses of a vampire, but has intense magical powers.
    9. Alucard - Can walk about in sunlight, hold huge guns that no human can wield & shot them with ease and turn into a Hell Hound to consume the souls of his enemies/victims.
    10. Dracula - The King of Vampires. Can turn into bats and mist. Apparently he's also Ivan the Terrible (or was inspired by him).

    Other Vampires that might make the list but I don't know how strong they are are...
    • The King Vampire from Doctor Who
    • Ecliwood Hellscythe from Is This A Zombie?

    Made for fun. Hope you enjoyed it.
  9. This Katamari game is completely bananas! As well as being mindblowingly cool, it's one of the strongest video game verses out there. The main character, the Prince, is capable of pushing objects bigger than the Sun about.

    Here, he pushes a katamari made of 300 cosmic bodies and rolls up the Sun with it.


    5:37 and onwards. The katamari is at least 3 times the size of the Sun (including the Sun). A quick search reveils that the Sun weighs about 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. So simply put, the weight of the object is 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. Thats about 6,000,000,000,000,000,300 gigatons, or 6,000,000,000,000,000.300 teratons. However, the bigger something is, the greater density it has (Jupiter is said to be heavier than all the other planets in the solar system combined), so it really even heavier than that. The numbers might not be right, but the point remains that he can casually push around an object bigger than the Sun.

    Here, the Prince must create katamari 2 million km in size, and he succeeds (you can see him in the corner, he is doing fine pushing a weight over 1 solar mass about.
  10. Here are some scans of the booklets that came with the Gunbuster 2! DVDs. They contain important information on the nature of the series.

    Diebusters Buster Beams are 12,000 times stronger than normal Buster Beams.

    The nature and size of the Excelio Variable Gravity Well. It re-wrote the laws of physics.

    Even standard Space Monsters have control over gravity.

    An interview that talks about how Nono "watches over time for eternity" after the final battle. She's not dead but alive in some other place.

    There's more. I might upload more scans later.
  11. At least two instances confirm that the Nodos from Heroic Age have star-level DC and durability.



    The original size of the planet

    The darkness swells 10 times as big.

    The same ball, slightly bigger, from a distance to make it look small.

    The ball swells up hundreds of times bigger even than that.

    At the end of the video, frenzied Kervius makes a black ball of darkness hundreds of times bigger than the planet. Even if the planet is only the size of the Moon, the blast is great enough to swallow a star even if the original planet is only 3000km in diameter, the explosion ends up being at least 500,000km in diameter (the first shot it's over 10 times the size of the original planet, the second shot increases in size from at least 40,000km to several hundred times the size). That is at minimum bigger than the smallest stars and half the size of the Sun. Everything it sucks up is taken to an anti-dimension, where if they remain too long they would cease to exists.


    The episode is here and the scene is at 4:37.

    The ships readings confirm that in less than 100 hours, the entire solar system would be destroyed by supernova-levels of energy. They check and double check the readings but they all turn out acurate and the same. The readings pick up that frenzied Bellcross has enough energy in him comparable to a large star. Emphasis is put that Bellcross will release enough energy to obliterate the entire solar system if he is not stopped (he is stopped in the end).

    Even not in a frenzy, Bellcross survived the destruction of Jupiter. Jupiter is slightly smaller than the smallest star, and the blast was so great it reached all the way to Saturn.
    (At 11:51 the planet's destruction starts, at 14:11 the Silver Tribe attempt to compress the fury, but only fuel it and increasse its heat). Bellcross and Karkinos as well as Atamantias fight in this intense heat later.

  12. Just thought I'll bring this verse to light. I read the series years ago, and forget much of the details, so hopefully someone else will remember. In the meantime I looked up it's wikis to recall stuff. It's a great series, though towards the end it can get rather in your face with its messeges. I highly recommend it. The series has been compared to Narnia, though not as strong (Narnia has actual Gods where as His Dark Materials has false gods).

