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  1. More stuff from the Keys to the Kingdom verse, from the first book. Some infomation on the Improbable Stairs and the lesser half of the first key (the Lesser Key is a minute hand, the greater key is the hour hand; both make up Mister Monday's key).

    An omnipreset stair in both time and space, and the weaker part of the weakest key can manipulate time and protect from physical and psychic damage. They use this stair soon afterwards, and find themselves in several places in time before finally arriving in Mister Monday's Antechamber. A powerful object, like the Keys or the Harpoon of the Mariner is needed to use the Stairs.

    The Old One is immune to everything made by the House and Nothing (save for the two tormentors made to gouge his eyes out, and his own will) and can damn stuff to the void (which is pure Nothing).

    The Old One can create things from Nothing without an object of power.

    The Old One warns Arthur if could loose his humanity through the power of the key.

    Denizens can regenerate overtime.

    Arthur with the full power of the 1st key erased Bibliophages and heals Suzy Blue and Mister Monday (the latter in mind as well as body). The Will also says that Arthur is able to destroy Monday will relative ease now, though Monday is by far the weakest of the Latter Days and was heavily wounded none-the-less.

    What are bibliophages?

    More sooner or later.
  2. A feat from Grim Tuesday (Keys to the Kingdom), in which the titular character traps an entire star system in a bottle.

    So not only does he have the power to steal the star system, but to create something in it's core too. You may think it's just a tiny solar system; but you'd be wrong; it's a full-sized, legit solar system. At the centre of the Sun is an island, surrounded by Immaterial glass that only Grim Tuesday's Sunship can pass through. And the island used to be on Earth before Gtim Yuesday stole it. It still is, in some weird sense (though the only way to get to it is through the bottle universe).

    Grim Tuesday was able to subdue Tom the Marineer, which is a highly impressive feat as Tom is the Son of the Old One. Tom was weakened at that time though, by being drunk and not having his harpoon.

    Sprites are Nithlings that escaped into the Secondary Realms and took on the nature of the place they inhabited. So you can imagine how Sunsprites got their name...

    What's so special about Immaterial substance? It can keep anything out. From the heat of a sun to sand on a beach an even Nothing.

    (As well as the boots, they were wearing star-hoods and bright coats.)

    So Grim Tuesday, who I previously though was rather weak, is actually casually solar system level (potentially higher, being able to bind the Marineer to his keys. From what I've seen though, he lacks speed feats. It's hard to determine the size of the other bottle worlds, but it's safe to say they are at east ship sized.

    I'll be back with more feats from the verse soon.
  3. Why not? I don't even read that much Shonen Jump, but I see no harm in making this.

    1. Saint Seiya - Easily the strongest Jump verse. Even it's bottom tiers are able to solo Dragon Ball Z at least. It's top tiers are multi-universal gods and titans like Cronus, Typhoon, Zeus & Ebony Hyperion.
    2. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure - The power of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is owed greatly to it's hax. Time freeze, concept manipulation and powers the can only be described as ridiculous. The two strongest characters (Giorno Giovanna, closely followed by Enrico Pucci) are confirmed to be universal at the very least.
    3. Shaman King - Though for most part the verse is rather low, it has some very powerful characters that help elovate it, namely Hao Asakura as the Shaman King. Hao with the Great Spirit is said to have nigh-omniscient powers. Featwise, he's casually solar system level (hinted to be greater) with plenty of hax (soul-fuck). Hao is probably still second only to the Great Spirit. It's reveiled in Flowers that there are several Shaman Kings throughout the world.
    4. Medaka Box - Hax is Medaka Box's strong point. Countless skills exist, such as All Fiction, which allows entire concepts to be erased from existance. The main character, Medaka, can learn skills to 120% after just having seen them. Casual Starbusting and FTL exists in Medaka Box. The strongest character is Iihikio, who has the skill that whatever skill is used on him once would be inaffective on him again until he is defeated. The second strongest is Ajimu Najimi, who has millions of skills.
    5. Dragon Ball Z - One of the forefather of powerlevels (though done so ironically). Though the power of this verse is often debated, it is now at least star level, with some FTL speed. Even the weakest characters are able to destroy the Moon and the Earth.
    6. Toriko - Toriko was shown to be one of the stronger mainstream series for a while, and keeps getting feats to increase its power. Set on a planet much bigger than our own, hunters hunt for food, such as a gargantuan turtle that's also a volcano. It features large planet level top tiers, such as Midora and Jirou.
    7. Kurohime - Kurohime at the end of the series was a casual planet buster. Before that, she was able to slice oceans in two and other ridiculous feats.
    8. Psyren - For the most part is just below Naruto. However, it has a planet eater known as Quat Nevas. Though
    9. Naruto - One of the HST, and currently the strongest. It has several Moon-level characters at the moment. Currently the strongest character is Kaguya.
    10. Yu Yu Hakusho - The powers of this verse is at least country level, possibly continental or higher.

