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  1. 4:23

    Meteo calls down a swarm of meteors by disrupting the balance of space. Unfortunately, upsetting the balance of space can't really be calced. Fortunately, calling down meteors can be. The Thermosphere, the highest part of the Earths atmosphere, is 375 miles (603.50400km) away at it's furthest.

    4.28 seconds.

    T = 603.50400km/4.28s
    = 141005.607/340.29
    = Mach 414.368941

    Now for a high end of the Asteroid Belt. The Asteroid Belt is 179,500,000km from the Earth.

    T = 179,500,000km/4.28s
    = 4.19392523e10/299792458
    = 139.894287 C

    Final Results
    Meteo's speed (low end) = Mach 414.369
    Meteo's speed (high end) = 139.894 C

  2. Eson the Searcher (using the Power Stone) destroys a planets surface (at least). Not only do we see everyone and everything getting pulverized, but the shot also seems to show the landmasses getting pushed back too as this happens. Assuming the planet is Earth-sized (12756.2km in diameter, or 12756200m, with a radius of 6378100m).

    Timeframe is 3.14 seconds.

    197 pixels = 12756200m
    1 pixel = 12756200m/197 = 64752.2843m
    64752.2843m X 2 = 129504.569m

    Now we need the area of the surface.

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6378100^3
    = 1.08683241e21m^3

    R = 6378100m - 129504.569m
    = 6248595.43m

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6248595.43^3
    = 1.02196455e21m^3

    V = 1.08683241e21 - 1.02196455e21
    = 6.486786e19m^3

    Pulverization of rock is 200000000 joules/m^3.

    E = 6.486786e19 X 200000000
    = 1.2973572e28 joules

    We'll save that for now to add on at the end. Next, for the kinetic energy of blowing the surface back. The average density of the Earth is 5514kg/m^3.

    M = 6.486786e19 X 5514
    = 3.5768138e23kg

    Next for the speed. It travels half the planets circumference in the time seen. Circumference of the Earth is 40075km, half of which is 20037.5km.

    T = 20037.5km/3.14s
    = 6381369.43m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 3.5768138e23 X 6381369.43^2
    = 7.28272837e36 joules
    = 1.74061385516 ninatons

    Final Results
    Eson the Searcher raizes a planet = 1.741 ninatons

    Scales to Thanos with the Power Stone.

  3. 2:24

    When Dr strange is flung across the multiverse, we see Dormammu consuming a planet in seconds. We'll go with a low end of the Moon (3474.8km) and a high end of the Earth (12756.2km in diameter).

    Timeframe is 2.18 seconds.

    (Low end)
    65 pixels = 3474.8km
    1 pixel = 3474.8km/65 = 53.4584615km
    53.4584615km X 12 = 641.501538km

    119 pixels = 3474.8km
    1 pixel = 3474.8km/119 = 29.2km
    29.2km X 70 = 2044km

    T = 2044km/2.18s
    = 937614.679/340.29
    = Mach 2755.34009

    (High end)
    65 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/65 = 196.249231km
    196.249231km X 12 = 2354.99077km

    119 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/119 = 107.194958km
    107.194958km X 70 = 7503.64706km

    T = 7503.64706km/2.18s
    = 3442039.94/340.29
    = Mach 10115.0194

    Final Results

    Dormammu consumes planet (low end) = Mach 2755.340
    Dormammu consumes planet (high end) = Mach 10115.019
  4. At long last, the Final Fantasy Ultimania: Archive 1 is mine! It contains information on Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V and VI. I haven't played I or II, so my main focus was on the rest of them. It has some nice information in it too...

    Final Fantasy I
    The plot of Final Fantasy, which in there is a 2000 year timeloop.

    Information on the Warriors of Light.

    Spell descriptions. Notably, Stop stopping time, Flare being atomic, Warp banishing foes to another dimension and Earthquake causing earthquakes.

    Final Fantasy II
    Enemies in Final Fantasy II. The Hill Gigas is over 6m tall.

    Final Fantasy III
    The story of Final Fantasy III, which mentions the worlds of light and darkness.

    Information on Xande, and how he perverted the Earth Crystals power to cause earthquakes.

    A description of enemies prior to the game, which mentions the Crystals have boundless power.

    Final Fantasy IV
    The Giant of Babil came down through an interdimensional elevator and has the power to raze the world.

    The design documents, which (among other things) mention FuSoYa creating the moon, Zemus's mantle containing space and stars and the Lunar Whale being able to travel between the Earth and the moon in an instant.

