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  1. Calc request for @NightmareCinema & @Unlosing Ranger .


    Ocelot reacts to and blocks Volgin's electricity. Ocelot is 182cm tall.

    334 pixels = 182cm
    1 pixel = 182cm/334 = 0.54491018cm
    0.54491018cm X 57 = 31.0598803cm (0.310598803m)
    0.54491018cm X 102 = 55.5808384cm (0.555808384m)

    = 2*atan(19/(423/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.042558491 rad
    = 2.43842191675154707 degrees

    Enter those values through the angscaler, and Ocelot is 7.2971m away. We'll go with a low end of the speed of lightning (97536m/s) and a high end ofThe speed of electricity is between 50% to 99% of light.

    (Low end)
    T = 7.2971m/97536m
    = 7.48144275e-5m/s

    Now, how fast can Ocelot move his arm?

    T = 7.2971 X 1s
    = 0.555808384m/7.48144275e-5m X 1s
    = 7429.16042/340.29
    = Mach 21.8318505

    (Mid end)

    T = 299792458 X 50/100
    = 149896229m/s

    T = 7.2971m/149896229m X 1s
    = 48.6810112 nanoseconds

    T = 0.555808384m/48.6810112ns
    = 11417354.9/340.29
    = Mach 33551.8378

    (High End)
    T = 299792458 X 99/100
    = 296794533m/s

    T = 7.2971m/296794533m X 1s
    = 24.5863693 nanoseconds

    T = 0.555808384m/24.5863693ns
    = 22606362.8/340.29
    = Mach 66432.6392

    Final Results
    Ocelot reacts to Volgin's lightning (low end) = Mach 21.832
    Ocelot reacts to Volgin's lightning (mid end) = Mach 33551.838
    Ocelot reacts to Volgin's lightning (high end) Mach 66432.639
  2. Calc request from @John Wayne . Obviously, this is the movie version.


    Voldemort lights up the clouds with the Elder Wand. Not entirely sure how to go around this, but I'll do my best. First off, the speed. Voldemort is played by Ralph Fiennes, who is 1.8m tall.

    41 pixels = 1.8m
    1 pixel = 1.8m/41 = 0.043902439m
    0.043902439m X 291 = 12.7756097m

    71 pixels = 12.7756097m
    1 pixel = 12.7756097m/71 = 0.179938165m
    0.179938165m X 272 = 48.9431809m
    0.179938165m X 1280 = 230.320851m


    2.96 seconds.

    T = 48.9431809m/2.96s
    = 16.5348584m/s

    Well, that's...quite pitiful. However, earlier we see these clouds above the hills in the distance...

    ..So a high end is likely justified. Going with cumulus clouds, which at their lowest are 550m off the ground, and at their highest are 2000m.

    (Mid end)
    T = 550m/2.96s
    = 185.810811m/s

    (High end)
    T = 2000m/2.96s
    = 675.675676/340.29
    = Mach 1.986

    Next for the energy. Volume as a cylinder. For the height, we'll go with a low thickness of cumulus clouds of 100m and a high end of 2000m (from here).

    (Low end)
    R = 230.320851m/2
    = 115.160426m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 115.160426^2 X 100
    = 4166356.21m^3

    Weight of air per m^3 is 1.003kg.

    M = 4166356.21 X 1.003
    = 4178855.28kg

    Now, how much energy does a storm cloud produce? This source here says it ranges from 1000 joules per m^3, to 5000 joules per m^3 in particularly rough storms.

    E = 4178855.28 X 1000
    = 4178855280 joules
    = 0.9987703824092 tons of TNT

    (High end)
    V = πr^2h
    = π X 115.160426^2 X 2000
    = 83327124.2m^3

    M = 83327124.2 X 1.003
    = 83577105.6kg

    E = 83577105.6 X 1000
    = 83577105600 joules
    = 19.975407648184 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Elder Wand charges clouds (speed - low end) = 16.535m/s
    Elder Wand charges clouds (speed - mid end) = 185.810811m/s
    Elder Wand charges clouds (speed - high end) = Mach 1.986
    Elder Wand charges clouds (energy - low end) = 0.999 tons of TNT
    Elder Wand charges clouds (energy - high end) = 19.975 tons of TNT

  3. 6:39 to 6:46
    Greg accidently blows up 90 ships (and a Mexican restaurant) in an explosion that's clearly visible from space. Diameter. of the Earth is 12756.2km.