    Honourable mentions

    • One Piece - Close but no cookie. Middle strongest of the HST. With a healthy amount of hax, they can city & island bust (possibly even country bust).
    • Ultimo - I'm not too knowledgable on this verse so I can't say much, but it has a potentially life wiping characer.
    • Death Note - Much hax, but for the most part the characters are less-than-peak human. The Shinigami are likely much higher, but it is not known by how much. The Death Note also is said to only work on humans. The strongest character is the King Of Death.

    I wasn't 100% knowledgable on all the verses (particually Kurohime & Yu Yu Hakusho). Hopefully it was good.
  4. This is a respect blog for the Overmind from Childhood's End (by Arthur C. Clarke).

    Karellan describes the Last Generation, and says that they aren't bound by the ordinary limits of time.

    The Last Generation life wipes a country in an instant, make a river flow uphill and may find wish to be over the material world one day.

    The Overmind can't interfere with evolution.

    The Last Generation manipulate the face and orbit of the Moon, and it is only just learning to use its power.

    The Last Generation is capable of Solar System level reality warping (as the Overlords have seen other races become like this, this comment is no mere statement).

    The Last Generation is still not ready to join with the Overmind.

    The Last Generation joins with the Overmind.

    The Earth is destroyed on a sub-atomic level, which rocks the entire solar system.

  5. Dear Stephen King, why the fuck would you put such a shity ending to a book? That has to be the worst ending I've ever seen, worse even than the Evangelion and Mass Effect 3 endings. Everything was fine and atmospheric, the final battles against IT in the Deadlights with the universe-sized Turtle watching was cool. Then you decide it's absolutely relevant for a bunch of 11 year olds to start having sex in the sewers. Yes, a BUNCH OF FUCKING KIDS STARTED FUCKING EACH OTHER OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE! Ruined the whole book. And to think this is from the same guy who wrote The Dark Tower and The Stand. Even killer vending machines is better than this. May as well go read some other horror writer for a while now. Don't fail me again.
  6. Someone who can destroy the universe is universal, and someone who can destroy (or is a significant threat to) the multiverse is multiversial. But there is a line that is crossed near the beginning. Someone how is greater than universal but well below being a threat to the multiverse is labeled as universe+. Being universe plus may even make you have control over more than one universe For instance, the Anti-Spiral had power over the main universe and their own universe, but are universe+. Someone who has power over two universes, though well above universal, doesn't seem near enough to be considered multiversial, as multiversial implies the likes of the Anti-Monitor and such.

    However, there are some verses that rather than have someone that can effect just 1 or 2 universes or someone that can effect billions and greater, there are those inbetween that push what is universe+ and what's multiversial. Obvious effecting 2 or 3 universes is very low multiversial, but judging by the sheer size of the multiverse (usually infinite universes), even 1000 universes could be considered very low multiversal. Verses like Saint Seiya, Supernatural and Homestuck have characters that affect less than a dozen universe. But where is the point where they movie beyond universe+ to low-multiverse level? My estimate is 3 universes for the absolute minimum, as it effects well over just the 2 universes, which is what many universe+ characters can do, and the 3rd universe definately puts them at a higher level. However, 3 universe still seems rather low, so I would put it up to 5 at the minimum. The maximum for universe+ should be below 24. Then what is someone with the power of 2.5 universes?

    Perhaps however it is best to refer to multiversial beings as ones who can destroy far more than a dozen, so perhaps a better name is needed. The term "multi-universal" has been used in the past to describe some characters. This expands, I think, from 3 universes to 1000s (or maybe just hundreds, I have a feeling it's more than a hundred whatever it is).