    Final Fantasy V
    The story of Final Fantasy V, which mentions the interdimensional rift between worlds, further backing up that world means universe in the context of FFV.

    Information on Exdeath, and how he merged the two worlds together.

    Neo Exdeath is refered to as the Space-Warping Master of all dimensions, and his quote about the laws of the Universe meaning nothing is quoted.

    Information on characters and monsters in FFV, including Atomos having a blackhole & dimension inside him and Twintania being made of all lifeforms.

    Final Fantasy VI
    The story of Final Fantasy VI, and how the power of the Triad/Kefka threatened the existence of the world itself.

    Information on Terra, including her blood-type and starsign. Also, it's noted that Kefka remade reality.

    Biggs and Wedge were annhililated by Tricotch (which is different from what one magazine interview said, on how they ended up in Chrono Trigger).

    Information on the Ghosts and the demon in Owzers mansion.

    Quotes of Kefka, including a mention to the power of the Warring Triad being immeasurable.

    Information on the Warring Triad.

    Information on Kefka as the God of Magic, and confirmation that he controls all reality.

    The power of Crusader is indeed that of the Warring Triad.

    This is an officially licenced work from Square Enix, containing material from Squaresoft.

    Hero quotes.

    Villain quotes.

    There's a lot more, which I'll probably upload over time. Anything you'd wish for me to look for? Just shout out.

  5. 2:08

    The Sartans destroy the world, and split it into 4 smaller worlds. Diameter of the Earth is 12756.2km and it's mass is 5.97219e24kg.

    Timeframe is 1.6 seconds.

    99 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/99 = 128.850505km
    128.850505km X 267 = 34403.0848km

    T = 34403.0848km/1.6s
    = 21501928 m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 5.97219e24 X 21501928^2
    = 1.38056998e39 joules
    = 329.964144359 ninatons

    Final Results
    Sartans sunder the Earth = 329.964 ninatons
  6. It's about time I did more cosmology masterposts. So let's get going with Discworld! This doesn't have everything, sorry, but it has as much as I could gather, and I may expand it in the future.