    • Exists across an infinite multiverse, though I don't recall any mutliverse or universe busters.
    • Beings called d?mons are the external embodiment of the soul. Adults have set daemons in the same shape, but the d?mons of children yet to go through puberty can change shape. D?mons can attack other d?mons and d?mons can attack people, but for a human to hurt a d?mon is taboo, and results in pain (unless they are lovers). A d?mon cannot stray too far from it's master, with a few exceptions, such as the witches, and Lyra at the end of the series. Everyone has a d?mon, in some worlds they are invisible. Other sentient races also have d?mons, but semi-sentient races do not (they're fine with this though). The bond between human and d?mon is strong, strong enough when severed to create colossal gates between worlds (and create a ridiculous amount of Spectres in the other Universe) and power a bomb that can kill anyone anywhere in the multiverse with only a piece of their DNA.
    • Has some impressive tech, with soulf**k and such. Armoured Zepplins, gyrocopters, the Intention Craft (a machine powered soley by intention), tiny mechanical spy insects. Our world is one of the multiverses, where all our tech levels exist, plus a machine that can talk to Angels.
    • A bomb that can kill someone anywhere in the multiverse, using the victims DNA and the seperation of human and D?mon. The explosion is so great that it opened a great Abyss into nothing. All the Dust would flow into this rip until all sentinal life in the multiverse (and perhaps all life in general) would cease to exist forever.
    • A knife that can cut through anything (that's not an NLF), including dimensions. It can however, be affected by the weilders emotions.
    • The Alethiometer, a device that tells the truth (there are 6 in existance).
    • A race of soul-eating wraiths called Spectres exist. They are non-corporial and can only be hurt by objects like the knife (and maybe some other stuff). They cannot hurt children, and children cannot even see them. They can be reasoned with though, as Ms Coultier and John Parry did. Originally landbased, they were taught to fly (because teaching the non-corporial soul eaters to fly wastotally a good idea at the time). They are made whenever a gate is formed between universes.
    • A race of angels exist who can travel between universes. They are made purely of dust, and can take the form of humans. They did not create the multiverse, but the Authority claims to have done so (the Authority is actually just the first Angel to have formed). The Authority and his Angels lived on the The Clouded Mountain. Despite being able to reach everywhere in the multiverse, the Angels are actually pretty weak. The Strongest Angel, Metatron, is over twice as strong as a peak human and the Authority was killed by the wind (Shin Megami Tensei, this is not). It is possible though that the ancient Authority was far stronger however, as it was said he created the afterlife, which contains all sentiel life from the entire multiverse (he may have lied about creating it though) and transfered what was left of his power to Metatron.
    • Several peak human fighters exist, such as Lord Asriel, Lee Scoresby, Father Gomez and John Parry (Lee took on a platoon of soldiers and an airship all by himself and won, but died from his wounds). Lord Asriel was said to have once outsmarted a would-be assassin and made him drink his own poison, Far Gomez made the swan-monsters do his bidding and John Parry is a powerful shaman (he destroyed an airship by getting all the birds in the forest to land on it, drag it down under their weight and crash it).
    • Other races with d?mons are the Mufula and fairy-like creatures with poisonous barbs in their feets with poison strong enough to kill a man. Semi-sentient races include gysts and armoured bears and perhaps the swan monsters.
    • Armoured Bears are described to be far bigger and stronger than normal bears. They have a weapon called a fire thrower that can destroy airships.
    • The strongest characters in the series would probably be Iorek, Metatron or John Parry.
    • Some may tell you that a movie exists of the first book in the series, The Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass, in America). This is a lie; no such movie exists.

    More things will no doubt be remembered later.

  13. This is an attempt to make a list of the most powerful Elder Scrolls characters. I got the info by looking through the lore.

    1. Talos - According to the lore writer of TES, mortals who transdended to Godhood are the strongest, as they have a greater understanding of the Universe. Talos briefly appears in Morrowind, confirming him as a Divine.
    2. Jyagalag/Sheogorath - Prince of Order and the most powerful of the Daedra. So powerful that all the other Daedra rebelled against him and made him the Prince of madness known as Sheogorath. Even after becoming Sheogorath he's shown to outsmart other Daedric Princes, and create dimensions out of peoples minds. It's possible that the hero of Kvatch is up here after he/she became the new Sheogorath.
    3. Hermaeus Mora - Daedric Prince or forbidden knowledge. Other Daedric Princes grow stronger using his works. His dimension is an infinite library of forbidden knowledge.
    4. Magnus - Is the source of all magic. Created the Sun by ripping a hole in dimensions.
    5. Akatosh - Chief of the Nine Divines and Dragon God of time. He is, however, restricted to Mundus.
    6. Sithis - Original creator of the universe, along with Anu. Though he made the Universe, he didn't shape it.
    7. Anu - Brother of Sithis who created the Universe in a fight with Sithis. It's possibe that he isn't a God at all; but static energy.
    8. Molag Bal - Daedric Prince of rape and vampires. Is capable of dragging entire planets into his realm.
    9. Boethiah - Ate a planet buster (trickery was involved in that fight though) and is a rival of Molag Bal.
    10. Lorkan - Organised Mundus into existance and convinced/tricked the then 8 Divines into surrendering their full immortality to create the mortal universe. Is the size of a small planet, as his severed halves make up the two moons of Nirn.
    11. Trinimac/Malakarth - Cut a planet-sized being (Lorkan) in half, was later eaten by Boethiah and became the Daedric Prince Malakarth.
    12. Lord Dagon - Daedric Prince of Destruction. Almost succeeded in conquering all of Nirn.
    13. Cladrius Vile - Capable of granting all vampires in Cyrodil immunity to sunlight, capable of killing everyone in Skyrim with a click of his fingers at full power.
    14. Alduin - Capable of ending all life in Mundus. Can only be killed by Dovahkin, and even then, may not have truly died.
    15. Martin Septim - Became the Avatar of Akatosh.
    16. Miraak - The first Dragonborn and Champion of Hermaeus Mora. His fight thousands of years ago seperated Solstheim from the mainland.ble to destroy
    17. The Hero of Kvatch - Saved Tambriel and all Nirn from Lord Dagon. Much stronger after becoming the new Sheogorath.
    18. Dovahkin - The Last Dragonborn, with the power to absorb dragon souls and spek in the dragon tongue.