    Timeframe is 21 frames (out of 25).

    T = 1s/25
    = 40ms X 21
    = 0.84s

    R = (h/2) + c^2/(8h)
    = (31/2) + 334^2/(31 X h)
    = 465.322581

    465.322581 X 2 = 930.645162 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/930.645162 = 13.7068353km
    13.7068353km X 14 = 191.895694km (191895.694m)
    191895.694m/2 = 95947.847m
    13.7068353km X 9 = 123.361518km (123361.518m)
    123361.518m/2 = 61680.759m
    13.7068353km X 4 = 54.8273412km (54827.3412m)
    54827.3412m/2 = 27413.6706m
    13.7068353km X 6 = 82.2410118km (82241.0118m)
    82241.0118m + 123361.518m = 205602.53m

    T = 205602.53m/0.84s
    = 244764.917m/s

    Volume of the top part as an ellipsoid, and the bottom part as a cylinder.

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 27413.6706^2 X 41120.5059
    = 9.70828913e13m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 95947.847 X 95947.847 X 61680.759
    = 2.37853084e15m^3

    V = 9.70828913e13 + 2.37853084e15
    = 2.47561373e15m^3

    Weight of air is 1.003kg/m^3.

    M = 2.47561373e15 X 1.003
    = 2.48304057e15kg

    E = (0.5) X 2.48304057e15 X 244764.917^2
    = 7.43793122e25 joules
    = 17.7770822658 petatons

    And that's just some fighter from the looks of it too.

    Final Results
    Greg accidently blows up fleet = 17.777 petatons
  4. The Discworld roleplaying game on some of the various concepts in Discworld. For starters, the probability of the existence of the Disc is low, and it can exist because it exists in a region of Highly Stressed Reality.
    The importance of story in the Discworld universe. This is due to the fundamental structure of the universe containing an element of story, quite literally.
    On the power of belief and metaphor, and how it can create and empower gods, shape APs and change the world.
    Continuing on, we have a part on narrative causality, the fundamental power of stories.
    Using making weakens the barriers of reality to let Things in from the Dungeon Dimensions, who can distort reality.
    And yes, Sir Terry Pratchett was involved in its creation.
  5. Calc request for @Imakarum Mirabilis .



    The Deus Revolt crashes, which start of game Fei survives. Thankfully, he also gave me a book scan for scaling, which will make the job much easier.

    It's 42km wide and weighs 27000000000 billion tons (27000000000000kg). That makes things much easier to scale.

    1017 pixels = 42 km
    1 pixel = 42km/1017 = 0.0412979351km
    0.0412979351km X 2449 = 101.138643km

    Now to the timescale.

    The timeframe is 2.46 seconds.

    12 pixels = 101.138643km
    1 pixel = 101.138643km/12 = 8.42822025km
    65 + 71 = 136
    8.42822025km X 136 = 1146.23795km

    T = 1146.23795km/2.46s
    = 465950.386m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 27000000000000 X 465950.386^2
    = 2.93098179e24 joules
    = 700.521460325 teratons

    Final Results
    Deus Revolt crashes = 700.521 teratons

  6. 1:00



    The Divine Dragon brings a blizzard that covers the land as far as the eye can see (from the top of a mountain), which vanishes when it's defeated. You can get the Yeti's Club from this location, and this is the same Yeti Akko met in Finland...

    ...so we can scale from there. We'll find the average height of mountains in Finland first.
    Ah = 1100m + 1130m + 1144m + 1150m + 1180m + 1239m + 1240m + 1280m + 1317m + 1324m
    = 12104m/10
    = 1210.4m

    That's the height of the mountain, which gives a horizon of 124.3km (124300m) away. Volume as a semisphere.

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 124300^3
    = 8.04455444e15/2
    = 4.02227722e15m^3

    Weight of air is 1.003kg per m^3.