    Cosmology size
    Discworlds cosmology is massive, with infinite levels of infinity in "the" multiverse. Infinite more are created every infinitely short instance form every point. The multiverse is just a tiny part of an even bigger multiverse, and so is that to an even bigger one, up and down forever.
    Having used Discworld to describe this scientiffic/mathematical/philosophical issue, it then goes deeper into said issue.
    It directly invokes Cantors Law.
    There are also worlds within worlds, as seen by Time.
    Everything in context to "the" multiverse refers to all possible universes and realities, including alternate laws of physics.
    Not only that, but there are other multiverses too.
    These multiverses are made by different Creators (for reference, this conversation takes place at the dawn of the Universe).
    All stories, dreams and myths are made real somewhere in "the" multiverse.
    In comparison to the Universe, the Dungeon Dimensions are like a ocean to a candle.
    The Creators and the cycle of "the" Universe
    The Creators are incredibly powerful beings who create entire universes and multiverses, including the laws of physics.
    Creators exist independently of belief (this is an important aspect of the Discworld multiverse).
    Even with lesser Creators who choose to only create a single world, they then go on to create all alternate versions of this world.
    This not only includes the world, but the entire universe that goes with it.
    Nation (which while not a Discworld book, is part of "the" multiverse) has a being called Imo do likewise; creating a universe than all possible universes to follow.
    It's also noted that Locaha (Death, the same as in Discworlds universe) is a part of Imo, as is all his creation.
    Eventually, the universes end and fade into nothing or collapse on themselves. Then the Creators return to make another set of universes. The foot note notes that there are various ways of creating a universe, such as gradual creation or a Big Bang. Various Creators favor different ways. It's noted that not even infinity exists anymore after the end of the Universe.
    Even oblivion itself will end one day.
    This has happened before, and it's noted that the Creator of Discworld can perceive events in picoseconds.
    On the above, it's also noted that the Big Bang could be called a bit of music. This is consistent with all acts of Creation seen in Discworld. The Big Bang was created by the Spirit of Rock.
    Other references to this.
    The music also sustains reality. The Spirit of Music with Rocks in also says Death cannot kill it.
    Anthropomorphic Personifications
    Anthropomorphic Personifications (APs for short) are the embodiments of various aspects of reality and nature. Some of them exist independently of belief (or really, they're affected but just shaped by it), while others are sustained by it. The greatest APs exist all across the multiverse.
    This last one also confirms Good Omens is part of the Discworld multiverse, with the same Death, War, Famine and
    On a similar note, Nation is also connected to the Discworld multiverse, as Locaha is Death.
    The humanoid form that an AP takes is not their true form. For example, Death is the shadow of creation, and it cannot exist without him (note also he calls himself Azrael; this will be of importance later).
    Kaos/Chaos also sheds "his" form, becoming a great cloud-like being. As this happens, Chaos says how the rules don't apply to him, and how he's a fundamental part of how the Universe works.
    Time is a sequence of events. That is to say, "she" destroys and remakes the entire Universe in the shortest possible unit of time, and stores copies away.
    Time splits into alternate timelines, each of which are other universes (created by the Creators).
    Certain APs like Time exist beyond Death, while others don't.
    The APs (as well as other beings like gods and demons) exist both in and outside the laws of physics.
    Infact, Time finds it hard to exist in linear time.
    APs can create aspects of themselves, like the Death of Rats.
    Kaos/Chaos existed before the Universe had even begun.
    It's noted that certain gods are actually APs.
    Gods & demons
    Gods are beings who are sustained by belief (not worship, as Small Gods makes a point of). The more believers they have, the more power.
    Believing in the concept associated with a god can also empower them. Like the Sea Queen who is empowered by belief in the oceans.
    Gods and demons exist outside of time (and likely the other laws of physics, as APs do) and view it all at the same time, but they can't always perceive everything.
    On top of this, gods can create time.
    The most powerful gods are Fate and Luck, who embody Fate and Luck and are known across the entire multiverse, thus drawing power from infinite believers.
    Gods and goddesses can change their form at their will, but not their eyes, which reflect their true nature. Fates eyes are twin infinite abysses that draw anyone who gazes into them within (note Fate is refered to here as an AP).
    Although gods can be reaped (when they run out of believers), they can never truly die; just become a small god again.
    Demons can travel through time (from its end to its start), and demons like Astfgl have wings made of shaped space and magnetism.
    When a demon is killed, they can return, though it takes them centuries to form a new form.
    Demons can enter peoples minds and their dreams.
    Greater demons can teleport people across time and space.
    Belief, narrativium, Magic vs Reality & the Auditors
    Belief is what "creates" and sustains entities like gods (although they've previously existed as small gods), as well as shaping the nature of APs.
    Narrativium is adding a story upon the Universe. In some examples this is metaphorical, in others (like on Discworld) this is literal. This also demonstrates why believing is so important in Discworld
    Magic is malleable and relies on belief, while reality is certain and does not. Thus too much magic in one area can weaken the barriers of the world, which could allow Things from the Dungeon Dimensions to enter the Universe and destroy it.
    It's the job of the Auditors to keep reality in check and govern the laws of physics. They embody concepts with no notable personality traits, like gravity. They also abhor life and belief it to be a hinderance to the multiverse, but aren't allowed to wipe them out (by, for example, increasing gravity a millionfold). So they try and find loopholes to exploit.
    The Auditors have more power in some universes than others, like how they have more power in this universe than in Discworld.
    The Eight Old High Ones
    The Eight Old High Ones are beings of unimaginable power, and the most powerful entities in all existence. Only one of them are known, that being Azrael. They exist in a place where time has no meaning. Death is but an aspect of Azrael.
    Azrael owns the clock that tells Time what Time is, and from which all time flows (and Time too may be an aspect of Azrael).
    Azrael is the Beginning and the End of Time and the Death of the Whole Multiverse, and remembers when Everything ends, when it will be again. His physical form is so vast that it dwarves galaxies. Death who is the shadow of creation and reaps all life in "the" multiverse, is but a little death in comparison.
    Azrael and the Eight Old High Ones sustain Everything and allow it to happen by believing in it.