    Most the top tiers are Daedra, that's because I don't know much about the Divines at the moment. Need to play more Morrowind and find feats for the Neveriare, Dagoth Ur and the Tribunal.
  14. In respect threads I've made, I created a few character profiles just for practice. Here I've gathered some of them to see how they are recepted, and how they can be inproved in the future.

    The Elder Scrolls


    Name: Akatosh
    Origin: The Elder Scrolls
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Dragon God of Time, Chief of the Nine Divines,
    Age: Old as the Universe
    Powers and Abilities: Time manipulation, reality warping, immortality (type 4), teleportation, super strength, omnipresence
    Weaknesses: Isn't fully immortal
    Destructive Capacity: City-level; planet+
    Range: Country-level; Solar System/multi-dimensional
    Speed: Omnipresent
    Durability: High
    Lifting Strength: Unknown
    Striking Strength: Class PJ; Planet+
    Stamina: High
    Standard Equipment: Amulet of Kings
    Intelligence: Omniscient

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:
    - Dragonbreak - Makes a different timeline branch out from the main one, which would merge back into the main timeline later.

    Avatar of Akatosh - True Form

    Hermaeus Mora

    Name: Hermaeus Mora
    Origin: The Elder Scrolls
    Gender: Genderless, refered to as male
    Classification: Daedric Prince of Fate, Demon of Knowledge
    Age: Nearly as old as the universe
    Powers and Abilities: Minkf**k, soul-suck, mind-reading, reality warping, immortality
    Weaknesses: Is weaker outside his own dimension
    Destructive Capacity: Star System
    Range: Multi-dimensional
    Speed: Irrelivent
    Durability: High
    Lifting Strength: Unknown
    Striking Strength: Unknown
    Stamina: Irrelivant in his own realm
    Standard Equipment: Oghma Infinium
    Intelligence: Omniscient

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:
    Stab - Stabs a victim to drain their knowledge and their soul.


    Name: Miraak
    Origin: The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn
    Gender: Male
    Classification: The First Dragonborn, Dragon Priest, Champion of Hermaeus Mora
    Age: Thousands of years
    Powers and Abilities: Immortality (type 3 & 4), teleportation, immune to paralysis and the Wabbajack, soul suck (on dragons), magic ,thu'um
    Weaknesses: Arrogance
    Destructive Capacity: Island level (lore)
    Range: Island+
    Speed: Peak human+, faster with whirlwind sprint
    Durability: Island level
    Stamina: High
    Standard Equipment: Miraak's Staff, Miraak's Sword
    Intelligence: Granted forbidden knowledge by Hermaeus Mora, lived in Apocryphia for over a thousand years
    Notable Attacks:
    - Thu'um - Various shouts that grant Miraak different powers (fire & frost, tame animals, people and dragons, take on the aspects of a dragon)
    - Dragon Absorbsion - Absorbs the soul of a dragon


    Name: Sheogorath/Jyggalag
    Origin: The Elder Scrolls
    Gender: Takes the form of a male, techniqually has no gender
    Classification: Daedric Prince of Madness; Order as Jyggalag
    Age: Older than the Universe
    Powers and Abilities: Immortality (type-5), telepathy, soul-suck, reality warping
    Weaknesses: Madness
    Destructive Capacity: Star system level
    Range: Multi-dimenstional
    Speed: Omnipresent
    Durability: Unknown
    Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely irrelivant
    Striking Strength: Unknown
    Stamina: Irrelivant
    Standard Equipment: The Wabbajack
    Intelligence: Omnipresent, can outsmart other Daedric Princes



    Name: Ness
    Origin: Earthbound/Mother 2
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Human boy, the Chosen One
    Age: 10-13
    Powers and Abilities: Immense PK powers, super strength, can create dimensions in his mind, mindf**k, telekenisis
    Weaknesses: Pacifist, gets home sick if he hasn't called/visited home recently
    Destructive Capacity: Universal
    Range: Universal
    Speed: Standard human speed, nearly instant with teleportation
    Durability: Universal
    Strength: Unknown, can hurt a dog made of diamonds
    Stamina: High
    Standard Equipment: Bat, baseball cap, Franklin Badge
    Intelligence: Presumably that of a normal boy his age
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    - PK Rockin': Powerful psyhic attack that assults all enemies