    M = 4.02227722e15 X 1.003
    = 4.03434405e15kg

    Next for the average temperatures in Finland.
    We'll go with a high end of Summer and a low end of Winter. A brief search reveals a blizzard can reach −12 °C. That means a low end of 6 degrees difference and a high end of 23 degrees. Specific heat of air between 0 and -50 degrees celsius is 1.005 kilojoules.

    (Low end)
    E = 4.03434405e15 X 1005 X 6
    = 2.43270946e19 kilojoules
    = 2.43270946000000002e+22 joules

    Hold onto that for a bit longer. Let's also get the heat fusion of air/oxygen (13800 joules/kg).

    E = 4.03434405e15 X 13800
    = 5.56739479e19 joules

    Let's add them both together for our final results!

    E = 2.43270946000000002e+22 + 5.56739479e19
    = 2.43827685e22 joules
    = 5.82762153442 teratons

    (High end)
    E = 4.03434405e15 X 1005 X 23
    = 9.32538627e19 kilojoules
    = 9.32538627000000053e+22 joules

    E = 4.03434405e15 X 13800
    = 5.56739479e19 joules

    E = 9.32538627000000053e+22 + 5.56739479e19
    = 9.33095366e22 joules
    = 22.3015144837 teratons

    Final Results
    Divine Dragons power (low end) = 5.828 teratons
    Divine Dragons power (high end) = 22.302 teratons
  7. I've been looking for a way to calc the moon-shot blitz for ages, but could never find the mass of the LOADERS. Finally, I have something.


    A car is fired from the Hyperion moon-shot cannon and lands on Pandora in seconds. For a low end, we'll go with Saturns moon Mimas, which has a diameter of 396km and for a high end we'll go with Luna, which has a diameter of 3476.2km.

    Timeframe is 2.32 seconds.

    = 2*atan(62/(336/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.174416682 rad
    = 9.99333975530018392 degrees

    Enter that through the angscaler, and we get a distance of 2264.7km for the low end and a distance of 19880km for the high end. A quick search reveals that an average car weighs 4079 pounds, or 1850.203kg.

    (Low end)
    T = 2264.7km/2.32s
    = 976163.793/340.29
    = Mach 2868.62321

    KE = (0.5) X 1850.203 X 976163.793^2
    = 8.81525288e14 joules
    = 210.689600382 kilotons

    (High end)
    T = 19880km/2.32s
    = 8568965.52/340.29
    = Mach 25181.3615

    KE = (0.5) X 1850.203 X 8568965.52^2
    = 6.79275852e16 joules
    = 16.2350825048 megatons

    Finally, let's go with a super high end of the distance from the Earth to the Moon (384,400km).

    T = 384,400km/2.32s
    = 165689655/299792458 X 100
    = 55.2681199% C

    Enter that through the relativistic kinetic energy calculator and we have 3.323E+19 joules, or 7.94216061185 gigatons.

    Final Results
    Hyperion moonshot blitz (low end - speed) = Mach 2868.623
    Hyperion moonshot blitz (low end - energy) = 210.69 kilotons
    Hyperion moonshot blitz (mid end - speed) = Mach 25181.3615
    Hyperion moonshot blitz (mid end - energy) = 16.235 megatons
    Hyperion moonshot blitz (high end - speed) = 55.268% C
    Hyperion moonshot blitz (high end - energy) = 7.942 gigatons

    Scales to LOADERS and CONSTRUCTORS, who survive these shots with no shielding unscathed (Hell, a CONSTRUCTOR would weigh even more than a car), and from them to the Vault Hunters.

  8. 0:09

    PK Starstorm brings down a rain of stars onto the enemy, which both Poo and Kumatora can use. Super Smash Bros also supports this, although SSB4 says meteorites.
    So we'll go with a low end of meteorites and a high end of stars. The Asteroid Belt is 179,500,000km from the Earth and the nearest star to Earth is 4.3 lightyears away (4.06802721e16m).

    1.58 seconds.