    Now to sum up with the short version...
    • The Discworld Multiverse consists of not only infinite universes, but infinite levels of infinity and worlds within worlds, with infinite more universes being created all the time at every possible moment from every possible point
    • This includes all possible universes, from different outcomes of events to alternating laws of physics, all of fiction and the real world
    • The Dungeon Dimensions are even bigger than the main multiverse
    • There is not just one multiverse, but many, each with an infinite series of sub-multiverses, each infinitely bigger than the next
    • These universes and multiverses are created by beings called the Creators, who exists independently of belief and can create entire universes, including their laws of physics
    • Creators often go on to create all possible alternate universes for the universe or world they created, which can also exist as part of them, as can conceptual entities
    • Creators create and sustain their worlds with music
    • The universes are created, and are eventually destroyed
    • Anthropomorphic Personifications (or APs) are the embodiments of the laws of nature; the most powerful ones exist across "the" entire multiverse
    • Although not all APs are empowered by belief, all of them are shaped by it, and what people believe a concept such as theirs would be like
    • The humanoid form of an AP is just an avatar, and their true form is far more abstract (for example, Death exists as the shadow of Creation, and it cannot exist without him)
    • Gods are beings empowered by belief, and some gods are APs, the most powerful of which have infinite believers across the multiverse
    • APs and Gods exist both inside and outside the rules of reality, and can have reality effect them only how they desire it to; infact, they can create and kill their own rules of nature, like time
    • Time destroys and remakes the entire universe (and likely all universes "she" exists in, that being all of them) in the shortest possible unit of time (either a planck instance or infinitely short)
    • APs are omnipresent
    • Reality and magic are two opposing forces; reality is governed by the Auditors, magic by narrativium and the gods
    • Magic can weaken the barriers of reality, which could allow Things from the Dungeon Dimensions to get in
    • All of the above is sustained by the Eight Old High Ones, and beings like Death and Time are but tiny aspects of them

  7. 0:50

    Genie turns into the Moon and laughs, rocking it considerably. Mass of the Moon is 7.34767309e22kg and it's diameter is 3474.8km.

    Timeframe is 0.18 seconds.

    213 pixels = 3474.8km
    1 pixel = 3474.8km/213 = 16.313615km
    16.313615km X 30 = 489.40845km
    16.313615km X 43 = 701.485445km
    701.485445km - 489.40845km = 212.076995km

    T = 212.076995km/0.18s
    = 1178205.53m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 7.34767309e22 X 1178205.53^2
    = 5.09990332e34 joules
    = 12.1890614723 yottatons

    Final Results
    Genie laughs = 12.189 yottatons
  8. Spoiler:

    A tripod falls to Earth and creates a crater. A quick search reveals a ute to be 1497mm tall, or 1.497m.

    106 pixels = 1.497m
    1 pixel = 1.497m/106 = 0.0141226415m
    0.0141226415m X 550 = 7.76745282m
    0.0141226415m X 761 = 10.7473302m
    10.7473302m/2 = 5.3736651m

    52 pixels = 7.76745282m
    1 pixel = 7.76745282m/52 = 0.149374093m
    0.149374093m X 189 = 28.2317036m
    28.2317036m/2 = 14.1158518m

    Volume as half an ellipsoid.

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 14.1158518 X 5.3736651 X 10.7473302
    = 3414.8127/2
    = 1707.40635m^3

    Violent fragmentation of rock is 69000000 joules/m^3.

    E = 1707.40635 X 69000000
    = 117811038150 joules
    = 28.1575138981836 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Tripod falls to Earth = 28.158 tons of TNT
  9. Calc request for @Kaaant , and another high end of a calc that ChaosTheory123 did.

    The high end has the destruction of Coruscant light up the galaxy, and is visible from the Outer Rim. The Star Wars galaxy is 100,000 lightyears (9.46073e+20m) in diameter.

    877 pixels = 9.46073e+20m
    1 pixel = 9.46073e+20m/877 = 1.07876055e18m
    1.07876055e18m X 351 = 3.78644953e20m

    It's noted to be very bright and a beacon, so let's assume it has a lux comparable to the full Moon (0.3 lux).

    L = -2.5 log I - 14.2
    = -2.5 log 0.3 - 14.2
    = -12.8928031

    -12.8928031 = -26.73 - 2.5log((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/(3.78644953e20))^2)

    Going through that formula step by step...

    (146000000000/(3.78644953e20))^2) = 1.48676171e-19
    -12.8928031 - -26.73 = 1.48676171e-19/((L/3.846*10^26)
    13.8371969 = -2.5Log(1.48676171e-19/((L/3.846*10^26))
    13.8371969/-2.5 = (1.48676171e-19/((L/3.846*10^26))
    10^(-5.53487876) = (1.48676171e-19/((L/3.846*10^26))
    2.91824157e-6 = (1.48676171e-19/((L/3.846*10^26))
    2.91824157e-6 X (3.864*10e26) = 1.48676171e-19
    1.12760854e22/1.48676171e-19 = 7.58432594e40 joules = 18.126974044 tenatons

    Final Results
    Infant of Shaa's power = 18.126 tenatons

  10. 0:50

    The Diamonds burst the Clusters bubble and an arm of it emerges to battle Yellow Diamonds ship. The Cluster is located in the core of the Earth...
    The radius of the Earth is 6378.1km (6378100m). Let's start off by getting the timeframe.