    That's my solution to the problem. Hopefully it all makes sense.
  7. For some villains, the World is not enough. They aren't content untill the entire universe, or even the multiverse (or beyond) is there's to do whatever they please. The laws of time and space are nothing to such beings. I like such villains. So I give you some of my favourite Cosmic Villains! I will describe the nature of the villain and say why I like them.

    5. The Ultimate Machine Intellignece
    The Machine Ultimate Intelligence is the God of Machines and master of the Shrike. It exists far in the future. It can devour entire quasars like a light snack. However, when it was finally created, it sent a messege back in time to it's creators saying "There is another" Ultimate Intelligence; the Human Ultimate Intelligence. The two Gods fight through time from the end of the Universe to it's beginning. It's even implied that this fight takes place across many universes in a greater multiverse. However, part of the HUI goes back in time, so the MUI and HUI stall their fight to go find it. They send the Shrike back through time to capture the missing part of the HUI so they can resume their battle.

    The Machine Ultimate Intelligence is a being of terrifying power. It's not a God that creates, it's a God that is created, which is very meta-phsyical. The Shrike, also known as the God of Pain, is it's avatar.

    4. The Anti-Spiral

    The Anti-Spiral was a race of Spiral Beings who discovered that if Spiral Beings got too strong, it would lead to the creation of the Spiral Nemesis, a colossal blackhole that would consume the entire universe. So they declared war on the rest of the universe, annhilialting the more powerful Spiral Races and suppressing the others, activating Spiral Annhiliation Systems over their planets. The combined Spiral Races of the galaxy where no match for the Anti-Spiral. They then created their own Universe from which they dictated over the universe, suppressing everyone. Understanding that Spiral Power fed of determination and fighting spirit, they did their best to inflict absolute despair on their enemies. Their power was so great they could create entire universes. They ruled for millenia, before being defeated by humanity in an epic battle.

    The Anti-Spiral has fought one of the most epicfinal battles of all time, in which each fighter was the size of a galaxy. Even then, the Anti-Spiral had Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann outmatched for most of the fight. And another thing about the Anti-Spiral was that they were right. They were fighting to protect the universe from destruction. As they were defeated, they asked only that Simon protects the universe from the Spiral Nemesis. Such a fow can only be described as worthy.
    3. Giygas

    Giygas is one of two main villains in the Earthboound trilogy (or Mother trilogy). Giygas was originally an alien adopted by George and Maria. After being defeated by Ninten and friends however, he destroys the Universe in the future. Ness, however, is prophesied to defeat Giygas, so Giygas goes back in time and creates the Devil Machine to control and multiply his power. Giygas became so evil that he became evil incarnate, can bring the dead and inanimate objects back to life, drive humans, animals and even planets mad (without even being in the same time period) and can attack through time and dimensions. No attack, not PK or physical, could hurt him.. Ness who had become one with the universe after absorbing the power of the Eight Melodies, was unable to even scratch Giygas. The only thing that could hurt him was Paula's prayer, which gathered help from throughout existance to end him. Even then, she had to call to another universe and plead for the player themselves to pray for the end of Giygas. The prayers are similar to Maria's Lullaby, which was the only thing that could subdue Giygas.

    Though Giygas became the abstract embodiment of evil, his story is a sad one. Even after a villain has so few redeeming qualities, you can't help but feel sorry for the poor bastard. None-the-less it's a scary fight. It's also important to mention that the fight was inspired by what the Itoi though was a rape scene, but was actually a murder scene in an adult theatre he accidently walked into one day.

    2. Azathoth

    Azathoth may not count as a villain, but it's not exactly belevolant. Azathoth is the insane, omnipotent unimaginably horryfing Elder God who created the Lovecraft omniverse. All of the other Great Old Ones and Elder Gods can be traced back to it. It lies beyond creation in the court of Azathoth, surrounded by unspeakable horrors. It is said that the multiverse is but a dream of Azathoth, and when it wakes it will vanish. Azathoth is considered the strongest of the Lovecraftion Gods, though Yog Sothoth is another candidate for that spot.

    Azathoth is one of the most influential Cosmic Beings in existance. Countless works have been inspired by Lovecraft, for good or ill. Others take the Lovecraftian being into their own universes. Without Lovecraft, the World would be a very different place, and so would cosmic villains.