    (Low end)
    T = 179,500,000km/1.58s
    = 1.13607595e11/299792458
    = 378.954146 C

    (High end)
    T = 4.06802721e16m/1.58s
    = 2.57470077e16/299792458
    = 85882773.3 C

    Final Results
    PK Starstorm (low end) = 378.954 C
    PK Starstorm (high end) = 85882773.3 C

  9. 2:25

    Dr Strange hides the Time Stone among the stars, which word of god confirms is legitimate. The closest star to Earth is 4.3 lightyears (4.06802721e16m) away.

    0.84 seconds.

    T = 4.13141275e16m/0.84s
    = 4.06802721e16/299792458
    = 135694782 C

    Final Results
    Dr Strance retrieves the Time Stone = 135694782 C
  10. I recall a few impressive feats from Hercules, so I may as well calc them.
    1. Planetary alignment


    The planets of the Solar System align, and a beam goes down them to the titans prison. Pluto is 7,500,000,000km away.

    1.32 seconds.

    T = 7,500,000,000km/1.32s
    = 5.68181818e12/299792458
    = 18952.5054 C

    2. Ruffling constellations


    Hercules flying by on Pegasus causes a constellations skirt to blow up. Given Hercules has some strange cosmology, we'll go with a low end of the stars being at the edge of the Solar System, and a high end of normal astrological distances. The closest star to Earth is 4.37 lightyears away (4.1343e+16m).

    0.29 seconds.

    (Low end)
    T = 7,500,000,000km/0.29s
    = 2.5862069e13/299792458
    = 86266.5765 C

    (High end)
    T = 4.1343e+16m/0.29s
    = 1.42562069e17/299792458
    = 475535876 C

    Final Results
    Planetary alignment = 18952.5054 C
    Hercules flies by Constellation (low end) = 86266.5765 C
    Hercules flies by Constellation (high end) = 475535876 C

  11. 4:23

    Meteo calls down a swarm of meteors by disrupting the balance of space. Unfortunately, upsetting the balance of space can't really be calced. Fortunately, calling down meteors can be. The Thermosphere, the highest part of the Earths atmosphere, is 375 miles (603.50400km) away at it's furthest.

    4.28 seconds.

    T = 603.50400km/4.28s
    = 141005.607/340.29
    = Mach 414.368941

    Now for a high end of the Asteroid Belt. The Asteroid Belt is 179,500,000km from the Earth.

    T = 179,500,000km/4.28s
    = 4.19392523e10/299792458
    = 139.894287 C

    Final Results
    Meteo's speed (low end) = Mach 414.369
    Meteo's speed (high end) = 139.894 C

  12. Eson the Searcher (using the Power Stone) destroys a planets surface (at least). Not only do we see everyone and everything getting pulverized, but the shot also seems to show the landmasses getting pushed back too as this happens. Assuming the planet is Earth-sized (12756.2km in diameter, or 12756200m, with a radius of 6378100m).

    Timeframe is 3.14 seconds.

    197 pixels = 12756200m
    1 pixel = 12756200m/197 = 64752.2843m
    64752.2843m X 2 = 129504.569m

    Now we need the area of the surface.

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6378100^3
    = 1.08683241e21m^3

    R = 6378100m - 129504.569m
    = 6248595.43m

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6248595.43^3
    = 1.02196455e21m^3

    V = 1.08683241e21 - 1.02196455e21
    = 6.486786e19m^3

    Pulverization of rock is 200000000 joules/m^3.

    E = 6.486786e19 X 200000000
    = 1.2973572e28 joules

    We'll save that for now to add on at the end. Next, for the kinetic energy of blowing the surface back. The average density of the Earth is 5514kg/m^3.

    M = 6.486786e19 X 5514
    = 3.5768138e23kg

    Next for the speed. It travels half the planets circumference in the time seen. Circumference of the Earth is 40075km, half of which is 20037.5km.

    T = 20037.5km/3.14s
    = 6381369.43m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 3.5768138e23 X 6381369.43^2
    = 7.28272837e36 joules
    = 1.74061385516 ninatons

    Final Results
    Eson the Searcher raizes a planet = 1.741 ninatons

    Scales to Thanos with the Power Stone.