    9.98 seconds.

    T = 6378.1km/9.98s
    = 639088.176/340.29
    = Mach 1878.06922

    Let's also get the energy for the magma it would have to push aside to rise. The mantle is around 2900km thick. Previously I calced the gem temple to be 155.65514m tall.

    175 pixels = 155.65514m
    1 pixel = 155.65514m/175 = 0.889457943m
    0.889457943m X 230 = 204.575327m
    204.575327m/2 = 102.287663m

    Volume of the Clusters arm as a cylinder.

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 102.287663^2 X 6378100
    = 2.09646545e11m^3

    Now for the mass of the magma moved. Based on various densities of magma, rhyolite magma weighs between 2180 and 2250kg per m^3, which averages out at 2215kg per m^3.

    M = 2.09646545e11 X 2215
    = 4.64367097e14kg

    KE = (0.5) X 4.64367097e14 X 639088.176^2
    = 9.4831585e25 joules

    We'll save that for now. There's also the pat of the crust broken. Continental crust is between 35km to 40km thick, which gives an average of 37.5km (37500m).

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 102.287663^2 X 37500
    = 1.23261558e9m^3

    Fragmentation of rock is 8000000 joules/m^3.

    E = 1.23261558e9 X 8000000
    = 9.86092464e15 joules

    On top of that, we'll find the GPE of said arm (assuming it weighs as much as human flesh, which weighs 1010kg/m^3 and it's centre of gravity is in the middle (3189050m up).

    M = 2.09646545e11 X 1010
    = 2.1174301e14kg

    E = 3189050 X 9.807 X 2.1174301e14
    = 6.62226546e21 joules

    Now for our total energy.

    E = 9.4831585e25 + 9.86092464e15 + 6.62226546e21
    = 9.48382073e25 joules
    = 22.6668755497 petatons

    One more thing though; let's get the energy for the arm manifesting, as gems manifest through mass-energy conversion.
    Garnet: First you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body
    And yes, this scales to how strong they are.
    E = mc^2
    = 2.1174301e14 X 299792458^2
    = 1.90305127e31 joules
    = 4.54840169694 zettaton

    Final Results
    The Clusters arm emerges (speed) = Mach 1878.06922
    The Clusters arm emerges (energy) = 22.667 petatons
    The Clusters arm manifests = 4.548 zettatons

  11. 27:22

    The Time Demon breaks the timeloop of the Horologium Chamber (although Molly starts it again afterwards). This is done in a flash of light. This is important because the timeloop encompassed distant stars and constellations.

    The furthest of those stars is R Horologii, which is 1000 lightyears (5.393e+18m) away. It's a white out, so we'll be going with the luminousity of the Sun (lux 100,000).

    L = -2.5 log I - 14.2
    = -2.5 log 32,000 - 14.2
    = -25.4628749

    --25.4628749 = -26.73 - 2.5log((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/(9.461e+18m))^2)

    Once again, going to go through this step by step...

    (146000000000/(9.461e+18))^2) = 2.38139604e-16
    -25.4628749 - -26.73 = 2.38139604e-16/((L/3.846*10^26)
    1.2671251 = -2.5Log(2.38139604e-16/((L/3.846*10^26))
    1.2671251/-2.5 = (2.38139604e-16/((L/3.846*10^26))
    10^(-0.50685004) = (2.38139604e-16/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.311279098 = (2.38139604e-16/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.311279098 X (3.864*10e26) = 2.38139604e-16
    1.20278243e27/2.38139604e-16 = 5.05074507e42 joules

    Now for the timeframe.

    5.38 seconds.

    E = 5.05074507e42 X 5.38
    = 2.71730085e43 joules
    = 6.4945048996175909042 tenakilotons

    And that's just the illumination. Fixing the flow of time would be even greater. Finally, let's also find the speed.