    1. The Crimson King

    The Crimson King is an unimaginably powerful being who rules over the Dark Tower. At his strongest he is the evil side of Gan, he is the epitone of all evil. In his lesser form, he is a werespider, like Pennywise, but stronger. He has a son named Mordred, who is also a werespider. The Crimson King is so evil, that just by speaking, somewhere in the omniverse, a baby dies. He's so powerful that he is more powerful than the writer, and able to kill him. Most of the time though, he spends the aeons getting high on his nigh-omnipotent weed.

    The Dark Tower is Stephan Kings best work, which ties all his other works into a massive omniverse. Infact it's one of the best series ever written. He's also named after a progressive rock band, King Crimson.

    The top four are definately my top 4 favourite of all time. However, there are other cosmic villains that there wasn't enough room to write about here, so I plan on making another one sometime,, where I'll name more of my favourite cosmic villains.
  8. A tier list of various characters from the works of Garth Nix. Verses of his I've included are the Old Kingdom Chronicles, Keys to the Kingdom, A Confusion of Princes and Shades Children. I will probably be back in the future to add more as I remeber more and read more.

    God Tier
    • The New Architect (EOS Arthur)
    • The Old Architect
    • The Old One
    • The Nothingness (not really a character)

    Archangel Tier
    • Lord Sunday
    • The Piper
    • The Marineer
    • Atalin (Emperor)
    • The Imperial Mind
    • Grim Tuesday

    High Tier
    • Orranis
    • Mogget (as Yrael)
    • The Brightshiners
    • Arthur (with most the Keys)
    • Superior Saturday
    • Lady Friday
      [&]Sundays' Morning Noon & Dusk

    Mid Tier
    • Arthur (with some of the Keys)
    • Sir Thursday
    • Drowned Wednessday
    • Kerrigor
    • Mogget (Berserker form)
    • The Disreputable Dog
    • Clariel
    • Hedge
    • Lirael
    • Sabriel

    Low Tier
    • Arthur (with 1 key)
    • Mister Monday
    • Mondays Morning Noon & Dusk
    • Shade
    • Khemri
  9. Here are some speed feats from South Park: The Stick of Truth. They are based on a gameplay mechanic, so some may have an issue with that.


    At 1h37m33s, we see the new kid and the boys (Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters or Jimmy) entering Canada and crossing it in 9 seconds. Canada is 5,514 km across from coast to coast. Adding an extra second assuming no enemies are nearby...

    551km per 10 seconds
    5,514km ?10 = 551.4km per second
    5,514km x 6 = 33,084km a minute
    33,084km x 60 = 1,985,040km an hour

    That means they could run the diameter of the Sun in less than an hour (the Sun is 1,391,000 km in diameter), and way faster than the speed of sound, which is 1,234 kilometres per hour.

    Also Princess Kenny might be faster than light.


    At 0:25, he is moving past stars rapidly and perhaps even blowing them up. Easily FTL. :maybe Also considering this is his Japanesse Princess form it makes it more likely as Japanesse Princesses do that kind of thing all the time.

    EDIT: This is about 1620.4 Mach (the first one)
  10. A Tier List of my favourite games from this generation. Not including other platforms.

    The Best Games
    • Dark Souls
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    • The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
    • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Great Games
    • South Park: The Stick of Truth
    • Halo 4
    • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
    • Metro: 2033
    • Halo 3
    • Rayman Origins
    • Borderlands 2

    Pretty Good Games
    • Dishonoured
    • Far Cry 3
    • Deadspace
    • Injustice: Gods Among Us
    • Bioshock
    • Bioshock: Infinite
    • Lego Lord of the Rings
    • Portal
    • Borderlands
    • Gears Of War
    • Portal 2

    The Worst Games
    • Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    • Final Fantasy XIII
    • Aliens: Colonial Marines

  11. Lovecraft is one of the greatest horror writers of all time, and his Cthulhu Mythos inspired countless other horror writers from around the world. This is a tierlist of characters inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft (or at least what I think is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft).