  13. 2:24

    When Dr strange is flung across the multiverse, we see Dormammu consuming a planet in seconds. We'll go with a low end of the Moon (3474.8km) and a high end of the Earth (12756.2km in diameter).

    Timeframe is 2.18 seconds.

    (Low end)
    65 pixels = 3474.8km
    1 pixel = 3474.8km/65 = 53.4584615km
    53.4584615km X 12 = 641.501538km

    119 pixels = 3474.8km
    1 pixel = 3474.8km/119 = 29.2km
    29.2km X 70 = 2044km

    T = 2044km/2.18s
    = 937614.679/340.29
    = Mach 2755.34009

    (High end)
    65 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/65 = 196.249231km
    196.249231km X 12 = 2354.99077km

    119 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/119 = 107.194958km
    107.194958km X 70 = 7503.64706km

    T = 7503.64706km/2.18s
    = 3442039.94/340.29
    = Mach 10115.0194

    Final Results

    Dormammu consumes planet (low end) = Mach 2755.340
    Dormammu consumes planet (high end) = Mach 10115.019
  14. At long last, the Final Fantasy Ultimania: Archive 1 is mine! It contains information on Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V and VI. I haven't played I or II, so my main focus was on the rest of them. It has some nice information in it too...

    Final Fantasy I
    The plot of Final Fantasy, which in there is a 2000 year timeloop.

    Information on the Warriors of Light.

    Spell descriptions. Notably, Stop stopping time, Flare being atomic, Warp banishing foes to another dimension and Earthquake causing earthquakes.

    Final Fantasy II
    Enemies in Final Fantasy II. The Hill Gigas is over 6m tall.

    Final Fantasy III
    The story of Final Fantasy III, which mentions the worlds of light and darkness.

    Information on Xande, and how he perverted the Earth Crystals power to cause earthquakes.

    A description of enemies prior to the game, which mentions the Crystals have boundless power.

    Final Fantasy IV
    The Giant of Babil came down through an interdimensional elevator and has the power to raze the world.

    The design documents, which (among other things) mention FuSoYa creating the moon, Zemus's mantle containing space and stars and the Lunar Whale being able to travel between the Earth and the moon in an instant.

    Final Fantasy V
    The story of Final Fantasy V, which mentions the interdimensional rift between worlds, further backing up that world means universe in the context of FFV.

    Information on Exdeath, and how he merged the two worlds together.

    Neo Exdeath is refered to as the Space-Warping Master of all dimensions, and his quote about the laws of the Universe meaning nothing is quoted.

    Information on characters and monsters in FFV, including Atomos having a blackhole & dimension inside him and Twintania being made of all lifeforms.

    Final Fantasy VI
    The story of Final Fantasy VI, and how the power of the Triad/Kefka threatened the existence of the world itself.

    Information on Terra, including her blood-type and starsign. Also, it's noted that Kefka remade reality.

    Biggs and Wedge were annhililated by Tricotch (which is different from what one magazine interview said, on how they ended up in Chrono Trigger).

    Information on the Ghosts and the demon in Owzers mansion.

    Quotes of Kefka, including a mention to the power of the Warring Triad being immeasurable.

    Information on the Warring Triad.

    Information on Kefka as the God of Magic, and confirmation that he controls all reality.

    The power of Crusader is indeed that of the Warring Triad.

    This is an officially licenced work from Square Enix, containing material from Squaresoft.

    Hero quotes.

    Villain quotes.

    You can find scans of the second Ultimania here. Anything you'd wish for me to look for? Just shout out.

  15. 2:08

    The Sartans destroy the world, and split it into 4 smaller worlds. Diameter of the Earth is 12756.2km and it's mass is 5.97219e24kg.

    Timeframe is 1.6 seconds.

    99 pixels = 12756.2km
    1 pixel = 12756.2km/99 = 128.850505km
    128.850505km X 267 = 34403.0848km

    T = 34403.0848km/1.6s
    = 21501928 m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 5.97219e24 X 21501928^2
    = 1.38056998e39 joules
    = 329.964144359 ninatons

    Final Results
    Sartans sunder the Earth = 329.964 ninatons