    T = 5.393e+18m/5.38s
    = 1.00241636e18/299792458
    = 3343701060 C

    Final Results
    Time Demon breaks timeloop (energy) = 6.495 tenakilotons
    Time Demon breaks timeloop (speed) = 3343701060 C

  12. 3:03


    Earlier in the video at 1:56.



    Claudia's causes a 3rd Destroy Finale and covers the world in light, turning everyone into Inferno Cop. The screen whites out and Inferno Cop notes how bright it is, and it covers the planet, so this should be pretty straight forward. The Sun has a lux of 100,000 and the Earth as a diameter of 12756.2km (12756200m).

    L = -2.5 log I - 14.2
    = -2.5 log 32,000 - 14.2
    = -25.4628749

    --25.4628749 = -26.73 - 2.5log((L/3.846*10^26)(146000000000/(12756200))^2)

    We'll go through this step by step...

    146000000000/(384400000))^2) = 130997519
    -25.4628749 - -26.73 = 130997519/((L/3.846*10^26)
    1.2671251 = -2.5Log(130997519/((L/3.846*10^26))
    1.2671251/-2.5 = (130997519/((L/3.846*10^26))
    10^(-0.50685004) = (130997519/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.311279098 = (130997519/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.311279098 X (3.864*10e26) = 130997519
    1.20278243e27/130997519 = 9.18171916e18 joules

    Next to find the duration.

    5.8 seconds.

    E = 9.18171916e18 X 5.8
    = 5.32539711e19 joules
    = 12.728004565 gigatons

    Let's also get the speed.

    T = 12756200m/5.8s
    = 2199344.83/340.29
    = Mach 6463.14858

    Final Results
    3rd Destroy Finale (energy) = 12.728 gigatons
    3rd Destroy Finale (speed) = Mach 6463.149
  13. Grannyweatherwax blasts a cart from half a mile away. Half a mile is equal to 804.67200m. Assuming a timeframe of 1 second.
    T = 804.67200m/1s
    = 804.67200/340.29
    = Mach 2.36466543

    Final Results

    Granny Weatherwax blasts cart = Mach 2.365
  14. Calc request for @MusubiKazesaru .

    Pikachu knocks some wood blocks up into the air, then darts around them before they can land. We'll need to calculate the hangtime. Aegishield is 1.7m tall.

    = 2*atan(14/(358/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.0370538944 rad
    = 2.123031763648702164 degrees

    Using the angscaler, we can determine that Aegisword is 45.874m away. This is the method we'll be using to find the hangtime of the wood.
    You can calculate your hang time with the help of a mathematical formula. First, measure the height of your jump in meters and multiply that value by 2. For example, if you jump 1 meter, when you multiply it by 2, you get 2 meters. Then, divide this value by the constant value for acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.8 meters squared. If you had previously calculated a value of 2 meters, when you divide that value by 9.8 meters squared, or 96.04, you get 0.0208. Next, take the square root of that value, which will you give you half of your hang time, measured in seconds. For example, if you had calculated 0.0208, the square root would give you 0.1442 seconds. Lastly, multiply this value by 2 to get your hang time in seconds. If you had previously calculated 0.1442, for example, your hang time would be 0.2884 seconds.

    T = 45.87 X 2
    = 91.74/2
    = 45.87/9.8^2
    = √0.477613494
    = 0.691095865s

    That's the span of time the wood would hang in the air for.Next for the timeframe.

    48 seconds. Pikachu and Aegisshield dart around quite a bit up there, so I'll just go with Aegishields jump.

    T = 0.691095865s/48s
    = 0.0143978305s
    = 45.87m/0.0143978305s
    = 3185.89665/340.29
    = Mach 9.36229877

    Final Results
    Pikachu & Aegissword fight in the air = Mach 9.362
  15. Unfortunately, Totally Not A Cat deleted his blogs, including his calc of this feat. So we'll have to redo it.


    The Gem Pyramid explodes, and Steven tanks it at point blank, without even letting go of the source of the explosion. Lot's of scaling here, so let's begin...
    First let's get the dimensions of the pyramid. Going with the average height of a woman for Pearl, that being 161.8cm (1.618m).