    Outer God Tier
    • The Crimson King
    • Eldergod Demonbane
    • Liger Legis

    Old Ones Tier
    • Mordread
    • Al Azif
    • Kurou Daijūji
    • Horrorterrors
    • Demonbane
    • Nya
    • Ulyaoth
    • Mantorok
    • Chattur'gha
    • Xel'lotath
    • The Rot
    • Mara

    Elder God Tier
    • Giygas
    • Khorne
    • Tzeentch
    • Nurgle
    • Slaanesh
    • Pennywise
    • The Hempstocks
    • Fendal Predator
    • Shuma Gorath
    • The Great Intelligence
    • Fenric
    • Animus
    • The Other
    • Varmints
    • The Faceless Ones
    • The Profound Darkness
    • Sithis
    • Oglogoth
    • Meta-God
    • The Spiral (lost chapters)

    Unthinkable Evil Tier
    • Hermaeus Mora
    • The Idea of Evil
    • Boethiah
    • Molag Baal
    • Fleas
    • SCP-1548
    • Hellstar Remina
    • SCP-2317
    • Ancient Ones
    • Icthultu
    • Nrub'yiglith
    • The Leviathan
    • The Monster At The End
    • Nyaruko

    Eldritch Horror Tier
    • Spiral Metropolis
    • SCP-169
    • Axos
    • Miraak
    • Apostles
    • Vilgax
    • Fluthlu
    • The Thing
    • The Blob
    • SCP?682
    • Mindflayers
    • Leviathans
    • SCP?058
    • He Who Walks Between The Rows

    Some of them I'm not 100% sure about (both for power evels or if they were actually inspired by Lovecraft). I put them on the list for the concept of cosmic horror, their designs or because the creator themselves stated that they where inspired by Lovecraft. One day I might make an expanded list. Also the tier names may not be acurate in their relation to the pantheons of Lovecraft. If you have any questions just ask.

    Verses featured are The Dark Tower, Demonbane, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Earthbound, Shin Megami Tensei, Hellraiser, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Dr Who, Marvel, DC, Dungeons & Dragons, Phantasy Star, The Cabin in the Woods, SCP Foundation, Dye - Fantasy, Ben 10, Nyaruko, Supernatural, MS Paint Adventures, Skulduggery Pleasant, Hellstar Remina, Uzumaki, The Elder Scrolls, Shadow Hearts, Warhammer 40K and Berserk.
  12. This is a feat from the book Lord Sunday, from Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix. I'll probably upload more feats from this series at a later date. Obviously this contains spoilers.



    Continued below...
  13. This is a real thing that is actually going to happen. If you live in Japan, you can even go now to audition for a role. It will be out in October this year, and will have new cannon material.



    I'm a fan of Gurren Lagann, but this is really weird. How does it even fit? What do you make of this news?
  14. I felt this series deserves more respect. A feat listing is not quite a respect thread, but it shows breifly what they're capable of. The Old Kingdom Chronicles (consisting of Sabriel, Liraell, Abhorsen, Nicolas Sayre and the Creature in the Case and the upcoming Clariel) is a series wwritten by Garth Nix. It's a fairly powerful/hax verse, with the top tiers being at least casual lifewipers. It's been a while since I read the series, so I looked over the books again a bit (as well as looking at Wikipedia/wikis) for feats/important events that happened. No doubt there's still alot I'm missing or got wrong. I'm hoping others will have more to add (please?).

    • The Seven Bells of the Abhorsen grant different powers over death. From raising and controlling the dead, returning their memories to them and so on. The most powerful bell, Astarael, sends everything that hears it and its ringer into death.
    • There are 9 gates of Death. The spirits of the dead are meant to pass through all 9 gates to whatever lies beyond. However, often the dead escape. This ranges from weak wisps to zombies to powerful demons. The further a gate something comes back from, the stronger it is. There is no return beyond the 9th gate. Greater Undead, necromancers and Abhorsens can banish undead through all 9 gates.
    • Mogget, appears to be an ordinary white talking cat. But when you take his colar off, he transforms into a terrifying berserker demon. Swords not only go straight through him, but melt due to his extreme heat. He is actually Yrael, one of the Nine Bright Shiners. As punishment for not helping seal away Orannis, he was trapped in that form (he can also take the form of a small man). His goal is to kill the Abhorsen, for locking him away long ago. However it is possible for an Abhorsen to control Mogget/Yrael in their released form (to defeat Kerrigor long ago, to bind Orranis).
    • Seven of the Nine Bright Shiners also reside in every bell and pipe in existance.
    • Tech levels are around WWI era Earth (I think).
    • Needless to say, soulf**k is a normal thing to do in this verse.
    • Orannis is the strongest character in the series. He is at least a lifewiper, and has killed all life on at least 6 planets. It took 7 of the other 9 to trap Orannis in the end. Orannis possessed Nicolas Sayre and was shown to be able to control the dead.
    • Necromancers use Free Magic (magic not controlled by the Charter) to control the dead and live for ages in order to escape death. They can resurrect the dead as their servants (Dead Hands) and summon powerful Greater Undead (Hish). They can be hard to kill permanently, and often have to be sealed away or banished into death (where they can return, like Kerrigor did). A way to permanently kill a necromancer is to make them look at the 9th Gate (Hedge).
    • The Abhorsens have many powers other than their bells, such as transforming into a an animal (eg. a giant owl) and knowledge of the Undead.
    • The Greater Undead has powerful creatures such as Stilken, Mordicants, Hrule that can cross between life and death. Many of these creatures can't be killed, and have to be trapped in certain metals or banished (for instance, the Hrule had no problem dealing with fire and bullets, but was sealed away again by, of all things, getting stabbed by a thorn).
    • Notable characters include Sabriel, Lirael, Mogget, Orannis, Hedge, Kerrigor, Nicolas Sayre, Samath, Touchstone, the other Seven Bright Shiners, the Hrule, the Dirasputable Dog and Chlorr of the Mask.