    - Teleport: Can travel anywhere he has previously been

    - Paralyse: Freezes opponents by making them too numb to move

    - PK Shield: Reflects enemy attacks back at them

    - Lifeup: Heals himself and his allies

    - PK Flash: Causes a random status alignment

    - Hypnosis: Victim falls asleep, unless they're highly intelligent

    - PSI Healing: Removes status alignments


    Name: Paula Polestar
    Origin: Earthbound/Mother 2
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Human girl, Chosen One
    Age: 10-13
    Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, telepathy through time & space, psychic attacks, prophesies, can weaken the defenses of a being far stronger than herself
    Destructive Capacity: Universal
    Range: Universal, multi-dimensional with prayers (reached the player in another universe)
    Speed: Standard human speed
    Durability: Universal
    Strength: Unkown, can harm a dog made of diamonds
    Stamina: High
    Standard Equipment: Teddy bear, hair bow
    Intelligence: Has knowledge of things yet to come, presumably that of an ordinary girl her age
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    - Pray: Destablises the defense of Giygas and wounds him with the 8 Melodies

    - Defense down: lowers defence enemies

    - Offence up: Inproves the attack of allies, and can be strengthened by being cast multiple times over itself (layered)

    - PK Fire: Burns a row of enemies, and decreases their pyschic shield.

    - PK Freeze: Damages an enemy with ice, lowers their shield

    - PSI Magnet: Drains enemy psychic energy

    - PSI Shield: Protects herself and her friends, and can be layered

    - PK Thunder: Damages an enemy and destroys their psychic shield.


    Name: Ninten
    Origin: Mother 1
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Human boy, great grandson of George & Maria
    Age: 10-13
    Powers and Abilities: Teleporting, strength, durability, telepathy, telekenisis
    Destructive Capacity: Truck-level (has no offensive PK)
    Range: Country level
    Speed: 100m/s, faster with teleportation
    Durability: Planetary
    Strength: Unknown
    Stamina: High
    Standard Equipment: Bat, Franklinbadge
    Intelligence: Likely that of a normal boy his age
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:


    Name: Maria
    Origin: Mother 1
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Queen Maria, great-grandmother of Ninten, adoptive mother of Giygas
    Age: At least 110 years old
    Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, telekenisis, dimension creating, managed to keep herself alive so she could pass on the song to Ness, embodying her love into a song
    Weaknesses: Doesn't want to harm the ones she loves
    Destructive Capacity: Likely Planetary
    Range: Universal (reach Earth with her mind from Giygas's homeword)
    Speed: Unknown
    Durability: Unknown
    Strength: Unknown
    Stamina: High
    Standard Equipment: None
    Intelligence: Was one of the first humans to be taught PSI powers.
    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    - Song - Embodiment of her love, is the only thing that can harm Giygas.

    - Dimension Creation - Created a dimension in her mind called Magicant, which others could visit.
  15. Having just finished Earthbound Zero (otherwise known as Mother 1), I have a few questions to ask of the nature of the placeknown as Magicant seen in it.

    In Earthbound, Magicant is a place created by Ness when he has obtained all of the Melodies from the soundspots. Ness's Magicant is strictly refered to as a dimension created inside his mind (the guidebook even refers to it as "the world of your cerebal cortex)". Ness is the only one who can visit this Magicant, in order to destroy his evil side.

    Maria's Magicant is different however. Not only is Ninten capable of entering this dimension and speaking to Maria herself, but he can bring his friends along too. Magicant is exited and entered at different points which may show they moved through a different dimension. A device called an Onyx Hook allows you to teleport into Magicant at will, so maybe it is a physical place.

    When all 8 melodies are learned and played to Maria, she remebers everything, and decides it's time to join George. She passes away, and Magicant vanishes. The game says it was a Mirage created from the emotions of Maria. Whether Magicant was real or not is kind of confusing, though chances are that it's semi-real.

    Considering how Ness made his Magicent (inside his brain while his friends waited for his return), it's possible that Maria created her Magicant from the other side of the Universe (Maria & George where abducted by aliens and raised Giygas on Giygas's home planet. George escaped back to Earth and Maria was never seen again, save by Ness and his friends). Another theory is that Maria somehow made her Magicant real and escaped into it, eventually disappearing along with it when she decides to let go. Both of these make her Magicant greater than Ness's Maigcant.

    But perhaps someone else who has played the game has an opinion on this matter. What say you?