    59 pixels = 1.618m
    1 pixel = 1.618m/59 = 0.0274237288m
    0.0274237288m X 12 = 0.329084746m

    12 pixels = 0.329084746m
    1 pixel = 0.329084746m/12 = 0.0274237288m
    0.0274237288m X 116 = 3.18115254m

    52 pixels = 3.18115254m
    1 pixel = 3.18115254m/52 = 0.0611760104m
    0.0611760104m X 174 = 10.6446258m
    0.0611760104m X 296 = 18.1080991m

    292 pixels = 3.18115254m
    1 pixel = 3.18115254m/292 = 0.010894358m
    0.010894358m X 23 = 0.250570234m

    = 2*atan(18/(359/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.0475045183 rad
    = 2.721808406398736224 degrees

    Enter that through the angscaler and we get a distance of 66.953m.
    = 2*atan(292/(359/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.735691513 rad
    = 42.152018718598498 degrees

    That's a distance of 4.1272m.

    H = 66.953m - 4.1272m
    = 62.8258m

    While we're at it, let's get the volume of that cylindrical part.

    R = 3.18115254m/2
    = 1.59057627m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 1.59057627^2 X 62.8258
    = 499.340622m^3

    R = 1.59057627m + 0.250570234m
    = 1.8411465m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 1.8411465^2 X 62.8258
    = 669.059272m^3

    V = 669.059272 - 499.340622
    = 169.71865m^3

    Back to the height...

    70 pixels = 0.329084746m
    1 pixel = 0.329084746m/70 = 0.00470121066m
    0.00470121066m X 122 = 0.573547701m

    = 2*atan(16/(314/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.0482774716 rad
    = 2.766095368249555708 degrees

    We have us a distance of 11.878m. Now let's get our total height.

    H = 10.6446258m + 66.953m + 11.878m
    = 89.4756258m

    13 pixels = 0.329084746m
    1 pixel = 0.329084746m/13 = 0.0253142112m
    0.0253142112m X 266 = 6.73358018m

    Now for the width.

    30 pixels = 6.73358018m
    1 pixel = 6.73358018m/30 = 0.224452673m
    0.224452673m X 38 = 8.52920157m
    = 2*atan(30/(360/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.07892812 rad
    = 4.5222481609133212 degrees

    The gate is 85.269m away. Keep in mind this is the middle of the pyramid, so ultimately it would be even wider. Next up for the thickness of the walls.

    35 pixels = 0.329084746m
    1 pixel = 0.329084746m/35 = 0.00940242131m
    0.00940242131m X 38 = 0.35729201m
    0.00940242131m X 660 = 6.20559806m

    As a bonus, we'll get the energy for Garnet shattering the floor.

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 6.20559806^2 X 0.35729201
    = 43.2255435m^3

    Fragmentation of rock is 8000000 joules/m^3.

    E = 43.2255435 X 8000000
    = 345804348 joules
    = 0.0826492227533 tons of TNT

    Not her best feat obviously, but it's nice. Now onto the big stuff again.

    There are at least 7 training rooms like the one scaled above, so we'll get the volume of one and times it by 7.

    V = lhw
    = 8.52920157 X 8.52920157 X 85.269
    = 6203.08777m^3

    W = 8.52920157 + 0.35729201
    = 8.88649358m

    L = 85.269 + 0.35729201
    = 85.626292m

    V = lhw
    = 8.88649358 X 8.88649358 X 85.626292
    = 6761.88843m^3

    V = 6761.88843 - 6203.08777
    = 558.80066 X 7
    = 3911.60462m^3

    Now for the pyramid itself.

    278 pixels = 89.4756258m
    1 pixel = 89.4756258m/278 = 0.321854769m
    0.321854769m X 356 = 114.580298m

    Volume as a square pyramid.

    A = lw
    = 114.580298 X 114.580298
    = 13128.6447m^2

    V = a^2(h/3)
    = 114.580298^2 X (89.4756258/3)
    = 391564.567m^3

    L = 114.580298m + 0.35729201m
    = 114.93759m

    H = 89.4756258m + 0.35729201m
    = 89.8329178m

    V = a^2(h/3)
    = 114.93759^2 X (89.8329178/3)
    = 395583.733m^3

    V = 395583.733 - 391564.567
    = 4019.166m^3

    Almost done; we just need our total volume.

    V = 169.71865 + 3911.60462 + 4019.166
    = 8100.48927m^3

    Violent fragmentation of rock is 69000000 joules/m^3.

    E = 8100.48927 X 69000000
    = 558933759630 joules
    = 133.588374673 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Garnet shatters floor = 0.083 tons of TNT
    Gem Pyramid explodes = >133.588 tons of TNT

    That's about a tenth of what TNAC got for this, but it's still impressive, and given that the pyramid was filled with a bunch more stuff, it would be ultimately even higher.