    Also written by Garth Nix is the Keys to the Kingdom. It's easily more powerful and more hax than The Old Kingdom Chronicles.

    • The series is set between the House and the Outer Realms as well as many other dimensions. The House is said to be the Nexus of existance, and the Outer Realms consist of at least one mortal universe. The inhabitants of the House are Immortal, immune to all sickness, but they can be killed (with difficulty, as cutting them apart won't kill them). Each part of the House is a different dimension. Outside this lies Nothing.
    • The Nothing is a liquid-like substance that exists outside existance. From it anything can be created, and from it anything can be destroyed. Existance was made from Nothing by the Old Architect. Beings created from Nothing are called Nithlings.
    • The Will to existance was split between 7 Trusties. Each part of the will is embodied by a different creature. Each of the trusties represent a different day of the week, as well as a ddifferent deadly sin. The 7 Trusties range in power, Drowned Wednesday being country level from sheer size and Lord Sunday being Universal+.
    • One part of the House is the Border Seas, which is an immesibly large ocean in which resides a 120km long whale. Inside the whale (Drowned Wednesday) is a Worldlet (or pocket universe) ruled by pirates. The Worldet is destroyed when the pirate master Feverfew is killed.
    • Techlevel outside the House is modern day Earth.
    • Many of the different parts of the Will are guarded in extreme ways. The second part of the Will is guarded by the Mariner in the heart of a star and the 5th part of the Will was split into a million pieces and put into countless different raindrops.
    • There are several characters/beings in the series who are at least Universal+; the Old Architect, Nothing, Lord Sunday and the New Architect.. The Old Architect created the Universe and the House originally; Lord Sunday holds the final key, which grants paramount power over all creation; the Nothing destroyed the Gardens and the Outer Realms in an instant, and the new Architect recreated existance. The Piper was thrown out of existance and created his own universe out of Nothing as well as an army of Nithlings (it's unknown how big the universe of his was), so possibly him too.
    • As well as space, the inhabitants of the house can mess with time too. The Improbable Stairs exist everywhere there is something to exist, going from modern times back to dinosaurs to other planets. The first part of the Will was originally locked on the surface of a dying star at the end of time.
    • Notable characters include Arthur, the Architect, Mister Monday, Nothing, Grim Tuesday, The Mariner, Drowned Wednesday, Captain Feverfew, Sir Tursday, The Piper, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday.

  15. Here is a tier list of Earthbound & Mother characters.

    • The Dark Dragon
    • Giygas (Earthbound)
    • Pokey Minch (Mother 3)

    • The Masked Man
    • Paula
    • Ness
    • Pokey Minch (Earthbound)
    • Lucas
    • Kumatora
    • Poo
    • Final Starman (power-scaling)
    • Starman Deluxe (power-scaling)

    • Giygas (Mother 1)
    • Maria
    • R7038XX
    • EVE
    • Starman
    • Ana
    • Ninten
    • Blue Starman

    Bottom Tier
    • The Sanctuary Guardians
    • The Kraken of the Seas
    • Duster
    • Jeff
    • Boney
    • Loid
    • Starman Junior
    • Buzz Buzz
    • Flint